Apologize, Apologize!

Apologize Apologize APOLOGIZE APOLOGIZE takes us into the perversely charmed world of the Flanagans and their son Collie who has the questionable good fortune to be named after a breed of dog Coming of age on Martha s

  • Title: Apologize, Apologize!
  • Author: Elizabeth Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780446544320
  • Page: 138
  • Format: ebook
  • APOLOGIZE, APOLOGIZE takes us into the perversely charmed world of the Flanagans and their son, Collie who has the questionable good fortune to be named after a breed of dog Coming of age on Martha s Vineyard, he struggles to find his place within his wildly wealthy, hyper articulate, resolutely crazy Irish Catholic family a philandering father, incorrigible brother,APOLOGIZE, APOLOGIZE takes us into the perversely charmed world of the Flanagans and their son, Collie who has the questionable good fortune to be named after a breed of dog Coming of age on Martha s Vineyard, he struggles to find his place within his wildly wealthy, hyper articulate, resolutely crazy Irish Catholic family a philandering father, incorrigible brother, pigeon racing uncle, radical activist mother, and domineering media mogul grandfather accused of being a murderer by Collie s mother It is a world where chaos is exhilaratingly constant, where money is of no object And yet it is a world where the things Collie wants understanding, stability, a sense of belonging cannot be bought for any price Through his travails, we realize what it really means to grow up and also to grow into one s family finding to find ways to see them anew, to forgive them, and to be forgiven in turn In prose that is lively, humorous, and brilliant throughout, Elizabeth Kelly gives us the dysfunctional family novel to end all dysfunctional family novels, finding the comedy and pathos in her characters struggles, and showing beautifully how a family s love can be as trying as it is true.

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    One thought on “Apologize, Apologize!”

    1. Some books don't grab me right away, so I put them down. Some books irritate me, but I keep hoping that something will change, so I keep reading. The latter was definitely the case for Elizabeth Kelly's Apologize, Apologize! Borders is doing a big push for this book and since I'm always captivated by tales of family dysfunction, I figured I'd give it a shot. I disliked most of this book and nearly all of the characters, but I kept soldiering on, hoping something would change. This book focuses o [...]

    2. So, on a whim I picked this up off the featured reads shelf at my local library. You see, it had a lovely cover with a picture of an idyllic summer Martha's Vineyard scene--a wood-framed white house in the background, two young boys running down towards the beach, and a couple of cute dogs in the lead. "My name is Collie Flanagan. Ma chose the name Collie after re-discovering the books of Albert Payson Terhune, the guy who wrote Lad: A Dog.At Andover they called me Lassie. That was fun."It looke [...]

    3. Mildly amusing, somewhat rambling portrayal of a decidedly dysfunctional family. It's occasionally funny and it's occasionally poignant. Unfortunately, it's neither of these things consistently enough to compensate for a thin, rather aimless plot.

    4. Before I launch into my review, I would like to reiterate that I did like this book, quite a bit actually - and yet I am still going to have a mini-rant.My biggest complaint about Apologize, Apologize! has nothing to do with the author or the writing - it has everything to do with the publisher. The cover of this has several quotes (5 to be exact) that use words like "lovable", "hilarious", "deliciously witty", "funny", and "hilarious" (again). These quotes plus the blurb on the back (revealed i [...]

    5. This novel reads like a memoir, which is not a compliment. For the first 130 pages or so, it can be summed up as: “My name is Collie. I have a crazy mother, an alcoholic father, an impulsive younger brother, a controlling grandfather, an odd live-in uncle, and scads of money. I’m the normal one and I just wish things were normal, but everyone around me thinks I’m a spoilsport.” This is told to us through a series of quasi-humorous family anecdotes where the family members’ dialogue and [...]

    6. Horrible book. Don't waste your time on this read. I picked up this book on vacation at Border's in Las Vegas because it was a New York Time's bestseller. Some of the characters in the book (Uncle Tom and Collie's father) were fun, but the storyline of the book was very unorganized and "all over the place." It seemed like Elizabeth Kelly had about 14 different story ideas, and instead of fleshing out each idea for individual books, she decided just to put them all in the same book. It was also c [...]

