Summer of the Raven

Summer of the Raven She was trapped into a lie Rowan s stepmother Antonia Winslow was selfish and totally unscrupulous It suited her purposes to pretend that Rowan was only sixteen years old But it was nineteen year ol

  • Title: Summer of the Raven
  • Author: Sara Craven
  • ISBN: 9780373104406
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • She was trapped into a lie Rowan s stepmother, Antonia Winslow, was selfish and totally unscrupulous It suited her purposes to pretend that Rowan was only sixteen years old But it was nineteen year old Rowan who suffered the backlash of the lie.Forced by Antonia s conniving to live in the isolated household of famous painter Carne Maitland, Rowan was helplessly drawn byShe was trapped into a lie Rowan s stepmother, Antonia Winslow, was selfish and totally unscrupulous It suited her purposes to pretend that Rowan was only sixteen years old But it was nineteen year old Rowan who suffered the backlash of the lie.Forced by Antonia s conniving to live in the isolated household of famous painter Carne Maitland, Rowan was helplessly drawn by the force of his personality.But what was the use of falling in love with him when Carne assumed he was merely the object of Rowan s adolescent fantasies

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      498 Sara Craven
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    One thought on “Summer of the Raven”

    1. A good vintage Harlequin Presents with the downtrodden heroine who is under the evil stepmonster's thumb but still has some spunk and a smart mouth. The rather different aspect about this one is that the stepmonster has convinced Rowan to pretend to be a teenager when they go to stay with a distant cousin who is also the stepmom's love interest. Things get even more eye-raising when sparks fly between the hero, Carne who is is in his thirties, and Rowan who was supposed to be a sixteen year old. [...]

    2. While reading Harlequins, a reader will often come across a vile character they would like to die an unpleasant death. In the case of Summer of the Raven, ALL the characters should die. Horribly. Painfully. Graphically.The tiny h should die in a blaze of glory, burned at the stake, like the fricking stupid, doormat martyr that she is. The evil OW stepmother should either die of lead poisoning from all the makeup her vain, useless, manipulative self uses or maybe have her lying tongue cut off, an [...]

    3. Rowan is 19 and living in a somewhat pokey but still nice flat in London with her stepmother, Antonia. Rowan’s father has been dead for two years, and she and Antonia are reluctantly living together because otherwise they don’t get the allowance from Rowan’s father’s estate, which is all they have to live on, because Rowan’s father died in a plane crash with a lot of unexpected debt. The allowance is due to run out when Rowan turns 21, or she and Antonia stop living together. Antonia i [...]

    4. 3.5 to 4 stars I can't decide… This gets high marks for the old skool WTF factor. It's been a long while since I was engrossed enough to read an HP in one sitting. This one was so intense, I found I just couldn't put it down. This is a Cinderella story, complete with an evil abusive stepmother and naive heroine. The plot really thickens as we see the H/h fighting their attraction and the hero ashamed that he is lusting after a 16 year old (she is really almost 20). Good, intense. But I thought [...]

    5. An oldie but not a goodie. (Sorry, Leona.) Rowan and Carne did not spend enough quality time together for me to be convinced of their love for each other. It seemed more like lust than love. Carne even admitted at the end that he "hardly knew" her, making his interest in Rowan doubly creepy since he'd believed she was only 16 to his 30-something! I would have felt more comfortable if Carne had kissed Rowan after he discovered her real age. But I guess the inner carnivore in him was too ravenous [...]

    6. Gotta love those vintage Harlequin booklets. It is rather refreshing coming across a book, especially one in the Harlequin/Silhouette line, with quite a good story without the required quota of sex scenes. But this one was written in the beginning of the 80's when the "mattress dancing" in books was definitely a no-no.I like my books a little on the steamy side, I'm not dead, but I found I didn't miss it that much in this book. The author had woven an intricate plot, heaving with fairy-tale refe [...]

    7. I can't decide who was more annoying? Rowan, the child-woman female protagonist or Crane, the world weary much older male protagonist. Both of them hardly spent any quality time with each other to be in love. It seemed like a simple case of lust. I can understand Rowan's attraction for Crane but I can't imagine how she fell in love. He didn't really do anything to endear himself to her. A few brutal and punishing kisses, an attempt to rape don't really go a long way in making someone fall in lov [...]

    8. This is the second Sara Craven I read but the first I review.In this the heroine is Rowan who is pretty much Cinderella to her evil stepmother Antonia.They have been on their own ever since Rowans father died and are forced to live together because his will stated that they had to reside under the same roof to get allowance money from what was left of his fortune.It was less because her father wanted Antonia to take care of Rowan and more with Rowan taking care of her stepmother.Also the stepmot [...]

    9. First line: ROWAN transferred the weight of the shopping bag wearily to her other hand and paused to catch her breath before mounting the remaining stairs to the flat.I couldn't sleep last night, so I picked up this old Harlequin Presents by Brit author Sara Craven hoping to knock myself out.Didn't work. I was up waaayyy past my bedtime, because I just had to find out how the book ended. How could Carne resolve the mess in the end, and still come out a hero? Would Rowan be redeemed in the eyes o [...]

    10. this was a modern day cinderella story ! rowan was cinderella personified. she let her stepmother abuse her and paid for it dearly in the end. antonia had no scruples to let her pass for a thief so dat she cud save her own skin. ders a limit to stupidity! rowan did not have to do the household chores, nor to lend antonia money and neither to let her spread nasty stories about her. i cud not believe carne cud fall for rowan when he thought she was only 16, he even nearly raped her twice!

    11. Crazy stepmother goodness. Heroine must pretend to be 16 so the step-mom seems younger. (She’s really 19 – don’t see how the three years makes that much difference). Hero is in charge of the money they receive from the heroine’s father’s estate. Hero gets the bright idea that the do-nothing stepmom should be his housekeeper. Heroine ends up doing all the work. Hero is attracted to her, but fights it by believing she’s stealing an old lady blind. I’m skipping all sorts of plot point [...]

    12. Ewww, cradle snatcher! you're probably thinking. I was practically thinking it. But by the end you can't help but think that perhaps intuitively Carne realised he was in love with a much more mature and beyond-her-years woman, than the child image being forcibly projected.

    13. Rowans next level doormatness was getting on my nerves towards the end. and I've realised that craven fills her books with endless introspection which can get quite boring

    14. Angst filled and not easy to put down. I don't know exactly how many times I screamed at Carne throughout the night as I was reading this story I just know my voice was hoarse the next day. He was such an idiot! He fell over and over for his distant cousin manipulative lies. He was suppose to be a man of the world.Rowan was the kind of character I wanted to protect. I understood why she lied or omitted the truth. She would basically do just about anything to have the opportunity to live her own [...]

    15. Loved the written style a lot especially concerning the heroine's deepest thoughts, but it was a little disappointing since the heroine's character kept believing her stepmother's lies for a long time and going a long with them. It definitely failed to give the heroine a developed-like characteristic, I thought she was torturing herself all along! Nevertheless, it was a good read in a hot day!

    16. Brilliant vintage mills and boon, lots of misdirection, misadventure and suppressed passion. One of my fav's to date.

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