There's a House Inside My Mommy

There s a House Inside My Mommy A new baby is coming and it s waiting in a very special place in Mommy s tummy house There the baby grows and kicks and Mommy eats all kinds of things to feed it Ideal for young children who are awa

  • Title: There's a House Inside My Mommy
  • Author: Giles Andreae
  • ISBN: 9780807578537
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A new baby is coming, and it s waiting in a very special place in Mommy s tummy house There the baby grows and kicks, and Mommy eats all kinds of things to feed it Ideal for young children who are awaiting the arrival of a younger sibling Illustrations.

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    One thought on “There's a House Inside My Mommy”

    1. This book is great to read to small children who are expecting a sibling soon to help understand the situation. It is written in rhyming verse and well illustrated. My 2 year old loves pointing out all the different toys with some running as a theme throughout the book (giraffe, boat, ball, blocks) The train set is a particular favourite. Written by the author of Giraffes Can't Dance.

    2. This book helps explain pregnancy to children. It is about a little boy, whose mother is pregnant. The little boy believes that there is a house inside his mother where his brother or sister lives. It explains that the baby is in sort of a giant bathtub inside his mother’s tummy and that the baby needs a lot of room, so mummy’s tummy is growing. I t also explains food cravings, why his mummy is more tired and that she feels unwell at times. At the end of the book the little boy has a new bab [...]

    3. This is a beautiful book, that explains pregnancy to toddlers in a way they can understand, so hopefully you won't be hearing mommy ate the baby.Can't wait to reread it when it's more relevant for us.

    4. This book is about a little boy awaiting the arrival of his new sibling. It compares his mothers pregnancy journey to a number of humorous things. I liked this book as it was funny and easy to read with the use of rhymes. I believe that this book could be accessed by 3-10 year olds, perhaps even older children. I say this because older children will see the humour in it and find it enjoyable. For younger children in the same situation it can be a good learning tool about becoming a big brother o [...]

    5. Fantastic book, I first purchased this when I was pregnant with my second child so my small boy (about 18 months old) might have an idea what was going on. It was used again when I was with my third child. My kids have all loved this book and I have purchased it many times to give to my friends children/ nieces/ nephews when they found out they were going to have a sibling.Much loved, a book that I shall keep for my children when they themselves are becoming parents for the 2, 3 or 4th . times : [...]

    6. This is a very good book to read to children within the foundation stage particularly aged 3-5 this book can be used in a number of ways to explore PSE and help children whose parents are expecting understand what is going on. This book can also be linked to emotions and help the children explore their emotions of how they may feel having a new sibling. I would recommend this book during a circle time activity .

    7. This book compares a mother's womb to a house to help children understand that a baby is living inside while also helping them understand what they may see their mother experiencing, from food cravings and fatigue to a growing belly. We got the "American" version from our local library and it holds my 20 month old's attention, which isn't always easy. I'm not sure how much she's getting from it, but it's simple and we'll continue to read it until the baby comes in a couple of months.

    8. If you have a toddler and a new baby on the way you need to read this book to them! Truely fantastic way of introducing young children to the changes surrounding the arrival of a new baby.I love the idea of the tummy telephone.You definately need to use a British accent when describing feeling sick as "poorly"!

    9. I LOVE this book. It is great for a pregnant lady to read to her kids, and it is good for daddy to see that even the pregnant mommy in the book falls asleep on the couch and eats funny things. This is one of the most realistic book to expose children to getting ready for a new baby. Harper likes it too.

    10. My son loves it. Not sure whether it's because he's making the connection that his Mum's tummy is growing bigger or whether it's the things he gets to point out and name. It covers a nice range of aspects about pregnancy and is appropriately positive about the upcoming arrival. I like the rhyme and particularly how it encourages toddler to see Mum gets some rest.

    11. Leuk Franstalig boekje dat uitlegt waar de baby woont en waarom de mama een dikke buik krijgt enzoverder De kindjes vonden het enorm leuk om door te lezen met de ouders voor de komst van de nieuwe spruit!

    12. One of the best books I've read to my kids that explains in a simple way they can understand about having a pregnant mom and expecting a new sibling. No gory details (not that that is bad), just a simple explanation of why mommy might feel sick, tired, or hungry for odd things, etc.

    13. Lovely. Flo has engaged with this from the first reading. Great illustrations and a wonderfully simplified story of pregnancy - in rhyme - to help understanding and build anticipation. Highly recommended.

    14. cute pregancy book for 2-4 yr oldsfound the american version at the librarym's a sleepy, sometimes-sick preggo in this book but it's a cute story for first time siblings

    15. This is a super adorable book to help kids understand mom's growing tummy when a baby is on the way. I'm so buying it for myself and a few of my friends when baby number two is on the way.

    16. This was an awesome book that we used with our first and second born each time I was having a new baby. It has great pictures for kids and a simple rhyming story.

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