The Puzzle Ring

The Puzzle Ring Hannah Rose was not quite years old when she discovered her family was cursed The arrival of a mysterious letter changes Hannah s life forever One day she is an ordinary teenage girl The next day s

  • Title: The Puzzle Ring
  • Author: Kate Forsyth
  • ISBN: 9781407102849
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hannah Rose was not quite 13 years old when she discovered her family was cursed The arrival of a mysterious letter changes Hannah s life forever One day she is an ordinary teenage girl The next day she discovers she is heir to a castle in the Scottish highlands a castle that was cursed than four hundred and forty years ago.The curse has haunted her family forHannah Rose was not quite 13 years old when she discovered her family was cursed The arrival of a mysterious letter changes Hannah s life forever One day she is an ordinary teenage girl The next day she discovers she is heir to a castle in the Scottish highlands a castle that was cursed than four hundred and forty years ago.The curse has haunted her family for generations, culminating in the disappearance of Hannah s father the day after she was born A prophecy tells of a Red Rose who will save a Black Rose, solve the puzzle ring, and break the curse Red haired Hannah is determined to be the one.Yet, to break the curse, she must go back in time to the last tumultuous days of Mary, Queen of Scots a time when witches were burnt and queens were betrayed and the dark forces of wild magic still stalked the land

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    One thought on “The Puzzle Ring”

    1. It's no secret that I love Kate Forsyth's writing. I devour everything of hers, including her books for children. I read all the Chain of Charms books to my daughter when they were published a few years ago, and they remain some of my daughter's favourite stories.The Puzzle Ring (2009, Pan Macmillan) is another offering from Forsyth. And it's as ripping a children's yarn as you can find. My nearly 12 year old daughter and I both wanted to read this, so in the evenings we would snuggle up on the [...]

    2. This was a fantastic book! I was enchanted right from the cover (which is beautiful!) until the last page. Kate Forsyth is a fabulous writer and really knows how to weave a story. Magic, history and faerie lore all nicely woven together. It's a great stand-alone novel, though there's an opening that would allow for a second book if it should happen.I did not want to put this down - so I guess it's a good thing I woke up at 2AM and couldn't get back to sleep - I finished the book in one night!

    3. The Puzzle Ring is a fantastically imaginative fantasy novel that I'd recommend to readers between nine and twelve, as well as older readers who don't mind reading books with younger protagonists. I think if I were five or six years younger, this is the kind of book I'd've read over and over again - I'm giving it to my little sister to read, and I'm sure she'll love it.It's fantastically gripping, and has elements of action and historical fiction. There was a lot going on in The Puzzle Ring - ti [...]

    4. The Puzzle Ring is written in the vein of great traditional fantasies. In the information that came with the book, it was likened to the Chronicles of Narnia and I certainly think it has that daring magical adventure feel to it. Hannah is living in Australia with her mum Roz when a mysterious letter arrives addressed to the Countess of Wintersloe. Roz soon admits that back in Scotland Hannah would in fact have the title of Lady. Her father was a Lord but he disappeared the night after her birth. [...]

    5. I stumbled across Hannah Rose one fine day, when she was home early due to her meeting with the principal. Of course, I too was shocked on discovering the letter that she found in her letter box! Of course, I too was willing to go and visit this grandmother of hers, who was also the heir of the castle! Of course, I was excited! My first day with her, at her grandmother's place was quite horrible. Yes, Linnet was friendly, way too friendly I must say, and grandma was extra mysterious about the cu [...]

    6. I can't believe this book has been out there for so long, and I'd never even heard of it! It's a magical fantasy that travels through time, and is exactly the kind of story I love to lose myself in.I loved all the mythology and history included in Hannah's adventure, especially when it concerned Mary, Queen of Scots. To mix the Queen's life with Scottish faerie lore was just brilliant, and it made for an edge-of-your-seat read. I'm a fan of time travel anyway, though I had no idea it was part of [...]

    7. This is such a great book – if I had read it when I was younger it would have been one of those books I read over and over again. It just has everything – great characters and a strong mythology all combined with wonderful writing. What more do you need?I was gripped from the beginning. Hannah is a great character and I loved her attitude from the onset. Yes, I imagine she could be slightly annoying at times but she was plucky enough that I really believed she could break the curse. As soon [...]

