The Secret: What Great Leaders Know -- And Do

The Secret What Great Leaders Know And Do Shows human resource development HRD professionals how to measure organizational results within the domains of performance learning and perceptions using the effective and efficient Results Assessme

  • Title: The Secret: What Great Leaders Know -- And Do
  • Author: Kenneth H. Blanchard MarkMiller John C. Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9781605095370
  • Page: 185
  • Format: ebook
  • Shows human resource development HRD professionals how to measure organizational results within the domains of performance, learning, and perceptions using the effective and efficient Results Assessment System This widely praised system simplifies the complex issues of assessment, enabling HRD professionals to clearly demonstrate their results Real life examples illustraShows human resource development HRD professionals how to measure organizational results within the domains of performance, learning, and perceptions using the effective and efficient Results Assessment System This widely praised system simplifies the complex issues of assessment, enabling HRD professionals to clearly demonstrate their results Real life examples illustrate how the principles work From the author of Analysis for Improving Performance, winner of the 1995 Outstanding Instructional Communication Award from the International Society for Performance Improvement and the 1995 Society for Human Resource Management Book Award This book presents a practical guide to building a successful, competitive, and cost effective HRD practice that meets customers needs Results teaches readers a highly effective, easy to learn, field tested system for assessing organizational results within three domains performance system and financial , learning knowledge and expertise , and perceptions participant and stakeholder Why measure results in HRD Because the corporate school and human relations models of HRD practice, whereby development occurs simply because it is good for employees, no longer works If HRD is to be a core organizational process, it must act like one and hold itself accountable Measuring results, particularly bottom line performance results, is key to gaining support from top management And those who measure results ultimately find it a source of program improvement and innovation as well as pride and satisfaction While Results is theoretically sound, it is firmly rooted in practice, offering a core five step assessment process that gives readers a simple and direct journey from analysis inputs to decision outputs Whether they have assessment tools but no theory, theory but no tools, or no tools and no theory, this book will equip them to quickly and effectively assess their results.

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      185 Kenneth H. Blanchard MarkMiller John C. Maxwell
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    One thought on “The Secret: What Great Leaders Know -- And Do”

    1. *4.5 stars*This book was different from any non-fiction book I've read. This book had a"story-telling" element which made it really fun to read. Also it made me feel close to the characters in the book. Like when Debbie was continually growing as a leader I felt so proud! I also liked the meetings Debbie had with John, and the Q&A feel made me learn more about what it means to be leader and etc.So I really liked this book! And I liked how it was short and got to the point.

    2. Here’s one thing I loved immediately about this book. It is business wisdom told through a story. I read a lot of books, 95% of them being non-fiction. I rarely read novels, but opening up a book by co-authors Mark Miller and Ken Blanchard provides the substance of a factual learning tool, presented with the appeal of a story we can all relate to. Meet Debbie Brewster, an executive in search of becoming a great leader. As a participant in a mentoring program Debbie quickly learns that there’ [...]

    3. I borrowed the following comments from an review:This is the story of Debbie, a struggling and a failing leader, who learns the lessons of management from her Boss. Miserable with her poor performance, the character of Ken's Book, joins the Mentor Program offered by her company and incidentally, Jeff, the president of the company happens to be the trainer. She thoroughly undergoes the training sessions where she realise her mistakes. She is taught to be a 'Serving Leader' rather than a 'self-se [...]

    4. Told in the form of a story, Miller and Blanchard explain the ideas behind SERVE - the acronym for the five steps that will help change you from a self-serving leader, to a serving leader. It's simple, but effective, and in essence, it's exactly what Jesus Christ exemplified during his 33 years on earth - to be great, you must first be a servant. As a long-time fan of John C. Maxwell (who also wrote the Forward for The Secret), I'm happy to be able to add a new author to my leadership shelf.

    5. Hahaha a serious copy cat of Leadership and self deception. I mean, the high level boss takes an interest in a lowly team manager and shows them how to be a true leader. Its a story format. Even though it wasn't very original, I think that this is a great format to teach skills by. easy to listen to and inspiring that it could really happen.Main idea:Great leader adopt and attitude of service. mainly 5 difference ways via this acronym:S- See the future. help the people they lead see the destinat [...]

    6. I don't read leaderships book often, especially by my own choice, but each time I read one, I can't help but think,"Why don't I read these more often?" This book was truly engaging and full of knowledge, yet short enough that I read it easily in one sitting. The SERVE method was easy to memorize and relate to, and although, of course, I won't be able to implement all of the ideas in this book immediately as a simple fix to leadership issues, it has provided a sound basis for self-improvement and [...]

    7. Good 120 pages book that helps sistematise your habits as a leader, manager and a part of the team. Certainly helpful if you think of yourself as a leader 10 years from now (and you can be one now or not)

    8. ความลับ 5 ข้อของคนที่ประสบความสำเร็จสูงสุด ซึ่งทั้งทรงพลัง เรียบง่าย และอยู่ใกล้ตัวจนคาดไม่ถึง แค่ลองนำไปใช้ ไม่เพียงแค่คุณจะก้าวไปได้ไกลกว่าคนอื่น แต่ยังดึงดูดโอกาสดี ๆ ให้ห [...]

    9. يعد الكتاب الأول من نوعه الذي يعطي القارئ الشغف بالقراءة فعلى الرغم من أن ما يحويه هو عبارة عن مادة علمية إلا أن طريقة طرحه للموضوع بالصورة القصصية تعطيه ميزة خاصة

    10. This Book was absolutely remarkable. Although I've finished reading it, yet I still find myself going back to it as a reference!!!

