The Last Lion 2: Winston Spencer Churchill: Alone, 1932-40

The Last Lion Winston Spencer Churchill Alone In this powerful biography the middle volume of William Manchester s critically acclaimed trilogy Winston Churchill wages his defining campaign not against Hitler s war machine but against his own r

  • Title: The Last Lion 2: Winston Spencer Churchill: Alone, 1932-40
  • Author: William Manchester
  • ISBN: 9780385313315
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this powerful biography, the middle volume of William Manchester s critically acclaimed trilogy, Winston Churchill wages his defining campaign not against Hitler s war machine but against his own reluctant countrymen Manchester contends that even than his leadership in combat, Churchill s finest hour was the uphill battle against appeasement As Parliament receivIn this powerful biography, the middle volume of William Manchester s critically acclaimed trilogy, Winston Churchill wages his defining campaign not against Hitler s war machine but against his own reluctant countrymen Manchester contends that even than his leadership in combat, Churchill s finest hour was the uphill battle against appeasement As Parliament received with jeers and scorn his warnings against the growing Nazi threat, Churchill stood alone only to be vindicated by history as a beacon of hope amid the gathering storm Praise for The Last Lion Alone Manchester has such control over a huge and moving narrative, such illumination of character that he can claim the considerable achievement of having assembled enough powerful evidence to support Isaiah Berlin s judgment of Churchill as the largest human being of our time The New Yorker Memorable San Francisco Chronicle Stirring As Manchester points out several times, it s as if the age, having produced a Hitler, then summoned Churchill as the only figure equal to the task of vanquishing him The years Alone are the pivotal years of Churchill s career The Boston Sunday Globe The best Churchill biography for this generation Even readers who know the basic story will find much that is new Newsweek A triumph equal in stature to the first volume of the series Newsday Vivid history in the grand manner The Washington Post Compelling reading The Times London

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    1. The Last Lion 2: Winston Spencer Churchill Alone, 1932-40, another hit for William Maschester! I think nobody could have surmised better than Maschester who Winston Spencer Churchill was, as he begins the second volume of his The Last Lion trilogy:"But now, fourteen years after the Armistice of 1918, the Weald (of Kent) is an idyll of peace, and the explorer on foot finds that it possesses camouflaged delights There, among eighty sheltering acres of beech, oak, lime, and chestnut, stands the sin [...]

    2. This second of three volumes by the masterful biographer covers the critical period of European history that encompasses the run-up to World War 2. The read is not quite as fun as the first volume because for most of this period Churchill was excluded from the governments in power. But it made for a thoroughly engaging tale of his persistent efforts to wield influence to counter the unfortunate policy of appeasement that Britain and France took while Nazi Germany grew ever more powerful and aggr [...]

    3. A brilliant, comprehensive account of Churchill's role in the crucial time frame when England and the world refused to listen to him. I'm reading parts of this as research for my draft of a sequel to A FLOOD OF EVIL A Flood of EvilCurrently reading about the events that preceded Hitler's occupation of the Rhineland in 1936RE TO FOLLOW

    4. I just finished The Last Lion Part 2: Alone, 1932-1940. It left me with a pit in my stomach. This reinforces my theory that the actions of the useful idiots: The naive, the pacifists, the isolationists, the self-loathing liberals, the peace-at-any-cost crowd are the cause of more wars and end up killing more Americans and more people than the so-called warmongers that they purport to despise. It is ironic that in this case it was Great Britain’s Tory (conservative) party that helped to create [...]

    5. What an awe-inspiring man, and what a tremendously ambitious biography. Succeeds beyond all expectation!

    6. Manchester’s second volume is the shortest chronological time period of the three, yet is equally as exciting and jam-packed with information as the first. It tackles Churchill’s life, both political and personal, with the rise of the Nazis and the lacklustre activities of the British Government as its main backdrops. Manchester again depicts Churchill as a great prophet, standing alone while Hitler steamrolls not only to power, but turns Europe into his plaything. While the book is biograph [...]

    7. Eight hundred plus pages of Churchill in the wilderness. The book was hard to read as I found myself exasperated at a whole class of leaders, a whole nation, actually many nations, that could not see what Churchill could see. I understand that knowing the history of WWII gives me a special position to judge, but I found it nearly unbelievable almost no one for a decade did not heed the warnings in his speeches and writings.Warned about a rearming Germany and calling for the United Kingdom to rea [...]

    8. Speech of March 26, 1936 (page 192, my book)“When you are drifting down the stream of Niagara, it may easily happen that from time to time you run into a reach of quite smooth water, or that a bend in the river or a change in the wind may make the roar of the falls seem far more distant. But, your hazard and your preoccupation are in no way affected thereby.”Speech of December 31,1937 (page 243)“After all, it is a horrible thing that a race of people should be attempted to be blotted out o [...]

    9. This was the most compelling biography I have ever read. For years I have wondered how to understand World War II-the forces that led up to it and the counties that seemed to just give up and allow Hitler and the Nazi's to take over their countries. This book weaves together the facts and the opinions of not just Winston Churchill, but the other politicians and observers in a logical, sympathetic (sometimes) way. I am going to read the preceding work and finally the WWII years so that I have a b [...]

    10. This second volume is good, focused on the years 1932-1940 Manchester examines the internal politics of Britain and the international diplomatic goings on of Europe at the time. Churchill is the main character of course, but Manchester keeps this book very broad and zeroes in on quite a few political figures, especially Neville Chamberlain (to devastating effect) and quite a few other European figures. Manchester makes it easy to follow the diplomatic strategies and decisions taken by various Eu [...]

