Exorcising Sean's Ghost

Exorcising Sean s Ghost Belle is forced to mourn in secret after her lover Attorney General Sean Ryan is murdered in a terrorist plot When she has an irrational intense sexual response to the mysterious stranger Jack Cald

  • Title: Exorcising Sean's Ghost
  • Author: Beth Kery
  • ISBN: 9781419913181
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • Belle is forced to mourn in secret after her lover, Attorney General Sean Ryan, is murdered in a terrorist plot When she has an irrational, intense sexual response to the mysterious stranger Jack Caldwell, Belle wonders if it s due to delayed grief for Sean Sean was the only man she d ever responded to so completely, after all.When she finds herself submitting wholly toBelle is forced to mourn in secret after her lover, Attorney General Sean Ryan, is murdered in a terrorist plot When she has an irrational, intense sexual response to the mysterious stranger Jack Caldwell, Belle wonders if it s due to delayed grief for Sean Sean was the only man she d ever responded to so completely, after all.When she finds herself submitting wholly to Jack s dominant, demanding manner in bed Belle begins to live on the sharp edge of doubt and uncertainty, even to the point of questioning her own sanity Because Belle can t let go of the crazy, impossible idea that Sean Ryan and Jack Caldwell are one and the same man.But if Belle persists in her obsession about Sean, Jack will have no choice but to cut all ties with her He wants Belle for his own and he refuses to share her with a ghost.

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    One thought on “Exorcising Sean's Ghost”

    1. I liked the whole idea of this book, but was just filled with too many sex scenes. Now how can there be "too many", you ask? When you start thinking "oh no, here they go again" then you know the lovin' is getting in the way of the plotThe plot:Beautiful, bosomy psychologist Belle strikes up a clandestine romance with her handsome neighbor Sean. Sean is a renowned, powerful U.S. Attorney General, about to prosecute a well-known terrorist (someone of the magnitude of Osama Bin Laden). Because of h [...]

    2. 4.5 starsI read my first Beth Kery book a few weeks ago, with this one being my fifth, and I can officially say that she has become my favorite romantica/erotica authors; if you like alpha heroes she's the writer for you, and no one writes hot and sizzling scenes like she does. I mean no one. Makes me turn up the A.C. and dig out my fan, but oh does she make it worth it! ;-) *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudgeFirst, let me say please don't judge a book by it's title, because I think this title is absol [...]

    3. I first saw this book mentioned in my GR friend Auntee's review. The blurb on this one drew me in and I couldn't resist. After a very short time together, Belle's lover, Attorney General Sean Ryan is murdered in a terrorist plot. We jump forward to one year later and she meets the mysterious stranger, Jack Caldwell and finds herself intensely drawn to this vibrant,handsome stranger. But as their relationship develops, she finds herself questioning her own sanity because of her crazy, impossible [...]

    4. Exorcising Sean's Ghost has been republished with a beautiful cover. This is a very erotic, mysterious read that I settled right into. I love, love Beth Kery! I have read several of her books and am never disappointed. I do not want to really give too much away with this book. I only took a glimpse at the description when I started because I wanted to be surprised. I suggest you just jump in blindly and watch it unfold! It's very intense, yet entertaining and sexy. It doesn't have anything to do [...]

    5. Really enjoyed this one. Good characters with a nice twist in the story line.Blurb: Belle is forced to mourn in secret after her lover, Attorney General Sean Ryan, is murdered in a terrorist plot. When she has an irrational, intense sexual response to the mysterious stranger Jack Caldwell, Belle wonders if it’s due to delayed grief for Sean. Sean was the only man she’d ever responded to so completely, after all. When she finds herself submitting wholly to Jack’s dominant, demanding manner [...]

    6. Wow!!! Hot,but tastefully done and with emotion and heart!!Really liked the heroine in this romances she had character and depth. She was sweet but new her sexy side too. Tender but strong and boy she gave her heart and it was forever!!!Jack, wow this guy is alpha, strong but loving too. Had all the things I love about my hero!!Great love story, with lots of sexy in between (okay maybe a tad too much). But I great read and would recommend. Not going to say anything about the plot, the little boo [...]

    7. Great story. The H dies, their relationship was very brief, then h meets another man. Trouble is that she feels the same connection to the H as she did with the dead H. How can that be? Very short, sweet, steamy mystery. Enjoyed it a lot.

    8. 3 ½ stars. Ok for lots of edgy sex with dominating guy and submissive girl. I wanted more development of plot and charactersORY BRIEF:Belle is a 26 year old virgin and a psychologist. Her neighbor Sean is a prosecutor in the US Attorney General’s office. They meet in the elevator. Soon he invites her to his place for dinner. They start falling in love, and then he is killed by a car bomb. He was prosecuting a terrorist. A year later Belle still grieves for Sean but has dated others with no se [...]

    9. This was a good 4 stars for me.Yes, at certain points you sort of had to just suspend your disbelief and go with it.But it was interesting, and had you guessing till the end and wanting the HEA.I will be checking out more by this author.

    10. I liked 99% of this book. It was one of those books where I hadn't realized I reached the ending until I turned the page and there wasn't anymore. The rest of the pages were previews for other books. That being said I felt like the ending didn't really exist. I couldn't stop talking about the book over dinner with my bff so she asked to borrow it. Luckily I had it in my car. *I won a copy of this book from the author.

