Owning Arabella

Owning Arabella Against her will Arabella is gambled by her stepfather in a card game and won by the fiercely scarred Lord Darth Peregrine A man who believes that no woman could desire him Lord Peregrine holds Arabe

  • Title: Owning Arabella
  • Author: Shirl Anders
  • ISBN: 2940011813047
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Nook
  • Against her will, Arabella is gambled by her stepfather in a card game and won by the fiercely scarred Lord Darth Peregrine A man who believes that no woman could desire him Lord Peregrine holds Arabella captive to his sexual desires He is the lord and master and she is naked to his control In the end Lord Peregrine saves Arabella s young brother and he saves himseAgainst her will, Arabella is gambled by her stepfather in a card game and won by the fiercely scarred Lord Darth Peregrine A man who believes that no woman could desire him Lord Peregrine holds Arabella captive to his sexual desires He is the lord and master and she is naked to his control In the end Lord Peregrine saves Arabella s young brother and he saves himself m f HEA.Owning Arabella is previously published in Allure Gold Two Erotic NovelsFavorite Lines Punishment Darth had said punishment Arabella squealed again as Darth hauled her to one of the bedposts There he lifted her wrists high over her head as she wiggled and fought his hold But he took the thinnest belt and wrapped both of her wrists, pulling them higher to bind the belt around the bedpost Bringing even her heels off the ground She was hung helplessly naked and heaving from the exertion of trying to escape him God, you are beautiful, he uttered, swiping a broad hand across his scarred mouth as if he had not meant to say it.He was standing to the side of her with one of his hands hung down at his side and the wide leather strap dangling to the floor Arabella clenched her eyes and tensed in terrified anticipation of the lash she knew was coming Flinching when Darth moved, only no sudden pain came across her back Instead, she heard the soft whoosh of the feather mattress Then she dared to open her eyes to see Darth stretched out like a great feline cat crossways on the corner of the bed His penetrating gray eyes were gazing up at her She had never felt exposed in her life, stripped naked, and helpless before a man I hate you she cried, not knowing what else to say or to do as Darth lay there, and then he smiled slowly Arabella s heart caught unreasonably, for she would never think this brute, this bully, who was so utterly male, could be attractive in his own way.

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    One thought on “Owning Arabella”

    1. I truly enjoy erotic historical romances. Especially when the love scenes make you wanna swap places with the heroine. They are nice and long with what felt like pages of foreplay. That makes for great erotica.Arabella was gambled away by her stepfather in a poker match to the Earl of Lee. The Earl of Lee is mortified when he wins Arabella. He has no need for the beautiful young girl and intends to leave her with her owner until he realizes that her safety is in danger. It isn't long before a se [...]

    2. I am kind of at a loss on how to rate this book, because it was a very cute book, but not at all what I was expecting. For anyone who thought that being kidnapped by a guy named Darth would be a gritty and rapey experience, you should be forewarned that he is pretty much the nicest kidnapper in the world. I feel like he didn't really seriously entertain the idea of actually keeping Arabella as a slave for more than a couple hours. He is also the only man in the world who rapes a chick by going d [...]

    3. Well, this REALLY WAS A SURPRISE! HOT AS HELLDarth, yes, his name is Darth and when he gets mad, he's scarier than Vader BUT he's the sweetest also."He was instantly staggered, sinking his face into the scent of jasmine with soft tendrils of hair skimming along the texture of his jaw. One of his arms supported Arabella's back as his other hand searched for her small bare feet to make certain they were covered as well. With that same hand he began to rub their creamy texture, exploring little toe [...]

    4. This was actually a good book for me personally. The story draws you in immediately from the beginning and flowed right through no extra unnecessary words or chapters sometimes authors do that to full a book example I detest when the main characters don't meet until the seventh chapter things like that . Arabella and Darth's chemistry was good. Arabella was won in a game of cards by her stepfather and given to Darth, Darth is a good guy even though he has his own demons to fight. This is a quick [...]

    5. Okay, sometimes, I know I probably won't like a book, but I try to get out of my comfort zone.I chose this supposedly steamy books because of its reviews, but hey, I gave up at 27%.No, rape is not one of my fantasies, and seeing a woman supposed to fall in love with a guy who rapes her is but lurves it because he's so hot and so masculine ? NO. A big NO.

    6. Well this one I started late last night and thought "I'll read for a half hour then go to sleep" Well it was about 3:30am before I forced myself to put the book down. Then I was up at 8am finishing it!! It would have easily been a 5 star read had it not had such an abrupt ending. This was chalk full of great sex (I am not even kidding, this was HOT!), and a good story. The perfect erotic romance for me :)Just a minimal warning, there are definitely some situations in this book that might pose a [...]

