Making Waves

Making Waves When spunky Marguerite Westing discovers that her family will summer at Lake Manawa in she couldn t be thrilled It is the perfect way to escape her agonizingly boring suitor Roger Gordon It s a

  • Title: Making Waves
  • Author: Lorna Seilstad
  • ISBN: 9780800734459
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • When spunky Marguerite Westing discovers that her family will summer at Lake Manawa in 1895, she couldn t be thrilled It is the perfect way to escape her agonizingly boring suitor, Roger Gordon It s also where she stumbles upon two new loves sailing, and sailing instructor Trip Andrews But this summer of fun turns to turmoil as her father s gambling problems threaWhen spunky Marguerite Westing discovers that her family will summer at Lake Manawa in 1895, she couldn t be thrilled It is the perfect way to escape her agonizingly boring suitor, Roger Gordon It s also where she stumbles upon two new loves sailing, and sailing instructor Trip Andrews But this summer of fun turns to turmoil as her father s gambling problems threaten to ruin the family forever Will free spirited Marguerite marry Roger to save her father s name and fortune Or will she follow her heart even if it means abandoning the family she loves Author Lorna Seilstad s fresh and entertaining voice will whisk readers away to a breezy lakeside summer holiday Full of sharp wit and blossoming romance, Making Waves is the first book in the LAKE MANAWA SUMMERS series.

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    One thought on “Making Waves”

    1. Very late to review, but this was one of my favourite summer books! This book is all about Boats!Water!Camping!Sailing!Fun!Welcome to Lake Manawa! Marguerite Westing and her family are vacationing in Lake Manawa, and feisty, vivacious Marguerite sees this as an opportunity to escape her boring suitor and have some fun. After all, who'd want a man as boring as a doorknob, who always orders vanilla ice cream and doesn't even like swimming? Bleh. Marguerite is bored to tears and looking for some ex [...]

    2. I needed a lighthearted, funny, sweet read, and this lovely debut novel was the perfect fit. I enjoyed how the story was set during a true piece of history at Lake Manawa, too. I was happy to discover this author, because her style of writing reminded me, very much, of Jen Turano, which I love. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading romantic comedy type stories and to those who are looking for a Christian Fiction read that is more than just a "clean" read. This story had a wonde [...]

    3. I could go all year, and never read a book this good. The story center on Marguerite Westing and her family, as they spend the summer at beautiful Lake Manawa. I LOVED this book, and the characters were charming and intriguing while still being real and rich. Mrs. Seilstad made quit a splash with this first novel. Her writing style made this book co me to life with all the details about sailing and Lake Manawa. I felt as if I could feel the warm breeze running through my hair as I sat along with [...]

    4. I only picked up Making Waves because it was a Kindle freebie (still is) and I was in Washington DC for a week and the metro commute was too long to just sit.PlotThe words that come to mind when I think about this book are disorganized and incoherent. I don't think the author had a clearly defined plot to follow because everything is jumbled up and thrown in. There are no guidelines. It's almost as if she remembers incidents and people that she wanted to talk about earlier, but instead of going [...]

    5. Oh boy this book was a good read. I really enjoyed the characters Marguriete was such a spunky, funny, good natured gal. I love the story line and how it ended. Will definatley read the next ones in this series.

    6. This was a fun read with a charming, unique setting. Flawed yet feisty Marguerite was a heroine to cheer for, and Trip, the handsome sailing instructor was dreamy in the extreme. Great job, Lorna!

    7. I was so pleasantly surprised by this book!Enjoyed the setting - "glamping" on Lake Manawa in 1895! So well written and easy to visualize! Enjoyed the characters - strong, sneaky & spunky Marguerite loyal, arrogant & noble Trip pompous, obnoxious & cunning Roger supporting characters also very, very well done!This story was funny, witty, charming and had strong faith-filled moments. There was some action towards the end of the story I found surprising! It fit well with the storyli [...]

    8. What an absolutely wonderful book! With vivacious characters and a story line that draws the reader into the middle of the story world and a love that swept me away, there was not a thing that I did not totally fall in love with.Lighthearted, with a gripping story message, I laughed and frolicked with the characters, watching them grow and expand their horizons.Marguerite is a precocious young woman thirsty for adventure and she finds it by the bucket load, along with a fair amount of trouble! S [...]

