Calling Romeo

Calling Romeo Romeo oh no Romeo Juliet is already wondering whether her live in boyfriend Will has lost his lust for life and for her when tragedy strikes He stands her up On Valentine s Day Then some jerk in a fa

  • Title: Calling Romeo
  • Author: Alexandra Potter
  • ISBN: 9780743470322
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Romeo, oh no Romeo Juliet is already wondering whether her live in boyfriend Will has lost his lust for life and for her when tragedy strikes He stands her up On Valentine s Day Then some jerk in a fancy car splashes her with icky London rain water, takes a good, hard look at her, and drives away What s worse he was gorgeous, the kind of guy you dream would sRomeo, oh no Romeo Juliet is already wondering whether her live in boyfriend Will has lost his lust for life and for her when tragedy strikes He stands her up On Valentine s Day Then some jerk in a fancy car splashes her with icky London rain water, takes a good, hard look at her, and drives away What s worse he was gorgeous, the kind of guy you dream would sweep you off your feetor at least remember you on Valentine s Day On top of having to win a big advertising account at work it s a wonder Juliet doesn t collapse into a puddle herself The course of true love never did run smooth To Juliet s surprise, the mystery driver turns out to be an adman named Sykes her competition for the hot account and he s awfully sorry about the splashing So sorry that he whisks Juliet away for a romantic weekend in Verona, the storied home of her Shakespearean namesake A funny thing happens, though When Juliet gets back, Will s all sweet again and Sykes pitches an ad campaign suspiciously similar to Juliet s Suddenly it s time for fair Juliet to decide whether she and Sykes are meant to be star crossed lovers or whether Romeo has been right by her side all along.

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    One thought on “Calling Romeo”

    1. Ovo je prvi roman Aleksandre Poter koji sam pročitala i zaključila da na nju treba obratiti pažnju, da ima potencijal i da može biti interesantna našim čitaocima ali da ova knjiga nije dovoljno dobra (po mom mišljenju) da bi se s njom krenulo

    2. Alright, if I have to sum it up in two words, I would say -- excruciatingly long and the only reason as to why it wasn't half a star or a star is -- I liked Trudy. And no, she is not the main character. Honestly speaking, after having read a decent book by Alexandra Potter, I find myself somewhat disappointed by the book. It was long and no, I have no problem with reading long books, I've read Harry Potter and loved it, remember. Maybe that's it, chick-lit is definitely not my genre. Juliet (I f [...]

    3. hmm,, calling romeo.e story is ordinary, but there's a good meaning that contain in thereke we know, the story was telling about the relationship between 2 lovers. will and juliet, they falling in love but they experience saturation in their relationship. i think its natural. ppl who having relationship over years must be experience such thing. its almost impossible that they still adore one another after a plenty years. and juliet experience thate love will, but for her will is just like her ro [...]

    4. I had a problem with this book: pace. It was too, too slow!! It took an effort to get through the first 40% (I am reasoning kindle), after that luckily it got a little faster but not nearly enough to name the book gripping. The main story was ok I guess, but the side stories were annoying. The best friend part was boring in the beginning, depressing in the middle, and just meh in the end. The 80-years-old naighboor part useless! A waste of pages, the author uses it in the end, but should have fo [...]

    5. В своя защита ще кажа, че ми предстоеше да чакам 2 часа пред кабинета на лекаря. В компанията на жега, баби и бебата. Беше единствената книга в реп-чето - 5лв с космополитън. Списанието беше по интересно :(

    6. Reviewed @ Girls Without a Bookshelf.I'm not certain why I somehow still read books about someone infidelity when I know that all it ends up doing is making me feel terribly agonised. It irks me to no end, but perhaps I keep looking for a book that gives an insight to both sides of the party. Well, Calling Romeo fits well, but it isn't the best read, I don't think.I'm very torn about my response to this book. On the one hand, the trickling pace of the plot bored me. Too much narrative! I was tem [...]

    7. Yet another book with a misguiding title and review. It's not about a fluffy romance between one-dimensional characters. It's about the excitement brought by the new and unknown, the stability of the familiar and the choice between the two.This is the story of Juliet and Will, a couple of more than 2 years, that seem to be more or less estranged at the beginning of the book. A few stupid decisions and wrong turns later and they both get a wake up call and start re-evaluating their lives and thei [...]

    8. It took me a while to finish this book since i was so busy these days but it totally worth it. :)It's a beautiful book about the true meaning of "ever after", about what a relationship really is (with good and bad), about making mistakes, about how hard it is to find the true love (and the bitterness of realizing too late that it was right beside you and you lost it so foolishly). It's funny and emotional, it's romantic and dramatic it's all in one, and it's amazing. I definitely recommend it to [...]

    9. I am not one to normally give up on a book. However I reached about the 100th page and just really could not take how slow the book was forming. It possibly could be that I am simply not in a patient mood so I might return to try to reread this book but as of right now I do not suggest it.

    10. to love or not to love - that is the question . what is the worst thing that can happen to u on valentine's day? juliet has 3 - stood up by her boyfriend, having her new outfit drenched by an idiot in a sports car and then having to spend the evening alone she is the account manager in a london advertising firm and earning good money whilst her boyfriend will has chucked it all in to be a self employed landscape designer. except he spends more time getting his hands dirty and has no time for any [...]

    11. Može se reći da sam četiri zvezdica dala samo zbog Vila. On mi je baš prirastao srcu. Džulijet me je nervirala, a Sajks je debil. Knjige ove autorke me opuštaju, ali mi ova nije legla kao ostale.

