The Lorax

The Lorax Long before going green was mainstream Dr Seuss s Lorax spoke for the trees and warned of the dangers of disrespecting the environment In this cautionary rhyming tale we learn of the Once ler who c

  • Title: The Lorax
  • Author: Dr. Seuss Lori Haskins
  • ISBN: 9780394923376
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Long before going green was mainstream, Dr Seuss s Lorax spoke for the trees and warned of the dangers of disrespecting the environment In this cautionary rhyming tale, we learn of the Once ler, who came across a valley of Truffula Trees and Brown Bar ba loots frisking about in their Bar ba loot suits as they played in the shade and ate Truffula Fruits , and how hisLong before going green was mainstream, Dr Seuss s Lorax spoke for the trees and warned of the dangers of disrespecting the environment In this cautionary rhyming tale, we learn of the Once ler, who came across a valley of Truffula Trees and Brown Bar ba loots frisking about in their Bar ba loot suits as they played in the shade and ate Truffula Fruits , and how his harvesting of the tufted trees changed the landscape forever With the release of the blockbuster film version, the Lorax and his classic tale have educated a new generation of young readers not only about the importance of seeing the beauty in the world around us, but also about our responsibility to protect it.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. January 2015A one-paragraph review of a children's book I didn't like has generated more trolls and their inevitable sock puppet alteregos than any other of my reviews, I've lost count of the number of them. I delete some of their comments, some delete their own (and their profiles), some GR do. But what is there about this review or about the book that generates this kind of over-the-top reaction from obviously mentally-unstable individuals? _____Maybe I'm just not a Dr. Seuss person but I hate [...]

    2. Oh Lorax, what did we make of your world.Your beasts that were,The trees that were dear.The Lorax project is a commendable effort on behalf of Dr. Seuss Enterprise and Random House.Apprises the children of the fact that they just might be the last generation seeing a lot of things.

    3. You can have yourSilent Spring and Inconvenient Truth. The Lorax and his lesson of unless is, to me, the most moving piece of environmental literature ever. It shows that a) good children's literature doesn't have to be simplistic or happy to be effective and b) that you certainly need not be a member of a political group to appreciate the message that our drive to industrialize must not happen at the expense of our planet.

    4. Another of the very best books by Dr. Seuss!IT'S NOT TOO LATE!!!UNLESS someone like youres a whole awful lot,nothing is going to get better.It’s not.This is one other of the best ever tales by Dr. Seuss. Like, The Sneetches was crafted in the 60s, it’s not wonder that The Lorax was conceived in 1971, since it was the decade where ecology finally became a relevant issue in the conscience of people.A powerful story showing in a very open way, how grimm will be our future (and sadly, forty-five [...]

    5. I saw the movie adaptation of this classic children's story on 2012. What I liked about the movie version is that there's a closure to the story while the readers were leave to their own imagination on what happened. Both the book and movie adaptation are highly recommended because it reminds us to care on our environment.

    6. “The Lorax” is one of Dr. Seuss’ most memorable books as it is about the importance of taking care of all of the trees in the world. “The Lorax” may have some controversial issues, but it is still a great book for both children and adults to treasure for many years.Dr. Seuss’ story about how chopping down too many trees can destroy the Earth’s environment is truly powerful and moving as it realistically portrays what can happen to the environment when trees are cut down through Dr. [...]

    7. Now who would have thought that Seuss back in the 60’s would have already been concerned about the destruction of the environment – so much so that he wrote this incredible and addictive story (asked for by my son two to three times a week). My kid is always asking me about the Once-ler “Why can’t we see his body? Why did he make the Barba-loots go away? Why did he cut down the Truffula tree? What is a Thneed?” The lessons are so simple and yet so subtle here – and it is great on so [...]

    8. Hate to see less than 5 Stars for a Seuss!I'm taking my Grand-girl to the the movie [her first IMAX] today and remembered I should rate in GR.I was raised on Seuss, my kids were raised on Seuss and now a third generation. What is not to love?Happy Reading!

    9. Ok, so it's a heavy-handed enviromental terror-tale. It's also the Seuss book that stuck with me the longest. Of all the books I read as a little kid, it's the one that I still remember making me feel something.I'm a conservationist-not an environmentalist by any stretch. The Lorax didn't teach me to hate industry or chew on organically-sustainable bark. It taught me to care about nature. To this day, decades after I read and re-read it, the drawing of the barren wasteland still gets to me.

    10. I love books by Dr. Seuss in general, but The Lorax is definitely and by far my absolute favourite! Now, for any who have seen the film and not read the book yet, I should say that the book is slightly different, because the story is slightly shorter, which would not have worked for a movie.Nevertheless, or maybe exactly because of this, the book with its' magnificently cute drawings and wonderful rhymes is even more beautiful.A very important book to teach people (not just kids) about the impor [...]

    11. This gets five stars for being beautifully written, and one for being heavy handed, which averages out to four for me. I'm a conservationist, but there is no nuance in The Lorax's presentation of environmentalism: the book simply demonizes business. The Once-ler is an extreme negative caricature of the capitalist: what he offers society as an entrepreneur is not valuable in any way, he has no regard for anything but his own profit, and he proceeds with reckless abandon. Of course, in a world tha [...]