    9. Making Waves is a transporting read. I felt like I was AT the lake with Marguerite. (Now I want a vacation.) ;) There is a sweet, yet exciting theme in this book with the characters and setting. Marguerite definitely makes waves wherever she goes, and I like that about her. Her stubbornness sometimes gets her into trouble, but by the end of the book she is managing that pretty well. The hint of danger to the book also intrigued me and I thought the end especially was fast-paced while not being s [...]

    10. In a fit of positive boredom, I browsed through all the Christian fiction ebooks my library had to offer, desperate for something fun. And just happened to stumble across Making Waves. Thank you, Lord, for inspiring Lorna Seilstad to write! For gifting her with a hearty imagination, hilarious sense of humor, and the writing chops to bring a story together.Making Waves is Lorna Seilstad's first novel, but you would never really guess it by the solidness of her storytelling. A majority of my issue [...]

    11. Marguerite Westing is looking forward to a summer at Lake Manawa, Iowa where all the fashionable people are gathering this summer in 1895. Her mother dreads the prospect of camping in tents but Marguerite welcomes the change for it means keeping her personal maid and friend Lilly and getting away from her persistent, boring suitor Roger Gordon. When Marguerite sets eyes on the lake, she falls in love with the water immediately. She also falls in the water and is rescued by sailor and boat maker [...]

    12. This is a really cute book, a perfect read for summer. I found Marguerite's character to be infectiously charming. She certainly has a zest of life that often gets her into trouble at times, but that is also one of her most admirable qualities.I found the first bit of the book to be a little slow; once the conflict came into the story, it picked up speed. The story is lighthearted for the most part, with a lot of humorous moments, but also delves into what it means to be truthful and the cost of [...]

    13. Mrs. Seilstad truly makes waves in her debut novel. She writes delicious humor and swoony romance - but still makes you think about honesty and obligations. Her research shines without blinding you. This is the first in the Lake Manawa Summers series, and I can't wait for the next two books.

    14. I absolutely adored Lorna Seilstad's When Love Calls, which I read last summer, but the next two books of hers that I've read haven't quite lived up to the first. I realise that this is her debut and that her writing will have improved with time, but it took me a while to really get into this book and care about the characters. As much as I enjoyed the historical details about camping at Lake Manawa and sailing, it took a while for the main conflict to emerge. The book started out feeling rather [...]

    15. Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad is a delightful historical romance in a unique setting. I enjoyed the sailing theme and the sexy sailing instructor, Trip, in particular. I found the details about the lake were just enough to make me feel the spray of water hitting my face and the heat of the sun warming my back. This author has a way with words that really pulled into the setting.The theme about truthfulness in the story was well done. I appreciated the way the author showed all levels of dishone [...]

    16. Marguerite Westing is thrilled when she discovers that her family will spend the summer of 1895 at Lake Manawa; it's the perfect way to escape her agonizingly boring suitor Roger Gordon. While she is there, she develops an interest in sailing, something considered very unladylike at the time, and an interest in a sailing instructor, Trip Andrews. Her summer of fun soon turns to turmoil when she discovers that her father has a gambling problem, and she may be forced to marry Roger to save her fat [...]

    17. As for a debut novel into the Christian Historical Romance genre Lorn definitely made splash and some waves of her own. Of course I could be biased with such a character with the name of Marguerite and a Mr. Andrews, as my name is Margaret and my maiden name Andrews. Yet perhaps again it was the picturesque setting where the waves lapping at the shoreside and the wind flapping in the sails could be heard as clear as day off the pages of the book. Or maybe it was the strawberries from the frothy [...]

    18. What a sweet debut novel! There's nothing like a good, clean, summer read and if you're like me, a girl who hates to see summer's end, you're always looking for books to keep the fun going! A lakeside campsite on Lake Manawa definitely has that summer vibe! I've read mountains of historical romances and I must say what makes this one so good is the setting. Most of the books that I've read set in the 1890s are set in the West or in the city but this one was set on a lake resort in Iowa. How cool [...]

    19. So glad I read this during the summer! Such a fun seasonal read. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series this summer.

    20. Star 1 - For making me laughStar 2 - For a cute settingStar 3 - For showing the lies can trip you up.- 1 star for shallow romance- 2 star for poorly executed faith message.