    11. Utterly brilliant. A mesmerizing read from cover to cover. It was a bit jarring to realize about 250 pages in that the focus would stray only briefly and infrequently away from the growing Nazi menace and Churchill's solitary voice warning against it. But that's where the story was. This volume, tragically, paints a horrible picture of the British policy of appeasement, which dominated the cabinet, the media, and other stakeholders, well before it was infamously embodied at Munich. Looking back [...]

    12. It was very difficult to read how Britain repeatedly appeased Hitler. Churchill alone spoke out over the prewar years warning Britain that Hitler was a serious threat. But Winston was ridiculed.

    13. Certainly, it is the work Tuesday through Thursday which enables you to win a football game on Saturday. I shouldn't have been so naïve to think that I could achieve the same level of enjoyment out of Volume II without having slugged through Volume I.Volume II is based on the years 1932 - 1940 as Hitler rises to power and preparations are made for World War II. Churchill is effectively in exile from Parliament, but is the only Brit who understands Hitler and writes / speaks on the dangers of Ge [...]

    14. Manchester continues the telling of Churchill's, and picks up in 1932, as Churchill is out of the cabinet and exiled to the back bench. Here Churchill the outsider, takes on the mantle and exposes Hitler and the Nazis for what they were, much to the chagrin of the appeasing government in power at that time in England. We have McDonald, all but in effective and scared of his own shadow, Baldwin who couldn't be bothered with mainland Europe (one of most sneakiest of politicians who stabbed Churchi [...]

    15. I thought of some alternative subtitles after reading this book. "Appeasement in our Time." "With Leaders like this, you don't need Enemies." "When war winners become losers." I'm not trying to trivialize this modern masterpiece. It's just that, the more one reads of the foolhardy actions taken by the great European democracies after World War I regarding their future survival, the more one feels a sense of unease over the incompetence and lies which allowed a threat to world peace to gain a foo [...]

    16. This volume covers the quietest period of Churchill's life. He is on the outside: out of Parliament, out of favor, out of work, out of funds. But he had inside information on German activity, in what to me is one of the strangest footnotes of history. Church's curiosity and forethought prompted a request in the 1920's of the PM of state secrets concerning Germany's rebuilding. This was granted and never rescinded. New British governments were unaware of Winston's access, but he kept a pulse on e [...]

    17. With “hawkish” Churchill without a war and out of power, I didn’t think it was possible for this book to be better than the first. However, I loved reading more about Winston the man and the build up of the Third Reich. Winston’s foresight is vindicated but the task ahead is beyond daunting. Looking forward to the next.

    18. This book, second volume of a never-finished three volume biography of Winston Churchill, is simply the best biography I've ever read. That's hardly a fitting review of the book, but it's both true and a good place to start. I stumbled onto it completely by accident on vacation in Buenos Aires, already committed to another book to read. Serendipity works in odd ways; a year ago, I'd found Manchester's engaging Death of a President on a bookshelf in Rio and couldn't put it down. The same was to b [...]

    19. This book gets better as it goes along. The first half covers 1932-1937. The second half slows down to a day-by-day and sometimes hour-by-hour account of Churchill's rise to power over the final, crucial eighteen months. The narrative tension pulls taut during the crisis over the Sudetenland, just before the invasion of Poland, and in the final days before Chamberlain's resignation. These sections are riveting. Otherwise, this is filler between the excellent first volume and what I hope to be th [...]

    20. I listened to this on audiobook and while it took a long time to get through it also allowed me a lot of time to think about what I was hearing. What struck me most was that if WWII had not happened Winston Churchill would be thought of as a minor historical figure who degenerated into crackpot-ness in his later years.The persistence and doggedness that characterized this time in his life is absolutely amazing. Very few people have that profound a sense of their own value and even fewer are righ [...]

    21. slightly less perfect than volume 1 (i counted five typos, whereas volume 1 seemed wholly without), but still an incredible historical narrative, ending as winston takes over the prime ministership from chamberlain and the wehrmacht storms across the Low Countries. less character analysis than volume 1, but that's fine -- one can assume less character development in these eight years than his first fifty-eight. the vocabulary is stunning, and delicious weird thing is that manchester provides tra [...]

    22. I am greatly impressed with the William Manchester's Last Lion Alone (1932-1940) regarding Winston Churchill during the years preceding WWII when he saw the grave danger of Hitler whilst others sought the road of appeasement toward the same. I am only sad that William Manchester did not live to complete his writings on Winston Churchill albeit I know Paul Reid took up the mantle of completing this series with Volume 3 (re 1940-1965).

    23. A fantastic book. This volume, the second, is better than the first. It recounts the years 1932 to 1940, when Churchill, with great prescience, warned Britain's appeasing leaders about Hitler--and no one would listen. It ends when events sadly prove Churchill right and he is named prime minister as the Nazis attack France. What an incredible piece of history.

    24. Very Dense & Very Intense. Manchester describes the background of how England and France blindly allowed World War II to happen and how Winston Churchill did all he could to help expose Hitler to the appeasers. The perfect compliment to William Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. An Outstanding read. Simply Brilliant!

    25. Of course it was good; it was part of the same story as the last one! Now anticipating "Defender of the Realm" by Paul Reid, Manchester's friend whom he commissioned to complete the final volume about ten years ago.

    26. A triumph. If you, like I in June 2017, needed to reaffirm your belief in the ultimate triumph of good over evil, and the ability for an individual to accomplish good in the world this is your book.

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