Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster Twenty year old Corey Evans is one half of ICE the biggest duo on the radio at the moment Pronounced twice they re number one on the Billboard charts this week with their latest single And number o

  • Title: Beautiful Disaster
  • Author: J.M. Snyder
  • ISBN: 9781602724181
  • Page: 431
  • Format: ebook
  • Twenty year old Corey Evans is one half of 2ICE, the biggest duo on the radio at the moment Pronounced twice, they re number one on the Billboard charts this week with their latest single And number one in download sales, with two albums that have already gone platinum, to hear their manager tell it And currently on their second U.S tour, which has sold out stadiums acTwenty year old Corey Evans is one half of 2ICE, the biggest duo on the radio at the moment Pronounced twice, they re number one on the Billboard charts this week with their latest single And number one in download sales, with two albums that have already gone platinum, to hear their manager tell it And currently on their second U.S tour, which has sold out stadiums across the nation.Despite this, there s an emptiness inside him which Corey can t seem to fill, no matter how many groupies he takes to his bed He sees this same emptiness mirrored in the eyes of his band mate, Ian Coltraine, who drowns his evenings after each show with a bottle of whiskey Ian s the one Corey turns to when he wakes beside an unknown fan, still asleep in his bed and needs help evicting her He s Corey best friend, the only person on the tour he can confide in, who he really trusts The one, Corey finally realizes, with whom he is madly, deeply, terribly in love And he suspects Ian might feel the same.But his recent string of one night stands makes Ian cautious about Corey s true feelings He s wanted Corey for so long, and has watched him go through countless fans in search of what Ian doesn t know And he doesn t yet believe Corey when he says Ian might be it Ian hopes so, but can t bring himself to believe Corey s fickle desire won t be gone in the morning.Can these two young men somehow move beyond Corey s past and Ian s pain to embrace a love they both so desperately desire

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    One thought on “Beautiful Disaster”

    1. Ian has loved Corey for as long as he can remember. As the other half of 2ICE (Twice) they are famous Pop stars, the "it" group of the moment. Ian drowns his loneliness and longing for Corey with booze. Watching Corey have one-night stand after another every night, with what seem to be endless amounts of female fans is making him miserable. When Corey awakens and finds himself in bed with a woman he barely remembers or cares for, he finds himself troubled and lonely. He knows that the fans don't [...]

    2. Corey and Ian both fit in the gay for you category so they have to struggle with coming to terms with their feelings for each other. They try to ignore them and that produces promiscuous behavior on Corey's part and bad feelings that Ian tries to drown in alcohol. Their lives seem very isolated due to their young ages (they're 20) and the fact that they're rock stars. However, there are potential problems to their relationship that are never acknowledged.I struggled with rating this story. I gon [...]

    3. I wanted to enjoy this story as I like fiction about musicians, and enjoy gay romance and erotica. But I just couldn't get into Ian and Corey as protagonists in this romance at all. I didn't feel like I got to know either character well enough to care about their budding romantic relationship - beyond the fact that they are young, attractive and apparently the hottest pop duo on the planet at the time, what else about them is revealed to the reader? Not much of anything. What are their backstori [...]

    4. JM Snyder has a nasty habit of ending her books right when they're getting good.This was an excellent friends-become-lovers story. It might even be a gay-for-you, but perceived sexuality just isn't an issue for either of the leads, so you don't really know, which was refreshing.This would have been 4.5-5 stars if it were longer and a little more fleshed out, with better/more important secondary characters.

    5. 4.5 starsOne theme that I enjoy in romance is how two best friends fall in love. Best if one of them knows it first, harbors that feeling, while the other is not aware of it. It gives all the sort of angst and emotion that usually pulls me in. In this story, Ian has loved Corey since the first time they get together as the pop star duet, 2ICE (Twice) but he knows that Corey doesn't see him that way. So Ian loses himself in alcohol. What he doesn't know is that Corey feels as lonely and invinsibl [...]

    6. The continuing story of Corey and Ian, first met in Render. Corey is struggling with the emptiness of his life as a rock star - a different city, a different girl - until he finally realizes that what he has been searching and yearning for has been right there beside him all along. Ian has been carrying a torch for Corey since they first met but watching Corey go through women like 'Kleenex' has forced him to keep his feelings to himself least until Corey's epiphany. But Ian doesn't trust Corey [...]

    7. It's one of the best and sweet mm romance books I've ever read. It's worth every second. SPOILERS : At first I thought that their crisis moment will be because of a girl, but actually it was their uncertainly/fighting whether the things beetween them were real. There were so different emotions - passion moments,sweet moments, lovely-dovely moments,of course and fighting moments, but only because they care for each other. As I said above this book was worth every second of your time =*

    8. Ian Coltraine in 'Beautiful Disaster' by J.M. Snyder is in love with his best friend, but he feels he has to hide it. It's especially hard on Ian because he has to listen to his friend, Corey Evans, talk about his many conquests. Ian knows that Corey is searching for something more permanent, and even though he realizes that being with the girls means nothing to him, seeing his friend engage in such meaningless activity only adds to his frustration. Ian wishes Corey could see that what he needs [...]

    9. Corey and Ian are the 2ICE a pop duo loved by the fans, in particular female fans. Both very young, barely 20 years old, Corey and Ian react in different way to the sudden success: Corey loses himself in meaningless sex every night with a different female partner, and Ian loses himself in the alcohol. Both aren't finding in their escape way what they are searching.Ian is in love with Corey, and he can't bear to see the man brings a different woman every night in his bed. Corey instead is searchi [...]

    10. "4.5"J.M. Snyder has a beautiful way with words, and weaving emotions into an amazing tapestry that just sticks in your mind for a long time after you read the last word.The gravitation between Ian and Corey is immediate and catching. Corey leaves his bed in the middle of the night because one of his flings is still there - the first time he's forgotten to throw her out - and he finds himself curling into bed with Ian, who invites him there only after it becomes obvious that he refuses to return [...]

    11. Beautiful Disaster is a story about 2 young men that have become instant pop stars with their group 2ice (pronounced "twice"). Every night Corey comes back to the hotel with a different girl, and every night Ian gets drunk. Ian wants to numb the feelings he has for Corey, because surely Corey will never feel the same way he doesCorey knows Ian is angry with him, he's just not sure why. One evening after accidentally falling asleep with one of the girls he brought to the hotel, he panics and goes [...]

    12. I'm not sure why, but I love books that involve bands, and I love those books even more if the band members fall in love. Maybe it's them being so close all the time, but it just makes me happy and I don't think there are enough books like that out there. This book fits nicely in that category and it was very satisfying. Corey and Ian struggle with their attraction for each other, and both of them fight the stresses of fame in different ways: Corey sleeps with as many women as possible, and Ian [...]

    13. I really liked the story and I am so happy that I read it. It will defiantly go on my keeper shelf. You can’t help but be sucked in and fell the tug-of war going on between Corey and Ian. The only issue I had with the book was that I wished that would have been more to read. Once you get sucked in to a story like this one you don’t want it to end. The love between Corey and Ian is so real that the characters and your reaction to the story becomes so real too. This was a great book and I will [...]

    14. Wow! You know when you open a new package of cookies intending to eat one, and all then a few moments later look down an notice that the package is empty? Well this book is like that. So sweet, indulgente, and yummy, I looked down and poof it was over. I wanted more.

    15. read this before I knew it was part of a series will read the beginning books and the ones after!

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