    8. I did a course at the Sydney Writer's Centre recently with Kate Forsyth as the facilitator. I had to confess at the time I had not read any of her books. I picked the Puzzle Ring to start with as regrettably it was the only one of her books my local library stocked.I very much enjoyed this young adult fantasy about 13 yo Hannah, an Australian girl who receives a letter from her Scottish grandmother to come and visit her at her ancestral Scottish castle. When Hannah arrives, she learns that her f [...]

    9. My introduction to Kate Forsyth's wonderful children's fantasy writing - after which I gulped down 11 more of her books in row.The Puzzle Ring has elements of history, of magic, of mystery and a quest. The plot is tight and satisfying, and the writing is as magical as any of Kate's own inventive magical creatures or objects. Like most of her stories, the character, Hannah, learns much about her own courage, kindness and persistence, and makes surprising friends and allies in the least expected p [...]

    10. I Thought that the "Puzzle Ring" was great!I loved the mystery, the adventure and the setting.I enjoy stories that take the character into mysterious worlds so this was right up my alley! Kate Forsyth did a great job with the discription and the story was GREAT!I loved it!I would recomend it to anyone who enjoys a good story!

    11. This is probably the most read book on my shelf :D I never get bored of it! Great storyline! Great characters! Great setting (I LOVE Scotland!)

    12. I found this book in a free library box at the community garden - squee. I opened the cover to find an illustration of the witches wheel of the year and so I knew this was the book for me. It's a children's book but it's magik and I love to read them because life is harsh and stressful and these magikal little books are like portals to gentle spaces of wonder for the heart. I'm looking forward to reading more from Kate Forsyth.

    13. I'm a bit conflicted about this book. I've been wanting to read it for ages, and when I got an e-book reader, I finally had a chance to do so (the paperback edition is not easy to come by in North America, so I read this book as a PDF). At first, I thought it was going to be an interesting fantasy, full of fairy myths and legends and historical goodies. The book did have all of those things (especially in the author's note at the end) but it just didn't hold my interest, and I couldn't wait for [...]

    14. This was the last of my "just trying out the fantasy genre" books and I have to say it was really good. The others were okay and did get my interest but these aren't the most amazing books I've read or the most complex. It took me all of two seconds to work out where the first loop of the puzzle ring was hidden and the character had to be told by the person who hid it. Mind you she was 12 and I'm 21 but still.You can definitely tell this book is intended for a younger audience close to the ages [...]

    15. The Puzzle Ring is an exciting and engaging fantasy adventure that captures your imagination and takes you to places you’ll never believe you could go.Hannah is a girl who dreams of magic and adventure. And, boy, does she get it! Her love of all things fairies, secrets and mysteries is infectious and Hannah’s brightness, loyalty and determination make her my kind of girl. I’d like to swap her for my younger sister, actually! One of my favourite things about Hannah is her cleverness and abi [...]

    16. The Puzzle Ring by Kate Forsyth is one of the best books I've read so far, and one that I like to read over and over again. Set in modern and medieval Scotland, The Puzzle Ring tells the story of thirteen year old Hannah Rose who discovers that her grandmother is a countess and her entire family was cursed by a fairy princess four centuries ago. She and her mother, Roz, return to Scotland after a twelve year absence, and Hannah becomes entangled with breaking the curse and finding the pieces of [...]

    17. I have just re-read Kate Forsyth's book The Puzzle Ring for the second time. The one-liner on the front cover sums up the story well: A past full of secrets and a future full of magic. A strange letter from a relative in Scotland awakens thirteen-year-old Hannah Rose Brown to the fact that she knows nothing of her long-lost father's family. Therein lie the secrets and the promise of magic. Despite the fact that I already knew the plot and I was reading the book more to study the language, I was [...]

    18. The Puzzle Ring is a marvelous adventure that mixes Scottish lore and fairy tales with the modern day. The world of Scotland and the historical world equivalent are so well described that you really feel apart of what is taking place. The characters have their strengths and weaknesses and this is probably one of those rare books where you really see how much the characters do not simply meld into the new setting, but remain modern day teenagers in attitude even throughout their adventures. They [...]

    19. One of the best junior fantasy novels I have read in ages.Kate Forsyth has written a gripping fantasy novel full of history and Scottish myth , faery tale and folklore. Hannah’s quest to find her father and restore the puzzle ring involve her new Scottish friends as well as characters from the time of Mary, Queen of Scots and a mythical water-horse. The main characters are appealing and well developed and the faerie law and Scottish History are really well integrated. Forsyth paints vivid sens [...]

