Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon Following on from Monsoon the next generation of Courtneys are out to stake their claim in South Africa The journey they make takes them through the untouched wilderness of a beautiful land filled wit

  • Title: Blue Horizon
  • Author: Wilbur Smith
  • ISBN: 9780330376310
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following on from Monsoon the next generation of Courtneys are out to stake their claim in South Africa The journey they make takes them through the untouched wilderness of a beautiful land filled with warring tribes and dangerous animals.

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    One thought on “Blue Horizon”

    1. In the eleventh instalment of the Courtney series, Smith continues to lay the early foundation of the Courtney family in South Africa. This novel moves the story to the next generation of Courtney children, specifically the sons of Tom (Jim) and Dorian (Mansur). In the early portion of the novel, the reader learns of Jim's fascination with Louisa Leuven, who appears on a prison ship that docks close to the family settlement. Louisa's story is one of pain and severe abuse, which Smith recounts in [...]

    2. yuck. The back says it's filled with "bravado, greed, and romance". If romance is a man patting himself on the back and telling his "woman" what a wonderful man he is, then sure, I guess the write up is correct. I found it pathetic and impossible to read. Do not read.

    3. While I appreciate this is probably extremely well researched in historical terms, I found it hard to be impressed when having to slog through page upon page of cringe worthy dialogue being expressed by characters that were two dimensional, the writer seems to think he can make women interesting by depicting them giving their male companions a bit of lip in between getting themselves into trouble and running to check on the dinner, yawn. For all the detail that was so painstakingly researched, t [...]

    4. The third of the early Courtney family adventures. This book pretty much picks up where Monsoon left off without moving forward a generation. Anyone looking at picking up Wilbur Smith's Courtney saga really should start with Birds of Prey rather than the first Courtney book written, When The Lion Feeds. Gives a much better back story into the family history.

    5. Wilbur Smith is a talented author and I love his novels. This is one of many stories about the Courtney family who lived in South Africa. The tale takes place in the early 1800s. This one begins with a slave ship anchored in the harbor where it fled from a storm. Jim Courtney brings produce to the ship to sell where he sees a beautiful young woman whom he cannot forget. When he rescues her, he finds himself on the run and his family persecuted by the authorities. The rest of the book focuses on [...]

    6. In the fast paced world of the Courtney brothers life is never dull. Wilbur Smith once again exhibits his seamless ability to run multiple story lines in parallel, building suspense and without ever loosing one. A desire to find out what happens next continues to drive one deeper and deeper into the book until the point of no return. Before i knew it i was completely engrossed and there was just no putting the book down. Bringing a mix of historical happenings, action, battle, honour, strategy, [...]

    7. My favorite book all-time. The conclusion to the early Courtney series; excellent as a stand-alone book as well. Wonderful story of revenge, exploration and love. Epic and detailed a must read. I suggest reading the series starting with Monsoon, then Blue Horizon and lastly, Birds of Prey (works better as sort of a prequel).

    8. This is not the Wilbur Smith I know. Too long with too much detail. Won't put me off his next book but disappointed in this one.

    9. This is the first Courtney book I've read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite not reading the previous books it stood alone and I did not feel lost. It is a long book (over 600 pages) but this action based thriller with a bit of romance kept me engaged. Recommended to anyone who likes an entertaining yarn.

    10. All in all, this is a fun and somewhat pulp-y romantic adventure story. Really, it's more like a collection of several stories, which sometimes gives the reader a feeling that the author is trying to cover too much ground. In the end though, the various plot threads come together in a satisfying way.First of all, this book is #12 in a series, but the series covers multiple generations of the Courtney family over several hundred years. The only other book in the series that directly effects this [...]

    11. The story is set in the 1800 where the main characters are out to stake their claim in southern Africa. They are traveling along infamous roads which take them through the untouched wilderness, a beautiful land filled with warring tribes and wild animals. At the heart of the story is love, hatred, vengeance and greed.You will find captivating the infinite details of bloody attacks from enemy tribes and other pursuers all through the book. The elephant and hippopotamus hunts are so realistic you [...]

