This Matter Of Marriage

This Matter Of Marriage The dating game is always the same One disaster after another Fortunately Hallie McCarthy can compare notes with her neighbor Steve Marris He s divorced and in the same boat Right too bad Hallie and

  • Title: This Matter Of Marriage
  • Author: Debbie Macomber
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The dating game is always the same One disaster after another Fortunately, Hallie McCarthy can compare notes with her neighbor, Steve Marris He s divorced and in the same boat Right too bad Hallie and Steve are not interested in each other

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    One thought on “This Matter Of Marriage”

    1. This was my first Debbie Macomber book (audio) and I enjoyed her writing style. Hallie and her bff Donalee are tired of being single so they decide to make marriage their goal. And the husband hunt begins many dates from hell and LOL moments. Hallie even had a first date rate her! I was furious at this guy! The book was full of humor and charm. The just divorced Steve moves in next door to Hallie and he is the perfect shoulder for her to cry on about all her dating foes, but he is her type?If yo [...]

    2. I really enjoyed Hallie McCarthy, Steve Marris and THIS MATTER OF MARRIAGE. I whipped through this romance in less than 24 hours. The storyline provided just the right amount of humor to sweeten the tension between these two unlikely friends.My 'Tagged' Review: Hero Was Married Before~ 'It wasn't as if the news would come as any great shock. Steve knew his ex-wife was dating again, although he'd chosen to ignore what that meant.'Children Involved~ "Next week is Take Your Daughter to Work day," M [...]

    3. My Take:Sometimes there’s a novel you just enjoy, and you have no idea why. This Matter of Marriage was exactly that for me. The writing style was more women’s fiction than romance, which usually turns me off of a book, and I can’t remember anything particularly special about it, but damn, I sure did enjoy it. Perhaps what had me hooked from the start was my mental image of the protagonists. For one thing, they were realistic, which was a breath of fresh air. As much as I love my over the [...]

    4. I loved this book! It was one of those fantastic feel good romance books that just sweeps you away. This is my second Debbie Macomber novel and I loved it. The characters are real and down to earth and it's full of situations that you can easily relate to.Hallie and Steve were real people who lived a real world and had real problems. Steve had been through a divorce that had completely blind-sided him and now shared his two kids with his ex-wife. He wants nothing more than to get his life back. [...]

    5. Rating: 3.5 stars.This book was a fun read. The story line was entertaining, very humorous and it kept me interested right up until the very end. The biggest let down for me was the sexual content. Most readers in today's society would probably laugh and disagree with me, not thinking much of it, but for me, it spoilt an otherwise well written and enjoyable story.Hallie McCarthy was a successful graphic designer and business woman. She was turning thirty and thought it was time to find herself a [...]

    6. A light romantic comedy about a successful 29 years old businesswoman who decides that it is the time to marry and her recently divorced neighbor. It is cliched and funny in an expected way but I enjoyed it during holidays.

    7. Super predictable, but had really likable characters. I loved the audiobook because the narrator is awesome.

    8. Mild-sexual-situations-references, but is still one of my favorite romances ~ This Matter of Marriage by Debbie Macomber The bad dates and situations described are "milk out your nose" hilarious! I would not advise eating or drinking while reading this book!

    9. I haven't read a single book by Debbie Maccomber that I haven't loved. books. Her characters are just wonderfully written people you'd like to get to know better. Her stories never fail to entertain me or leave me with that "feel good" sentiment. This Matter of Marriage is just a good romantic comedy. As the main character, Hallie turns the big three-o, she realizes that she has spent way too much time building her career but her life is meaningless because she's lackign a husabnd and a child. E [...]

    10. This Matter of Marriage by Debbie MacomberHallie McCathy is now 30 and ready for a family. She has set one year to meet the right man to marry.Steve Marris lives next door and he has an ex wife. They become friends and she tells him of her mishaps with dates.Hilarious escapades of the dates and throw in Steve's daughter and son who visits on weekends who wants a mother for her dadHe wants to reunite with his wife and hopes she will reconsider. I received this book from National Library Service f [...]

