I Hate Everything

I Hate Everything I hate that I m going bald I hate that I still make fun of bald people I hate karma Amateur haters step aside Time to learn what it really means to be miserable Because this guy hates every thing Fro

  • Title: I Hate Everything
  • Author: Matthew DiBenedetti
  • ISBN: 9781440506383
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • I hate that I m going bald I hate that I still make fun of bald people.I hate karma.Amateur haters, step aside Time to learn what it really means to be miserable Because this guy hates every thing From hating the little irks that happen now and then like the water that squirts out of the mustard bottle to hating the unfortunate realities of today s world like thaI hate that I m going bald I hate that I still make fun of bald people.I hate karma.Amateur haters, step aside Time to learn what it really means to be miserable Because this guy hates every thing From hating the little irks that happen now and then like the water that squirts out of the mustard bottle to hating the unfortunate realities of today s world like that superheroes don t exist but villains do , Matthew DiBenedetti tells readers how he really feels With such a variety of miserable musings, you ll find something to laugh at and someone to loathe with in this book.

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    One thought on “I Hate Everything”

    1. I hated this book.(And if you've read the description of this book, you'll understand that I couldn't put that I loved this book, or it would be counterproductive).I would recommend it for you to read, but I hate recommendations.

    2. Hilarious book. So many times I agreed fully with his hate rants.Each page has one to a few sentences of things he hates. I love that they are loosely connected sometimes as if a stream of consciousness hate rant. Fun pen drawing accompany each page to accentuate each hate.I hate that I have to keep changing my password. I hate that I have to keep my password written down next to my computer.I hate that I breathe the same air as everyone else.I hate that Willy Wonka still freaks me out.I hate wa [...]

    3. This was amusing - it's interesting to see that one person can find so many things to hate. Personally, the book is a bit too negative for my taste, but it's certainly entertaining.A few examples:"I hate that my friends don't just stop by anymore.I hate when people stop by unannounced.""I hate when people watch a dog do its business.I hate that people see my dog do its business in their yard.I hate when dogs do their business in my yard."

    4. I hate that I didn't know where to shelf this book.I hate that I shelved it in poetry.I hate poetry.I hate that people that share what they hate.I hate that the author predicted people would do this.I hate that I'm doing that.I hate hating things.I hate how fun it is to write like this.I hate how this was 400 pages. I hate that I read this book because I'm 7 books behind on my challenge.I hate that I'm 7 books behind. I hate rating books.I hate the idea of rating books.I hate that I agree with t [...]

    5. Have you ever tried to categorize everything you hate? Matthew DiBenedetti has. And he hates everything. Well, almost everything. About half-way through I started feeling like maybe "hate" was a strong word and Matthew DiBenedetti was over-using it, and really, what kind of person hates everything? But then I started identifying with him (he made me nostalgic for Milli Vanilli!?) and there were things in the hate that I hated, too, or at least made me laugh and I thought, oh hey, we are kindred [...]

    6. I bought this book in 2010/2011 at Boarders when I was on vacation visiting my brother. As a PROUD self proclaimed pessimist I can honestly say this was a hilarious book that I genuinely enjoyed. I hated that while I was on the plane back home everyone was staring at me while I laughed. I hated how they made me feel insecure about my laughing. I hated how I attempted to stifle my laughter. I hated that I couldn't.This is of course a joke book that can be read in less than an hour but it is so go [...]

    7. It is rather short, consisting of sentences that pretty much all start with "I hate". In some places it is almost poetic, and sometimes funny. My favourite was:"I hate tank tops on guys.I hate that more girls don't wear the Sarah Connor military-style tank top.I hate that Sarah Connor can do more pull-ups than me."Well it made me smile anyway.I don't think anyone who has got to a certain point in life can really disagree with DiBenedetti, and if you did, he would hate you for it.

    8. Benar-benar jenis buku untuk ngisi waktu saja wkwk. Ga usah dipikir berat-berat, ketawain aja. Ngetawain diri sendiri lebih tepatnya karena kadang-kadang yang dia benci oh sama.

    9. felt like it should have been fun and quick but was a drag to finish. Had few lines that I could personally relate to, made me laugh.

