A Ignorância do Sangue

A Ignor ncia do Sangue A abrasadora cidade de Sevilha ainda est a recuperar de um chocante e ainda n o solucionado ataque terrorista quando um violento e espectacular acidente de carro faz incidir a luz sobre outra amea a U

  • Title: A Ignorância do Sangue
  • Author: Robert Wilson Mário Dias Correia
  • ISBN: 9789722038461
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • A abrasadora cidade de Sevilha ainda est a recuperar de um chocante e ainda n o solucionado ataque terrorista quando um violento e espectacular acidente de carro faz incidir a luz sobre outra amea a Um gangster morto e uma mala cheia de dinheiro significam que a m fia russa se encontra no caminho do Inspector Jefe Javier Falc n medida que emerge uma intensa guerra entrA abrasadora cidade de Sevilha ainda est a recuperar de um chocante e ainda n o solucionado ataque terrorista quando um violento e espectacular acidente de carro faz incidir a luz sobre outra amea a Um gangster morto e uma mala cheia de dinheiro significam que a m fia russa se encontra no caminho do Inspector Jefe Javier Falc n medida que emerge uma intensa guerra entre bandos rivais, Falc n encontra se, assim como aqueles que lhe est o mais pr ximos, no centro da disputa e v se como alvo de for as letais subitamente desencadeadas Perante um ataque t o brutal, Falc n decide retaliar com uma impiedade que o surpreende tanto quanto aos seus advers rios mas que ter um desenlace tr gico.

    • Unlimited [Business Book] ✓ A Ignorância do Sangue - by Robert Wilson Mário Dias Correia Ê
      355 Robert Wilson Mário Dias Correia
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    1. The cover of this book consists of a. a photo of a street in Andalucia b. a photo of a boy running c. a photo of the decor of the Real Alcazar Palace in Seville plus lettering. That is three separate elements just in the picture. This book is like that, a number of plot elements brought together into a complex whole.This is the 4th and final installment in the Javier Falcon series. Seville is still recovering from an unsolved terrorist bombing when an accident complicated by an improperly secure [...]

    2. I'd read all books by Robert Wilson. Normally I don't like thrillers, but this story starts in Morocco, Spain, and Seville. Unfortunately, this is the last book with Falcon as a detective, there were 3 or 4 before this one and they were all very good. The last one had it all - the Russian mafia, Muslim fundamentalists and Saudi Arabia Royal family. I hope that Wilson will create a new story in the future.

    3. bought this in the airport bookstore before leaving on 12hr plane trip. What a good find. Interesting mystery with intriguing main characters.

    4. Like his other mysteries, this one has a complex plot and a multitude of characters with a confusing array of names. However his books are great entertainment.

    5. What a finale! If I ever was enthusiastic about Robert Wilson’s Javier Falcón series, the final book tops it. With The Ignorance of Blood Robert gives a conclusion, not only on a thrilling final case, but spanning over the whole arc on the Inspector Jefe from Seville. What began as an intertwined story on discovering himself, very personal and close, the fourth and final book on Falcón in the end returned to be just very that: personal attached to Javier and his life.This book actually gets [...]

    6. The fourth and final book in the Javier Falcon series.Seville and Morocco continue as the backdrop to Falcon's investigation into murder, terrorism and Russian organized crime. He is surrounded professionally and socially with some familiar names from the past books and family and past cases continue to reverberate.Setting, characters and plot are thoroughly engaging. The one difficulty I had with this book, and all of the others to some degree, is the vast canvass of events and people make it h [...]

    7. Two years after finishing The Hidden Assassins, I read its sequel; all those dangling threads are now woven into the tapestry. As before, Wilson provides an exciting, intricate plot line but fails to develop much depth behind his characters. Good for a light holiday read

    8. Jefe Javier Falcón is undoubtedly one of those slightly rumpled, thoughtful, urbane, complicated and delightful detectives that fans of crime fiction will love to spend time with. THE IGNORANCE OF BLOOD is the last book in this series, beginning with THE BLIND MAN OF SEVILLE, then THE SILENT AND THE DAMNED and THE HIDDEN ASSASSINS.In THE IGNORANCE OF THE BLOOD Seville is a swelteringly hot, tense and shocked city, following a terrorist attack which Falcón has promised will not go unsolved. Unf [...]