    11. I'm giving this book 4 stars simply because it is exactly what is intended to be: a light and easy romantic fun read. There's no mystery or surprise about the outcome and it was apparent from the beginning what the ending would be. It was a cute story to read to get to the ending and I enjoyed it a lot. The only thing I didn't care for was the switching from 1st person perspective from Hallie to 3rd person. It was a bit confusing at times and wasn't particularly necessary. It's not the first thi [...]

    12. I don't know what kept me reading this book. Maybe to see what happened. I couldn't believe Hallie didn't wise up nor that Steve was so blind. The kids were great. They seemed older than they were supposed to be, especially Megan. This was not even on my to-read list. I have 70 books on that list. Not having an easy time finding them; so, since this was a Debbie Macomber book, I grabbed it. I figured if it was one of Macomber's books, it had to be good. She didn't disappoint.

    13. Another great read by Debbie Macomber. I enjoyed the characters - Hallie, Steve, Donnale, Meagan, Kenny this novel Hallie & Donnalee are striving to achieve their goals to find husbands & have children. Many dating experiences occur for these two women. Hallie & Steve become neighbors and really good friends. I love the plot.

    14. Since I have read several of Debbie Macomber books I could see where this one was heading when Steve moved in next door. I still enjoyed the book because she is a great story teller. I also liked the side story she added with Hallie's best friend Donnalee.Best advice don't use a dating service to find a husband in a year. :)

    15. This author created character's that I can relate to and this book was no different. I was able to relate to Hallie in her search for Mr. right and all of her bad dates. It made me laugh and stay up late to read what happened next. She creates a storyline that pulls you right in.

    16. I loved reading Debbie Macomber books makes you happy, sad and laugh out loud. This one was good not as good as some, but enjoyable none the less. Debbie has a way with romance.

    17. I just finished listening to the audiobook version of this story. While Debbie isn't one of my favorite authors, I enjoyed this storyline more than most others. My only criticism is that this story isn't what I would call a clean read as it pushes language and sex. Personally, that just isn't what I usually expect from her stories, so it caught me by surprise. Just want readers to be aware. If you don't have issues with that, then it is a very enjoyable story, but while not nearly as descriptive [...]

    18. Hallie wants to get married and have kids. The only problem is that she can't find the proper husband. She goes on dates, but they are all disasters. Her next door neighbor, Steve, is nice and has 2 kids but also 2 problems; 1) He is still very much in love with his ex-wife and 2) Steve and Hattie are just friends. Classic plot. However, the longer Hattie and Steve hang out together, they more they like each other. Now, they just have to act on it!

    19. Hallie McCarthy has decided it's tie to get married and start a family. She's turning 30, very successful professionally and looking. She keeps meeting loser though. Her neighbor - divorced Steve Marris wants his ex-wife back. They become friends and console each other until they finally realize they love each other. Good story.

    20. Really enjoyed this book.The perils ups and downs of dating in the modern world.The eternal search for Mr Right, a family and happily ever after.As people age, they come with baggage, of the central characters do.In true Debbie Macomber style a happy ending ensues.Well worth the read.

    21. This is a 90s kind of When Harry Met Sally. It was cute and funny. I love how much this couple were really just friends for most of the book while she dated everyone under the sun trying to find a husband and he tried to win back his wife who was marrying someone else. It was a fun relationship to watch unfold. Definitely the best from this author I've read.

    22. I was looking for an easy read, but there isn't much to this book. So repetitive that by the time the couple gets together, I simply didn't care. Boring lather, rinse, repeat story with simple, cliché characters.

    23. Good Pick Me Up StorySweet story and easy to read. The characters are so real I felt their ups and downs. Even though I thought I knew what the ending would be I couldn't put the book down because I wasn't positive. Funny and sad. I heartily recommend it.

    24. Cute readFunny, not too much romance just enough to keep the reader interested. This was a good book to read on a raining day in between my suspense novels.

    25. four is generous. Too slow in parts. Things too obvious and characters too slow to move forward. Then FINALLY together and it's skipped over. I would've like to see them as a couple.

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