    12. Krásna kniha. Najkrajšia a najlepšia doposiaľ od tejto autorky.Tak krásna myšlienka. Mala som slzy v očiach po dočítaní tejto knihy. Dojala ma. Neskutočne ma dojala. Samozrejme, ten spisovateľkin štýl písania tam bol. Bola to vtipná, romantická, oddychová kniha, ktorá vás pohladí na duši. Milujem Willa, ale vážne ho milujem, je jednoducho skvelý. Aj tak stále nechápem, prečo každý Will v knihe musí byť skvelý. Vy to viete?Krásneuž som to písala, že?No nemám [...]

    13. Whew. I finally finished reading this one. I should tell you, this is definitely not an easy read. I find myself annoyed with it at times that i wanted to throw it away and never read it again. well,not literally throw it away.haha. But its just that i find it annoying thus making it hard to read for me. Get my point? Well right. Moving on.The story revolves around Juliet. A lady with a decent job, decent life and a decent boyfriend. Will, Juliet's long-time boyfriend has seemed to be more absor [...]

    14. Juliet Morris, account manager in an advertising firm, was supposed to meet her boyfriend, Will Barraclough on their much awaited catch-up date; unfortunately, Will stood her up. It made her think about their relationship and if they could still bring back the love they used to have for each other.After the disappointing no-show, pent-up emotions rose as she ventured Oxford Street under the cold rain – and then her new sheepskin coat got splashed with rain water by a handsome Aston Martin driv [...]

    15. Hari Valentine harusnya jadi hari yang romantis untuk Juliet, tapi ternyata justru di malam Valentine itu Juliet malah ‘ditelantarkan’ Will, pacarnya, yang lupa akan janji makan malam sama Juliet. Dan bukan itu aja, dalam perjalanan pulang di tengah hujan, sebuah mobil sport mewah yang lewat menciprati baju Juliet yang dibeli dengan hampir membuat kartu kreditnya berteriak ‘Overlimit’. Si pengemudi mobil tidak berhenti sedikit pun untuk minta ma’af.Kejadian malam itu, membuat Juliet be [...]

    16. This is a novel based on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet but it was set in the modern times and it has a very different twist.The love story was a roller coaster ride for me. On one hand, I get really love drunk whenever the scene was romantic or just plain sweet. Sometimes, I even blush for the protagonist, Juliet, because I was really overwhelmed on how the events turned out.On the other hand, the story was a tearjerker. Tears filled up my eyes when I got to the climax part. It was real [...]

    17. If this, her first novel, was the first book I had read of Potter, I would most certainly, undoubtely, not have read the other two I just finished this book because I kept expecting that the Alexandra Potter with an imagination and a better writing style would show up any minute.but she didnt.Not that I think she is something out of this world, but her two other books really enterteined me, this one just annoyed me a bitke usually all British female characters do at the beginning, but I end up l [...]

    18. I can't quite understand the negative views on this book. Seen the front cover and noted the back? You know you're getting a genuine chick-lit fluff overload. Saying that, I devoured this in a single day. I really, really enjoyed this but then again I enjoy *ALL* of Alexandra Potter's books. This one was a complete gem. Started off with a relationship getting 'overly comfortable' and lacking excitement - the girl has an affair etc etc - but I found it so entertaining throughout despite the clich [...]

    19. This book is awesome. It's about love.It explains that Love is not only about VAlentine's or dating, or one-thousand roses or romantic holiday in romance country like Italy. But, it's about trust, faith and kindness. Find out how Juliet tried to get her love back, when her 'husband-to-be' Will discovered that she had a fling with a guy called Sykes, a gorgeous half-Italian man;)

    20. Sorry, but I just can't enjoy books where the lead character commits adultery. At least have the couple break up first, but to have her cheat and then give us a happy ending SO sent the wrong message IMO.

    21. I read other Alexandra Potter books and I did like them but this one is a little boring . There's nothing special about it . A couple Juliet and Will who are facing few problems in their lives which is somthing ordinary in every relationship. It was a very long boring story that I couldn't finish.

    22. Значи тоа е тоа, Александра Потер и знаете што да очекувате кога станува збор за нејзините романи!!!

    23. Къде си Ромео е интересна,леко комична,но изпълнена с много общочовешки истини история. Истина е,че в началото действието се развива малко бавно,но си заслужава усилието да се прочете до края. Това,което не ми допада е леката острота на чиклита. Искаше ми се да е една-две иде [...]

    24. Briefly, this is the tale of Juliet, who surprise, surprise is wanting a Romeo in her life. Though she loves her boyfriend Will, she yearns for some romance & when the devastatingly handsome -& rich! - Sykes comes into her life, Juliet is tempted into a brief affair. but does Will find out? Any guesses?Although I did find this an amusing read I didn't think it up to Potter's usual standard. If this had been the first book I'd read by this author I wouldn't have had me champing at the bit [...]

    25. prvni knizka roku 2018 :) no asi splnila ocekavani - jednoduché na přemýšlení, ctive a oddechovekdysi jsem to cetla i v anglictine, tam je mi styl A.Potter asi blizsihappyend samozřejmě ocekavate asi od 1ranky, stejne jako nutny zvrat v polovine knihy, i kdyz jedna necekana zápletka se objeviladnou za cas je to idealni oddechovka pres spaním (a ted hura na darky k Vánocům 😉)

    26. The first few chapters were slow, but as the story continues, it becomes exciting. Took me a bit longer to finish this, though.

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