    11. As is common with Blanchard, this is an easy read with concrete principles and a memorable acronym.

    12. This is definitely an introductory read in the 'business/leadership' field, but it has many great nuggets of wisdom! I enjoyed the flow of te storyline and how relatable it was to any person within the professional field. I would give this book to someone that is entry-level in the (any) business and who wants to grow in leadership and in the field. It's an easy read that does not have too much jargon terms.

    13. Esto más que un libro es un panfleto informativo para leer en una hora. Es el primer libro que leo con tintes de apoyo hacia alguna posición empresarial, realmente no sabía que esperar, pero al ser un libro demasiado simple con un objetivo bien enfocado y bien empleado, ha sido entretenido. En general es muy directo, no da rodeos y las maneras de ejercer liderazgo son muy generales, pero creo que puede crear importantes pilares en la formación de una cultura de liderazgo, y si ya se tienen l [...]

    14. The Secret. Bukan cerita tentang pelaku tabrak lari yang dibikin rumit. Bukan, kalo itu Secret korean drama *barbie gagal fokus*.Daripada buku motivasi, lebih tepat disebut novel motivasi. Tiap babnya adalah lanjutan cerita dari bab sebelumnya, sambung-menyambung, saling merangkai hingga menjadi sebuah cerita utuh dalam satu buku. Dipungkasi dengan ringkasan, poin-poin penting dari masing-masing judul cerita.The Secret ini buku yang menceritakan tentang perjalanan Debbie Brewster --seorang pemim [...]

    15. "The Secret" by Ken Blanchard, shows a story of a woman named Debbie who works at a fast food joint with little leadership value or vision. Her CEO Jeff, being a devout christian leader, takes her under his wing and shows her how to inspire others not only in the workplace, but in her personal life as well. Blanchard gives a fairly vivid story that I really enjoyed reading while also showing and modeling a good way to set goals and fundamental characteristics each leader shows in everyday life. [...]

    16. The book can be read in one sitting. The story is memorable and close to home for every individual looking to become a great leader. What I like the most about the book is how it is centered on learning the meaning of the phrase "GREAT LEADERS SERVE".Even months after reading the book, I still remember what S.E.R.V.E stands for.If you are looking for a step by step guide, this book is not for you. What this book accomplishes is giving you enough material in a very simple thought provoking manner [...]

    17. Awesome book for team leaders. Simple style like the One Minute Manager books.I have given away many copies of this book.

    18. This book I mistook for the Book that Oprah highlighted. It is NOT the same. It is a good book with valuable information but not the same as the other. I have yet to read the other one still. Which I plan to still do. This book emphasies service to suceed in what ever it is you are trying to accomplish. As stated in the description found on good reads. The five ways in which leaders can succeed through service are seeing and shaping the future; engaging and developing others; reinventing continu [...]

    19. This is a great elementary introduction to leadership, and was typically immediately the book I gave to all my management potential trainees as we begin to consider them for positions of leadership.

    20. The Secret that great leaders know and do is that "Great leaders SERVE." Originally written a decade ago in 1994, this book by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller presents the idea of servant leadership in an easy and quick to read package. The ideas are not new, but the book effectively packages them into a clear vision. While written for a business audience, the approach can certainly be applied in other parts of your life as well.Read my complete review at: memoriesfrombooks/2015Reviewed for GoodRe [...]

    21. Great readort little "fable" about what true leadership really looks like and how one can become a great leader. This book is as practical as it is encouraging, in that it's a great reminder that anyone can learn to be a leadereven though not everyone has the natural gift of leadership. True, some will fail at leadership and some will not want to be a leader in the true sense of the word, but with the right heart and mindset, achieving leadership "success" is a reachable (and worthwhile) goal. T [...]

    22. Lots of good points about servant leadership.See the FutureEngage and Develop OthersReinvent ContinuouslyValue Results and RelationshipsEmbody the Values (it is all about walking the talk!)I liked the reinvent section, not just continuous improvement for yourself and your staff. Having the structure of the organization be flexible to serve the company instead of the other way around.Some examples of servant leaders were given in the book: Nelson Mandela, Jesus, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jim [...]

    23. This is my first review on here, so be nice. :) The Secret is not your ordinary leadership book. It doesn't have lists of definitions and procedures to remember. Instead, it is written as a short story with characters. This is important because people are captivated more by characters than by lists. The authors do a great job explaining there leadership philosophy through the use of the short story.

    24. This book stands the test if time and is a gem in the realm of leadership books. Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller provide clear and concise information and principles that you can take and put into practice right away. This updated version with the self-assessment and FAQ have improved upon an already great book. If you take what is in this book and apply it to the way you lead, you will see a dramatic change in the way others respond to you.

    25. This was a very quick and easy read. Great great concept of a story on how influential and effective you can be as a leader when you are patient with people, and realize they are your greatest asset in business, and in life. I enjoyed this read, and believe it's one you read a few times a year just to be reminded of the "People first, Processes second" mindset. "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."

    26. What our Office Leadership will be reading & discussingLoved this book. It gave me an outline to measure my skills and where I am lacking. It also gave me ideas and ways to improve my skills and reach my potential. I want too be a servant leader and this book provides the tools and guidance to do so.

    27. First bought this as an audiobook. The concept in this book is easy to grasp esp that it's in a story format. I love "the secret" so I used it to set foundations and direction at work. My boss and colleagues were impressed. I ordered the actual book after listening to the audio because I want to pursue the lessons. Highly recommended for those aspiring to be great leaders.

    28. This book was another brick to my patch in enrolling at Grand Canyon University for my EMBA in leadership. Ken Blanchard was the executive sponsor and spent time with my Cohort (14!) at our three residencies at the Blanchard campuses in San Diego. I will always cherish my time spent at the Blanchard residence with Ken and Margie.

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