    11. You Heart And Soul Know The Truth!The tale of Sean Ryan and Belle March was beautifully told and then Jack Caldwell came into the picture! Who was Jack Caldwell and why after Sean's death was Belle so attracted to him? You will have to read to find out! I loved this book!

    12. Belle had only a few months of bliss with Sean before his death. Because they had to see each other in secret, she wasn’t even able to grieve as normal, a chance to go to his funeral or even to his grave site to say goodbye. A year later she’s dating a lawyer from a local law firm, but she’s tired of fighting him off at every turn.When she happens upon a handsome, mysterious man while walking her dog, she has such a visceral, sexual reaction to him, something that hasn’t happened since S [...]

    13. Belle lives in an apartment building with the super hot Sean. they both spend days and steamy nights fantasizing about each other. Sean waits for Belle to come home one evening and invites her over for dinner. Belle finds out that Sean is working on prosecuting terrorists and it is putting his life in danger. They have to keep their relationship a secret so she is not also put in the line of fire. Sean makes her swear that if anything happens to him she will not goto the funeral or admit she as [...]

    14. flirting with 1 measly star; the only reason i upped it is because the prose is not the worst i've ever read (<--- faint, faint praise)ludicrous. while initially this story reminded me of the sometimes-sweet-but-problematic Breath on Embers, in the end it was an uneven, unbelievable, undeveloped novel that was SO not worth my time or money. the characters are pretty ridiculously one-dimensional. lots of "she's a feminist, i SWEAR" clashing with a bossy alphhole who's really good at Telling He [...]

    15. Belle couldn't believe it when Sean Ryan, the handsome and renowned U.S. Attorney General, took an interest in her. Belle fell for him passionately. After Sean is killed by terrorists, a part of Belle dies along with him. Belle believes she could never feel for another man what she felt for Sean, but that was until she meets Jack Caldwell. Confused by her feelings toward Jack, but unable to control them, Belle gives Jack the gift she had wanted to give to Sean.Jack wants Belle as much she wants [...]

    16. I had flashes of interest in the heroine and her story but the sex scenes overwhelmed the plot like sludge washing up on a beach. Kery can write a beautiful story -- Gateway to Heaven was gorgeous -- but I couldn't finish this -- or more accurately, I raced through to the end just to see how it ended, that fanning the pages syndrome.There was an incident (encounter? love scene? not sure what words best describe it ) involving a peppermint candy stick and the two protagonists. Not that food can't [...]

    17. Belle, a psychologist, falls in love with Sean and he with her but before the can consummate their relationship Sean is killed. (He is a high-profile prosecutor involved in a terrorist case.) A year later Belle meets Jack, another attorney who was also a close friend of Sean's. Belle and Jack become involved and she becomes convinced he is really Sean.This book had a more complicated story than others by Beth Kery. There were some things, like how Belle could be in her mid-20's and still be a vi [...]

    18. One of Beth Kery's early books, before she went into mainstream publishing and started churning out bland serial erotica-lite for 50 Shades fans, and one of the best. The emotion here (unlike her two recent serials) is real and raw. Not to mention the D/s scenes are blisteringly hot. I still remember vividly the menthol candy stick scene, and the lotion scene early on in the novel.Whenever I feel like I'm going to give up on Beth Kery, I go back and read her early work, this being one of them, a [...]

    19. This wasweird. I liked it well enough, but it was an odd story. I can't really give any details without giving away the entire plot. It was a hot and engaging story, but I wasn't wowed by it. Also, one thing that kept coming up that made me laugh me was the heroine's skin being described as "apricot". Correct me if I am wrong, but an apricot looks like this:I just kept imagining her with bright orange skin!

    20. This sexy, romantic book was a terrific read. I couldn't wait to take this journey with Bella and enjoyed every page of this heartfelt story. Mild BDSM is included in some of the hottest sex scenes I've read in a while. I really liked these characters and was sad to finish this book. If you are interested in reading a lovely story with lots of passion and romance, take a look at "Exorcising Sean's Ghost".

    21. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. The story went from a bit farfetched to way OTT. Nevertheless, I was hooked from the beginning. The H is too die for. He was sexy, possessive, jealous, and dominant. There were some great sex scenes and some I was turned off by but I still liked this story immensely.

    22. Entertaining for sure. Hot sex scenes. The scene with the candy stick was weird. But the ending was very sweetd while I know a lot of people thought it was predictable, I didn't see it coming. :) That's all I will say. :)

    23. I read this because I am on a Beth Kery binge before the release of Exposed to You. This isn't a bad story. It's ver erotic and I liked the emerging relationship. However, the scene where Jack fucks Belle's hair was just weird to read. Given the cheap price, it was a decent read.

    24. Whew!! *wipes brow* Another scorcher from Beth Kery! I figured out the secret but not the logistics not far into the book. It was sex after sex and not just sex but CREATIVE sex! I can honestly say I've never read about doing THAT with a menthol stick before. LOL. Hot, loved it!

    25. Meh. Nice sex scenes but the heroine annoyed me with her constant "Sean is that you?! Sean? Sean? SEAN?" moods. Man, if I was Jack I'd have left a looong time ago. The heroine really really got on my nerves.

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