    12. Il seguito di Monsone, non strabiliante come quest'ultimo, ma imperdibile se si sono apprezzati Uccelli da preda e, appunto, Monsone.Purtroppo però comincia a diventare ripetitivo, i soliti cliché si sprecano, i nuovi personaggi non si fanno amare tanto quanto i vecchi. È un bel libro lo stesso, o forse a me è parso più bello di quanto non fosse perchè era un secolo che non leggevo Wilbur Smith.Insomma, c'è l'Africa, ci sono i paesaggi mozzafiato, c'è l'avventura, c'è l'orizzonte. Per m [...]

    13. audio book-people who are doing mindless stuff with their hands and can listen to trite events which somehow seem exciting and interesting with history thrown in.These WS books are guilty pleasure. I enjoy them a lot, especially when I am doing boring tasks anc can listen, but I am fully aware that they are not brilliant.

    14. Wilbur Smith is a fantastic writer. I've read all his books and each one felt like an adventure of my own. The settings are ambitious and detailed, the stories are powerfully engaging and the characters are the bloke you think you are after a few beers. Great stuff.

    15. 620 pages of pure pleasure. Wilbur Smith can stretch a yarn and drag every emotion you have along with it. He has a way of drawing you into a story and the time period matters not a whit. Another page-turner.

    16. Our modern day writers could learn a lot from Wilbur Smith.His books present an amazing story line that always comes with a total conclusion no gimmicks or open plots to make you buy his next book. I will buy his books for this reason.Blue Horizon has it all in classic Wilbur style. LOVE IT!

    17. Brilliant story, I read this as a stand alone book not having read any of the earlier editions of the Courtney family. The story lines all come together and you lose yourself in the lives of the family members. This is all told with the scenery and wild life of the era. I didn't like the hunting of the elephants etc but that was what happened in that era and you have to except that was all accepted at the time. A book that will appeal to both men and women alike with the daring do and with fight [...]

    18. A Classic Worth multiple reads! I find myself reading this book every few years, and it never fails to disappoint. Classic Wilbur Smith

    19. A lot of the story sounds familiar if you've read a lot of Wilbur Smith. I enjoyed it, but it lacked that special something.

    20. Twenty years have passed since Tom and Dorian Courtney escaped the clutches of their enemies and settled at the Cape of Good Hope. Each had married the woman he loved, who bore each of them a son. Tom and Sarah Courtney’s son Jim is a brash young man who irrevocably alters their destinies when he falls in love with a lovely young woman on a prison ship moored in the harbor. His plans to help her escape become a little more public than he intended when he has to rescue her from a sinking ship a [...]

    21. Over 700 pages about the wilderness of Africa. There are a lot of stories to follow. The first one we are introduced to is about Jim Courtney & Louisa. We learn about their backgrounds & family, life stories before they meet. Louisa is on a convict ship on the way to Batavia. Jim saves her from the life of hardship as a convict and ta daaamm.ey end up together.Tom & Sarah Courtney are Jim's parents. They abandon their home of 20 years and follow their only child through Africa. But t [...]

    22. Tom and Dorian Courtney are two brothers caught up in the wilderness of Africa in the 1800’s. They are charged with raising their families and running their trade empire. Everything gets turned upside down when Tom’s only son Jim rescues a young prisoner from a ship at harbor. Wilbur Smith chronicles Jim’s exploits through the infamous “Robber’s Road” which leads into the uncharted territories behind the blue horizon. Dorian Courtney thought he had put his old life behind him, but w [...]

    23. The first part of the book is good and entertaining, moving along at a nice pace as one group of characters chases another across Africa. The bad guys are all irredeemably bad and one-sided mustache twirlers, but once accepting this was the way it was going to be, it was easier to enjoy the adventure.The last part of the book lost me. It goes off on a tangent following what were minor characters for most of the book on a new plotline that seems like it should be its own book. This new plotline s [...]

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