Soy una MataGigantes

Soy una MataGigantes BARBARA TIENE MUY CLARA SU MISI N EN LA VIDA BUSCAR CAZAR Y MATAR GIGANTES Los compa eros de clase de Barbara Thorson creen que es un bicho raro por qu no es como las dem s chicas preocupadas por s

  • Title: Soy una MataGigantes
  • Author: Joe Kelly J.M. Ken Niimura
  • ISBN: 9788498476156
  • Page: 141
  • Format: None
  • BARBARA TIENE MUY CLARA SU MISI N EN LA VIDA BUSCAR, CAZAR Y MATAR GIGANTES Los compa eros de clase de Barbara Thorson creen que es un bicho raro, por qu no es como las dem s chicas, preocupadas por su pelo y las actrices de moda Pero Barbara es especial, mucho m s de lo que ellos creen Para empezar es la nica chica que lleva un martillo de guerra m gico en su bolsoBARBARA TIENE MUY CLARA SU MISI N EN LA VIDA BUSCAR, CAZAR Y MATAR GIGANTES Los compa eros de clase de Barbara Thorson creen que es un bicho raro, por qu no es como las dem s chicas, preocupadas por su pelo y las actrices de moda Pero Barbara es especial, mucho m s de lo que ellos creen Para empezar es la nica chica que lleva un martillo de guerra m gico en su bolso Coveleski, un arma para destruir a los gigantes que se acercan El famoso guionista Joe Kelly X Men, Action Comics y JLA se une a Ken Niimura JAPANESE IN MANGALAND para emocionarnos y sorprendernos con la historia de esta ni a de imaginaci n desbordante que no se rinde y se enfrenta a un aterrador gigante.

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      141 Joe Kelly J.M. Ken Niimura
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    1. This really grew on me. It had to. I started the book frustrated with Barbara, with her disconnect from the real world and total immersion in a fantasy world she's created, with her near inability to interact with the people around her. That's a bold thing that Kelly did, to start the reader off with an entirely outside perspective of Barbara, and only slowly reveal exactly what is going on inside her heart and mind, and what events in her life have caused her to react in this way. (view spoiler [...]

    2. 5.5 stars!Introduction: I have read so many Image Comics over time (Saga, Invincible, Chew) and I have been enjoying every one of them! Now, I had stumbled upon this unique little comic called “I Kill Giants” which is written by Joe Kelly along with artwork by JM Ken Niimura and it was seriously one of the most creative and intense comics I had ever read!What is this story about? Barbara Thorson was just your average fifth-grade student…alright maybe not so average student. Barbara’s big [...]

    3. It's good to pick a book with vaulted expectations, set the book down finished an hour and a half later, and have those expectations met. In I Kill Giants' earliest chapters, I was not at all sure this would be the case. The pace felt abrupt, the characterizations suffered some adjacency to verisimilitude, and the ground seemed well-worn and overly familiar as it hadn't been long since I had the pleasure of reading Nate Powell's Swallow Me Whole. Of course, by book's end, all that had been well- [...]

    4. SPOILERSBarbara is a pretty headstrong young high school girl who loves Dungeons and Dragons, dislikes school, isn't interested in friends or other people, and is obsessed with giants - more accurately, killing giants. But in our everyday world, is Barbara just a weird kid because we all know giants aren't real. Aren't theyThe most important thing potential readers to this book should understand that it's not a fantasy book (though it contains fantasy elements) and is set in our world, the "real [...]

    5. Content warnings:Abelist slursLesbian slursBullyingViolent responses/reactions to non-violent situationsBarbara is a character that I continuously had to remind myself to not judge too harshly. I figured there had to be an explanation. And there isI'm just not sure it's enough. She's not nice, she's abusive and mean, and there's nothing in these pages that excuses that behavior - though many people make excuses for her behavior. However, there are reasons for her actions, too. It doesn't make t [...]

    6. I got the same feeling with this book that I did with "A Monster Calls", it was good, but not great.It is the story of a girl named Barbara who thinks she fights giants, the giants being a metaphor for something else of course. Her big sister is taking care of her and her brother, but Barbara does not have the best relationship with them as of late. Something has happened that has distanced them. It is a very well drawn piece of work, all in black and white. It might have been much better with c [...]

