الجزيرة تحت البحر

  • Title: الجزيرة تحت البحر
  • Author: Isabel Allende صالح علماني إيزابيل الليندي
  • ISBN: 9786000221072
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2005 28 .

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      156 Isabel Allende صالح علماني إيزابيل الليندي
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    1. في هذه الجزيرة المسحورة تحت البحرتتعانق أرواحٌ سمراءراقصين فيها إلى الأبد على دقات طبول لا مرئيةفهم يحملون الإيقاعات في أرواحهم~~**~~العالم يهتزالايقاع يولد في الجزيرة تحت البحريهز الأرضيخترقني كوميض برق ويمضي إلى السماءحاملًا أحزاني كي يمضغها بابا بوندي ويبتلعهاويخلقني ن [...]

    2. This is $1.99 kindle special again today- I still own this book - loved it - packed filled with drama I'm reading Isabel Allende's new book right now - "In The Mist of Winter", not released yet -- and it's TERRIFIC. your pennies for it! Or get your name on the waitlist at the library. Older tiny comment: I just bought this book yesterday. It looks fantastic! I LOVE Isabel Allende. I like her fiction and non-fiction books.I'm also so excitede will be speaking at a darling book store in Mt. View [...]

    3. Take the rich historical settings of Haiti and New Orleans. Toss in voodoo ceremonies, zombies, bloody slave uprisings, forbidden loves, pirates, spies, fortune-tellers, hurricanes, epidemics, and a pinch of scandal. Place all of this is Isabel Allende's gifted hands, and what's not to love? This book took some time and concentration to get through, but when I got to the end I found myself wanting more, more, more. I wanted to know what happens to Tete and Zacharie and Maurice and their families [...]

    4. يمكن اعتبار هذه الرواية التي كتبتها الروائية التشيلية إيزابيل الليندي بوحي من التاريخ الاستعماري لجزيرة هاييتي، إحدى أبلغ الشهادات ضد الممارسات الاستعمارية الوحشية إدانة وتأثيراً. ومن الدّال أن الليندي تنذر رواية كاملة وطويلة لصياغة هذه الشهادة وبلورتها في شكلٍ يكسبها ق [...]

    5. The flyleaf review on this book promised that it was written with all kinds of "native wit and brio." sic. Well, I fear this surfeit of wit and brio was somehow waylaid between press and the bookstand, because I'm halfway through, and now hoping I can find the grim stamina to just hang on and finish this book that somehow manages to feel damp and depressing, even in the cheeriest of chapters. Allende uses language beautifully. She paints vivid word portraits of places and times I've never been t [...]

    6. الحُرية مع الالَم اكرمَ للأنسان مَن العُبودية مع الَسَعادةوالذي يحَرمَ رجَلًا آخَر من حُريته هو سجَين الكراهيَة والتحيز َو ضِيق الأفُقفلا يحَق لبشر ان يَستعَبد غَيرهُ بَدافع الَتمِييز في الَلون او الديُن.فكلُنا سوَاااء خُلقَنَا مَن الترآب وله حتمَاً َسَنعوُد"إليزابيَل ا [...]

    7. An ambitious saga of personal lives and aspirations amid the violent transition of Haiti from a French colony founded on slavery into an independent republic at the turn of the 18th century. We are immersed in the story of the slave Zarité on a sugar plantation and how she learns to survive under its young aristocratic master Valmorain, who rapes her at 13 and fathers children by her. She eventually gains his respect and some independent agency as a caretaker of his white son. When the time of [...]

    8. Extraordinary book about race, slavery, Haiti and New Orleans, as well as what it means to be family, by blood, by fate and by choice. It begins in 18th century Haiti (prior to when it was called Haiti) and ends in New Orleans after the Louisiana Purchase. In the first part of the book, it chronicles the slave revolts that led to the creation of Haiti as the first independent black ("negro") nation. In the second part, it keeps Haiti in the background while following the main characters in New O [...]

    9. Thursday evening, May 6th, I had the good fortune to attend a talk and reading by the most famous living Latin American author. Isabel Allende read from her new novel Island Beneath the Sea at the Atlanta History Center to an auditorium full of fans. She was a delight!!It had been years since someone had read to me and I had quite forgotten what a pleasure that can be. Author Allende reading her new book in her wonderful Latin American accent made for one of the most pleasurable evenings out I h [...]