    7. In the interest of full disclosure, I suppose I should start by saying that I rounded up from a 2.5 (come on, GR, give us half stars, already!). Apologize, Apologize starts out strong and then peters out into a frustrating, frankly awful mess at the end. This story of Collie Flanagan, his brother, Bing, and their bizarre family starts out as a funny, if uncomfortable (poor Collie is no one's favorite) story of being the "normal" one in a sea of dysfunction. About halfway through, it is just unco [...]

    8. It's a very good read. My only criticism is that there's one tragedy too many. I've been somewhat of a funk lately when it comes to novels. As my reviews show, even when I try a novel by a writer whom I've always more than liked, I have been disappointed.How I happened on this one is interesting. You can now download e-books from public libraries--unless you own a Kindle. Every other e-reader I know of allows this. In any event, I finally decided to try borrowing e-books. Not surprisingly, the p [...]

    9. APOLOGIZE, APOLOGIZE! – A Novel about the Family that Puts the Personality in Disorder by Elizabeth Kelly, begins in the familiar territory of the dysfunctional family – in this case, The Flanagans. The baroque hyperbole never crosses the line into “cringe” territory. The reader is beguiled into a sense of comfortable amusement, savoring each outlandish character, but wondering where this will all lead.Kelly does an excellent job of defining each character through the dialogue we overhea [...]

    10. For most of this book I wondered how Collie could’ve had a worse life given his emotionally cruel and addiction addled family members. Then the author sent him to El Salvador in the ‘80’s. Cheap shot for Collie. He was a whipping boy for this story. I didn’t like this story or the awful family Collie had, and I don’t for a moment believe that a real life person growing up within that atmosphere would have the wherewithal to find happiness anywhere in the world without some serious psyc [...]

    11. La sorte di Bingo, simpatico scavezzacollo che si ispira a Sant'Agostino "Signore, fammi diventare adulto, però aspetta ancora un momento", spezza in due il libro e la vita del fratello maggiore Collie, che ci racconta questa storia.I due vivono, insieme agli inconcludenti e molto eccentrici genitori e ad un altrettanto bizzarro zio, in una bella villa sull'oceano a Martha's Vineyard, nel New England. Su tutti loro incombe la figura del nonno, distante e ricchissimo magnate dei media. Bingo vie [...]

    12. Great title, but I didn't feel like the author really made her point. the book read like a bunch of different book ideas all thrown together. The first half of the book is about a boy named Collie Flanagan, whose family is over-the-top dysfunctional. At first, I rolled my eyes a lot, but then I decided to just embrace their eccentricity and enjoy the ride.(book idea #1) Fine. But then about halfway through the book, something actually happens and this changes the whole tenor of the story. (book [...]

    13. While I'm generally tired of the "messed up family genre" that dominates contemporary fiction (and non-fiction), I REALLY enjoyed this book. This novel gives you an idea of what life might be like if you were the only person in your family with an iota of healthy shame. The main characters (the protagonist excepted) are absurdly flawed and hysterically funny. Much of the dialogue is riotous. The story doesn't hang together that well, and I wondered at times what the purpose was. But it was reall [...]

    14. Finalmente riesco a ricordarmi il motivo per cui un libro è finito tra le mie mani: di Chiedi scusa! Chiedi scusa! avevo letto una recensione qui. La recensione non è smaccatamente positiva però io sono sempre affascinata dai romanzi che parlano di famiglie, specialmente se le famiglie sono simpaticamente eccentriche. La famiglia Flanagan, tuttavia, non si può proprio definire 'simpaticamente eccentrica', piuttosto 'angosciosamente fuori di testa' si avvicina di più a una definizione corret [...]

    15. If you want to know what happens when a thoughtful, sensible child is born into a flamboyantly dysfunctional family, read this book. Collie (named after a dog) Flanagan and his brother Bingo (named after another dog) grow up in a world ruled by the insane biases or drunken whims of the way-over-the-top adults who surround them. Bingo responds by joining the fray, getting himself kicked out of nearly every private school in the country, but Collie tries to find some alternate model for living. Wh [...]

    16. Well, what a surprise! I dragged myself to the bookstore (as my library had not heard of this book) and purchased it for a bookclub meeting. With no enthusiasm at all, I started it and wondered "who is choosing the titles now for our club?" as I'd not made a meeting in months. Anyway, I fell in love with the book! It is funny, both "peculiar and haha", and, although I think the dysfunctional family thing is currently overworked in today's fiction, this one is quite different. It is not a plot-in [...]