    7. I kinda expected it to be something else and it was. A little disappointed, I just felt that nothing really happened and I could see the end a mile away.

    8. What an emotional roller coaster! And the first graphic novel to make me cry!I Kill Giants follows a segment of the life of Barbara Thorsen, arguably the greatest giant slayer of all time, in her quest to defend the world from giants—and maybe defend herself from some giants and ghouls of her own.Probably my favorite graphic novel, the story opens on the surface with a young, angsty girl trying to follow her passion of bringing down titans and giants. However, as the story progresses we find t [...]

    9. La stanza al piano di sopra "Tutto ciò che vive, muore. Proprio per questo devi trovare la gioia nel vivere, mentre il tempo è ancora tuo, e non aver paura della fine. Negare questo è come negare la vita. Temere questo è come temere la vita."Siamo assoluti protagonisti del nostro mondo e lo difenderemo sino alla fine; l'oscurità non entrerà mai, non esiste, non è mai esistita.Forse esiste, ma è abbastanza lontana: non è forse vero che in questo mondo vivremo per sempre?La porta in fondo [...]

    10. Originally posted @ THE NERDY SIDE OF A QUEEN“You are stronger than you think.”Simple words, yet so deep in giving a meaningful meaning.I don’t know how I stumble to read this graphic novel, but I remember when I saw my friend reading this, I became intrigued what is the story of it. I Kill Giants is the title and I became curious to find out what is the story all about. Until, I also saw the movie trailer, and I’m shocked that it will be adapted into a movie. That’s why I eagerly read [...]

    11. "A giant comes to a place and destroys everything on its path. It's not like a dumb hurricane or something. A giant is hate. It can't stand anything good, so smashing isn't enough. A giant comes to a place and takes everything from youd when it's done's like whatever made your life good was never there. That's why they have to die.""All things that live, die. This is why you must find joy in the living, while the time is yours, and not fear the end. To deny this is to deny life. To fear this is [...]

    12. Pretty awesome. I'm not usually a fan of manga-style or black and white artwork but this is great. (Although I do wish there was more black or, at best, a highlight color like red.) I Kill Giants is a surreal allegory (in the style of Joe the Barbarian) about Barbara Thorson, an angsty loner teen who deals with very bad things through fantasy. Or is it fantasy? This coming of age story is also about friendship, courage, bullies, allies, family, and the power of the imagination. Having been a qui [...]

    13. Barbara's a lonely girl, but she tries hard not to show it. Queen of the misfits, she loves fantasy books and D&D. And why shouldn't she? Her real life is no piece of cake. She's bored by school, has her own personal bully, and is coping with one very deep, dark secret. Though I wasn't overly crazy about the manga style artwork, this is a wonderful, touching story that should not be missed.

    14. Nothing really wrong with this one, I guess. And yet, I don’t know, somehow the story just did not feel all that original or convincing or memorable to me – go figure. Maybe my expectations were too high?

    15. Esta banda desenhada fez-me lembrar imenso ''O Sete minutos depois da meia noite'' do Patrick Ness. A premissa é um pouco semelhante mas ao mesmo tempo não tem nada a ver. Gostei mesmo muito.

    16. When we are adults we tend to remember our childhood and teenage years as the good old days, we keep sweet memories but no matter how happy we were (and I was a happy child indeed) it was never a piece of a cake. There were hard moments. Surviving school and high school sometimes could get rough. We had problems grown ups considered ridiculous, but they were massive for us. So much for a regular kid, but Barbara's life is somehow not very common: She lives with her sister and her brother. She ki [...]

    17. Released as a seven-issue, self-contained comic book series, about a teenage girl in the modern day who claims to kill giants. Difficult to expand much on that without spoilers. This book will upset you.Nothing about this is well-done on a technical level, but I still found it effective. The writing is okay, but there's very little payoff until the end. The art is not great and sometimes make it hard to tell what's going on.The creators have pre- and post-issue comic book conversations between e [...]

