Med Head: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle with My Brain

Med Head My Knock down Drag out Drugged up Battle with My Brain How it FEELS to have a body that won t stop moving to be really different from everyone else to be made fun of every day to be totally reckless to never relax to be shut out of everything to bre

  • Title: Med Head: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle with My Brain
  • Author: James Patterson Hal Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780316076173
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • How it FEELS to have a body that won t stop moving, to be really different from everyone else, to be made fun of every day, to be totally reckless, to never relax, to be shut out of everything, to break FREE and TAKE CONTROL.James Patterson s Against Medical Advice riveted adults with the page turning drama of one teenager s courage, sacrifice, and triumph in confronting aHow it FEELS to have a body that won t stop moving, to be really different from everyone else, to be made fun of every day, to be totally reckless, to never relax, to be shut out of everything, to break FREE and TAKE CONTROL.James Patterson s Against Medical Advice riveted adults with the page turning drama of one teenager s courage, sacrifice, and triumph in confronting an agonizing medical condition Now this deeply personal account of Cory Friedman s intense struggles with Tourette s Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as well as depression, anxiety, and alcohol addiction is available for teen readers.

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    One thought on “Med Head: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle with My Brain”

    1. A non-fiction book for teens by a boy who has both OCD and Tourette's. To be honest he sounds like an absolute nightmare. He has compulsions to hurt both others and himself. He also spits on people, etc. I quite disliked him, even though I know I was supposed to feel that it was 'not his fault'. Anyway, in the end he finds a solution of sorts: going off all drugs. He makes a trek through the wilderness, too. He had become an alcoholic. It seemed alcohol was the perfect medicine for him. A little [...]

    2. James Patterson and Hal Friedman's Med Head tells the story of Cory, a young man who unfortunately has to live with the effects of having Tourette Syndrome. The book follows his life, providing details from his younger years when he described Tourette as simply being a "nervous tic" to his adolescent years when he spent many sleepless nights wondering why he had no friends. Wanting nothing more than to be considered "normal" and escape the nightmare that this syndrome has caused his life to be, [...]

    3. I can't believe a real person went through this painThis book is is inspiring.I mean, I love its hope.But it's so sad, I mean I couldn't surviveone day, , compared to 12 years. This book carries sorrow, as well as hope,and I feel guilty that millions of people are living through this.I kinda know what it feels like to not be in control of my own body i have ADD and ADHD; and i felt as if this book was a second chance for me.This book changed me.

    4. While I can appreciate the reason behind writing the book from Cory's point of view and in his voice, he isn't listed as one of the writers. The father and James Patterson are the writers. In the interview section we see that Cory didn't even tell the story, the dad went off of notes and memories. This is fine but made me feel a little cheated. I wish I'd been given this info up front. We also find out in the interview section that the father also has TS. Why wasn't this in the story? Over all t [...]

    5. This was a really fast read. I loved how it was written using Cory's voice because it really made me sympathize even better. It did scare me that a syndrome rooted deeply in the brain can be this intense. I know not everyone has the same symptoms but it still makes me sad for all the people who has Tourette's.

    6. Med-Head is by far one of my favorite books I have read thus far. Med Head shows us Cory Friedman’s life as he suffers through a myriad of adversity all stemming from his Tourettes, OCD, anxiety and severe depression. In Cory’s adolescent years, he often wondered why he didn’t have friends. All he’d ever want is to be considered normal. He went through a multitude of doctors and tests and attempts to cure himself through an overwhelming array of prescribed medications, many of which aren [...]

    7. The main character in this book was Corey Feidmen. He finds out when he is in kindergarten that he has Tourette’s syndrome. His mother also takes a big roll, by helping him all the way to the cure. When Cory goes to school he has to find his way. He has tics that make him want to do crazy things or something just stupid. Hop 3 times, turn steering wheel 180 degrees on a car, etc. he goes through this so many times it is not funny. One time the school tries to help him by getting him an assist [...]

    8. This book is about a boy named Cory who talks about his life growing up with tourette's syndrome and about how it has had a huge affect on his life. Thanks to tourette's syndrome Cory has been made fun of daily because of all the crazy things he does thanks to tourette's syndrome and has to take a lot of medication day after day just to try and calm himself down. Even after Cory takes all of his medication it still doesn't help calm him down. Later in Cory's high school years he starts to fall b [...]

    9. Written by James Patterson, Med head, is an amazing true story about a young person growing with not the everyday problems. He experiences growing up with the rare neurological disorder of Tourette's Syndrome with OCD. because of this he gains an addiction to drugs and alcohol. When I read this book, I really connected with the main character because of his youth. James Patterson did a wonderful job of making the words on the page come alive. You can feel and understand the embarrassment , the j [...]

    10. This is a fantastic book! It is called Med Head by James Patterson. This is a true story about a boy named Cory we has turret syndrome, and his struggle through his life to try to be normal as much a possible. He was only a little kid when he started having turret syndrome, he was playing a video game when he had the urge to twitch his head to the side. They went to the doctor and he prescribed him Ritalin, this he first prescription of medicine that was thought to help him with his syndrome. He [...]

