Year of the Black Rainbow

Year of the Black Rainbow The origin prequel story of Coheed and Cambria s epic series known widely as The Amory Wars Welcome to the worlds of Heaven s Fence where a lattice of mysterious energy known as the Keywork binds an

  • Title: Year of the Black Rainbow
  • Author: Claudio Sánchez Peter David
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The origin prequel story of Coheed and Cambria s epic series, known widely as The Amory Wars Welcome to the worlds of Heaven s Fence, where a lattice of mysterious energy known as the Keywork binds and sustains life on a triangular network of planets from the bleak and hellish Howling Earth to the spare beauty of Bendelesh Beneath the Keywork s glow, under the govThe origin prequel story of Coheed and Cambria s epic series, known widely as The Amory Wars Welcome to the worlds of Heaven s Fence, where a lattice of mysterious energy known as the Keywork binds and sustains life on a triangular network of planets from the bleak and hellish Howling Earth to the spare beauty of Bendelesh Beneath the Keywork s glow, under the governance of the twelve grey skinned Mages and the watchful gaze of the winged Prise, humanity goes about it s daily life unaffected by the goings on of the higher powers at work in the universe Until the day when the ambitious Wilhelm Ryan, newest member to the brotherhood of Mages, acts on his growing discontent at being branded another ordinary Mage, ruling over one lowly Sector Shrewd and silver tongued, Ryan launches the Mage Wars a devastating campaign to win control of the entire Fence and take on the legendary mantle of Supreme Tri Mage, a position likened to God himself Dr Leonard Hohenberger, the Fence s top scientist is summoned by the Prise to stop Ryan His creations, Coheed and Cambria, are thus born and lead the battle to save Heaven s Fence.

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      492 Claudio Sánchez Peter David
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    One thought on “Year of the Black Rainbow”

    1. I'm honestly not sure what to say about this book. It's definitely not something that a non-Coheed and Cambria fan would enjoy unless they have very low reading standards. It's written poorly, particularly when it comes to descriptions of action or internal monologue. The dialogue is a bit better, but still cringe-worthy at times. It's hard to say how much of the book Claudio directly had a hand in. My suspicion is that he handed off the story in screenplay format and thus wrote all the dialogue [...]

    2. Coheed and Cambria is one of my favorite bands and Claudio Sanchez's graphic novels, while not the best paced nor the most articulate, are wonderful because they have the music to flesh them out and make them personal. This novel was decent for that same reason.While the comics can be difficult to understand, the novel was plain english and informative, as novels have the leisure to be. The story was fun but the writing was not all that great. Many times I cringed at wording, structure of chapte [...]

    3. Such an amazing story! Claudio has such a knack for story-telling (he always has!) and I'm so glad he took on this endeavor, along with the album. His efforts were more than worth it--I can't explain how much the story means to me and how much it moves me--every aspect of it has so much beauty and depth to it. Anyone who sees this novel as strictly 'sci-fi' or strictly about 'war,' is completely incorrect. If you had to put it under a category, it would probably be 'sci-fi' (although I don't rea [...]

    4. POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT. So I read the limited edition paperback version, which is identical to the hardcover that comes with the special edition of the album of the same name, and I must say that "Year of the Black Rainbow" is one of my favorite books I've read in current months. Claudio's imagination plus Peter David's solid, comic book-style story structure really did feel like I was reading a novel adaptation of a comic book, which makes the experience of the book feel very cinematic and eas [...]

    5. This is a prequel story to the fantastic Amory Wars graphic novel collection and this is probably one for the die-hard fans to really enjoy. I have the hardback copy and for me the paper style was excellent with its rugged edges and unusual quality, but then that's probably just me liking that sort of thing! It's fast, easy to read and perfect for escaping from everyday life.

    6. I'm less a fan of this than I thought I would be. It's needlessly thick with details that aren't necessary, and the gore is so substantial even I got tired of it. The dialogue isn't the best thing ever, but the solid story beneath it all has real value. Great idea, unimpressive execution. They should stick with graphic novel form.

    7. Honestly I feel that giving this book 3 stars is a bit too generous. As a longtime fan of Coheed and Cambria, I try not to be bias when it comes to the criticism of this book. After rereading this six years later since the first time I ever picked up this book, I realized how bad it is. The story is interesting but I had to force myself to finish this book because of how bored I got of it. Also the unnecessary amount of details and the repetitiveness of certain phrases. When rereading, I realize [...]

    8. As a fan of Coheed & Cambria, I have been itching to explore the world behind the songs for some time. Having found the subsequent graphic novels online, I decided to splash out on the ebook and read that first.I enjoyed the story and setting up the background to the later graphic novels.I had possibly expected more of a clear link between the book and the corresponding album (which is my least favourite of theirs) so was a little disappointed by this.Overall, I am very glad I read this and [...]

