Unbeaten For Kim Woodburn finding fame in her s in the smash hit television series How Clean is Your House with fellow dust buster Aggie Mackenzie is like living a fairytale Often she has simply wished that

  • Title: Unbeaten
  • Author: Kim Woodburn
  • ISBN: 9780340922224
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • For Kim Woodburn finding fame in her 60s in the smash hit television series How Clean is Your House with fellow dust buster Aggie Mackenzie is like living a fairytale Often she has simply wished that she had never been born, for Kim has overcome horrific emotional and physical abuse both at the hands of her alcoholic mother and her philandering, sexually abusive father.For Kim Woodburn finding fame in her 60s in the smash hit television series How Clean is Your House with fellow dust buster Aggie Mackenzie is like living a fairytale Often she has simply wished that she had never been born, for Kim has overcome horrific emotional and physical abuse both at the hands of her alcoholic mother and her philandering, sexually abusive father In her brave and revealing story Kim s memories of growing up are not of love and cuddles, but of beatings and random cruelty Shuttled between the brutal houses of her warring parents, a succession of miserable children s homes and a grim convent Kim s past has cast a long shadow over her life But just before her sixteenth birthday she finally made her escape It has taken decades of hard work, and a wonderfully happy marriage to conquer depression but now she has emerged unbowed and unbeaten as Britain s Queen of Clean.

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    One thought on “Unbeaten”

    1. This book was really quite something and I don't think it did Pat McKenzie aka Kim Woodburn any favours at all. She came across as an incredibly self absorbed and grittily determined person who thought the world owed her a favour and was quite happy to coast on it. I found it very hard to believe the endless tales of woe, abuse and depravity documented in the book and I wonder how much of Kim's history is remembered very differently by the others who lived it with her.

    2. I read this after seeing Kim mention her family problems and her dead baby in an interview. I felt this book didn't know what it was meant to be - first and foremost it's her autobiography, but the version I have is definitely designed to be an 'abuse' genre book and the traditional black & white photo of a sad little blonde girl on the front is not Kim. I don't normally read 'abuse' genre books - this is my third - as I have mixed feelings about them. Perhaps those who would pick this up be [...]

    3. It takes some talent to take a relentless catalogue of abuse and misfortune and make it totally numbifying. The ghost writer's fingers should be battered with this book so that they cannit inflict any more horrific writing on the world. In spite of the horrendous life she's lead, the tone of the book doesn't paint her in the best light, but i still like her and would like her to call me a filthy beggar and then purse her lips at me while she white gloves me dusty crevices.[Earlier: From one ragi [...]

    4. A great read! Kim really has been through so much in her life; I have a lot of respect for her. It's amazing seeing her being such an upfront, hard character on TV but to then read about what her life has actually been like.The language used made the book straightforward and easy to read but as expected it was a difficult and emotional subject to read about.

    5. Really amazing book! I know why Kim is such a strong character now due to what she has been through! Couldn't put this book down!

    6. Wow. What a story. Kim Woodburn's life story is well written, very moving and left me shocked. How she has survived to be who she is today is astounding. Her brutal upbringing and later achievements are testimony to the fact that humans can, with enough determination, overcome the almost impossible.This is an inspirational read. I would recommend it to anyone feeling despondent about their own life. Kim demonstrates how it is possible to triumph even during extreme adversity. Her language is str [...]

    7. The story of Queen of Clean Kim Woodburn growing up with an absent father and brutal evil mother in a truly scary childhood. Kim is hated as she is a reminder of the failed marriage of her parents and her mother tales every opportunity to beat, humiliate and frighten her daughter. Even as Kim leaves her childhood behind she falls into a relationship that ends in a tragic situation followed by a violent marriage. You have to admire the way this woman came through all these horrors to be a much lo [...]