    21. I am delighted to add new author, Lorna Sielstad, to my favorites list!! What an unexpected treasure “Making Waves” turned out to be! Lorna combines romance and humor with just the right amount of depth and suspense to make this a fun-loving, never-get-bored, page-turner!Marguerite Westing is a headstrong, fearless, risk-taking beauty who turned out to be one of the most hilarious heroines I have ever had the pleasure of reading! She is always somewhere polite society says she shouldn’t be [...]

    22. ~*This Review contains spoilers*~This book was absolutely adorable… and one of my new favorites. Marguerite Westing was fun, feisty, and very determined. She really grew in the book. She was self-centered a bit at first, even lying in order to get what she wanted, but eventually as the book became more serious she realized what needed to be done, and that she wasn't doing it for herself but for her family.The romance of the book was sweet, light, and just plain adorable. I love how it progress [...]

    23. This book drew me in on the very first page when daring, adventurous socialite Marguerite Westing is being courted by the wealthy Roger Gordon (who her mother desperately wants her to marry). While on a date with him, she is afraid of dying of boredom and pens this epitaph in her head:Here lies Marguerite Westing.Only nineteen, but now she's resting.Strolling through the park with Roger Gordon, Once full of life, she died of boredom.She is saved from complete boredom when her dad announces they [...]

    24. It's the year 1895 and Marguerite Westing is courting someone who is or has to be the worst type of boyfriend in the world. Even as I was reading the book , I was like poor Marguerite as the guy Roger Gordon seems to only want to talk about himself and is so self-absorbed and when going out for Ice-cream , what type of guy orders plain Vanilla ice-cream with no addings. Whereas Marguerite was outgoing, outspoken and quite vivacious - the two did not seem ideally matched. When Marguerite's dad Ed [...]

    25. Title: MAKING WAVESAuthor: Lorna SeilstadPublisher: RevellSeptember 2010ISBN: 978-0-8007-3445-9Genre: Inspirational/historical romanceMarguerite Westing’s father has made the announcement that the lake is the place to see and be seen this summer. It is the hot spot for all the rich folk in the area. So the servants load up the tents, the beds, party clothes, and other miscellaneous items, and off they go. Unfortunately, the man Marguerite’s mother plans that Marguerite will marry also makes [...]

    26. By now, I’ve read quite a few Christian romance novels. Change the setting, the decade, the characters, but the plot line still seems pretty similar. So I admit that when I started this book, I was wondering if there would be anything different in this story that I haven’t already read elsewhere (even the choice between a rich boring man or an exciting but poor man is nothing new).I’m pleased to tell you that yes, there were some things in this book I didn’t expect. I won’t tell you wh [...]

    27. First reviewed here: overweight-bookshelf.Lorna Seilstad is a welcome addition to the world of Christian historical fiction. Making Waves has set the groundwork for a promising career in inspirational fiction. Her character development, spirited dialogue and dramatic elements are well cultivated and show promise for her future novels. Marguerite is a burgeoning feminist being pressured to fit the archetype of a proper lady even though her very nature rebels against it. Her loyalty and adoration [...]

    28. A simply charming story. I loved Marguerite, Trip and Mark. Roger was a complete and total cad. Marguerite's mother wasn't much better. Marguerite is a spunky, independent young woman with a mind of her own, and a devotion to her family. She wants to learn to sail, even though it's not an appropriate activity for young women. She wants to marry for love, even as she is pushed into the arms of a most unsuitable, boring and arrogant young man.With a delightful lake setting and endearing characters [...]

    29. I don't think I could ever do as good of a review as my friend Anne, but I'll give it a try. I loved this book so much! It's my #1 recommendation for a (historical) summer read, as it was so good! I loved the sailing, the friendship/romance developing through Marguerite and Trip, the sweet relationship between little brother and big sister, and the simple summer activities and fun. This book was a combination of light-hearted and deep with all the issues with her family. I felt sorry for her wit [...]

    30. What a wonderful novel! The characters were so loveable. Especially Marguerite and Trip of course. ;) There was a portion of this book that put my stomach into knots. The Marguerite-Roger-Trip tension was strongly felt, especially when Marguerite truly believes that the only way to save her family is by marrying Roger, a man she does not love and leaving Trip, the man she does love, behind. It was a beautiful story and I loved the author’s lesson of ‘the truth will set you free’. Marguerit [...]

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