    9. This is the first (and maybe only?) novel to go with the Coheed and Cambria storyline-and it's also the first prequel, and accompanies the latest album. It's co-written by the creator of the whole Coheed and Cambria story, lead singer for them. Peter David is a sci-fi writer (Star Trek I think) and you could tell-it definitely had the feel of a general sci-fi Star Trek/Star Wars type book. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but there did seem to be more concentration on plot than characters. Th [...]

    10. Year of the Black Rainbow is the first novelized entry into the Amory Wars saga by Claudio Sanchez. The series was not released in order however, being that this book is the rise of Coheed and Cambria who are two legs of an anti-terrorist group known as KBI with Jesse (Coheed’s brother) as the other part. The book reads quickly and pleasantly for anyone who is a fan of the band “Coheed and Cambria” for which Sanchez is the head of. The story starts “somewhere in the middle” as the firs [...]

    11. I am a huge Coheed and Cambria fan. I've read all the comics that have come out. I've spent years supporting them. So when I give my opinion on this book is educated. It was mehThere were chapters that were genius; "Pearl of the Stars" and "Guns of Summer". They were truly literary quality writing. The rest of the book was entertaining as well so that was not the issue.My biggest issue is the gap between the "Epilogue" and "Second Stage Turbine Blade". There better be another book/album coming a [...]

    12. For his first real venture into prose, Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez delivered a suspenseful and captivating chapter in The Amory Wars saga. As far as the story goes, Year of the Black Rainbow acts as a prequel story in the same fashion as Star Wars; it tells the tale of how the band's namesake characters come to be, fall in love, and ultimately how their lives inevitably take a turn for the worse, all as the ambitious Wilhelm Ryan slowly becomes total dictator over Heaven's Fence. [...]

    13. For anyone who loves Coheed and Cambria, this book will forever change how you listen to their music. Whether you like it because it gives you a depth to characters you've never really known well before or you hate that it gives away too much, be warned that it will give you a different view of the music. That being said, I completely love what I get out of this book as a die hard Coheed and Cambria fan. The book lends so much to the musical medium that you simply cannot get with other music. Cl [...]

    14. A solid, straightforward introduction to the world that Claudio Sanchez has created. While I agree with other reviewers that yes the story is not really groundbreaking and some of the decisions the characters make seem strange, I was actually very surprised at how well this story worked.I was already somewhat familiar with the basic storyline for Second Stage and In Keeping Secrets, and so I was expecting a sort of ad-hoc way of shoehorning elements in and forcing it to all work, but the authors [...]

    15. I love Coheed & Cambria, and I'm quite confident in saying that they are easily one of the best musical acts of our time. The mythos behind the music is equally amazing and entertaining. Unfortunately, this book demonstrates that artists aren't necessarily great across all mediums.This book reads at an elementary level, and contains quite a lot of extraneous background information that doesn't fit into the plot. Don't get me wrong: I purchased the book precisely to learn that background info [...]

    16. As a fan of the band and their mythology, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of the origins of Coheed and Cambria as well as the story that would set the stage for the main portion of their music. Unfortunately, the novel itself isn't the most well-written. In fact, there is not much of a distinction between the voices of various characters since they all end up speaking and narrating events in almost the entirely same way. Furthermore, each of the characters possess a tendency to speak in a long-wi [...]

    17. I'm frustrated because Claudio Sanchez is possibly the best songwriter of our generation, yet he cannot string a story together to save his life. Or, rather, he can, but it's all bits of string held together with ties made out of stereotypes and cliches. Every scene reads like something that could have come out of an Avengers comic from the '70s. No characters emerge here. There are in fact songs from YotBR I like LESS now that I know the prosaic story behind them. The comics left me pretty meh, [...]

    18. The author is the lead singer of a progressive rock outfit whose album of the same name is the fifth in a series of five about a galaxy far, far away. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for the band Coheed and Cambria and their overarching mythos. The band's five albums contain a story about a galaxy of planets all tied together, an evil being out to destroy it all, and one family's struggle to defeat him. I've gone to fan sites to hear explanations of the lyrics, and I've ascribed some of my own mean [...]

    19. I really wanted to love this because for the most part I love everything Claudio Sanchez puts his hands on, but this fell flat to me for a couple of different reasons.First, the formatting of the ebook (which was the only edition that I could find that didn't cost $500 (an exaggeration)). The formatting was strange and distracting which made it hard to get through.On top of that, the writing itself was justt very good. I didn't connect with it and sometimes the dialogue felt strange. Luckily, th [...]

