Captain America: Reborn

Captain America Reborn Following the events of Captain America Steve Rogers closest friends and allies may have found a way to bring back the original Captain America Or is what they found something sinister The Red Sk

  • Title: Captain America: Reborn
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Bryan Hitch Jackson Butch Guice Luke Ross Rick Magyar Paul Mounts Justin Ponsor Joe Caramagna
  • ISBN: 9780785139980
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following the events of Captain America 600, Steve Rogers closest friends and allies may have found a way to bring back the original Captain America Or is what they found something sinister The Red Skull s greatest plan to destroy Captain America has been in motion and its completion is almost at hand Will Captain America be lost forever, or will he be Reborn CollFollowing the events of Captain America 600, Steve Rogers closest friends and allies may have found a way to bring back the original Captain America Or is what they found something sinister The Red Skull s greatest plan to destroy Captain America has been in motion and its completion is almost at hand Will Captain America be lost forever, or will he be Reborn Collecting Captain America Reborn 1 6

    Captain America Reborn Captain America Reborn is a six issue originally intended to be five issues monthly comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics between July and January The series was written by Ed Brubaker, illustrated by Bryan Hitch, and inked by Butch Guice.The series reveals the truth regarding the death of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers as told in the story arc The Captain America Reborn Ed In my opinion Ed Brubaker is one the best authors in recent years Of course everybody in the world knew that Captain America would reborn after an unfair dead. Captain America Road to Reborn Paperback Where were you when Captain America died It s one year since the death of Captain America And for the many friends and foes of Steve Rogers, this is the last step on the road to Reborn.For Sharon Carter, it is a journey for redemption. Captain America Captain America Steve Rogers is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.Created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in Captain America Comics cover dated March from Timely Comics, a predecessor of Marvel Comics.Captain America was designed as a patriotic supersoldier who often fought the Axis powers

    • [PDF] ï Unlimited ☆ Captain America: Reborn : by Ed Brubaker Bryan Hitch Jackson Butch Guice Luke Ross Rick Magyar Paul Mounts Justin Ponsor Joe Caramagna ñ
      173 Ed Brubaker Bryan Hitch Jackson Butch Guice Luke Ross Rick Magyar Paul Mounts Justin Ponsor Joe Caramagna
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ï Unlimited ☆ Captain America: Reborn : by Ed Brubaker Bryan Hitch Jackson Butch Guice Luke Ross Rick Magyar Paul Mounts Justin Ponsor Joe Caramagna ñ
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    One thought on “Captain America: Reborn”

    1. Listen: Captain America has come unstuck in time.The good Captain gets over a slight case of death in this collection. While I’ve done endless bitching in other comic reviews about stunt killing characters, Ed Brubaker made this one count with a great tale of Cap’s former sidekick James “Bucky” Barnes having to fill the role of Captain America after Steve Rogers was apparently gunned down. Despite James being an exciting new twist on the Captain America legend, apparently Marvel felt it [...]

    2. *2014 review*Alright. I just finished my re-read of this one, and I'll have to admit that maybe it's not quite the 5 star material that I originally thought it was.But.I'm letting my original rating stand, becausewell, because the story makes me happy.So there.I needed to read this one after Captain America: The Death of Captain America, Vol. 1: The Death of the Dream, because it's so damn depressing for me to think of a world without Steve Rogers. *Original review 2010*He's baaack! Yes! The ent [...]

    3. The original Captain America returns and none of us can totally say we're surprised since the comic book industry has been killing superheroes and then bringing them back for decades.The Red Skull, Doctor Doom and other Marvel supervillains are involved in a dastardly plan that is detailed a bit in spoilers for those who already read it or those who need to know now. That said, it's an interesting enough idea.How's the artwork? Explosive is the one word which comes to mind as the panels leap out [...]

    4. In the first issue of Reborn, Arnim Zola says, "Listen, Steve Rogers has come unstuck in time." If that doesn't instantly bring back happy memories of reading Slaughterhouse-Five, either because you haven't read it or because it's been too long since you have, do yourself a favor and take care of that now. It's a truly wonderful book, and the best part of Reborn is how Brubaker riffs on that idea of being unstuck in time. Watching the toll it takes on Steve, who can relive memories, including te [...]

    5. "Captain America: Reborn" is the culmination of Ed Brubaker's first five years on the title. It is truly epic in feel and execution, just like a summer blockbuster movie. The script is great and Bryan Hitch's art is simply amazing, reminiscent of his "Authority" and "Ultimates" days. As the title implies, Steve Rogers is brought back to life. While the destination was never in doubt (C'mon, show of hands: who among you *really* thought Steve Rogers would stay dead?), the journey itself is a roll [...]

    6. Brubaker is most definitely my favorite Cap writer. Helluva return for Cap here with some great art. After reading his Death of Captain America this is a must.