    8. Well I got this book because I am a BIG fan of Kim's. Have been since the first day I saw How Clean Is Your House. At first the book was kind of hard for me to get into. But I wanted to push on because I do LOVE her. I am so glad to say I did love the book after all I guess there was just a slow point for me. She talks so openly about things I do not know if I could have. She reafirmed my enving her. I am so glad she made it through such distructive relationships. This book is well worth the rea [...]

    9. I cannot give anything less than a four star because one cannot undermine anyone's story. Kim has provided a detailed account of her growth. Her brutal honesty of her naivety in her youth makes the story worth reading. Yes, one can rise above anything

    10. I enjoy reading biographies of successful people who have had harsh childhoods, but survived to tell the tale. This memoir is written in an easy conversational style. It describes a difficult childhood with an unbelievably cruel and thoughtless mother. Well done Kim for making it through to the end of the tunnel.

    11. A great readThe turmoil of living with a wicked mother , absent father ,and a violent first husband not to mention the loss of her baby ,Kim has battled through life to find happiness and contentment

    12. So honest I'd never watched any of kims TV programmes So this is the first insight to her persona. Great read, took a complete like to her Had a little watch of her TV appearances & what a truly lovely woman.

    13. Bloody but Unbowed!I gave this five stars because it was a moving story. I loved reading how Kim faced up to life and didn't let it beat her. She is a brave woman to have shared her story with us and her story is inspirational.

    14. JagiThis story is heartbreaking at how the ladies life began. Thank goodness she found peace in later life. Cruel horrible mother .

    15. Loved this bookThis woman deserved a huge dollop of good fortune and I am so glad she found happiness! Enjoyed this book!

    16. Easy readTook this book on holiday. I did hold my attention as the author bid seem to have a very bad childhood but there was no emotion in the writing.

    17. Not a bad readRead this quite quickly, horrible childhood but she survived. A bit sad in places, especially when she gave birth and lost her baby. Poor woman.

    18. This is the first time I pick up a biography and I'll be truly honest with you! "Unbeaten" is a must-read. Believe me! You really don't wanna miss Kim Woodburn's sad story.In her biography, Kim Woodburn tells us in details about her wretched childhood and dismal days with her abusive parents. Everything in her life was unpleasant. Kim would be beaten and punished severely just because of her mother is in a bad mood. Sometimes her mother would hit her just because she wants to! Which left me tota [...]

    19. Good read, just read it for the second time !A good read, awful mother felt really sad for Kim growing up. No one should have to endure that kind of like especially a child

    20. I was really excited to read this book as I have always been a big fan of "How Clean is Your House". I would have never guessed at what Kim's life was like prior to the show. She is such a strong woman. I really look up to her. Her mother was just plain evil. To be degected like she was by her mom is horrible. She literally had no one growing up. Kim Woodburn is an amazing lady.

    21. I finished this book in a couple of days. Although it was easy to read, I did find it a bit repetitive almost as though the (ghost?) writer was trying to drill into the reader just how terrible a life Kim had endured before managing to turn it around. Saying that, I am glad that she got her happy ending after all.

    22. based on my experience with this book it has lot to offer the reader like it gave me a lot of courage on howsoever worse life could have been, otherwise it creates a great combination of horror,violence,hope,patience and many more also that little girl taught me how to face life with its problems , literally tusha hatsof to her couragen spirit

    23. Unbeaten: The Story Of My Brutal Childhood by Kim Woodburn is literally her tragic life story. In parts you will be in tears. Kim always looks so in control on tv, that it is hard to believe she had such a lack of confidence due to her upbrining.

    24. awesome n touching story totally gave horror that how can anyone's lyf be so difficult. hats of to her courage n spirit

    25. I really enjoyed this book. When I first picked it up it wasn't the type of book I would normally go for but I am glad I did! Well worth a read!

    26. Powerful and movingan example of how someone can rise from the past and find deserved happiness. no using excuses. Kim rises above her worst experiences.

    27. The frightening life story of a survivor. I would like to congratulate Kim on turning her life round so drastically.

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