    18. I was excited about reading I Kill Giants–the title itself was enough to get my attention. And then I read the description and was even more intrigued. Barbara is a loner, an odd kid, who escapes into a fantasy world to avoid dealing with real life. As the fantasy world starts bleeding into reality, Barbara becomes more and more convinced that something big is coming and it’s her duty to stop it.Barbara is just enough of a smartass to make you feel sorry for her. A kid who backtalks like her [...]

    19. Whew. I put reading this book off because I knew it was going to wreck me. Reading it a second time, and in one go, was way more gut wrenching. That whole last chapter had me in straight-up tears. I knew the damn ending and I still cried. This book sets you up to have fun with some quirks but with a heavy, heavy cloud over head. How we get to the end is the most important part, and watching Barbara lose control, chapter after chapter, is the roughest part of the story. You know something bad loo [...]

    20. Graphic novel STUPENDA! Mi sono ritrovata in lacrime alla fine senza neanche accorgermene! Questa è la storia di Barbara, una bambina molto speciale che ha un solo, unico obiettivo: uccidere i giganti. Barbara sa tutto di loro, legge e si documenta più che può, prepara trappole e porta sempre con sé un’arma speciale da utilizzare in caso di bisogno. Ma la vita di Barbara non è come quella degli altri ragazzini. Barbara è vittima di atti di bullismo, tutti a scuola la considerano matta e [...]

    21. ***Indie 500 Buddy Read with the Shallow Readers! Indie Publisher this time: Image Comics***I'll admit: I was more than a little confused in the beginning.I was under the very false impression (because my mind really just made it up) that Barbara fought giants all the time because they were running rampant. I don't know why my brain went in that direction, but it did. So when she was the only one who believed in giants, I was baffled. But then things started making more sense. This isn't just a [...]

    22. I'm pretty sure the Booklist review says it better than I can, except to addGo on witch yo bad self Barbara Thorsondungeon master and giant slayer extraordinaire. From Booklist: Barbara Thorson, bullied and friendless, will not back down. She is smart, angry, won’t follow the rules, won’t let anyone close, and sees things no one else does. In short, she is a very disturbed girl, and the power of I Kill Giants is its ability to convey the reality of a frightened little girl’s pain along wit [...]

    23. Barbara acts out, cuts, fights, is defiant, and displays a range of behavior that would concern anyone. But there is a reason and her most outlandish affectation is her metaphoric way of dealing with personal tragedy and familial chaos. A well drawn story, both prose and art, that uses the contemporary concern of kids and bullying as an added element. That isn't the whole story and the rest elevates it a notch or two above the usual moralistic tale of childhood angst.Where this book doesn't quit [...]

    24. "Tutto ciò che vive, muore. È per questo che devi trovare la gioia nel vivere, mentre il tempo è ancora tuo, e non aver paura della fine. Negare questo è come negare la vita. Ma se lo accetti… puoi accettare questo? Sei più forte di quanto pensi.""Un gigante arriva in un posto e distrugge tutto quello che trova. Ancora peggio… non è come uno stupido uragano. Un gigante è odio. Non può sopportare niente di buono. Quindi distruggere non gli basta. Un gigante arriva in un posto e si pre [...]

    25. [March 19th, 2016] WHEN FACING YOUR GIANTS4.5 stars.For those that read A Monster Calls, this graphic novel harkens back to our heroine Barbara that struggles against her own demons and Giants. A coming-of-age story where in the end, have to accept the enviable despite rising to the challenge. In coming to terms with her fantasy realm and her own reality, Barbara has etched a place in my heart. Where imagination runs wild as an allegory of the world around her, Barbara eventually discovers what [...]

    26. ليست كل الوحوش تظهر لنا وليس كل الوحوش تتطلب أبطال خارقين كل ما تحتاجه أن تقنع نفسك بوجود الوحوش و أن تقتنع أنك تستطيع التغلب عليهم هذا ما كانت تحاول باربرا أن تفعله تتعلم كل شئ عن العمالقة لكي عندما تحين المواجهة تستطيع التغلب عليهم الكل يسخر من باربرا الكل يراها طفلة غبية ا [...]

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