Scrawl: A Novel

Scrawl A Novel Tod Munn is a bully He s tough but times are even tougher The wimps have stopped coughing up their lunch money The administration is cracking down Then to make things worse Tod and his friends get b

  • Title: Scrawl: A Novel
  • Author: Mark Shulman
  • ISBN: 9781596434172
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tod Munn is a bully He s tough, but times are even tougher The wimps have stopped coughing up their lunch money The administration is cracking down Then to make things worse, Tod and his friends get busted doing something bad Something really bad Lucky Tod must spend his daily detention in a hot, empty room with Mrs Woodrow, a no nonsense guidance counselor HeTod Munn is a bully He s tough, but times are even tougher The wimps have stopped coughing up their lunch money The administration is cracking down Then to make things worse, Tod and his friends get busted doing something bad Something really bad Lucky Tod must spend his daily detention in a hot, empty room with Mrs Woodrow, a no nonsense guidance counselor He doesn t know why he s there, but she does Tod s punishment to scrawl his story in a beat up notebook He can be painfully funny and he can be brutally honest But can Mrs Woodrow help Tod stop playing the bad guy before he actually turns into one for real Read Tod s notebook for yourself Book Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 8 21 2012Pages 240Reading Level Age 12 and Up

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    One thought on “Scrawl: A Novel”

    1. I loved everything about this book. It had a unique perspective, an unusual protagonist, an interesting format and it was not the same 'message' that kids get beat over the head with in so many YA books. I would love to have a book club read this and hear how students react to the characters and the situations. I'd especially be interested to see how boys react to it. I am sure to order this book for any library I work in in the future.I listened to this on audio book and there were a few moment [...]

    2. Well, if you’re looking to get deep into the mind of a bully, this ain’t it. (Go check out Courtney Summers instead.) That’s because Tod Munn isn’t really a bully. Or if he is, he’s a rather benevolent one. He’s also on the honor roll, has perfect attendance, and is a pretty talented seamstress (seamster?). He’s well-read, a fantastic speller, and doesn’t use drugs or drink or even swear.And okay, yes, this book is written as a series of journal entries from Tod to his guidance c [...]

    3. Here's the thing about this book: I sort of didn't want to like it. It's about--and written in the voice of--a bully. And I can't abide a bully. So, I didn't want to sympathize with one. I certainly didn't want to like one. But you know, through the course of reading SCRAWL, I did both of those things. Something else happened too: I began to understand Tod. But Tod isn't your average ham-fisted, blockheaded bully either. He's intelligent, clever, and ridiculously funny. His drip-dry humor was ju [...]

    4. That was amazing! I loved it! I love those books that are a bit confusing and then they make PERFECT sense in the end.The characters were amazing. Honestly. I LOVED Tod (aka Pops), Doug (aka Bernie) and Mrs. Woodrow.I hated everyone else, but they were really good characters written into the book. Everyone else that treated Tod like crap. All those sucky people that set him up and treated him like a worthless sack of trash. Just ugh. It's frustrating.I also love the way this books was written Fr [...]

    5. I think that this book is an excellent perceived veiw of a school from a teen bully. He may be a bully, but all that he has said about his grades give me the impression that he means to be tough on the outside but he secretly even says that he studys hard to meet his goals to get good grades. He crumples his papers before he turns them in, plays stupid or coy in class( Tod Munn is in all reading honors classes)while still being top person in class. His teachers do everything they can underhanded [...]

    6. I actually feel kind of bad for giving this book 2 stars. Everyone else who's read this book seems to love it. I thought it was mediocre. It was interesting enough that I wanted to finish it, but not so fantastically amazing that I just couldn't put it down.Things I liked about this book:I liked the style in which this book is written. It's not formal writing. It's all a "journal" from a high school bully kid, so it's not written like a typical fiction novel. I also thought the narrator - the hi [...]

    7. Scrawl's protagonist is not a nice guy. In fact, high schooler Tod Munn is a barely tolerable guy. In between stealing lunch money, vandalizing school property, and irritating teachers, Tod finally pushes his luck and gets into major trouble.Instead of being expelled, Tod is sentenced to a few months of detention supervised by his guidance counselor. Mrs. Woodrow requires Tod to write in a journal, and what she discovers about Tod and his friends surprises everyoneWhat I liked about this book:In [...]

    8. It's tough to know where to start with this one the pitch-perfect, sharp-edged smart-kid-bad-kid voice? The creative and believable "detention notebook" format, complete with quick exchanges between the kid doing time and the teacher-warden? Loved all thatbut I think it's the heart of this book that really drew me in (author Mark Shulman might hate that I said thathe's one of those tough guys who probably eats books with "heart" for breakfast, but it's true.) The truth is that Tod, the main char [...]

    9. One word: AMAZING. The first thing I noticed was the voice in the book. The book is composed of Tod's "Detention Journal" entries - he has to write in this journal during detention for getting in trouble. It is evident that this author knows a thing or two about character development; the voice is so strong, you feel like you've known Tod for all your life. I wasn't planning on read this 200-something page book in one sitting becuase of only an hour of time to do it in, but it ended up that way. [...]

    10. An amazing novel that is a page turner you will never forget. In the novel Scrawl written by Mark Shulman it is a book that would be leaving you with so many questions. Tod is a person who you might think as a "thug" or a "troublemaker" but in reality he is a person worth being friends with. He may not be the most innocent person in the past but he is a person you could trust, a real friend. Tod, just figures out who is really there for him. I suggest this novel to readers who love the genre of [...]

    11. SCRAWL is a fabulous, riveting read. Tod is probably the most interesting bad boy I've ever met in YA fiction, and Mark Shulman is certainly one of the best new voices.