    7. Kind of fluffy for a heroine won in a bet/forced into slavery novella. Could have been good in a kinky sort of way, but it ended up being pretty corny.I really want something that seriously pushes the envelope, but doesn't tread into hardcore bdsm. Seems like so many of the ones I pick up when I get a craving for kink are either torture-porn or wannabe bdsm lite with maybe one small scene and instaluv on both parties part. I want a HEA, but I want there to be angst along the way.Caroline Faulkne [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this novella. Ms. Anders is quite bold in the writing of her erotica and human weakness. Darth and Arabella did not begin their love story in a traditional sense. He won her in a card game. He decided to keep her as his love slave because he is scared and had not had the company of a woman for 10 years. He was depraved with her initially but he came around. It was tough reading his struggle and her fear. They deserved their HEA. I would actually love to read more about these cha [...]

    9. Oh my, where do I start. Nympho gets gambled away by stepfather to a guy who hasn't had sex in the last 10 years. Within a month, stepfather is punished, her little brother is rescued from stepfather, they have sex and marry. There's not much to write about, actually. But the writing is so damn hilarious that all you can do is read on, just to see whether it gets funnier.

    10. I am on page 102 and can not shut my NOOK off to save my soul. My girls will have to fend for themselves until i am done and can write my full review for Saucy & Sinful Reviews! =)

    11. Miss Arabella Ormonde terpaksa menjadi taruhan judi oleh ayah tirinya yang mengancam akan membunuh adiknya, Nicholas. Arabella harus mengaku dirinya adalah seorang budak dan ayah tirinya punya hak kepemilikan budak, walaupun jual beli budak ilegal di Inggris. Ayah tiri Arabella kalah dan harus membayar kepada Lord Darth Peregrine, akhirnya Arabella menjadi budak Lord Darth. Awalnya Darth ingin memenangkan judi tersebut hanya untuk menyelamatkan gadis itu, tapi gadis itu sangat cantik dan Darth m [...]

    12. I was certainly in the mood for some historical romance, and fortunately (I'm not so sure if by accident), I stumbled upon this book. I believe this book has been existing since the year 2000 so I got curious and searched this book through the internet in hopes to find a pdf. Not long enough, I luckily found one. However, down side is it was obviously written abhorrently because of the grammar lapses and POV inconsistency. I thought it was just the book at first but then I realized that what kin [...]

    13. I have not read any books by this author prior to this book, but after seeing so many great reviews by readers I decided to pick it up. That being said there were some very negative reviews about this book too. This story to me actually faired somewhere in the middle. It wasn't "awesome" but it wasn't horrible. It was a very enjoyable read, but it did not put this author on my must read list.This story was a kind of Beauty And The Beast minus the loving father. It was as much about owning Arabel [...]

    14. This was a quick read for me. I just wish the story had been fleshed out a little more.After Arabella’s mother dies, she and her brother are taken from their home by their stepfather, who is a cruel and greedy man. During a card game one night, he uses Arabella as the winning prize, but then loses her to Lord Darth Peregrine.Darth is physically scarred, which gives him a beastly appearance. (I also don’t remember finding out why he has a scar across his face, but maybe I missed that part.) H [...]

    15. This was a boddice ripper! and I loved it Darth was an amazing character and even when he was trying to be bad and scary he couldn't!! I must confess that I am a sucker for Beauty and the Beast stories hence my liking of this book. THe only thing that would have make it better was knowing who caused the scar

    16. I really liked this book, it had mystery, romance, erotic sex, and was a historical setting, which I tend to favor, so what wasn't there to like. I devoured it. From the characters to the descriptions to the plot. Even though it was a short book, the author packed enough into it that nothing seemed to rushed.

    17. OH MY GOD! This is one very-short-HOT novel I've never read in my entire life! OH MY GOD! I love Darth and Arabella! And I'm glad that is very straight to the point! I've read novels in like 300+ pages with too many characters and with a very weak plot but this astounds them all! Very detailed OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE THIS!

    18. Good story, but was kind of rushed. Also, in my edition, there are a lot of mistakes regarding the correct use of commas - sometimes it was missing, sometimes it wasn't needed, sometimes it was one word away from the correct position.

    19. I liked that the hero wasn't perfect. Usually they make the men to always be the best looking. I mean really? Isn't that just the same as objectifying women? It was nice to read about a man with insecurities and facial flaws. Arabella was a sweetheart. Anyway. It was a nice short read. 4 stars!

    20. Hmmm It was okay for me, I guess. I can't say much without spoiling it. It is not bad, but everything was too rushed and, thus, unbelievable, especially considering Arabella's circumstances.

    21. not my cup of tea. This noble man won Arabella from a card game. Then he owned her, made her his slave and fell in love with her in just a short time. He also has a serious self-esteem issue.

    22. Beauty and the Beast historical erotica, sufficiently steamy and easily enough read. Will be reading others by this author.

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