    7. I wanted to hate this book, but Brubaker and Hitch just wouldn't let me. Let me just be clear that Brubaker's story leading up to Cap's death is my favorite Cap story ever, and I wanted Steve Rogers to stay dead. Not from any lack of love for the character, but to keep the powerful emotional impact of his death. Steve Rogers himself was always more of a symbol of American ideals than a complex character, and Brubaker had been able to tell some good Captain America stories with Bucky wearing the [...]

    8. Well this was disappointing. Rather so-so story of how Steve Rogers comes back from the dead, and not very fulfilling either, but these types of stories never are. When major super-heroes die, we know they will come back from the dead, but it's always in some silly fashion and often involves time travel and pseudo science.Here, it's a rather drawn out affair, and once again we're plopped down in the middle of some weird Marvel Universe that I don't understand, but that's ok. It kinda sucks that [...]

    9. OkComic book rule. You kill a characterter you could bring him back. DC has done it with other characters and also with Batman at the end of their event, Final Crisis. And Marvel of course, has their own share of resurrections as well. In this case, its Steve Rogers or better known as Captain America. I missed out on the issue where they killed him but at least a little flashback is included here for those who missed it. :)Apparently he wasn't really dead and that his "death" was a ploy by the R [...]

    10. Listen: Steve Rogers has come unstuck in time.What I've learned reading Marvel comics is the same lesson Billy Pilgrim learns on the planet Trafalmadore, where the flying saucers come from, that when a person dies, he only appears to die. Unless he's Captain Marvel, but I digressMore a Kurt Vonnegut than a Captain America fan, I found much to enjoy here watching Steve Rogers' consciousness become unmoored in time, revisiting the confusing, cascading moments of his long life as a gaggle of mad sc [...]

    11. Okay 5 stars reflects nostalgia and the fact that I've been a Captain America fan since 1964.For me and I think (hope) for a lot of fans there's one Captain America, and that's Steve Rogers. Like Superman and the DC series that killed him and brought him back for his fans this was a very satisfying book in many ways for fans of Cap. With Cap wandering through his past and other things (which I will refrain from going into as even graphic novels can have spoiler) we get to look at Captain America [...]

    12. With a onion-skin thin plot and mired in the unfortunate continuity of the recent "DARK REIGN" status quo of the Marvel Comics universe, CAPTAIN AMERICA REBORN is Ed Brubaker's attempt to reinstate Steve Rogers back from the grave, and one would expect, back to wielding the familiar shield of Captain America. Brubaker has proven that Captain America, for so long sidelined by cliche and ham-fisted comic book scripting, can be vital and exciting. Even after his obviously short-lived death, Brubake [...]

    13. Another fast-paced, hold-tight-to-your-hat adventure! Cap is back mostly because it's the Marvel Universe, and the poor fellow is stuck in a hopping time loop of his life's tragedies until his friends bust him out. I enjoyed the Avengers teamwork in this one: there's lots of Bucky, Sharon, and Nat holding their own and kicking HYDRA butt. Again, the story and art (especially the art) are male power fantasy with a side of testosterone cocktail. Steve is more myth than man in Brubaker's work.On a [...]

    14. As expected, Captain America is brought back to life after his assassination at the end of Civil War. Steve Rogers couldn't really stay dead for long. He is brought back to life after reversing a "time loop" sort of process began by Red Skull and his minions. Rogers ends up living his life - both his past and variants of his future by moving in and out of one reality to next without preamble. It messes up with his head and he relives his worst days over and over again. He loses his friends again [...]

    15. So, Steve Rogers is back and alive! Ed Brubaker's done a great job with this story line, first having Cap killed and now bringing him back. And the two-minds-in-one-body angle that's been there before with the Red Skull adds an interesting aspect to the Cap's return. Great story overall. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is the artwork. It's way better than the creative overkill that was Road To Reborn with every two pages being done by someone else, but it still lacks what I got used [...]

    16. Having just finished Death of Captain America story arc, I wasn't sure I could jump to this without missing anything, but turns out, it was perfectly suited for such. While not quite as excellent as the Death arc, this was a good storyline, but it's just not quite as gripping. That's no knock on Brubaker's writing, which is great, and the art which is super, because this is still a solid good read. In many ways the late epilogue to the Death arc.

    17. SoI'm really glad that Steve is alive again (although he wasn't technically dead, just temporally lost or whatever), butmething about this just wasn't satisfying. I think that it might have been too intentionally retro/homage cheesy. Plus, with all the time-jumping and explanations of who each cape character was (admittedly necessary to prevent confusion if you didn't read every Civil War issue), it felt, at times, like one of those anime recap episodes that I hate.

    18. Some of the best traditional super hero storytelling. Ed Brubaker knows heart and soul of the characters and finds new ways for them to express the meaning of Captain America. If you read any Cap books prior to 1990, this has to resonate and make you want to cheer for the good guys. This tale is best read by those who have already enjoyed the death of Cap and the Winter Soldier story arc.

