Potemkin: Catherine the Great's Imperial Partner

Potemkin Catherine the Great s Imperial Partner As a young guardsman Grigory Potemkin caught the eye of Catherine the Great with a theatrical act of gallantry during the coup that placed her on the throne Over the next thirty years he would become

  • Title: Potemkin: Catherine the Great's Imperial Partner
  • Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
  • ISBN: 9781400077175
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • As a young guardsman, Grigory Potemkin caught the eye of Catherine the Great with a theatrical act of gallantry during the coup that placed her on the throne Over the next thirty years he would become her lover, co ruler, and husband in a secret marriage that left room for both to satisfy their sexual appetites Potemkin proved to be one of the most brilliant statesmen ofAs a young guardsman, Grigory Potemkin caught the eye of Catherine the Great with a theatrical act of gallantry during the coup that placed her on the throne Over the next thirty years he would become her lover, co ruler, and husband in a secret marriage that left room for both to satisfy their sexual appetites Potemkin proved to be one of the most brilliant statesmen of the eighteenth century, helping Catherine expand the Russian empire and deftly manipulating allies and adversaries from Constantinople to London.This acclaimed biography vividly re creates Potemkin s outsized character and accomplishments and restores him to his rightful place as a colossus of the eighteenth century It chronicles the tempestuous relationship between Potemkin and Catherine, a remarkable love affair between two strong personalities that helped shape the course of history As he brings these characters to life, Montefiore also tells the story of the creation of the Russian empire This is biography as it is meant to be both intimate and panoramic, and bursting with life.

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    One thought on “Potemkin: Catherine the Great's Imperial Partner”

    1. Montefiore is fast becoming one of my favourite popular historians. In this, thorough and meticulous research is presented with his particular skill: an enthusiastic, engaging, and amusing style of writing that is both able to convey the intricacies of the historical period and maintain a narrative flow that many novelists would envy. The author's stated aim was to raise Potemkin from the sidelines of Russian history, to reevaluate the evidence, and reveal the man for the titanic and influential [...]

    2. This is a weird book. I suppose it is a testament to what a colossal figure Potemkin is, that a regular biography isn't enough, and he needs a whole new genre. The first sections of this book read a bit like a romance novel. Catherine the Great's rise to power is of course fascinating, but it takes back stage to the growing relationship between the empress and her consort. This is the right approach for a man of whom we can definitely say: ¨He slept his way to the top¨.Once Potemkin has attain [...]

    3. Recently, I decided that I hadn't done a good long review on a non fiction book in some time. So, having surfaced amid the sea of spy novels I had been reading, I downloaded a whole heap of non fiction books on things I liked. Espionage, geopolitics, history. It was from the latter category that I found the book that I shall review here. I knew of Catherine the Great from watching a history channel documentary when I was younger. But I only heard snatches of the mysterious Grigory Potemkin. So w [...]

    4. My criticisms were two. First, the beginning half of the book seemed more about Catherine than about Potemkin. Second, Montiefiore was so vehemently pro-Potemkin that it made me doubt his argument. Anyone who believed anti-Potemkin stories was biased, jealous, etc. i would have preferred a more moderate tone which would have, I think, served his argument better. But it was otherwise excellent.

    5. Molto lungo, molto dettagliato. L'autore simpatizza col protagonista nonostante non nasconda i suoi difetti e smentisce la leggenda del " villaggi Potemkin" attribuendoli ad invidia dei suoi nemici. una figura a tutto tondo che adesso risulta evidentissima mi fa venir voglia di rileggere la biografia di Caterina la grande di Troyat per confrontare le presentazioni. Non ebbe pace nemmeno dopo morto, viste le traslazioni dei resti finì perfino in un Museo dell'ateismo e contro le religioni dei te [...]

    6. Brilliant biography of two giants of Russian history. Only too often it is seen that many leaders have intensely troubled domestic lives, but these two are the glimmering exceptions. Montefiore has taken this story out of the relative backwaters of history and made it shine again.

    7. Quite a myth-busting book. Potemkin was great too, and the Potemkin villages that bear his name are unfair to his legacy, and untrue to boot!

    8. Meticulously researched and absorbingly written, this is a truly excellent biography of the man who was a real power behind the Russian imperial throne in the late eighteenth century—Prince Grigory Potemkin, lover of Catherine the Great and the man who commanded her armies towards military glory. Much of Sebag Monetefiore's research uses sources not previously known to scholarship in general, not just English-language scholarship. Such a wealth of information does lead to the book feeling a li [...]

