Indulgence in Death

Indulgence in Death NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas must discover who s preying on those who cater to the rich and famous in the new novel by New York Times bestselling author J D Robb When a murder disrupts the Irish vaca

  • Title: Indulgence in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb
  • ISBN: 9780399156878
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas must discover who s preying on those who cater to the rich and famous in the new novel by 1 New York Times bestselling author J.D Robb.When a murder disrupts the Irish vacation she is taking with her husband, Roarke, Eve realizes that no place is safe not an Irish wood or the streets of the manic city she calls home But nothing prepares her fNYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas must discover who s preying on those who cater to the rich and famous in the new novel by 1 New York Times bestselling author J.D Robb.When a murder disrupts the Irish vacation she is taking with her husband, Roarke, Eve realizes that no place is safe not an Irish wood or the streets of the manic city she calls home But nothing prepares her for what she discovers upon her return to the cop shop in New York.A limo driver is shot through the neck with a crossbow Then a high priced escort is found stabbed through the heart with a bayonet Eve begins to fear she has come across that most dangerous of criminal a thrill killer, and one with a taste for the finer things in life and death.As time runs out on another innocent victim s life, Eve s investigation will take her into the rarified circle that her husband, Roarke, travels in and into the perverted heart of madness.

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    One thought on “Indulgence in Death”

    1. What can I say except that even at the 31st book, I still adore Roarke and Eve and love the In Death series!! It has been over a few years since I have picked up this series. When I had stopped it wasn't because it got boring, it was because at the time I had run out of books that were currently written. I decided then to take a break and let JD Robb develop a bunch more stories before I picked up again! Now I have about ten more to read to catch up again, and I am going to savor it. I love this [...]

    2. I mean, I've read 31 books in this series, and I won't stop. It's popcorn reading. This one was kind of exactly what you get lately in the series, a nice scene or two with Roarke (oh how I love you), and an ok mystery. Actually this mystery was kinda meh, because you knew for a LONG time who did it and there was no twist at all in the plot so it's like, "alright, that wasok". Kinda cartoony bad guys too. Peabody as always was funI dunno. I liked it, I think? I loved the first few chapters, I was [...]

    3. Took me a while to finish this one. Only reason being because I was on holidays (as Roarke would say) - some of you would say "on vacation"!Sorry, my review is mostly visual. I have just spent too much time with the book and want to move on. It was another great read! Still loving Eve and Roarke. Found a book shop in California that had a load of hardcovers of JD ROBB but, sadly, I had no room to bring them back with me. I am still on a quest to find NAKED IN DEATH in hardcover.There was a socia [...]

    4. I REALLY enjoyed this book! It's an awesome edition to the In Death series. It's the first one I've "read" (with my eyes). I "read" the entire series this summer by listening to the audiobooks. I can't wait to get my hands on the audio version of Indulgence! I pleasantly surprised that reading it in print did not make me enjoy it any less. I could actually hear Susan Ericksen and all her awesome voices in my head as I read. I know quite a few people have stated that they did not enjoy this insta [...]

    5. Let me say right off the bat that, if you're new to the In Death books, I strongly suggest you start with the first book in the series, Naked in Death, and read the series in order. Watching Lt. Eve Dallas and Roarke meet, fall in love and work to create a relationship while struggling to come to terms with their horrendous childhoods is one of the most rewarding aspects of this series. Readers who have shared their journey from the beginning will, I believe, enjoy the series much more than thos [...]

    6. What can I say that I haven’t said before? I LOVED IT? I’ve said this a bunch of times. ANOTHER FABULOUS EDITION? I’ve said this a bunch of times tooT ANOTHER SOLID READ? Nope, I’ve used this line a few timesOTHERE GREAT READ? This too has been used over and over. WILL I EVER TIRE OF THIS SERIES? I say and think this often.I will continue to sing praise to this series because it REALLY REALLY REALLY is amazing. I won’t say each story is PERFECT because they are not but in a way that is [...]

    7. ””Thanks, Lieutenant. Um, can we bring something?” (Trueheart)“Like what?” (Eve)“A dish?” (Trueheart)“We have dishes. We have lots of dishes.” (Eve) “We’ve got bigger fish to bake.” (Eve)“Fry. Fish to fry.” (Peabody)“Jesus, why would you care how metaphorically fish is cooked?” (Eve)Only Eve!!! LMAOOO As we all learned reading this series, the killers do not come only from the poor And here we have a truly disturbing mystery!!! Well done, Ms. Robb!

