Devoted When love is lost but never forgottenClea Raymond found her soulmate in mysterious and handsome Sage and discovered that they have loved each other through many past lives all of which ended tragica

  • Title: Devoted
  • Author: Hilary Duff Elise Allen
  • ISBN: 9781442408555
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When love is lost but never forgottenClea Raymond found her soulmate in mysterious and handsome Sage, and discovered that they have loved each other through many past lives, all of which ended tragically Clea wants nothing than to prevent history from repeating itself and to be with her true love But there are dark forces in the world people who want to destroyWhen love is lost but never forgottenClea Raymond found her soulmate in mysterious and handsome Sage, and discovered that they have loved each other through many past lives, all of which ended tragically Clea wants nothing than to prevent history from repeating itself and to be with her true love But there are dark forces in the world people who want to destroy Sage and the Elixir that makes him immortal.Sage has been taken, yet Clea is certain he is still alive and will stop at nothing to find him She turns to her friend Ben, and they enter into an uneasy alliance with Cursed Vengeance, an ancient faction that has information that can lead them to Sage Clea must get to Sage before Cursed Vengeance does, or risk his death at their hands But Ben s role in Sage s kidnapping and in their past lives leaves Clea questioning whether Ben can be counted on Just when they get closest to their goal, the events around her make Clea wonder if she s really saving Sage or if she s leading them to repeat their disastrous pasts all over again.Devoted is the thrilling continuation of the heart pounding series that began with the New York Times bestseller Elixir.

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    One thought on “Devoted”

    1. I'm not sure I can find adequate words to describe how awful this book was, but I'm certainly going to try. I truly enjoy escapist entertainment. Like watching an episode of a Real Housewives show or listening to a Katy Perry album. I don't expect a work of genius, just a little dollop of sugary stupidity to relax my brain after a busy day. You know, the fun kind of stupid. Devoted is the insulting kind of stupid. The sort that makes your mouth gape open in disbelief or your eyes roll in disgust [...]

    2. I have to say that I'm incredibly disappointed. The writing was horrible and the characters were as well.I think the reader was supposed to sympathize for Clea and love her but I just thought she was incredibly selfish and self-absorbed. I had no clue how two guys were in love with her. If Sage was dead, then the Cursed Vengeance people could have a good life instead of dying.Then, the love. If Sage was her soulmate, would he cheat on her with another girl? NO. Even if he was under drugs and tem [...]

    3. Alrighty, first off: WHAT A MEAN WAY TO END THIS BOOK!!Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I officially love this series. I love the way it works, I love the science behind it, I love the conflict.Ohhhh myyyy goooosh it's good. And I wasn't even expecting this book until next week! DONE. I feel like the story is quick and engaging. I kept telling myself that I needed sleep, but the story wouldn't let me. There are plenty of flaws within this story. Plenty of plot holes. But honestly, isn [...]

    4. UPDATE 5/17/12: UGH. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO READ. IT'S BORING ME TO DEATH. THANKS A LOT, DUFF. YOU CREATED A NEW RECORD OF MEDIOCRED I'M ONLY PUTTING IT ON-HOLD BECAUSE I WANT TO GET IT OVER WITH.UPDATE 5/19/12: Okay, I decided to give another chance. UPDATE 5/21/12: I . . . I can't. This book is taking my strength away. But I'm supposed to finish it!I tried. I mean it. I tried to say wonderful things about this book but . . . I can't. This rarely happens to me!! Take two weeks to finish this sem [...]

    5. *******MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS********Clea is back and is still searching for the answers about her missing father and her connection with the elusive and dangerous Sage. But will her discoveries put her in even greater danger?Who ever thought that a simple 2 sentence blurb would make me go crazy into reading this book? The obvious reason being that I had read Elixir #1 and I loved it so so so so much I almost started hyperventilating when the postman pushed the beautiful brown package through my f [...]

    6. The cover model looks too much like Hilary for me to get past the fact. I hate to say it, but I'm probably going to read this even though I know I shouldn't for fear of my brain rotting.

    7. Meh.----------I really don't know why I marked this book as-read. I don't even remember the first book's story. LOL!

    8. I’m a little overwhelmed with Devoted. It was a good and all, definitely a step up from Elixir, the first book. But I guess the vastness on how this series has progressed into was not something I was prepared for. What started out as a simple love story morphed into a world where the story of the Elixir of Life has more to it than it seems and the tragic love story between Clea and Sage is just one of the few misgivings when the Elixir is involved. Devoted introduces readers to whole new set o [...]

    9. I was intrigued when I heard about Hilary Duff’s novels and when I received Devoted for review I was open minded about reading it, even though I hadn’t read the first novel in the series Elixir. To be honest, I was really disappointed with this story. It certainly had potential but its delivery was lacklustre. The first couple of chapters basically recapped (I assume) the first novel, so I felt like I was able to catch up on what happened in Elixir. But it was written in a bland introspectiv [...]

    10. I was a little bit disappointed, tbh, because it was not as good as the first one. I read the first one in one or two days because of how much I loved it. I finished this one in over two weeks. That's not only because I was busy. This one was way more boring. Plus it made me dislike Clea/Sage who are supposed to be the big OTP of the book. I'm all team Ben know. I'm sad because I'm afraid the third book will go the same way (or even worse considering the end - that I will not tell you about for [...]

    11. oh my gosh, what the hell? You know, when both the main characters don't end up together you sure as hell DO NOT wanna mess with me! HILARY DUFF DONT MESS WITH ME. YOU BETTER GET BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER AT THE THIRD BOOK! Or i'll have to burn the third book even though i borrowed it from the library !