    9. This is a wonderful book. It has taken me two years to read it because I have studied it piece by piece to assimilate an intricate and minutely detailed life. Simon Sebag Montefiore writes so well that it is a pleasure merely to read what he writes, almost no matter what the subject (on which theme, I should write a review about Jerusalem, the Biography, which I read six years ago)What an astonishing man Potemkin was. Anyone who has read this should also read Henri Troyat's Catherine the Great.

    10. The original title is more accurate, in that this is a biography of Potemkin. Catherine is important to his story, of course, but this book focuses on Potemkin’s life and accomplishments, clearing up centuries of rumors and lies. It’s a good compliment to other biographies of Catherine and the Romanovs, showing how Potemkin was crucial to the expansion of the empire.

    11. Detaljrik och torr som en doktorsavhandling. Endast en Potemkinfanatiker kan orka sig igenom de 600 sidorna. Nu vet jag vilka som sprang in till Katarina om nätterna och att den store Potemkin själv hade ihop det med många damer och nästan alla av systerdöttrarna. Trots allt skvaller en väldigt opersonlig skildring. Jag saknar Herman Lindqvist.

    12. Very good. Enjoyed it. Learnt alot by reading this book as its not my usual kind of history but with this book it doesn't matter as everything is told in detail but not so much that it is readable to someone who is not versed in Russian History. Recommend.

    13. A very good biography. Montefiore also wrote a history of the Romanov family. He shifts back and forth between hard core history and People magazine anecdotes, but did a great job overall. Simon Schama is so good that almost all other historians feel like snack food.

    14. A detailed exposition based on original sources of Potemkin's life. Which of course leads to lots of detail about Catherine's as well.

    15. As one who has no real knowledge of pre-communist Russia, this book/biography came as a real shock. I'm aware of the snow, the cold, the fur, the vast distances, and whatever I saw in historical dramatic movies . . . I found the piece eminently readable, almost as if it were a fiction. It as not a drudgery as it could have been although the many, MANY names and places soon found me wondering who was who, where was where, and what was what. I didn't realize until I was within a couple of hundred [...]

    16. Absolutely essential and highly entertaining examination of Potemkin, giving the man full due for expanding the reach of the Russians under Catherine, both geographically and diplomatically. Very colorful reading which never flags, in part due to the man himself, a libertine of surprising sentiment towards his women and at all times, faithful to his political partnership with the woman who raised him to near imperial heights. Perhaps the only thing the man didn't achieve was that last and elusiv [...]

    17. Not knowing that much about pre-revolution Russia, this was an eye opening book. While the writing can be stilted (the book is best read on a desert island), it is informative and detailed (sometimes too detailed). It manages to humanize an individual whose name has become synonymous with phoniness. It is obvious though that the author is fighting a losing battle against this popular view of Potemkin. Nonetheless, read it, if only to learn about his exploits against the Poles, Turks and the ladi [...]

    18. Engrossing even though this author tend to repeat himself at times. Potemkn was a collosial genisus and did for 19th century Russia what Peter the Great did in the 18th century. If only these great minds could have been treasured and survived the 1917 Revolution. One wishes that Lenin could have measured up to the stature of Potemkin. If so,"The Sleeping Bear" would today be one of the world's greatest civilizations.

    19. This is a wonderful revision of our general impression of Potemkin and his 'Potemkin villages' criticized by his rivals as no more than sham facades. Montefiore restores the larger than life Potemkin to the pedestal on which Catherine placed him. It's a vivid, lusty, overwhelming story of excess, ambition, loyalty and vision. Highly recommended.

    20. Magisterial and yet accessible. The fascinating story of one of the relatively unknown titans of history. Catherine's lover, statesman, friend and possibly husband was largely erased from history by the Communists but was one of the fathers of modern Russia. Beautifully written, I was gripped by it.

    21. I would have liked it even more if not for the fact that the author showed off that he has done his research - in the book's main body, no less. The place for such things as 'this city is now called Y and Z happened there in modern times' is in footnotes or appendices!

    22. Find out that Potemkin's villages were for real! Even though Stalin diss'd them so!A riveting read about a facinating man, and turbulent period of Russian history.No accounts of Catherine the Great having sex with her horse. as one would expect from a creditable biography.

    23. This was a good read. With the misconceptions that we have, due to later rulers muddying the waters on what they actually achieved, this was a very informative read.Now it's not just the horse myth that will spring to mind when I read about Catherine the Great.

    24. A fascinating look at one of history's leading men -- Prince Potemkin, an adventurer, lover and friend of Catherine the Great, and some say that he was her secret husband. Full of details, I found this one engrossing, and quite different than what I had expected.

    25. A fabulous read. Brings together many historical figures in circumstances not taught in conventional UK history lessons.I will definitely read this again to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thoroughly recommend.

    26. Montefiore at its best.ring the fascinating love-political relationship between two of the shrewdest statesmen that have ever lived

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