    19. Good story, great solid art, but after reading it, I couldn't help but feel what a useless character the Red Skull has become. The way he's used in the comics, like this one, he comes across as being like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget. Kind of an unworthy story for Captain America. But it gets the job done.

    20. Capitan America non è morto con i proiettili a bruciapelo sparati da Sharon Carter. Perché i proiettili erano molto particolari e il loro effetto è stato spostare Cap fuori dalla realtà temporale, perderlo nel flusso della sua vita passata. Ma Zola, Teschio Rosso, Destino e Norman Osborne vogliono riportare in dietro il corpo di Cap, destinato a diventare il miglior contenitore possibile per la mente del Teschio. Bucky, la vedova nera, Ronin, Visione, Hank Pym e Falcon cercano di evitare l'e [...]

    21. This series was a major disappointment, a way over complicated sci fi plot that was totally unecessaryI can hear the Marvel machinery saying to Brubaker"make this one really big really audaciouswe might use it in a forthcoming movie"d as a result we get a very contrived and disappointing and confusing result. Too bad because this story line up to this point was one of the best ever written for Cap. And another editorial comment. The series over the last year was interrupted with totally annoying [...]

    22. Me lembro quando li primeira vez em 2011 e pensei "mais uma história bacana do Capitão escrita pelo Brubaker". Logo em seguida li péssimas críticas na internet. Relendo, com as histórias do run mais frescas na minha cabeça, realmente este arco se destoa um pouco dos roteiros de Brubaker na série. Steve perdido pelo tempo, Chefão-Robô-Caveira-Vermelha-Gigante ao estilo Power Rangers. Mas sabe o quê? Eu me diverti. De novo.Brubaker deixa um pouco a espionagem de lado e coloca mais ficç [...]

    23. Sadly Brubaker does not stick the landing. What started as Cap being assassinated, ended with time bullets?? Or was it real bullets, cause he clearly had an autopsyey say so. Was the autopsy fake? What was the deal with his dead body dissapearing? What does trapping Cap in a time stream have to do with using his body for the Red Skull?Seriously this didn't make a lick of sense.

    24. Everything about this seemed familiar.And it turns out it was familiar because I read an omnibus containing this.Oh, well./book/show/8Seems like a perfectly good story although the wrap up is a little confusing.

    25. Some people can be a bit sniffy when it comes to comics, treating them as something children should read but grow out of.Such people have never met the Marvel universe when it's at the top of it's game.Books such as House Of M, Civil War and The Death Of Captain America (among others) are icons of modern popular culture, combining stunning artwork with emotionally-challenging story lines.To such tomes we can now add Captain America: Reborn.To the uninitiated, some background. The Civil War set h [...]

    26. Another fantastic instalment, though at this point I expect nothing less from Ed Brubaker, who constantly proves himself to be far and away the best interpreter of Captain America as both a hero and a person. This was a great way to wrap up the whole Death of Captain America arc, and I love all the hints at Steve's mounting exhaustion.

    27. OK, so better than I thought. Long ago, when this was releasing in issue form, friends who are more comics addicted than me was telling me how good it was, when I was being very skeptical about yet another superhero being killed for some hype building event, who would no doubt be brought back in short order. Then they told me how he died. "Time bullets," they said. And I sighed. And I said, "That's it, Marvel, I'm out." But now that I read this, & its after Brubaker has become one of my favo [...]

    28. Captain America: Reborn is set after the events of The Death of Captain America. Of course, as anyone could guess, Steve Rogers has returned from his supposed "death". Red Skull and his cohorts have developed this enormous scheme that involves the original Captain America. As it was revealed, Sharon Carter was part of the plan to bring him back. However, after she tampered with Red Skull's machine, Steve's mind is then forced to take a tour through his own past. There are many characters in the [...]

    29. Very interesting storyline, great drawings and some surprises along the way :-) Some Avengers and heroes in hidding realize that death of Cap America might not be that easy as it was presented to public and there is something lurking in the darkness. Of course they are right and after putting together the little pieces they find out that Cap's kept in between worlds where he relives all the past actions while Red Skull is trying with help of Dr Doom and Norman Osborn to get to his body to occupy [...]

    30. Sigo leyendo de a saltos la supuestamente mítica etapa de Brubaker en Capitán América. Y me sigue pareciendo lo mismo: entretenidas historias de superhéroes con toques de espionaje y de "política" por aquí y por allá. Comics bien hechos pero que están a años luz de la impactante Sleeper, y eso que el promedio de dibujantes del Capi es bastante mejor. En cuanto a la historia en sí, es sorprendentemente parecida a Batman RIP: Superhéroe es dado por muerto, reemplazado por su sidekick, r [...]

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