21st Century Wicca: A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life

st Century Wicca A Young Witch s Guide to Living the Magical Life Introduces Wiccan practice discusses spells rituals altars and everyday magic and describes living as part of a coven

  • Title: 21st Century Wicca: A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life
  • Author: Jennifer Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780806518879
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introduces Wiccan practice discusses spells, rituals, altars, and everyday magic and describes living as part of a coven.

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      408 Jennifer Hunter
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    One thought on “21st Century Wicca: A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life”

    1. This is a great book for the novice or those interested in some modern day history of Wicca. The book includes a solid explanation of the "basics". The author also includes many personal accounts and the experiences of others.The point of the book is to provide a workshop type experience, like you would recieve at a Pagan Festival. The author has succeeded in this effort through personal accounts, the stories of others on the path, and laying out the fundamentals in a "guidance" format.

    2. This was my first ever book on witchcraftwell, my first spiritual book overall actually :) i found it in a book store when I was 13 year old <3 and it gave the "this is it!" feeling that validatet many of the things I already knew.22 years later, I can definately see that it made its purpose and was the starting shot for a long journey, a journey still ongoing :)

    3. (2.5) I read this in swedish, but I don't think I would have liked it better in english. I did enjoy the book and learning more about wicca, but it felt a bit repetitive at times.

    4. Somewhat outdated but there were good exercises and I learned a lot about how to formulate spells. There's definitely a bias for working in a group, but just enough information on being solitary. I really enjoyed it and its inclusiveness for all the diverse practitioners. It's directed toward the high school/college age, but there's no talking down and some frank openness. Only had to skip one chapter because I'm old af.

    5. I pick up lots of books from random places, and although this was done up in 1997 (or 2002?), it's not a terrible read for a non-fiction piece. I feel, though, that the author cannot keep her own bias out of it (picking apart certain rituals and styles after stating that one shouldn't be judging too hard another's way of worship).It was, however, a good starter/learning book.

    6. I received this book as a Yule gift when I was 16 or 17 years old and I found it very helpful in my spiritual practice. It is a very straight forward, concise and condensed book, it includes various practical, basic exercises that every witch needs to know. It also contained much of the basic Wicca 101 stuff but with one of the better more practical chapters on Sabbats, in a Wicca 101 book that I have ever read. It also included bits of interview with Pagans and witches the age this book is aime [...]

    7. Definitely one of my favorite books on Wicca! It's great for beginners as well as people who just need a little review.Most books geared towards beginner practitioners talk about the same things, but Jennifer Hunter goes into things not mentioned. For example: what does energy feel like? And other things.Hunter adds a very modern twist to age old traditions. I have yet to read a book that calls Beltane "foreplay" and Midsummer the "orgasm." Plus occasional swear words, which make it feel much mo [...]

    8. It is honestly one of my favorite book on wicca. Jennifer shared her knowledge and thoughts in a beautiful personal way. When you read it, you feel like it's a friend talking to you. An easy book to read and understand.Jennifer Hunter Thank you for making such a little gem book. I borrowed it from a wiccan friend and will buy it for myself for sure. If you are a Wiccan in the 21st century, you must take the time to read it.

    9. This book is absolutely beautiful. I found myself tearing up at some points while reading it. Jennifer Hunter covers every aspect of Wicca in this book a beginner could ever want and approaches them in such a way even an advanced practitioner could find something new in the material. I loved her blunt, straight-forward approach to everything from the Sabbats to being Wiccan in college and how to approach being Wiccan in a relationship. This book is so full of useful and timeless information that [...]

    10. OkayI have GOT to get me a copy of this book!! There is just so much "basic" info in here, that I want one I can underline, anotate, re-read and ruminate on! Lots of good recommendations for other reading, and some interesting websites, as well.

    11. Not a bad one overall. I'd say more for 20-odd year olds rather then teens, but not a bad overall type of book.

    12. This is a good book for the beginner who wants to learn about Wicca. I read it years ago and at the time thought it was great. I kept it to give to my students who want to go on the Wiccan path.

    13. I read this book several years ago, but I don't think I was in the right place at that time. will try again, was a nice surprise to find it in my bookshelf.

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