    12. So, I understand that this book was written a long time ago, before this kind of environmental fairy tale was popularized, and perhaps when it was needed more. But it still seems like a total straw man (hello? can't you just plant your own grove of sustainable truffula trees?). And does the Lorax have to be such a jerk about everything? Maybe he could propose some sort of compromise . . . I guess as a kids' book it's supposed to be simple for kids to understand, but kids aren't that dumb. I like [...]

    13. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,nothing is going to get better. It's not.Author/Illustrator: Dr SeussFirst published: 1971The ankle-biter had seen the animated movie The Lorax with her cousins and was keen to read the book. I was wary because a) I understood the movie was substantially different to the book, and b) her reading ability (vocab and comprehension) IMO surpassed Dr Seuss. BUT she'd been "studying" Dr Seuss at school in relation to poetry so I picked up the book and mo [...]

    14. Has nobody read this book? All these years and we are still chopping down trees, creating loads of pollution and happily killing off animals.This has to be Dr. Seuss's most serious book, he tones down the silliness and tries to get across his warning. The illustrations are wonderful, the start is so bleak and drab, all shades of grey and once the story gets told the colours are so vivid they jump out of the page at you, only for you to watch the grey come back as the trees get cut down.Wonderful [...]

    15. This review consists of three parts: 1. My son's review (5 years old), 2. My daughter's review (8 years old), and 3. My review (the Mom). These are excerpts from the full review. To see the whole thing, visit us at motherdaughterbookreviews :)DAUGHTER SAYS:What I liked and disliked about it: I liked the funny, interesting names like Lorax and Once-ler. I liked the Truffula trees – they look like long stumps with hair. I didn’t like that the Once-ler was cutting the trees because the trees we [...]

    16. *After watching and reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss*Pollution is one of the major problems of the world.Pollution that is brought by thousands of reasons. One of those reasons include: millions of trees being chopped down (not just in one forest) causing smog to constantly spread and form in numerous parts of the world.And at some point or another, we will begin to realize that having water and fresh air of high quality, in the amount we wish, and whenever we wish to use it, will become extremely [...]

    17. If pressed to pick one this would be my favorite Dr. Seuss story. I grew up on Suess and enjoy bringing it to a new generation when I substitute teach. I am always surprised by how many kids aren't familiar with the stories but I have yet to meet one that doesn't like them. Their tongue twisting rhymes and nonsensical words are fun for the reader to read out loud as well. I recently took this to a second grade class who enjoyed it. The message of the book is a simple but important one, we must t [...]

    18. 4.5 starsIf you know me well enough, you will know that Dr. Seuss is not my favorite children's author. I always had that feeling that there was a glass wall that stood between Dr. Seuss' tales and me as a child reader. I also disagree with how Read Across America only concentrates on Dr. Seuss when there are plenty of other children's book authors and children's books that deserve recognition for their quality and the activities that they can present. I will, however, say that I really enjoyed [...]

    19. This is easily Druss' best book I've read so far. It's full of rich moral tips for kids reading the story. They'll bump into concepts ofgreed,saving this planet ,importance of every individual in changing the world we live inand maybe even more worthy things for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. If there'd be a particular motive inside me to be a father someday, it'd definitely be due to the drive of reading these awesome children stories to my kid!

    20. It's been many years since I read this book and I was actually hugely impressed. First, it's simply brilliant Dr. Seuss in terms of the writing style and illustrations--gotta love the fishies and bears and that cute little Lorax--and did anyone notice how Grinch-y the Once-ler's hands looked!?--and the rhymes and "nonsense" words that really make so much SENSE. Gosh, I love me some Dr. Seuss! And I love that, in the end, it is a young person who is entrusted with shaping the world--yay, empowere [...]

    21. 3.0 stars. Another classic Dr. Seuss installment. Not up to the level of his best work (e.g The hat wearing cat, the grump and the emerald breakfast with ham) but still a fun one to read to the kids.

    22. "Unless someone like you cares a whole lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."I meant to read this book for Earth Day (even though I know I've read it before but I can't remember when), but I forgot, so I read it today instead.In case anyone doesn't know, this is the story of how a being called the Once-ler comes upon a forest of Truffula trees and decides that he wants to cut them down and use the tufts of the trees to make Thneeds and turn a huge profit. It shows the negative side effe [...]

    23. And for a few minutes, I became a kid again. I remember my first animated movie as a kid was "Dot and the Whale". It was based on a similar environmental theme. A girl named Dot rescuing a whale with the help of his dolphin friend Wilson. I spent countless hours watching it again and again.It left a strong impact on me and maybe became a reason for me to pursue scuba and mountaineering. I felt the same after reading "The Lorax",.A sad plight of our environment today where everybody is busy consu [...]

    24. The Lorax is not a story about the environment, it's a story about economics.I had never read The Lorax before yesterday, and I hadn't watched the movie. In class, we're studying economics when another teacher said, "hey could I bring in The Lorax tomorrow?" Obviously, I'm familiar with Dr. Seuss - and the book, but I'd never read it. Still, I trust this other teacher who has yet to let me down. "Sure, bring it in."The rest of this review is going to be a 7th grade social studies lesson, meant t [...]

    25. Reviewed for THC ReviewsI've been a huge fan of Dr. Seuss since childhood, but there are many of his books that I didn't get a chance to read as a child. The Lorax is one of them. I first read it several years ago with my own kids. That's when I realized Dr. Seuss was far more than a writer and illustrator of humorous, whimsical picture books. He was a man with a lot of depth, who cared deeply about things like social and environmental issues. After initially reading The Lorax, I knew I had to l [...]

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