    8. I quite enjoyed this one. There was less gratuitous bitching between Roarke and Eve - perhaps they're learning to work together as a couple better, as most people do if they're going to make it in the long run. That's good to see depicted realistically, for a change.The plot itself was a bit of a puzzle, and has been adequately described in the book description. I honestly can't say much more without spoilers. One of the things I really enjoy about this series is that Eve is shown to be growing [...]

    9. When I started reading this series last year, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would read any series with 40 something books in it. Well I did it, and I am so proud. I've come to love these characters in this series. Eve has definitely grown to me from the person she was in Naked in Death. She has friends, a husband, family and just all the love in the world. She is not the broken woman she once was. In fact I don't ever believe she was broken, I'd like to think she was waiting on Roarke. [...]

    10. This book has everything I like in it. A murder while Eve and Roarke are on vacation in Ireland with Roarke's family and two despicable murderers playing a competition.Loved reading about Roarke's family and the gift that Eve gives him for their anniversary - Eve just knows what moves that man!The competition between two "privileged" characters is a great storyline and eventhough we find out fairly early who they are, it is still a good read and great detective work done by the Eve and company.S [...]

    11. Did I say that this series is addicting? Did I say that the characters are awesome? What else is there to say? In this one, we have crazy thrill killers who feels entitled to kill using unique weapons. They are arrogant, smug bastards who got what they deserved in the end. Another solid addition for me. 😃

    12. A subtitle for this book could be called Seduction in Death II: Electric Bugaloo.I admit I probably am grading this a bit harshly. But the entire time I was reading it, my overwhelming reaction was to keep thinking how similar it was in motive, perps and structure to the earlier book. One refrain just kept going over and over in my head -- "this feels lazy".And not just the re-tread in plot components but also the simple police work. Instead of true deduction and procedural follow through to com [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this one. I always enjoy a new book about Eve and Roarke and this one didn't let me down. It has an interesting - if particularly twisted - mystery and Eve faces it in her usual fashion.I've heard some people complain that they don't enjoy the interactions between Eve and Roarke as much now their marriage is settling down (they celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary in this book). I'm quite the opposite. Books are so often about people getting together and the drama and conflic [...]

    14. Re-read. So many great partsI'm always amazed at the nuances I pick up in re-reads that I may have missed, or not fully appreciated, the first time. I highlighted a lot of cute banter in this one. I also really loved the giving of the anniversary gift.cially Roarke's reaction to it.

    15. Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog:romancingthereaders.Due to how far behind I am on this series you'd never know that I used to read them right away. Then they went hardcover and I fell a little bit behind. Because of which of the challenges I used, you know that's not the only reason. I also couldn't get into this one. Six years later I finally finished it. I can't tell you over the years how many times I picked it up to read it and only got into the first chapter and then put it down aga [...]

    16. Indulgence in Death by J.D. RobbSeries: In Death, #31Suspense > futuristic > romance > mysteryNYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas is back to work from short holiday to Ireland where she encounted some unknows species and voices.She woke in the gray, shot straight up in bed."What was that? Did you hear that?" Naked, she leaped out of bed to grab the clutch piece she'd left on the little bedside table."There! There it is again! What language is that?"From the bed, Roarke shifted. "I believe it's [...]

    17. This was a really good one. Eve is after a pair of thrill killers who are committing Clue-like murders - you know, Col. Mustard in the library with the candlestick. The victims are all at the top of their fields; are in some sort of service profession; and are killed in significant locales with exotic weapons. The murderers are long-time friends and this is their latest "competition."Most of the gang are involved in this one. I really like how Eve has grown as a person and as a wife. I continue [...]

    18. Well, three and a half stars--one of her better books, so I rounded up. If you like J.D. Robb, you basically know what you are getting: a couple of murders; a love scene between Eve and Rourke; Eve and Rourke affirming their love for each other despite cruddy loveless upbringings; witty banter with Peabody; helpful advice/interactions with some of her close friends; sneering at Sommerfield and at least one cat appearance. In the later books, you also have some reflections on the meaning of frien [...]