    20. This book most likely will have little to no appeal to anyone not already a fan of the Amory Wars universe (the sci-fi universe in which most of the albums Claudio Sanchez has released with his band Coheed and Cambria take place). It isn't written particularly great - the prose is clunky at times and the authors try a bit too hard to include lyrics from some of Coheed's songs. resulting in awkward dialogue. However, as a huge fan of the band and its concept, I found this book immensely enjoyable [...]

    21. A wonderful beginning to the Amory Wars.Exceptionally well written, well thought out, and all throughout utterly exciting. Claudio Sanchez very well lays down the beginnings of the Amory Wars, whilst twisting several deeply resonating ideas throughout. Fans of his music, and otherwise, will very much so appreciate the multi faceted nature of his writings, and his ability to juxtapose moving moments of love and loss that will absolutely bring tears to your eyes, with powerful and intense scenes o [...]

    22. Amory Wars Prequel, the sci fi birth of Coheed and Cambria. To create novels then to perform them to you through music, is a really special way to create art. After finishing this, the album Year of the Black Rainbow has much more meaning with progression through songs named after chapters. Picked it up and couldn't put it down, now looking forward to the rest of the Armory Wars novels. With Leonard's love for Pearl he, "Welcomes This Pain Beating Down On Me" as he loves his "Pearl of the Stars" [...]

    23. The quality of writing here is up there with any of the Star Wars extended universe books, which are some of the best-written books, in any sci-fi story arc, that I've perused. I'm also a huge Coheed & Cambria fan, so this as tie-in and prequel to the epic journey in the stars, documented in verse, comic books and lyrics, stands brings the mythology full circle. I definitely think there's room for improvement. If you've read either Claudio's 'Kill Audio' (larf) 6-comic badassery or anything [...]

    24. Even if you're a fan of Coheed & Cambria, as I am, you probably don't feel like you have much of a grasp of the narrative for Sanchez's epic story. Sanchez, the C&C frontman pens this sci-fi tale with the help of Peter David. The book fleshes out a lot of the story for their last album, also titled, 'Year of the Black Rainbow', but also for many of the previous albums. It is an engaging and easy read. This isn't literary work at its finest, certainly, but it is fun. If you're not familia [...]

    25. I have been a huge Co and Ca fan since the beginning and it took me a while to find a copy of this book however. I finally have it and tore through it in a day. What a good book. Well written, fun to read, and a lot of character insight that the comics haven't given. I didn't know what to expect when I first heard about it and refused to read any spoilers until I got my hands on a copy. I am glad I did. This book exceeded all my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone, even if unfamiliar [...]

    26. I really liked this book. I wasn't sure what ti expect of it at first, not having read the graphic novels yet, but it was really well put together. The only problem I seem to have with it is that some of the story just doesn't seem to fit with the graphic novels. Maybe it's just me, but something seems a bit off. My boyfriend says the same though. It seems that Claudio lost the story line from graphic novel to novel. As a separate book though, it's awesome! I can't wait to find the time to re-re [...]

    27. Year of the Black Rainbow reads a bit graphic-novelly. The dialog is cheesy at times (though bear in mind that I read this right after the brilliantly written American Psycho) and I am still unclear as to some of the characters' motives for doing some things, but I can't say that I didn't have fun reading it. I am a huge Coheed and Cambria fan, which is probably one of the reasons why I enjoyed the story so much.

    28. I anticipated reading this book very much, and I was not let down when I finally had the chance to turn its pages. It is a novice release, and as such I kept my expectations at a moderate level. I enjoyed the story and, being an avid fan of the band Coheed and Cambria(from which this story originates), felt that this book held true to Claudio Sanchez's unique and intriguing method of presenting thoughts and portraying ideas. Overall, I'd say this book is a good read for anyone interested in the [...]

    29. My boyfriend is a huge, huge, HUGE Coheed and Cambria fan. The only reason I picked up this book is because he asked me to read it. I did it to oblige him and was pretty skeptical since this is not the type of book I would normally read. However, I was drawn in almost from the first page. I couldn't stop reading it; in fact, I took this book every where with me so that I could read whenever I had an extra 5 minutes. I guess I need to trust my boyfriend's recommendations from here on out. =)

    30. I'm not going to lie, the writing in this book isn't the best by any means, but lack of writing skill is most definitely made up by an amazing story line that keeps you gripped throughout. I seriously could not put this book down! Reading with the Year of The Black Rainbow album made the reading experience so much better. Claudio really has got such a wonderful imagination, not to mention a wonderful voice! A definite must read for any Coheed and Cambria fans.

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