The Cat Inside

The Cat Inside Both heartwarming and meditative The Cat Inside explores not only the personal relationship between Burroughs and cats but the deeper relationship of cats with mankind which Burroughs traces back t

  • Title: The Cat Inside
  • Author: William S. Burroughs
  • ISBN: 9780141189901
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Both heartwarming and meditative, The Cat Inside explores not only the personal relationship between Burroughs and cats, but the deeper relationship of cats with mankind, which Burroughs traces back to the Egyptians This book of moving and witty discourse is for both Burroughs fans and cat lovers alike.

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    One thought on “The Cat Inside”

    1. When I was a young boy, I was absolutely vile to our family cat. I didn't cut it up or torture it or anything, but let's just say that, looking back, I'm amazed to have retained any memories at all of the poor thing purring in my lapDon't get me wrong - I still terrorize my current cat. Only now the terror is tempered with a tender, loving benevolence, a genuine desire to nurture and protect, as opposed to the thoughtless cruelty that comes so naturally to children. I might joke around about mur [...]

    2. Βαθμολογία: 7/10Αν και δεν μπορώ να πω ότι είμαι γατόφιλος -εντάξει, συμπαθώ τις γάτες, αλλά ποτέ δεν είχα κάποια ιδιαίτερη σχέση μαζί τους-, αγόρασα το βιβλίο και το διάβασα, γιατί συγγραφέας είναι ο Γουίλιαμ Μπάροουζ και καθετί που έχει γράψει αξίζει να διαβαστεί. Εδώ έχουμε [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book so much more than I imagined I would. It was interesting and sad, in a way that is so easy to relate to personal depression. Very good.

    4. Burroughs'un kedi güzellemesi. Kediseverler için eğlenceli bir okuma ama insanlığa ve insan doğasına ilişkin yorumlara da yer vermiş. Kitabın üçüncü baskısı olmasına rağmen çok sayıda yazım hatası (havyan, kavranal gibi) var. Ayrıca noktalama işaretleri özellikle virgül kullanımı konusunda tekrar gözden geçirilmesi gerektiğini düşünüyorum."Kedilerin birer kukla olduğunu söylemiyorum. Hiç de öyle değiller. Yaşayan, nefes alıp veren canlılar onlar ve insa [...]

    5. "Şöminenin yanında ki sandalyede oturuyordum, dış kapı açıktı, beni yirmi metre öteden gördü ve koşarak yanıma geldi, kucağıma atladı, mırıldayarak iyice kucağıma sokuldu, küçük patilerini suratıma koydu ve benim kedim olmak istediğini söyledi.Ama onu duymadım."Bu benim okuduğum ilk William S. Burroughs kitabı ama sonuncusu da olmayacak. Bu kitaba internette gezinirken rastladım ve arka kapağını okuyunca kitabı hemen almak istedim. 100 sayfadan oluşan, yazarı [...]

    6. This book is nothing like anything I've previously read by Burroughs. Though there are parts that definitely show his sense of humor and style of writing. Basically its a celebration of cats and only something I can see as being enjoyed by someone who also loves cats. Although I haven't had a cat in many years this book really spoke to me and I enjoyed it and read it on a long lonely bus ride and it made my day happier.

    7. Il cane è un animale sociale. Senza interazioni continue muore.Il gatto è un animale a-sociale. Prendetevi l'affetto che vi dà, quando ve lo dà, perché ci mette una passione eccezionale, per il resto proteggetevi le mani e la faccia.Gli umani "gatteschi" sono parimenti irresistibili, e potenzialmente letali perché narcisisti patologici.Loro è meglio lasciarli condurre la connaturata esistenza randagia.

    8. What a lovely little book. A synthesis of a cat lover's sentimentality, with some sparkling of Zen and Old Bull Lee's wild deep prophetic rants. For me, Burroughs is this Shamanic figure, with a strangeness about his writing which creates a very primal connection, as if one is caught in a telepathic ayahusca ritual with him. This book, however, was a surprise introduction to his caring and soft side. Intended as a collection of anecdotes and musings about his various cats, it is also a semi-auto [...]

    9. I once owned the Italian edition of this book, then gave it as a present to a friend of mine. Borrowed this copy from the department of anglo-american studies.Burroughs was a lifelong lover of cats, and I guess it was only natural that this fact should produce one such output. The book is a collection (collation, I would say) of short pieces, although at times the events go on from page to page like singled paragraphs of a longer narrative. Some of the pieces have a date & seem to have been [...]

    10. A collection of anecdotes and observations about his various cats. It was quite interesting to see such a soft and tender loving side to William Burroughs. One can't help but feel more warm & fuzzy towards the man as a result. I am very tickled by the idea of ol' Burroughs puttering around his house in Lawrence fussing over his various felines. its Sweet!

    11. O mundo não cansa de me surpreender. William Burroughs: o senhorzinho mais junkie e porralôca que eu respeito também é gateiro e eu não sabia - agora respeito ainda mais. Claro, os gatos do Burroughs não são gatos de petshop criados a leite com pera. O Burroughs não ignora a crueldade e a fúria inerente aos pequenos tigres, jamais completamente domesticados pelo homem. É com profundo amor (mas também respeito) que o autor inventaria sua relação com vários deles, ao longo dos anos 8 [...]

