Tapestry For Lady Laura Blake there is only one man in the world Alex the Earl of Cardiff Yet ever since he was wounded in battle Alex has locked himself away in his great stone castle at Heddon Hall Believ

  • Title: Tapestry
  • Author: Karen Ranney
  • ISBN: 9780821749029
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • For Lady Laura Blake, there is only one man in the world Alex, the Earl of Cardiff Yet ever since he was wounded in battle, Alex has locked himself away in his great stone castle at Heddon Hall Believing himself to be less than a man, he conceals his ravaged face behind a leather maskd hides his scarred soul beneath an icy aloofness.A mere child when he went off toFor Lady Laura Blake, there is only one man in the world Alex, the Earl of Cardiff Yet ever since he was wounded in battle, Alex has locked himself away in his great stone castle at Heddon Hall Believing himself to be less than a man, he conceals his ravaged face behind a leather maskd hides his scarred soul beneath an icy aloofness.A mere child when he went off to war, Laura has blossomed into a beautiful young woman Alex scarcely recognizes The compassion and desire he sees shining out of her eyes tempts him to ease his pain in her sweet, sensual embrace But as need flames into uncontrollable passion, an evil fate conspires against them both, weaving a web of treachery and betrayal that could bring heartbreak or happiness to those who dare to love.

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    One thought on “Tapestry”

    1. This is without question(and I'm not exaggerating) the most emotionally charged book I have EVER read. It even buries some of the greatest tear-jerkers ever"Cry No More", "To the Ends of the Earth", and "Perfect". If you are a reader who likes to "stay dry" please do not read this book. If you are a reader who enjoys three dimensional, deep, unforgettable characters and a good cryis is THE book for you. Here is the premise. Girl falls in love with boy at young age. Boy goes off to war and girl i [...]

    2. Lo cierto es que me ha decepcionado un poquitín. Me lo habían recomendado tanto!!!Quizás hace unos años la hubiera disfrutado más, pero ahora ya son tantos los que he leído con ese argumento que no me ha emocionado.Hay cosas que no me he creído, partes que se me han hecho eternas y, al final, creo que quedaba pendiente una conversación muy importante que la autora no aporta y que me parece primordial que se resolviera. Eso le ha bajado muchos puntos

    3. "You have given me faith, when my faith was broken. You have given me hope, and I have lived without it for so long. You have given me peace, and I have not known peace for a very long time." This started out as a very good beauty and beast twist in the first part of the story, only to get bogged down with endless sex in way too much detail, plus credulity stretching plot twists. >>>Real spoiler (view spoiler)[So, after all the hell the H went through with his injuries in battle (includ [...]

    4. A Beauty and the Beast story only that the beast was the iron man but his mask was leather. I have never liked Karen Ranney's books. Tapestry, as melodramatic as it is, is the only book from her that has gotten a rating of more than 2 stars from me . All others I have read from here were extremely boring. The book has 2 parts: the first part is about how the innocent Laura approached the injured recluse Alex. It was quite over the top but was readable. I at least did not mind Laura and Alex as c [...]

    5. Well.is is one of those books which I cannot completely express my opinions on, its just too good. Too good. It is one of those rare times, a once in a few months thing when you find a thoroughly written book which impacts you so much. Now how am I supposed to read something else?

    6. Teetering between a 3 and a 4 rating on this book. I found this book through an Discussion for Books that make you cry like a baby. It was a tough story that did have some emotional moments, but the deep love between Alex and Laura was so pure that it made me believe that their love will go on until the end of time. Lots of times I really like a book, feel good about the HEA, but forget about it very quickly. This ending was so fulfilling and the H&h were so deserving that it will just stic [...]

    7. Good Beauty and The Beast historical. However, this one was like reading two books about the same characters. Part 1 is a good book on its own and I wish the author ended it with a small epilogue. Part 2 is basically a sequel that provides more angst, drama and grief for the 2 main characters. Part 2 made me sad. Part 1 is a 4 star for me. Part 2 - 2-3 stars. There are some typos in the Kindle edition - other reviewers have mentioned them in detail.On a side note, I felt that Laura loved Alex mo [...]

    8. 3.5I first read this book several years back, and was blown away by it. It reminded me very much of a Judith McNaught book, in the wide-eyed innocence of the heroine and the jaded hero just waiting for the one who can "see" him as he really is. First published in 1995, it was Ranney's first published book.I love Laura's optimistic view, and once Alex lets down his defenses, he's just wonderful. I love them together. There was sort of an innocent, awakening type of love they shared.I hated that h [...]

    9. The story gets a full five stars but the Kindle version only gets 3* because the typos were sooo bad that it kept pulling me out of the story. For example it's was suppose to say " At day's end she would be married" instead it read " At clay's end ." there was also many times that there would be : instead of a letter.Laura (h) was lived next door to Alex (H) her whole life and has always know that he was hers. She spent her childhood chasing after him and when he went to war, she feared for his [...]

    10. This is an awesome book! My first book that I have read by Ms. Ranney. I have to say this is a near-perfect historical romance for me! It's a cross between Beauty and the Beast and the Phantom of the Opera! A must read for any romance fan of the dark and brooding hero who does not think he deserves happiness.

    11. DFI 32%No me gustó lo que leí hasta ahora. No me creo el amor que siente Laura por Alex. Y siento que la mala malísima será más mala aún. Según leo en las reseñas, es drama, tras drama, tras drama. Hasta aquí llegué.

    12. This book is TOO SAD-TOO TIRESOME-AND-TOO DEPRESSING for the likes of HR! Well, I have to give some credit for the first half of the book which was pretty good. But after that sigh!! Also this book has too many POVs which is kind of confusing.