    9. Book 4 in the Javier Falcon series This is the last novel in the quartet. It is based around the aftermath of the terrible terrorist attack bombing described in "The Hidden Assassins" Detective Falcon had publicly promised to find the perpetrators of this outrageous event. His investigation ground to a halt until new leads surfaced with the death of a Russian gangster in a very nasty motor accident. The discovery of millions of Euros in the vehicle adds fuel and intrigue to the investigation. In [...]

    10. This is the fourth and (says the author) last in the crime series set in Seville, featuring troubled cop Javier Falcon. I was very excited when I chanced on this book in the library (wasn't expecting it, hadn't heard about it in the usual places) and got down to reading it immediately. However, only loyalty to the author (and to Falcon) kept me going. The story seemed improbable, many of the characters were not developed satisfactorily, and Falcon himself seemed to be not his usual brilliant sel [...]

    11. A car accident. Millions of euros. A Russian gangster drinking champagne in the middle of nowhere. The opening scene of this, the fourth in the quartet of books featuring Seville detective Javier Falcón, does not disappoint. Robert Wilson’s plotting is spot-on. I read this book voraciously as Falcón struggles to get to the whole truth, admiring the way the author weaves together the story strands from the preceding three books so that at the end you understand though you did not guess.I did [...]

    12. As Robert Wilson announces in his introduction to this book, this is the last in the Javier Falcon Seville quartet. That took me a bit by surprise, but as I read the book, I was hit by the fact that I had been reading a quartet - one story told across four books. So if you have not read the other three, do that before reading this one.Since I read these books across a significant time span, I was struggling to remember the details of the first book as I read references to that story in this book [...]

    13. This was an interesting political thriller that takes place in Seville. I enjoyed how the characters were a mix of this world, with Russians and Moroccans and Spaniards filling the cast. The plot was much more intense than I realized when I picked up the book (I think the title got me) but the writing carried you along until an action or revealing made you blink. Jefe Javier Falcon is still investigating a terrorist attack, but crime and life do not stop moving. Soon he is called to investigate [...]

    14. The only reason I am giving this as high as a 2 is because it completed the Falcon quartet and has some decent resolutionotherwise, this is a great disappointment from the previous 3 books. It reads as if Wilson had a publishers deadline or had a ghost-writer. Sentence fragments abound, dialogue is juvenile/pulp-fictionish and the violence is totally without literary merit,especially the horrific death of the artist, Marisa.He manages some suspense but as other s have pointed out, the plot convo [...]

    15. Please note - it really is best to read this series of 4 books in sequence so as too best understand the ongoing threads, although each has a main plot - the protagonist Inspector Jefe Javier Falcon, Seville cop, really gets involved in a complex web of intrigue with spies, mafia, good friends and bad friends, politicans, and his bosses as well as a murder close to home. This is the 4th and last in the Javier Falcon thriller series and the pace and climax builds as you rush throught he pages won [...]

    16. Javier Falcon is called in to investigate the death of a man on the highway. In the trunk, he finds a stash of money and some computer discs, which upon investigation appear to belong to the Russian mafia with information about prominent Spanish business men using prostitutes and drugs.The case is linked to the Seville bombing of a children's centre and to the murders of his ex wife and Falcon's new girlfriend, Consuela's, dead husband.When Consuela's son is kidnapped, in an attempt to divert Fa [...]

    17. OK, finally got this book finished after a slight detour to go through all my old magazines. My glacial progress through this book is no indication of its merit. I enjoyed this one more than the previous one. How can you go wrong with the inclusion of Russian gangsters? And it helps to know already the characters and back story from the earlier bookd some of the stuff I suspected after finishing _The Hidden Assassins_ turned out to be true. Now I'll have to go back and read the first two in the [...]