    10. رواية تُقرأ بتمعن و تلذذ مثل قطع الشكولاتة عندما تُترك لتذوب على اللسان. من أفضل ما كتبت ايزابيل، ملحمة من عيار بيت الأرواح. و مش لاقية وصف تاني أقوله عليها.

    11. Three & a half stars. Isabel Allende is a passionate, confident storyteller. To read her sweeping historical fiction is to surrender to high drama and romance. I first knew Allende as a writer of magical realism with works like Eva Luna and Of Love and Shadows, in which she intertwines contemporary political drama with strokes of the surreal and mystical. But her debut novel, The House of the Spirits, published in 1982 and the epics which followed, such as Daughter of Fortune, Portrait in Se [...]

    12. I thought I would never finish thiske a split personality friend, the first 250 pages were a drag and the last 250 were epic!This is a big feat, my friends, to have finished this book. I'm serious. Somebody throw me a party, because for a 500 page book (which is usually no big deal), this one felt like Moby Dick, minus the whale. It was that slow. I almost gave up on it, but kept returning to it because I had spent $10 on the e-book and it was recommended to me, so there's that. But hey, I have [...]

    13. 3.5 stars, rounded upIsland Beneath the Sea is an epic historical saga, following the lives of slave Tété and her master Valmorain. The story begins on the island of Saint Domingue (modern day Haiti) and follows the pair through a slave uprising and onwards to exile in New Orleans. Allende’s storytelling is wonderful and she really transports the reader to the geographical and historical setting. I enjoyed the first part of the book, set in Haiti, more than the second part set in New Orleans [...]

    14. الجزيرة تحت البحر الفاتنة التشيلية من جديد، اقرأ كتبها مفرقة وببطء، كأنني لا أريد لهذه الرحلة أن تنتهي، كما ظهر أثر التقدم على العمر وسنوات الكتابة على يوسا في روايته الأخيرة (حلم السلتي)، يظهر ذلك الآن على ايزابيل في روايتها هذه. لا ليست سيئة، الرواية أفضل من عشرات الروايات [...]

    15. الرواية جميلة نعم، ولكنها ليست مدهشة ربما الخطأ خطئي، لأنني أقرأ لـ إيزابيل الليندي بإخلاص منقطع النظير، وقد وجدت أن هذه الرواية لم تختلف عن كثير من سابقاتها، من حيث الأجواء والتفاصيل التي تحشو بها عالمها الروائي، والأدوات السردية التي وظفتها الكاتبة لصناعة هذا العالم إيز [...]

    16. عن بؤس العبودية عن القتال في سبيل الحرية وعن قصة تحرير هاييتي تتحدث هذه الرواية.أحد أفضل روايات ايزابيل اللندي التي قرأتها حتى الآن، تسرد ايزابيل فيها قصة أول جمهورية نشأت بعد أن ثار العبيد فيها وتتحدث عن معاناة العبيد وكيف كان الانسان يباع كسلعة بسبب اختلاف لون بشرته، الرو [...]

    17. خلال سنوات عمري الأربعين. كنت أنا زاريتيه سيديلا. محظوظة أكثر من عبدات أخريات. سأعيش طويلا وستكون شيخوختي سعيدة. لأن نجمي (طالعي) يشع حتي عندما تكون السماء غائمة. أعرف متعة أن أكون مع الرجل الذي اختاره قلبي عندما توقظ يداه الكبيرتان بشرتي.الموسيقي ريح تحمل معها السنين والذكري [...]

    18. This book contains two major themes. First, it is a historical novel describing the Haitian slave rebellion (1791–1804) and New Orleans' Creole society and culture of the same era. Second, the book provides a clever fictional plot that shows the ironic difficulties that can arise in a strictly racially segregated slave holding society where there's an in between mulatto class who are blood relatives to both black and whites, and everybody pretends the relationships don't exist.I enjoyed the st [...]

    19. .‎من الصعب كتابة انطباع عن الرواية، الفاتنة تكتب عن بؤس القرن الثامن عشر والتاسع عشر لجزيرة هايتي، بصدق قرأت عن هايتي تاريخيًا هلبا كُتب، لكن الكتاب هذا هو الأفضل من ناحية كُل شيء، من المؤسف أنه جماعة ‫"‬الرواية لاتبنى أو لاتُقدم ثقافة‫""‬ حاتفوت عليهم واجد حاجات ،صدقت الر [...]