    12. As with the first book I had a hard time getting over the similarities between this series and The Immortals series by Alyson Noel. I thought this book was good just seemed to take forever and then boom its over with a huge cliffhanger. Don't want to spoil it for anyone but if it is what I think it is poor Rayna!

    13. When I finished reading Elixir, I was more than happy to have a copy of Devoted on hand to start reading right away. It turned out to be just as good and just as addicting as the first book. It was definitely a highly enjoyable read.Clea is back home but she can't stop feeling bad about how she lost Sage in Japan. And she can't help but blame Ben for everything that happened. Her only comfort is that she knows Sage is still alive because he still appears in the background of her pictures. But th [...]

    14. Where to begin? I gave Elixir four stars. So obviously I expected this book to be at least slightly good. Considering what type of book the first one is(the lovesick girl searching for her soulmate), I really didn't except much, even though I liked the first one. Wow, was I surprised.Let's start with the character development. Let's see hmph. None comes to mind.Okay, let's move to the cool characters. Hm. drawing a blank again.This book had no flow, no character development, no new, interesting [...]

    15. Warning: mild spoilers.Once again, I could not put this down. Especially toward the end, I was screaming and felt like throwing it against the wall (but that's always a good thing for me haha).However, I liked Clea even less in this one than in Elixir. She is so whiny, stupid, and slutty. Sage also got on my bad side; why on EARTH would you get with someone else when you know your freaking LITERAL SOULMATE is trying to find you?? I just found it unfathomable. Not only does he not seem like the t [...]

    16. This one is a little hard for me to rate, I did enjoy Elixir, and definitely enjoyed Devoted, however I was disappointed with the turn the story took. While Hilary Duff’s writing and creativity definitely shines in this book and has greatly improved, I was completely disappointed that her search for her father which was the main focus of Elixir, completely took the back burner in this novel, as she is utterly devoted to finding Sage. As much as I understand the need for romance and wanting her [...]

    17. After reading this book, I felt like Obi-Wan Kenobi after Grand Moff Tarkin blasted the planet of Alderaan, killing billions of people, in order to demonstrate the might of the Death Star. In this case, I felt like thousands of talented writers who can't get published cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.Hilary used her name to get a book deal. She wrote a terrible novel called Elixir that, because of her name, sold well enough to warrant this sequel. I wish I could say that her "writi [...]

    18. soooooo I have NO idea why, but I remember Hilary Duff's first book, Elixir, to be pretty okay. At least I think I remember. OMG, what is wrong with me? Did I black out a year ago when reading her book? Did she change editors? It reads like something I could have thrown together when I was fifteen. I guess it's aimed at that age group. Wait, it's kind of like Twilight. Damn, sucked in again! No pun intended. I bought Devoted straight out, you know, I didn't get the kindle sample first to make su [...]

    19. [Thursday, March 24, 2011] I'm dying to get my hands on this book!! I love Hilary Duff a lot. And Elixir was such a great book with a cliff-hanger ending![Thursday, September 8, 2016] I started reading this book right after I finished Elixir the other reread day but I got so busy and sick and couldn't continue, almost 100 pages in one setting. So good and so weird. The whole mind power, elixir, Cursed Vengeance, Alissa Grande, crazy Ben, flirty Rayna and her suspicious crush, Saviors of Eternal [...]

    20. I was dying to read Devoted after Elixir, it was good in a different way. I liked the suspense the story built throughout the whole book. I was a little annoyed with Clea being mad at Ben but thinking from her perspective I couldn't blame her. However I expected Clea to worry a little more about her father like she did in the last book with the hopes of him being alive. Instead of just being soul mates in the past I wished it showed more of their affection in the present before splitting them up [...]

    21. I read the first book of this series and thought it was alright. The story line kept me intrigued, so I decided to give this one a go. Especially since the first one left you hanging. While reading this second book, it really hit me just how much I didn't care about the characters at all. I tried to feel bad for Clea as she tried to find Sage, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Absolutely nothing within the book convinced me that these two loved one another other than the constant talk a [...]

    22. I thought that this book was better than Elixir. The plot was predictable in parts, but was more interesting and was able to hold my attention. The introduction of the new family of characters added something to the storyline, but with the exception of one character (view spoiler)[ Amelia (hide spoiler)], I hated the other three. (view spoiler)[ Petra in particular. So manipulative and selfish and there was just nothing good or redeeming about her. (view spoiler)[I did not love the twist at the [...]

    23. Okay confession time. I purposely keep reading this book series because it IS so bad. (Nothing against you Ms. Duff, after all, you're probably a much better person than me. Writer? We'll discuss that later)So this book did move along a plot line better than most 2nd books in trilogies, but good gravy, dude, this thing was RIDICULOUS in the verb-age of how much she loved this guy who she has NO chemistry with and how much she hated this much more realistic romantic interest guy who always gets i [...]

    24. I just don't know about this book I was excited to read it. I was liking the new characters that were brought in. The weird spirit people, I thought they were a cool idea. I feel like this could have been made to be a better book if more time was spent on it, maybe? I don't know I was fine with this book until the last couple of pages when I guessed what was most likely going to happen. I was (am) incredible angry at how it ended. Just why????? Grr I would go into it more but I just want to forg [...]

    25. Once upon a time I was a huge hopeless romantic who probably would have jumped into this book and never looked back until I finished. Nowadays though it has to be one hell of a love story.I made it to the half way point in this and was more or less pretty into it but still kind of hesitant. Then I decided to read the description for the next book and am in no way intrigued to see what happens to get there.I had also forgotten that when I finished the first I said it should have just ended there, [...]

    26. Honestly! This book was so good! Finished it in like, under a day. That's how good it was. And the ending! Cliffhanger Alert!

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