Pride & Joy

Pride Joy PRIDE JOY is a suspenseful thriller that chillingly investigates the powers of familial relationships and hidden pasts After his wife s tragic death former criminal Jimmy Kavanagh is struggling to ra

  • Title: Pride & Joy
  • Author: Garth Ennis John Higgins
  • ISBN: 9781401201906
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • PRIDE JOY is a suspenseful thriller that chillingly investigates the powers of familial relationships and hidden pasts After his wife s tragic death, former criminal Jimmy Kavanagh is struggling to raise his young daughter while regaining the love of his rebellious teenage son But when the psychotic killer that Jimmy betrayed years ago comes looking for vengeance,PRIDE JOY is a suspenseful thriller that chillingly investigates the powers of familial relationships and hidden pasts After his wife s tragic death, former criminal Jimmy Kavanagh is struggling to raise his young daughter while regaining the love of his rebellious teenage son But when the psychotic killer that Jimmy betrayed years ago comes looking for vengeance, the widowed father comes face to face with the past he thought he buried Now as a madman hunts his family, Jimmy must find a way to reconcile with his son and redeem himself from his past before all is lost forever SUGGESTED FOR MATURE READERS

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    One thought on “Pride & Joy”

    1. Blood: CheckGuts: CheckWWII References: CheckHeartfelt Emotion: CheckWait, what?Yes sir that's right! Garth Ennis' 1997 Vertigo, one shot presentation is chock full of all his typical gorey goodness with a splash of heart felt emotion on top! And I loved every moment of it!Strong emotions resonate first and lace second a story just as involving as the body fluids that coat every other page. When the protagonist's past comes back, literally, to haunt him a jarring story involving revenge, family, [...]

    2. Pride and Joy is a one shot Graphic Novel by Garth Ennis. It is the tale of Jimmy Kavanagh, a widower and father of two children. He is a good father, trying hard to connect with his oldest son who is very different from him. Jimmy is a tough, hard working guy who likes Baseball and drinking. His son is a "sensitive" type, who reads and has gotten accepted to Harvard. His daughter is ten and adores him. But, one day Jim drops his kids off at a neighbors and wanders into to his home and find two [...]

    3. Pride & Joy is another terrific offering from Garth Ennis as he continually cements his position at the top of crime noir graphic novel genre. For fans of Preacher, you will not find any paranormal happenings in Pride & Joy, but instead you will be treated to a gritty and visceral attack on your senses in this tale of one man's battle with guilt and redemption as he to make up for his dark and tragic past.Jimmie Kavanagh is a single father, his wife's tragic death leaving him with a youn [...]

    4. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Didn't like the story or the artwork much at all.

    5. I first came across this when it was published by Vertigo in the 90's, I find for the most part it still holds up today. The sins of the past come back to haunt a father and his children. An old associate has gotten out of prison and comes seeking revenge. The "current" story still works today. It's the past retelling of what went down that feels dated. It's too long and takes you out of the main story where you had this real feeling of forboding. Received an advance copy from NetGalley in excha [...]

    6. Garth Ennis sets up a nice little story about family and regret. It starts out strong when we meet Jimmy who is taking care of his two kids. There are hints of crime and mystery that flow well with the story but towards the end it falls a little flat for me. The art is straight 80's but it isn't horrible. Its not bad to read once but would I would have a hard time recommending it.

    7. I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Every now and then I read a book that stops me dead in my tracks when I finish it. It's the sort of book that sticks to you like after you finish it. It lingers like a scent in the air and no matter what you do you can't really get past it. It's there, lodged into your soul like a bullet and nothing will ever take it out. Pride & Joy, like so much of what I've read of Ennis, was just that sort of book. It was just [...]

    8. This was a fairly solid, yet typical crime/revenge drama.Jimmy Kavanagh's been hiding out and playing family after the shit hit the fan in Hell's Kitchen. But, well, when you're in the phone book, you're not exactly laying low and the past will come a calling.I would have liked to see more on Stein, the psychopath looking for revenge. There was some fantastic gore in his kill of Kavanagh's friend. And, sadly, neither Jimmy nor his son are terribly interesting.*Digital review copy provided by Net [...]

    9. Tough-guy dad and his twitchy emo son escape, through a dark forest of cliches, from a zero-affect nemesis named Stein. Hard not to plop a bust of Carl Jung on top of all this, but the story's actually quite entertaining, until things wind up in ultra-schlocky fashion at the finish.

    10. Wanted in fact to read Brian K Vaughn story bcs of the new series but stumbled into this comic, ha. Nice anyways, but not very special. Always nice to read garth ennis though.

    11. It takes what is essentially a short story and spreads it out over 100+ pages. "Well, son, there's something I've never told you. Maybe I'll tell you about sometime, but now now." Of course, he tells his son the story not too much later.The ending is VERY predictable.