    20. الجزيرة تحت البحر لإيزابيل الليندي هي الدليل والبرهان لإجادة المرأة للسرد الملحمي وحجة دامغة في وجه من ينفي الإبداع عن المرأة العمل ساحر إلى درجة العيش، التفاصيل تجعلك تذوق وتسمع وتشم وتحس وتشاهد، الذي يريد أن يعرف القدرة السرديةالإبداعية لدى إيزابيل الليندي فليقرأ هذا ال [...]

    21. When I read a novel, I hope that I will be presented with a compelling story peopled by characters with whom I can relate, be they kind, virtuous, noble, loving, selfish, hateful, or vindictive. In that respect, "Island Beneath the Sea" won me over completely.The story is centered around 3 families and spans the years 1770 to 1810. Toulouse Valmorain arrives on the island of Saint Domingue in 1770, as a man aged 20, to assume ownership and responsibility for a plantation his family has establish [...]

    22. I can't repeat it enough; this book is captivating. For me, it was truly plunging into a pool and arriving in 18th century Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) in just one page! Can you believe it? That's how good the writing was!This is the first book I read by Isabel Allende. In the beginning, I was intimidated, because I heard many people say that her writing is difficult to understand, but I have to disagree. This book is very easy to follow. Encouraged, I might just go to the library next week and bo [...]

    23. This novel follows the lives of two characters; Toulouse Valmorian, a French aristocrat who moves to Haiti in the late 1700s to run a plantation and Tete, a young slave he purchases to care for his new bride.Allende paints a compelling view of slavery in Haiti and shows how it corrupts the souls of the slaveowners and contrasts that with the dignity that many slaves retain despite the brutality inflicted upon them. Allende also focuses on the children who are born from the rape of slaves by thei [...]

    24. It's pretty unusual for me to give up on a book, but I'm setting this one aside. I don't exactly have a choice, since it's a library book that can't be renewed because other people are waiting for it. The three weeks I've had the book would have been more than enough time to finish it, though, if it had only captured my imagination. The characters are two dimensional at best, and Allende spends so much time on exposition that 80 pages into the book, almost nothing has happened. There have, howev [...]

    25. This book gave an in-depth look at what it meant to fight for your right to be a person and a woman during Haitian & American Slavery. If you love an epic drama or a book about characters with loose morals, look no further!You can watch my full review here: #WOCBC| Island Beneath the Sea

    26. First of all, I have to say I listened to the audiobook in Italian, read by an Italian actress who unfortunately did a terrible job. She read the whole thing with a tone of amused delight, which is the farthest she could possibly go from the horrific ugliness described in this book. So, please bear with me. It's not that I didn't like the story. It's the combination writer / reader that I really, really hated. As for the book itself, I am fascinated by the history of Haiti, but Allende's charact [...]

    27. I've loved Isabel Allende since college. According to the New York Times, they had to create a whole new genre of fiction for her, "magical feminism," because magical realism was all male. This book, however, does not have that magical quality that her earlier writing has. It reads more like a newspaper account of the life of a slave as she moves from pre-revolutionary Haiti through the revolution and on to New Orleans with her master after he loses his plantation on Haiti.It's important stuff t [...]

    28. لا بد أنه أحد كتب أوبرا المفضلة.ايزابيل هنا انتصرت للعبودية التي ستظل وصمة عار على جبين الانسان الأبيض تحديداً. الرواية تنطلق أحداثها في سان دومانغ أو تاهيتي أغنى مستعمرة في العالم حيث يعامل العبيد بأقسى ما يمكن للشر أن يصل و للشيطان أن يرضى. هناك السوط و هناك النار و هناك الح [...]

    29. What a beautiful story. It had the bad and the ugly, but was well tempered with hopes and dreams. There is a fair amount of violence in this book as it details the hardships of slave life. This highlighted the strengths in the characters without feeling like it was just trying to shock the reader. All of the characters were well drawn and they evolved during their journey. I enjoyed the character development the most. As beautiful a story this was, I had a hard time with all the historical inser [...]

    30. Es la historia de la esclava Zarité. Pudo ser muy bueno, pero no me gustó la forma de escribir de Allende en este libro.

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