    10. This book was pure fun. It was a mix of random quips to statements that made me go 'Oh shit, too real dude.' This is the perfect book for cynics like myself.

    11. Obal je v kombinaci s názvem naprosto geniální.V metru jsem se s tím cítila ještě o něco více cool než obvykle a navíc mi to ladilo s nehtama - WIN.Obsahově vám to však nedoporučuju.Autor sice staví knížku na hejtech, ale je to zbytečně pozitivní (až milé).Doufala jsem, že to napsal nějaký psychopat, to se bohužel nepotvrdilo.Smutný smajlík:(

    12. I may not have agreed with everything, but I agreed with several items. Well. more than several. At least two dozen items. It's suppoooosed to be funny. It sort of was. It's basically a book of statements that could go on fewer pages, but once you've read "I hate" a thousand times "hate" begins to look like it's spelled wrong. Therefore, it's probably for the best that it's usually 1-4 "I hate" statements on a page. With drawings. Some of the things that were hated were contradictory. Because he [...]

    13. This is the kind of book that I wanted to keep around because of the humor and how it actually similar to my life. I hate this and that, yeah, we thought we only hated several things, right?But the author unraveled the truth that there are absolutely a lot of things we hate in real life. No doubt. Keep this book around you and you'll never feel alone or sad because all of them are the truths!But why 4 stars? Because I cannot manage to finish it. The book is thick and there are parts that made me [...]

    14. Yesterday, my day started off great and then I got "that call"e one that makes you want to scream, cry, and strangle the next person who talks to you. twenty minutes later, I found this at a Barnes and Noble and thought "this cannot be a real book." Went to the library afterward, and there, again was those book. So I sat down and found it was oddly funny, and just enough to help me lose my sudden bad mood.

    15. Compendium of “I hate” statements, for example “I hate stupid souvenirs” followed by “I hate when people don’t bring me back a souvenir.” The statements are also accompanied by simple but whimsical drawings. It was delightful to read as most people could relate to most of the statements, most of which are about the mundane things in life that annoy us as well as contradictory feelings that we have over certain things in life.

    16. Although this book wasn't really a novel, I can honestly say I really enjoyed it. DiBenedetti goes on and on about how he hates this and that, and puts it in an order that makes the book quite hilarious. I picked it up at a book shop for around ten bucks, and you should too if you would like a book that is good for a laugh!

    17. Do you hate kitten posters? How about greasy pizza? Or the little hairs that get caught on the shower wall?Join DiBenedetti in the hate.A massive list of little things that surely bug everyone, you're bound to find something you relate to in this book. Be united in the hate, and sit down and enjoy a few goofy laughs, complete with interesting illustrations.

    18. I Hate Everything is an amusing little book full of the everyday things that the author hates. It does get a little repetitive if you read it all in one sitting, so I would try to read it in small chunks. Definitely a good coffee table book. There's something in it that everyone can relate to, and would help break the ice during awkward dinner parties. :)

    19. Sat down and read this from start to finish in about 45 minutes. It was interesting to say the least. This dude hates pretty much everything, but he does bring to mind many that I myself do in fact hate also. It also brings many situations and circumstances that are ironic and cause a good laugh.

    20. I thought this was outragously funny. Although I did hate the lack of page numbers.I recomend this book who is looking for a book to be able to pick them up after a bad dayor maybe just want a good laugh. I very much enjoyed this book and shall read it again in the future.

    21. I TOTALLY RELATED TO THIS BOOK.It's basically just a list of "pet peeves". Including a lot of things I didn't know I hated but totally do. Yet for all the 'hate', there's a warmth to this book and it made me smile and it made me a little sad in places. I HATE THAT.

    22. I got this for my birthday and I love looking through it.From the simplicity of the drawings to the overall hate for anything and everything, people of all ages and backgrounds can find something about this book they can relate to.

    23. This book has things in it that everyone can agree to that they hate in life and know that other people hate the same things.

    24. It is kind of sad how many things I related to in this! I didn't realize how much hate i had!

    25. Silly, really. I agreed. I disagreed. A lot of his statements are personal to him. Ultimately, a silly waste of time.

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