    12. My overall thoughts from the book were positive. I think that although the book did not end with Tod becoming a better person I believe that the book gave us the ending we did not want but the ending that we needed. People do not change easily and it takes a lot of work. Tod did not change because he did not want to change. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot force it to drink. This is exactly what happened in Scrawl. Ms. Woodrow tried her best to help Tod but at the end of the day it i [...]

    13. Here's the executive summary of this post: "Scrawl" reveals the inner life of a junior high school bully, a huge, violent, lower class, shambling boy named Tod Munn who is secretly brilliant but plays being an oaf to conceal his intelligence and retain his hidden-in-plain-sight status in the complex social economy of his school. We have so many books about the inner lives of girls or super-powered boys or just good-looking, well-intentioned kids who wind up in bad situations that it's refreshing [...]

    14. I didn't know what to think when I opened up this book. I've seen reviews that it's a great great book and I've seen some which say it lacks a plot, or that it's been done before. Now I've read Scrawl for myself. I am firmly of the belief that it IS a great, great book. To the readers who must have spies and explosions and palace intrigue: they're here in this book. They're just realistic.To the readers who say it's been done before: it's true. A boy makes the hero's journey from slacker loser t [...]

    15. I like how you are taken into this kid's world, and you see why he does some of the things he does. Funny at times, "bad guy" portrayed all wrong emerges as "poor good guy", with character growth. I will get flack for my next statement, but there are these incredibly glowing reviews from mostly women about this book. Does the average woman feel the need to rehab. the bad boy? Does this resonate with their being?The last book I finished before this one was Pearl Buck's The Good Earth. In my discu [...]

    16. This book is a stunning achievement. Without realizing it, I had been taken through the mind of a tough "lost boy" who, magically before my eyes, went from bad to misunderstood to understood to appreciated. This is the kind of balancing act I rarely see from any YA author; these writers tend to overplay their hands by presuming their readers can't handle nuance. And yet, Scrawl is just as important for adults to read as teens. Each of us thinks we know a child and has him or her figured out, and [...]

    17. Scrawl is not your typical bullying story. In fact, main character, Todd Munn, is the bully. This book is not focused on the victims. Rather it is an insight into what makes a bully into a bully. Todd's life is not so easy. He has a rough reputation to keep up, because if he doesn't, some other mean kid will rule him and everyone else. He steals lunch money, but not because that's what bullies do in all the cartoons. Todd plays stupid, because that's what everyone expects from a kid who lives in [...]

    18. This book wasn't horrible, I just didn't feel anything for the characters. I felt a little bad for Tod, but overall, he didn't really pull my heartstrings. The story line felt disjointed to me, and I was forgetting characters names left and right.There was also the fact that it was slow reading for me. I just couldn't lose myself in Tod's writing style. He would try to pull all these metaphors or similes and they just didn't work with me. Instead of creating a better image in my head, it just cr [...]

    19. Scrawl is a wonderful, intelligent, and funny book. I didn't expect anything from Scrawl when I picked it up. But the author had me from the first paragraph, when our "hero" Tod is busting another teenager's glasses, straight through to the ending, which was as enjoyable and surprising as any. The book is told in journal form. Tod is in big trouble. We don't know why, and he's sure not going to tell us. At first. But like good, patient teacher, his guidance counselor slowly but surely coaxes the [...]

    20. So the juvie delinquent is really a misunderstood braniac. Tod’s an interesting main character, but he still beats up classmates and takes their lunch money. He essentially lives off petty crimes, both in and out of school. Tod's teachers either shun him as a loser or bend rules in hopes of his redemption. Where are the ones working for a balance of responsibility and consequences? The counselor steps in, but she seems more of a dramatic ploy than sensible adult, especially given the timing of [...]

    21. Tod Munn is a bully. He picks on kids and seems tough. But after getting detention he has to write entries about his day in an old notebook. And though it seems strange, you start to sympathize and identify with him. He sleeps in a small freezing room and his mom works hard all day as a seamstress while he couldn't mean less to his stepfather. Todd opens up and you see his hidden bright, caring personality. This book is a great book that I would recommend to anyone to read. This book is unique, [...]

    22. What a great book. We hear from Tod, a bully bound for juvie, who is given one last chance to write an assigned number of pages in detention every day for one month. The premise may be a bit contrived, but the writing is clever, the characters are believable and the plot memorable. I enjoyed lines like "I carry the stick of a lost cause" and "I like reading. It is free travel." I found myself sympathizing with Tod, cringing at his rather accurate portrayal of the school system and nodding along [...]

    23. This was a such a great book! The voice of Tod is so real and raw, and I love the journaling format. It's one of the best bullying stories I've read so far, and is a demonstration of how redemption is possible when someone believes in you. I think the character is around fifteen/sixteen, but as it is a notebook format mostly addressed to a teacher who knows him, there aren't a lot of specifics about his age or appearance. (All we know is that he's a big kid) Highly recommended for middle school [...]

    24. I really wanted to like this book, but it just felt disjointed, cliche, and unrealistic at the same time. I was also annoyed that it didn't read like a journal, or not a realistic one anyway. It wasn't terrible, but definitely not one of my favorites!

    25. This book was good, i enjoyed it. It reminded me a little of Boot Camp and a little of Right Behind You. I loved reading about things that could really be possible in High School. Almost like getting in the bad kids mind, and realizing they arent as bad as they seem.

    26. I'm giving up.I think it's supposed to make me feel sorry for the bully, and I started to sort of, but I just couldn't get into his story.There's probably some deeper meaning here. I'm giving up on him, just like everyone else which is why he turned bully in the first place. Huh

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