    17. SurrealeTemo di non aver compreso fino in fondo questo libro. Seppur scritto molto bene, mi sembrava di essere in una gabbia di matti. Durante la lettura non capivo se mi trovavo di fronte ad un capolavoro o ad una bufala. C'è tutto in questo libro: genitori ubriachi, madri attiviste, ricchezza e povertà, odio, incoerenza, religione, rapporti familiari e incomunicabilità. Tutto solo accennato però e mai completamente sviluppato. In tutto questo marasma, mi sono però affezionata alla figura [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book, although dysfunctional family is what it is all about. After reading, it was the first time I actually read the "book club" questions and thought through my responses. I normally skim through without much thought. It is not an uplifting read, but insightful and makes one look at their own family dynamics. In addition, the plot is truly of the journey of the main character, Collie and his coming of age. Great book club book, will spark a lot of conversation.

    19. I did like this novel about an extremely dysfunctional family. There were so many tragedies I didn't know who to cry for. The occasional poignant and humorous verbiage kept me going to the end. But to what end? I'm still wondering, thus the 2.5 star rating. If you are looking for a frustrating downer of a book, then I'd recommend this one. All others steer clear.

    20. One of the best I have read this year. This should appeal to those who liked The Life of Pi. Great story filled with funny metaphors that moved me and words I had to look up. I loved the wackiness of the whole thing.

    21. The dust jacket says “A Novel that puts the personality in disorder,” this is the story of Collie Flanagan who lives in a world which is truly dysfunctional. He, his younger brother Bing, his beautiful Marxist mother, his drunken father and equally drunken uncle live in a beach house and have no responsibilities to anyone. They are financially secure as grandfather, a newspaper tycoon supports and provides for their needs. Father discourages any kind of work or attendance at school and Uncle [...]

    22. A sad, sad book full of chaotic moments. A very dysfunctional family with a rich grandfather who has no idea what teen age boys need The boys have and alcoholic father and a schizo mother.One biy is out of contral and the other is an over controlled frightened boy. Ban things happen, so if you are looking for a happy story, this is not the book for you.

    23. Mixed feelings about this one. A dysfunctional family encounters tremendous loss of a son. The eldest son then wanders through life experiencing survivor's guilt, uncertainty, and humiliation. I guess the overall theme is one of forgiveness and acceptance, but this was a so-so read for me.

    24. Superb writing style and good story, but one of my constant complaints that it did not have a satisfactory ending. It just sort of petered out and left me a bit flat.

    25. To catch the spirit of Elizabeth Kelly's first novel, you've got to scream the title in hysterical fury: "Apologize, Apologize!" The subject of all that chiding is long-suffering Collie Flanagan, the only sane member of a wealthy family of alcoholics, Marxists, playboys, media barons and pigeon racers. As described in Kelly's deliciously witty prose, these are people you can't imagine living with, but can't resist reading about.The author is a Canadian journalist with an acute sense of absurdity [...]

    26. Before picking up Apologize, Apologize I felt as though I may have reached my tolerance limit for books focusing on eccentric families and their foibles, but because Elizabeth Kelly is Canadian, and I had read some promising reviews, I decided to put a hold on it at the library. Six months later the book came in, and after waiting to read it for so long, anticipation had built up and I was excited to crack it open.Apologize, Apologize offers a wacky cast of characters, to be sure, the sanest of [...]

    27. Unfortunately I could not bring myself to finish this book, because I was so put off by all of the characters. The mother's hateful treatment of her son, the protagonist (in stark contrast to her favoritism of the other son) was just too jarring for me, and I wasn't getting any enjoyment out of reading it. I ended up skimming the second half, and found some stronger segments once the relationship between the brothers was explored more deeply.

    28. "You treacherous, disloyal, star-fucking sack of shit." In Apologize, Apologize! Elizabeth Kelly made me laugh out loud over and over again. Her characters are witty, belligerent, heartbreaking, and unique. The story is one-of-a-kind, both in its humor and its tragedy. The story is narrated by Collie Flanagan, the grandson of filthy rich Perregrine Lowell, aka the Falcon. Collie's family is a wild and tumultuous group, plagued by indifference, alcoholism, privilege, and noise. He grows up on the [...]

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