Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man Set in New York in the Depression this is the story of Jim Braddock who takes up boxing to make money to feed his family and eventually goes up against champ Max Baer notorious for having killed t

  • Title: Cinderella Man
  • Author: Marc Cerasini
  • ISBN: 9780060779580
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in New York in the Depression, this is the story of Jim Braddock, who takes up boxing to make money to feed his family, and eventually goes up against champ Max Baer, notorious for having killed two men in the ring.James J Braddock, born in New York City, was known locally for his thunderous right hand and successful amateur boxing career After turning professional,Set in New York in the Depression, this is the story of Jim Braddock, who takes up boxing to make money to feed his family, and eventually goes up against champ Max Baer, notorious for having killed two men in the ring.James J Braddock, born in New York City, was known locally for his thunderous right hand and successful amateur boxing career After turning professional, he defeated foe after foe, and his rapid rise from obscurity earnt him the nickname, the Cinderella Man He was given a shot at the world light heavyweight title against champion Tommy Loughran in 1929, but lost in a 15 round decision Following that defeat and the stock market crash of 1929, Jim Braddock struggled to win fights and provide for his young family.Eventually Jim s luck turned In 1934 he had upset wins against Corn Griffin and John Henry Lewis With these two wins, Braddock set himself up for another shot at the world title against heavyweight champion, Max Baer On 13 June 1935, as a 10 to 1 underdog, Jim took the world title from Max Baer in what was described as, the greatest fistic upset since the defeat of John L Sullivan by Jim Corbett Braddock would lose his heavyweight title two years later in an eight round KO to The Brown Bomber , Joe Louis Jim was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1964, the Hudson County Hall of Fame in 1991 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2001.

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    1. Ladies and gentlemen, Tonight we will watch a boxing match: James” Cinderella Man” Braddock Vs. The Game of Life Ya, bukan Max Baer lawan tertangkuh yang harus dihadapi Jim ketika ia menjadi juara dunia kelas berat, tetapi kehidupan itu sendiri adalah lawannya yang terberat, The toughest game is the game of life.Novel yang dibuat berdasarkan film dengan judul yang sama (Russel Crowe dan Renée Zellweger), dan film yang dibuat berdasarkan kisah nyata, tokoh Jim Braddock benar-benar ada Jim [...]

    2. Cinderella Man by Marc Cerasini is a book about the true life story of a boxer.The story is a interesting romance that deals with the true love and real life. It starts with the main character Jim Braddock, the boxer that lives in New Jersey in the late 1920s, when he and his family were having financial trouble because of the American crises. He made a lot of money at that time, but in 1929 he lost all his money and started to lose fights. Consequently, he lost all his glory and nobody else wou [...]

    3. I finished the book in a day or so. was a wonderful story along the lines of Seabiscuit. i fell in love with Depression-Era stories ever since i watched that movie. i respect that generation of men and women who'd endured hardship and saw the light at the end of the tunnel. i envy the nation's leadership, who'd played a pivotal role pulling the country together. tt's true american spirit. In many other countries, it would certainly have ended in riots and civil wars. this time, the story revolve [...]

    4. satu dasawarsa setelah kejayaan Jack dempsey, Braddock pun mengalami masa yang sulit dalam meniti karirnya di dunia tinju. ach sedih anyis ngebayangin mereka dari berkecukupan lalu satu persatu barang dijualin, jadi kuli panggul(yang nantinya justru ngelatih kekuatan tangan kirinya), tetapi dengan kekuatan cin*a Mae !! dia juara lagi !! yeaach kaya sinetron sih,juara kaya, kalah miskin, kekuatan cin*a, menang, happy ending.tapi karena ini dari kisah nyata dan tinju pula .jadinya keren !!

    5. You know those stories that aren't particularly written well but they hit you and hit you hard? That's what this novel is for me. The story is incredible and deeply inspiring.

    6. Baru pertama kali baca buku biografi semi novel tentang tokoh olahraga. Olahraga tinju pula. Awalnya ga tertarik tapi denger-denger filmnya bagus. Biasanya baca novel yang terbit novelnya dulu baru dibuat filmnya. Ini kebalikannya novelnya dibuat berdasarkan filmnya. Ceritanya sangat menyentuh apalagi waktu James Braddock mengalami masa Depresi di Amerika ketika karir tinjunya meredup, dari petinju profesional jadi kuli angkut di dok pelabuhan hanya untuk uang makan satu hari. Yang membuat novel [...]

    7. Before I even start writing the review, I just want to state ' Cindrella Man is the best f**king sports biography ever written!! Period.'More than a biography, it's like a fairytale and hence a tale it shall be known as.Cindrella man is the story of a proud family man who sees the zenith and the nadir in a niche of years due to the economy recession that hit America before the first world war. A proud boxer who had a habit of defeating the big names before he was forced to give up boxing to pay [...]

    8. Cinderella Man Published by Penguin ReadersLevel 4time 240minccess/dificulty/injured/boy/snow/broken/loseQ. Can you live together with your partner if you two don't have enough money to make it your life?A. Absolutely I can answer "Yes". In the story, hero and heroin couldnt pay the bill and manager cut their electricity off. it looks hard to live, but they or if you have much love to your partner, you can get over difficulty.Q. Are you a woman who support strongly your partner if anything happe [...]