    13. I think the story idea for Tapestry had great potential, however this is one of Ranney's earlier books - it was her first to be published but the second one she wrote - and it shows. In my opinion, she just wasn't as good a writer or storyteller as she has now become, because I have absolutely adored the more recent books of hers that I have readIN CHARACTERS, Alex and Laura:*SPOILER STARTS* The hero was heartbreakingly wonderful and the heroine's despair when she thinks Alex is dead and then mi [...]

    14. One of the best in romance. If you like emotional love stories with a tortured hero and a enchanting heroine, you will like this story. This book is so well written that it will melt your heart. I literally cried every 10 pages because it was written so beautifully. THIS truly is a "romance" novel, a romantic love story. Hero and heroine are both very likable and they will have you falling in love right along with them. They will make you smile with their antics, have you cheering for the them, [...]

    15. There is nothing really wrong with the book, it's all good but it just isn't that fun to read. Ranney tells you the story instead of letting you experience it.

    16. first 5* in a long time and for an oldie. Thanks Megan. A lot of tne traditional plot lines but done with so much emotion.

    17. Histórica regencia. El prota es un conde desfigurado por la guerra y aislado de la sociedad. La chica lo conocía de antes y siempre estuvo enamorada de él así que, como él no quiere recibir a ningún conocido, va a su casa de incógnito y vestida como criada para que la contraten y así poder llegar a él y conquistarlo. Hasta ahí todo bien, a pesar del drama de la desfiguración. Compré la seducción. Pero después, él se vuelve a ir a la guerra y empiezan a pasar cosas dramáticas, dep [...]

    18. I'm not sure why I bought this, I know it was one of my earliest Smashwords purchases and today I finally got around to reading this little gem. According to my ebook reader it's about 265 pages at my preferred fontsize of 14pt - and it uses these pages ably.The first nice thing is that this is one of the rarities, a Georgian romance, fairly well researched (I do not believe that Laura could have inherited Heddon Hall unencumbered at that time, with a house that is from the 12th century there wo [...]

    19. 5 stars for book 1 + 3 stars for book 2 = 4 stars totalSo I'm a reader who loves dialogue and character heavy stories so the fist part (or "book") of this story was fun and exciting with the banter and the in-your-face heroine. She's that heroine who fell in love with her older neighbor and went around saying she'll marry him someday as a child, but then her childhood crush turned into a woman's love as she got older. I had a little hard time with this in the beginning because I thought she woul [...]

    20. **Originally reviewed for Penwick Chronicles**Tapestry is a wonderful beauty and the beast themed book. Laura has loved Alex since she was a little girl and has been determined to marry him. Alex went off to war and came back different. When Alex’s injuries were described I was very surprised at how extensive they were compared to other Beauty and the Beast spin offs. The injuries to his face were severe enough to affect his eye sight. The first part of the book read like a fairy tale and I re [...]

    21. I admit being moved to tears several times throughout this book. Karen Ranney has a talent for transforming a simple romance into an endearing love story. I've read several romances that lay claim to a "scarred" hero but the extent of the scars may be nothing more than a limp or a single scar running along the side of the hero's face. I must admit that when I first read the full extent of Alex's scarring - I was shocked to the point of almost not reading the rest of the book. In my shallowness, [...]

    22. This is a really hard book for me to review because the book is sort of divided in two; the first half of the book is a really wonderful beauty and the beast story telling how the H/h fall in love. I loved this part of the book. Then it changed dramatically. I don't like tear jerkers, so if I had have known what this book was going to do, I would have either not read it or stopped reading after they get together half way through the book and called that the end book. I like my romances to be hap [...]

    23. Karen Ranney (the author) mentioned this book in one of her blogs. I liked what she had to say about the book and decided to pick up a copy. I am very glad that I did. It is the very dramatic love story of Lady Laura Blake and Alex, the Earl of Cardiff. Laura's parents were killed in an accident when she was very young and her uncles moved into her home to help raise her. She spent a lot of time with the neighbor, Alex. Laura was horribly upset when Alex went away to war. It was years before he [...]

    24. This has got to be the saddest romance I have ever read. EVER. I cried several times while reading this book. As an army wife I felt it probably more so than somebody else would. The hero is horribly scarred.I mean HORRIBLY. To the point that you might as well call him disfigured. But the heroine has loved him since she was a child. So just because he was disfigured did not mean she no longer loved him. And she wanted to prove it to him. I don't want to ruin the book for anybody so I won't go in [...]

    25. DNF!!! Rarely do I *not* finish a book, but I could not get back into this. The story is broken up into two parts, book 1 and book 2. Book 1 was great (4 stars)!! And wrapped up nicely with an HEA And then there was book 2. Started out slow and I set it aside to finish later. Looked up the basic plot of the second part and completely lost interest. The story felt mostly done by the end of book 1. If it was a novella with a closing chapter, I'd give it 5 stars. Oh well~

    26. I was not interested in reading “Tapestry” but after reading many of the reviews I did, which was a mistake. I did not like this book at all. I hated the fact that after they got together the hero went off on some dumb mission and she thought he was dead and she lost their baby. I like happier ending, this was just too sad for me.

    27. Perhaps if it's not categorized as a romance I'd have felt better(view spoiler)[felt cheated as half of the book has the two protagonists separated. This is more of a story about how the h grew up than a love story. (hide spoiler)]I don't really like it though I do love the author and this is supposedly her best book

    28. No Romance has ever made me cry more than Tapestry. The prose can take a little while to get used to, but I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

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