    18. "Most critics found The Ignorance of Blood to be highly entertaining and hailed it as a successful combination of psychological fiction, police procedural, and international thriller. They also found Wilson's key characters -- Javier, Consuelo, Yacoub, and even young Dario -- to be expertly drawn and three-dimensional. More than one critic, however, felt Wilson had overextended himself with regard to plot lines and secondary characters; these reviewers cited an indistinguishable assortment of de [...]

    19. The fourth in the series of the Seville policeman deals with a whole platter of evil doers including the russian mob, corrupt businessmen and a politicans, CIA spies, and Islamic terrorists. What most struck me was how the authors ambitons exceeding writing just another crime thriller to making wider statements about personal corruption and overcoming conflicting duties. While the author does not always fully succeed in this ambition the undelying story is fast paced enough and fun enough to mak [...]

    20. One is reluctant to empbark on the last book in a series, particularly a series that has been touch and gruling but also fascinating. There's a complexity to these stories set in Seville that lift them above the run of the mill detective thriller. There is an exploration of family, of place, of religion, of art, of culture as well as the adventure of the chase.This was well worth waiting for - and worth reading.

    21. This was the fourth and final book of the Javier Falcon series. It was also my first taste of the series and I was greatly entertained for the first 3/4 of the book. The ending was a bit too convoluted and read like a bad action-oriented, cop opera. Robert Wilson is a terrific writer and though I was disappointed in the way that things were wrapped up in Ignorance of Blood, I went out and found another of his books to read.

    22. This is a marvelous series. The author perfectly depicts the atmosphere of Seville, making the city come alive with all its heat and hidden corners, and the plots are full of twists and turns and political machinations. But what really sets this series apart is the psychological nuances, the internal struggles that the main characters negotiate throughout the books. Can't wait to read other books by this author!

    23. I am fond of this author, who has mixed fiction with real Spanish history in which the Arab influence, now from Morocco, is part of the plot and the family ties among the protagonists. Here he throws in the Russian mob and modern Islamist fundamentalism as well and the setting, Sevilla, is of course beautiful.

    24. This is the fourth in the Falcon series, set in Seville. It's not as good as the first two, but that is a high bar. (I haven't read the third yet, although I imagine I will eventually.) It is a very engaging series - excellent characters, complex plots, and intelligently crafted moral dilemmas. If you like Graham Greene or John Le Carre, you'll like Wilson's Falcon series.

    25. I cannot say I was enthralled by 'The Ignorance of Blood'. However, the plotting by Robert Wilson was engaging enough to keep me interested in the book. The pace and writing style was direct and I liked it for that. As this was my first read of Robert Wilson's work, I assume that this isn't the best of what he has done. So I definitely will read his other novels. He is a good writer.

    26. I have a friend who gives me books to read, bless her heart. She lent me this one and I had, in those desperate moments when it's read or think, read a couple of earlier ones. But when I picked up TIOB with its Russian mafia, Muslim terrorists, blind psychotherapists, I broke. I didn't get past Chapter Three and I'll read anything!

    27. I saw the tv adaptation on SBS of The Blind Man of Seville (book 1) and when I was looking for something to read set here (as here I am in Seville at the moment) this was all that came to hand. So I think my reading of this (book 4) has suffered in that I know nothing of books 2 & 3. Still it was a good thriller and I can now see Javier Falcón sitting at a cafe near here with his cafe solo

    28. This is the last in a series of 4. Now I need to go back and read the other 3! It's a great combination of spy thriller and police procedural with interesting characters and complex interpersonal relationships.

    29. Oh no. I loved this book and found out it is the last of four books with Javier Falcon Seville as a Spanish Homicide Detective. I love this type of book, so much like the Wallender books by Henning Mankell. Now, I must find the others; I can't wait.

    30. This, the fourth book in the quartet neatly brings together all the threads of the previous three books, with a satisfying pace and a number of twists and turns along the way. Make sure to read the four books in order.

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