    9. gw pengen nonton pelm ni.ngeeeeeeennnabiz baca bukunya n merasa ni cerita bagus banged.dahal bukunya berdasarkan film lhowihhhterlepas dari ada beberapa kalimat yang aneh dan panggilan untuk satu roang tapi kok jadi bermacam2 seakan2 banyak orangyah terlepas dari tu semua gw suka jalan cerita n karakter2nya yang kuatterutama tokoh utamanya yahwah cowok sejati benar2 digambarkan oleh James Braddockbukan hanya karena kekuatan fisik yang ia miliki sajatapi juga karena kecintaannya terhadap istri da [...]

    10. Hehe kenapa yah saya baca buku inirnya aja begitu.alnya saya tertarik dengan judulnya"cinderella man" ternyatadan ternyata perjuangan hidup seorang petinju yang berjuang dari bawah sehingga akhirnya disebut sebagai cinderella man oleh salah seorang wartawan ketika mencoba untuk bangkit dari keterpurukanDi sini dapat tambahan ilmu mengenai deskripsi tentang krisis di Amerika yang begitu parahnya pada tahun 1920-an (kalau tidak salah)ironis.mpai-sampai mengantri makanan panjangnya minta ampun.pser [...]

    11. I thought the movie was based off of the book. Turns out the movie was fictional and then this book was based off the movie. Needless to say I was disappointed. That being said, the story was still fairly decent, just not very well told. I already knew the basic outline of the story and though this would fill in the rest, but now I'm going to look elsewhere. Not sure I'd recommend this book to anyone. The real story is usually better than fiction anyway, so I'm always let down when authors feel [...]

    12. I wouldn't chosen this book except it was the only one on a hotel shelf that looked interesting and I needed something to read - but I really enjoyed it. It's a real life story about a boxer in the Depression and his journey as a fighter. Pretty well written book and interesting life story. And some of the scenes really come to life given our country's current economic situation. Ron Howard made this into a movie in 2005 starring Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger. Got good reviews from the criti [...]

    13. James Braddock story is inspirational I loved how people were into him. He was the hope to them. He wasn't just another boxer, he had the best boxer's story to tell. He was the father,the husband, the noble loyal patriotic person who fought in world war II. When he was fighting Max Baer, people were in church asking god to help himHave you ever known a guy who has been loved that much?

    14. Crisp and clear,very nice to be read, that was my first impression on this one from Marc Cerasini. The story is about a middle-class American man during Great Depression who really loves his family, struggling to have a living, then became boxing champion in a hard way. The story of CInderella Man was based on a true story. The book is as good as the movie. Both entertaining. No doubt, five stars!

    15. this book talks about the story of a man who start boxing to make money to feed his family. this story was during the depression in USA many years ago. he worked in a dock and at the same time began boxing. he passed really bad times working and boxing to find money for his family. one day he won a important fight against a good fighter and everybody began to know him. he kept fighting and won other fights and with that made enogh money for his family and became a good knowing boxer.

    16. Jim Braddock, mungkin bisa jadi adalah salah satu pahlawan moral di saat desersi ekonomi Amerika di tahun 1930-an, dengan sifat mau bekerja keras, bahkan dengan keadaan kurang memungkinkan, bisa menjadi polisi moral untuk anaknya, ditengah keterpurukan ekonomi, serta semangat di saat diremehkan, untuk bisa bertinju lagi, setelah didera runtunan kekalahan, hanya untuk menghidupi keluarganya.

    17. Libro que me sorprendió muy gratamente que va mucho más allá del simple hecho de dar puñetazos,trata sobre devolver con más fuerza los duros golpes que da la vida.Es una obra basada en hechos reales,de gran ambientación en el tiempo y el coraje de James J. Braddock en seguir adelante pese a las circunstancias.

    18. Ini true story bukan sih ?? *bingung*kejadiannya jaman amerika lagi susah banget, great depression.Braddock jadi petinju biar dapet duit buat keluarganya.Sempet sukses, trus kalah, trus berusaha biar bisa bangkit lagi, biarpun lawannya serem, tetep dijabanin

    19. I liked this book even though I'm not really a huge boxing fan. It's a good story about a time when men were men and knew what the meaning of taking care of their family was. This is a touching story about courage, duty, loyalty and love.

    20. It's an interesting book about the life of J.J Braddock, a box champion. You read how this man's life, family and reputation got destroyed by his fame & glory.You feel the blows, hits because it's so well-written.

    21. يصعب علي تقييم هذه الرواية لكونها رواية تعليمية تخص من يرغبون بتطوير قدرتهم على القراءة والفهم باللغة الإنجليزية .وقد كانت هذه الرواية هي المقرر الخلص بمادة القراءة لفصل اللغة الإنجليزية الخاص بي، وقرآئتي لها كانت إجبارًا لا خيارًا ولكن تبقى جيدة وبسيطة إلى حد ما.

    22. This is the touching book, which the story is about the struggle strong & tough guy named Braddock [real boxer!]. I agree to the author comments: It's true to be said that the toughest game is the game of life.

    23. The cover might give you the worng idea but this is a wonderful book so well told it does seem like the true story it is.

    24. the world should be proud of having James Jimmy Braddock.his life was so amazing and inspired many people included me.i used this novel for my thesis defenseank God for Braddock, you rock man!

    25. I love the movie. Senang sekali nemu buku ini di Indonesian Book Fair 2008 dengan harga hore!Akhirnya baru selesai dibaca akhir 2010

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