    20. This book cannot be explained in words to be honest. Facial expressions and hand gestures and body language maybe more so have a greater chance? But I don't think I've ever read a book involving fantasy that held me captivated by EVERY single word. It really doesn't come that often ya know that you find a book that doesn't let you down in the least bit. no no no no. Why is this book so perfect? Kate Forsyth is a magical writer and I have yet to experience the rest of her books which I am looking [...]

    21. Fascinating mix of fantasy and history. I enjoyed reading this book though at first the background about fairies and curse were a bit confusing. Half of the story was also spent describing the current situation which was a bit boring. I was also expecting alot of adventure when they travelled back in time but most of their journey was spent walking and complaining about the lack of food. Story only got interesting when they were looking for the puzzle rings and their very brief encounter with qu [...]

    22. Fantasy and sci-fi are not my favourite genre, but strangely enough, I've just read two books about time travel one after the other! This was the second I read. And it did hold my interest, but since it was aimed at younger readers, it didn't quite match 11.22.63 in terms of enjoyment. I did still enjoy it but I'm not sure whether I'd read any of Kate Forsyth's adult fantasy novels - I liked the time travel part, but wasn't so interested in the fairies etc.

    23. This book is very very very interesting it has great imagination and lovable characters, you never know whats around the corner!ter receiving a notification of 'a like' on this review from the phenomenon Kate Forsyth, I reviewed the (almost cringe worthy)note/review from when I was in primary school! It is an adventurous journey in which influenced me throughout my schooling to embrace history, in particular my favourite historical figure Mary Queen of Scots. I would not hesitate to pick up this [...]

    24. The Puzzle Ring is great read for 10-13 year olds who love fantasy and fairies and aren't afraid of witches and timewarps. Kate Forsyth is a master storyteller whose love of history and folklore enriches her intricate, fast paced stories. This book sent me eagerly to dictionaries, reference books, and even to a physics primer! The fact that Forsyth treats her young readers to beautiful language, challenging concepts and rich histories demonstrates the esteem she has for them. So much literature [...]

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The mix of mystery, magic, and history made it really interesting and fun, and the female lead was a fantastic.I highly recommend this book for children from about age 8+, depending on the child. My only criticism of the book was that it doesn't transfer over to an older audience completely. I found the twists really easy to see through, and picked the ending of the book after the first couple of chapters. But, all that aside, I still had a great time reading it.

    26. I simply love this book! Kate Forsyth is a simply amazing author! I could not stop reading once I picked it up. Hannah Rose is not yet 13 when she realizes her family is cursed.But to break it she has to travel back in time,when Mary was Queen of Scots,a time when witches were burnt and the black witch is trying to stop her from taking the lost parts of the puzzle ring. Will Hannah find her missing father and the missing parts of the puzzle ring?Read to find out!PS-I loved the way she described [...]

    27. Enchanting is a word I would definetley use for this book! The mystical story is utterly captivating and the unpredictable magic of Scotland is brilliantly described an it just makes you believe in magic again. The writing wasn't great but it was brilliant storytelling. I didn't guess anything that would happen until it actually happened, I didn't even guess it! I was too involved in the story to try. On a second reading I still found it magical but a little bit cheesy. I guess sometimes it has [...]

    28. After being recommended to me by a customer, I decided to pick up this book. Overall, I liked it. I love that it was set in Scotland, touched on both myth and history and introduced fairies in a whole new light. Enough riddles/story twists to keep you thinking although some of these were blindingly obvious and it was quite frustrating to watch the main character, Hannah, struggle over. Roz, Hannah's mother, was too childish and annoyed me every time she featured on a page but I think the rest of [...]

    29. I'd actually give this one an extra half star if I could. Whether Kate Forsyth is writing for adults or young adults (as with this book) her work is well-researched and her descriptions are wonderfully detailed. The drawing of the characters was a little disappointing at the start of this book, and their dialogue didn't feel natural, but the flow improved as I read further and the storyline had me completely engaged. There's a bibliography at the end for young readers who are curious to know mor [...]

    30. I absolutely loved this book!! The cover is very intriguing. It is beautifully written and very interesting. I couldn't put it down!! It was pretty cool how they got to travel back in time. Because I am a HUGE fan of fantasy novels I really loved this book because it was about faeries. Also it was cool that they performed in front of the queen. I believe that the book itself is a puzzle and with every chapter you get a clue. It's amazing!! 5 stars!!

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