    11. I think that Med Head did an incredible job showing what it's like to deal with mental disorders. Having suffered from Bipolar/depression, severe anxiety disorder and many other mental and physical illnesses my entire life, I know what it's like not to have any control over your body or your mind. There were several parts of this book where it felt like I could have written them, or someone else had written them about my life. I think that everyone should read this book. If you suffer from menta [...]

    12. Ages 12+ Not quite a memoir (written in first person by the dude's dad & JPattz), this story of one boy's struggle with Tourette's, OCD, alcoholism and other challenges seems like it would be good. And it is. Kind of? Like, it's INTERESTING, but is it Burn Journals interesting? No. Because it's not written by the kid who it happened to, it's doesn't delve into the personal nitty gritty.Good for reluctant readers, but it's kind of Reader's Digest-y in its execution. Not that there's anything [...]

    13. This book was eye-opening and mind-opening. I am grateful for the opportunity to better understand a difficult life so different from mine. I would recommend this book to everyone. Gaining sympathy and understanding of people with different needs or challenges is important as a human, in m opinion. I just appreciate this book so much; Cory, his father, and James Patterson do a great job of telling the difficult and very personal tale and still end it with hope. What a strong family and individua [...]

    14. Insightful story, fast read, educational about Tourette's, OCD, pharmaceuticals and all. As a work of non-fiction, it's a poser. Dad wrote the book with James Patterson, but they used the voice of the son Corey as narrator. Hal Freidman claims he spent so much time with Corey that he can go ahead and write his kid's story, thoughts, memories, etc first person. How presumptuous. (No wonder Corey likes his dad so much. His dad wrote the book!) Shouldn't this book be classified as fiction?

    15. The book was good, but not my favorite, I just didnt like the fact that Cory didnt write the book, it seemed odd to me that the father wrote the book in first person, when he wasnt Cory. Just my opinion.

    16. I liked that the story was told from the son's perspective by the father/James Patterson. It seemed a bit superficial as far as specific details, which they glossed over with the statement toward the end that the meds made him less than an ideal source of information.

    17. James Patterson and Hal Friedman’s compelling novel about Corey Friedman’s struggle with Tourette's is an uplifting story of learning how to make the best of life even when it seems impossible. The first person narrative style of writing enables readers to sympathize and really get a clear vision of the pain Corey has felt his whole life. Its themes of hope, despair, and joy are clear throughout the book but not always at the same time. Readers who read Med Head walk away being grateful for [...]

    18. Corey Friedman begins having symptoms of Tourette Syndrome at age 6 while playing a video game. He goes through his entire life from start to finish. There are high periods in his life when his disorder didn't even seem there and other times where it was very real. Such as the time when he caused an accident, climbed as far up a tree as possible, and even almost caused a fire from a cigarette but that he had forgotten about because he was passed out drunk on the couch. Corey gained weight from a [...]

    19. I did finish it but had a hard time. The writing was super flat and it was more about what medicines he has taken than and events in his life like a timeline more than a story. I did put in the effort to finish it because of it being a true story. I did relate to it a bit as I have taken many of the medications Cory has and been throw the "guinea pig" process, although not nearly to the same extent. I recommend it to anyone who has similar issues or is interested in psychiatry/ psychology but no [...]

    20. OH MY GOD! What an inspiring story of determination! This is the non-fictional history of more than 13 YEARS of a boy's life who has OCD and Tourette's Syndrome. He lives through hell on earth as doctors try to help him. His parents and sister are his best support group. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK! It's quick, engaging, and brings to light the terrible life that children with psychological challenges face every day. My best book of 2017 already!

    21. I loved reading this book because not only was it a genuinely good read, it was also very interesting to learn more about Tourettes syndrome and get a first hand account of what it is like to live with it. This is one of the few James Patterson books I can say I personally enjoyed and is definitely one I recommend to young and old readers alike.

    22. I read this book while working with a student with Tourette’s. It really gives a Lens to what his life is like. It was good to read a story and gain accurate information on Tourette’s. I don’t know if I would have liked it as much if it wasn’t so applicable to my job.

    23. Easy read. Read it in a evening's. It is from a teens perspective, rendering it at times selfish and immature. But all in all, it is was inspiring to read what he overcame.

    24. I loved the way it was written it's just not my style of book but I'm glad I read it. It really made me think about what he went through and it's amazing he made it out and take control.

    25. Quick, engaging read from start to finish. If you have any love for special needs children, are intrigued by the psychology of brain disorders, or just want to read a story of triumph, I highly suggest this book!

    26. November 6th, 2014Med is very happy because he is going to his first day at a normal school, which shows the theme of "extreme happiness". Med is really happy to go to his first day at a normal school because he never went to a normal school before. For example, "Mom, I am so happy that it's my first day at my new school!" When Med got out of his house, the bus came to take Med at school. His mom is really happy for Med, then Med went on the bus and said to his mother, "I love you and thank you" [...]

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