    19. I struggled a lot with this review because while this book added to the personal story lines of a very tight group of characters, characters which I enjoy, the actual mystery was non-existence. Basically we had a space filler mini mystery (i.e. a few chapters in the beginning) followed by a non-mystery. Essentially we meet a couple of assholes and then spend the next couple of hundred pages verifying that fact until, as always, Eve triumphs over the arrogant bastards with a serving of hot humili [...]

    20. Short version: I really liked it. I know others are a bit tired of the series or think that there hasn't been much growth in Eve & Roarke's relationship for a while but that's not my experience. I like these characters and enjoy coming back to them. I enjoy watching the growth in the other characters, how Peabody is becoming a more confident detective. I'm hoping for a new love for Morris one of these days as he's still so sad about losing Amaryllis - the whole community that Robb created ju [...]

    21. 4.5 starsAnother amazing addition to a magnificent series. Everything about Indulgence In Death was perfection - the characters, the story, the writing. No one can intertwine established back stories with featured storylines as flawlessly as J.D./Nora can. These books always command my undivided attention because I never know when a secondary character or minor plot point in one book is going to be propelled to the forefront in the next. The possibilities are endless and I love it!!! The minor q [...]

    22. Once again an excellent In Death book.Eve takes Roarke to Ireland for an anniversary vacation with his family, and has some problems with nature - there is too much of it. But the cows suspicisously getting too close to the house and the sheep discussing war strategy near the stone ruins was hilarious.Loved the idea of Clue, the chef in the garden with the harpoon, the LC in the House of Horrors with the bayonet, the facilitator in the park with the bullwhip.Eve fairly quickly realizes what is g [...]

    23. 4.5 stars Another great Eve and Roarke story. As usual I was involved with the story from page 1 to the end. The killer was revealed around the middle and most of the story was working on getting the necessary evidence. However, it really didn't take too much away from the story. There were many moments of sweetness between Roarke and Eve that always causes my heart to melt. There weren't as many scenes where Eve was grossed out about Peabody and McNab which I always find vastly entertaining. Th [...]

    24. naja. Ich habe fast alle Eve Dallas' gelesen und hatte die letzte zwei Bände ausgesetzt weil mich genervt hat, dass jeder Band genau gleich ist. Jetzt hatt es mich wieder gepackt und ich habe mich aufgerafft. Aber leider wurde ich enttäuscht: einfach 1:1 das Gleiche wie in jedem Band. Ein bisschen Sex mit Roarke, ein bisschen selbst das Opfer spielen um die Gangster zu fassen, ein bisschen Gejammer wegen der schlimmen Kindheit, ein/zwei Mörder & eine Party die Eve ja eigentlich gar nicht [...]

    25. Another excellent addition to the series. Loved the beginning set in Ireland with Roarke's family. Great humour. More murders, this time Eve knows the murderers, she just has to prove it which of course she does with finesse. Loved her new wrist pieces - gifts from Roarke!

    26. As always, a great book from an amazing author!! There is no need for more words I loved it!!

    27. Indulgence in Death Indulgence in Death By J.D. RobbI have to say I’m thinking it’s gotten to the point where I like every other one of the In Death series. This is book 31 I believe and what can you say about a series that has this many entries into it? This one probably deserved two and a half stars. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t think it deserved three stars for many reasons and I need to talk about them so spoiler alert much more so than usual.For one, the beginning rubbed me the wro [...]

    28. I really really like this series.I've heard some people complain that they don't enjoy the interactions between Eve and Roarke as much now their marriage is settling down (they celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary in this book). I'm quite the opposite. Books are so often about people getting together and the drama and conflict involved in that (there's got to be drama and conflict for a story after all). I'm loving seeing the developing, calming relationship that is growing between two such t [...]

    29. First Sentence: The road was a killer, hardly wider than a decent stream of spit and snaking like a cobra between giant bushes loaded with strange flowers that resembled drops of blood.Even on her vacation in Ireland with husband Roarke, Lt. Eve Dallas of the New York Police and Security Department, which came into being after the urban wars, becomes involved in a murder case, but only as an adviser. The vacation is definitely over when she returns to the murder by crossbow of a driver for an el [...]

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