    12. 'Pride & Joy' by Garth Ennis with art by John Higgins is a reprint of a miniseries from 2004. It's a story of fathers and sons and the things we choose to believe about our fathers.Jimmy Kavanagh recently lost his wife and lives with his 10 year old daughter Rachel and his 17-year old son Patrick. His relationship with Patrick is strained, and made moreso by Jimmy's stories of the heroic exploits of his own father. Jimmy's past comes back to haunt him through a couple low life criminals and [...]

    13. I was kind of disappointed in this, particularly after reading a few volumes of "Preacher." The beginning of the story had a lot of promise: single father with two kids must escape mysterious past. And you don't exactly know what that past is, but you know that it involves someone who has a fascination with observing your entrails up close and personal. And then I don't know what happened. Everything after that got so rushed that the back story ended up being some flash in the pan that didn't ev [...]

    14. A very welcome reprint of a book I'd not seen before – a mid-90s Garth Ennis drama, where a man with major problems with his teenaged son, and a pretty young daughter, both left him by a since-dead wife, finds out what a real major problem looks like when his past comes back to haunt him. While a lot of that has been done before, there is also the complex family nature, and a lot of talk of masculinity, how fathers expect their sons to be, etc. Yes, that lot of talk can make the book seem word [...]

    15. Disclaimer: I received a free ecopy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is the second Garth Ennis book I've read. It shares some qualities with Preacher. The main character has a sketchy past and does quite a bit of posturing. Pride & Joy is more grounded in reality, although the antagonist, Stein, has a supernatural element to him.Basically what happens is that Jimmy Kavanaugh is still struggling with the death of his wife. He has little connection to his son and is figuring [...]

    16. A mediocre tale at best, Pride and Joy gives you no reason to sympathize with any of the characters, except maybe the poor little girl stuck in the middle of this sappy and depressing plot. Typical of Ennis there is "violence for the sake of violence," rendered in grisly detail. The plot basically centers around a manly widowed man (with a dark and disturbing past that comes back to haunt him) and his wussy teenaged son, who prefers reading and crying. I think there was supposed to be some fathe [...]

    17. Trying to escape your past isn't always easyJimmy Kavanagh, a widower, is living quietly with his two children when two escaped convicts join him and all of them, including the children, go on the run to escape a psychopath called Stein.A lot of the plot is about why Jimmy is running and who from while he tries to protect his family in the macho way that he is used to. A lot of death and bloodshed ensue. Some sort of justice is the result. A morality tale, well-told and illustrated.

    18. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was okay. The characters are stereotypical and a bit irritating, and the plot is a bit flat. It was just like a big ehhhh. Stein was an interesting villain but ultimately his motives were just blah. It was even a bit hokey at times. I'd skip this one unless you're a big Ennis fan.

    19. Unlike a lot of the reviews of Pride and Joy, mine is a postive one. Ennis uses his usual tools of violence, an emotion based story arc and hard men. The core story involving the dysfunctional father son relationship was far less interesting than the sociopathic Stein, but overall it was fun. Stein makes a very creepy villian, worth reading for his ungodly weird looking eyes alone.

    20. A Dad's violent past comes back to haunt him while he is trying to build a relationship with his grown son. This has some nice character moments in it, but is violent too. A thought provoking short read.

    21. Sadly, this isn't my favorite by Ennis. I didn't click with the artistic style and the pace felt off. Maybe if the story had stretched out a little longer I mean get have had move time to become invested. It's still a worthy read for longtime fans though.

    22. I loved this book! Preacher was amazing so I thought I'd give this "one off" book by Garth Ennis a try! It was fantastic and it helped that the "mother" in the story worked at a library! :) Great graphic novel by a great author!

    23. Garth Ennis lets go of his needs for extreme perversion and general weirdness to tell and extremely human story about fatherhood, regret and redemption. If you like the Americana mythology of Preacher, you'll enjoy this immensely.

    24. Definitely not vintage Garth Ennis, this reads like a pale imitation of A History of Violence (which is a bit unfair, since they were published at about the same time). I found the ruminations on what makes a man less than convincing, though perhaps that was the idea.

    25. Seemed similar to true crime books, revenge novels and modern gangster movies I've seen, but spliced together in non-copyright violating ways. The art was not great. I got it on clearance and it didn't make the cut regarding my personal collection -- I'm donating it to the local library sale.

    26. I'm not a big Ennis fan -- usually I find his work boring, sexist, and the 'violence for the sake of violence' dull. However this story really captivated me. Too bad it is out of print and so hard to find, because I really enjoyed it.

    27. I remember being totally blown away when I read this first time. But what I had forgotten was how totally brilliant this is.Touching, violent, funny and warm. Just the way only Ennis can do it.

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