    12. Hermoso libro que sirve para conocer a un hombre a través de los gatos. La delicadeza, el sentido del deber, el enorme cariño y la angustia que llega con cada paso del tiempo. Para aquellos que nos preocupamos por los animales, pero especialmente por los gatos, este libro deja una sensación de alegría y tristeza muy profunda. Perdí a mi gato, perdí a mi gato. En qué lugar me llamó y yo no pude estar para él? Como todos los gatos del mundo que nos han regalado su confianza desde hace mil [...]

    13. I have not read a lot of Burroughs, but after reading this short and touching collection taken from his journals, I wonder if I may have been overlooking the spirit of the man. For all of the crazy shit that he ever got into and wrote about, this book brought me to tears at points in its simple innocence and genuine love. In this short book, Burroughs reveals a gentle and familiar change of heart; from callous indifference to a bond of kindness that is nothing short of reverence all for the cats [...]

    14. An alternative book for the cat people. Not your typical Burroughs book, although it sometimes surprises and shocks, and not a typical cat book by any stretch of the imagination. WSB's thoughts about cats, part diary of his later life with cats, his less than generous thoughts about dogs, dreams and reflections about the roles cats play in our lives. A sleek and slim volume, skittish in nature, which is easily read in one sitting, and will be re-read I am sure.

    15. Kediseverlerin bayılacağı bir kitap. Keşke kitapta bahsedilen kedilerin birer görseli de olsaydi. Insan gercekten merak ediyor onlari.

    16. I decided to read this book when I saw it in my friends feed because it seemed so unexpected that the author of Naked Lunch would have written a memoir about the cats in his life. This is primarily a sweet book because Burroughs genuinely loved cats. I am also a lover of cats, so I liked this book for the most part. I particularly liked his portrayal of the Russian Blue, Ruski.I would like to dispute what he says about dogs, however. He makes a general statement that humans train dogs to be viol [...]

    17. “Bu kitap; yazarın hayatının, kendisine kedilerin oynadığı bir sessiz sinema olarak sunulduğu bir alegoridir. Kedilerin birer kukla olduğunu söylemiyorum. Hiç de öyle değiller. Yaşayan, nefes alıp veren canlılar onlar ve insan ne zaman başka bir varlığa temas etse üzülüyor: Çünkü sınırları, acıyı, korkuyu ve nihayetinde de ölümü görüyor. Temasın anlamı budur iste. Bir kediye dokunduğumda bunu görüyor ve gözlerimden yaşlar aktığını fark ediyorum.” [...]

    18. We are the cats inside. We are the cats who cannot walk alone, and for us there is only one place.I read this one slowly because I wanted to pay attention to what I read and my, am I glad I did. This little, 94 page book, was filled with anecdotes about William Burroughs's cats and his thoughts on them. It's not written plainly or cheesily though; it's still a Burroughs book, though quite different from his other work at the same time. I recognised so much as a cat owner and rec this to any cat [...]

    19. Nopeasti lukaistava kirja, joka koostuu kissoihin liittyvistä hajahuomioista ja pohdinnoista. Toisaalta kirjassa on jonkinlainen kaari ja tapahtumat liittyvät toisiinsa, toisaalta siinä poukkoillaan tajunnanvirtamaisesti minne sattuu. Vähän hassu kokonaisuus. Nykypäivänä tämänlaatuista tavaraa saa lukea kirjailijoiden somepäivityksistä, ja kissateemansa vuoksi opuksesta tulivat paikoin mieleen Pasi I. Jääskeläisen twitterpohdinnat.

    20. اگر میشد نیم امتیاز داد, بهش سه و نیم میدادم. برای منی که عاشق گربه هام, کتاب جذابی بود. نویسنده به زیباترین شکل ممکن از دنیای گربه ها و ذهنیت خودش در رابطه با عواطف انسان و حیوان میگه. و چقدر زیادن وقتایی که انسان ها وحشی ترین موجودات زمین میشن.بخشی از کتاب:یکی گفته است که گربه ها [...]

    21. For once the Time magazine blurb on the front cover actually made sense to me: "Heartwarming anecdotesBurroughs ventures galaxies away from his typically twisted literary turf". The Cat Inside is such an unusual book but when it comes to WSB Sr. expect nothing but surprises with each book you pick up.As Burroughs himself describes it on page 70, "this cat book is an allegory, in which the writer's past life is presented to him in a cat charade". The faces and looks on the various cats that he ow [...]

    22. ".n ne zaman başka bir varlığa temas etse üzülüyor: Çünkü sınırları, acıyı, korkuyu ve nihayetinde de ölümü görüyor. Temasın anlamı budur işte. Bir kediye dokunduğumda bunu görüyor ve gözlerimden yaşlar aktığını fark ediyorum."Karısını (yanlışlıkla ya da değil) öldürdüğü için Burroughs okumak benim için hiçbir zaman çekici olmamıştı, ta ki yukarıdaki cümleleri okuyana kadar. Bir kediye dokunmanın bu kadar güzel ifade edildiği bir kitabı oku [...]

    23. What a delight! I've had this little tome on my shelf for years but for some reason never got around to reading it. Today I finally cracked it open (I've got a lovely hardcover edition featuring Brion Gysin's artwork), and read it in little more than an hour, savoring every sentence. It's been so long since I've read any Burroughs, and while it's quite different from his drug-fueled, sex filled, tripped out novels, it's every bit as delicious and a pleasure to read. He's the kind of author who r [...]

    24. The Cat Inside has both wit and truth. Burroughs will have you laughing at his analogies of cats, humans, and dogs. The truths learned from this are sad, but well deserved to be heard. Must read for cat lovers.

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