In Perfect Light

In Perfect Light From award winning poet Benjamin Alire S enz comes In Perfect Light a haunting novel depicting the cruelties of cultural displacement and the resilience of those who are left in its aftermath In Perf

  • Title: In Perfect Light
  • Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • ISBN: 9780060779214
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • From award winning poet Benjamin Alire S enz comes In Perfect Light, a haunting novel depicting the cruelties of cultural displacement and the resilience of those who are left in its aftermath.In Perfect Light is the story of two strong willed people who are forever altered by a single tragedy After And s Segovia s parents are killed in a car accident when he is still a yFrom award winning poet Benjamin Alire S enz comes In Perfect Light, a haunting novel depicting the cruelties of cultural displacement and the resilience of those who are left in its aftermath.In Perfect Light is the story of two strong willed people who are forever altered by a single tragedy After And s Segovia s parents are killed in a car accident when he is still a young boy, his older brother decides to steal the family away to Ju rez, Mexico That decision, made with the best intentions, sets into motion the unraveling of an American family.Years later, his family destroyed, And s is left to make sense of the chaos but he is ill equipped to make sense of his life He begins a dark journey toward self destruction, his talent and brilliance brought down by the weight of a burden too frightening and maddening to bear alone The manifestation of this frustration is a singular rage that finds an outlet in a dark and seedy El Paso bar leading him improbably to Grace Delgado.Recently confronted with her own sense of isolation and mortality, Grace is an unlikely angel, a therapist who agrees to treat And s after he is arrested in the United States The two are suspicious of each other, yet they slowly arrive at a tentative working relationship that allows each of them to examine his and her own fragile and damaged past And s begins to confront what lies behind his own violence, and Grace begins to understand how she has contributed to her own self exile and isolation What begins as an intriguing favor to a friend becomes Grace s lifeline even as secrets surrounding the death of And s parents threaten to strain the connection irreparably.With the urgent, unflinching vision of a true storyteller and the precise, arresting language of a poet, S enz s In Perfect Light bears witness to the cruelty of circumstance and, than offering escape, the novel offers the possibility of salvation.

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    One thought on “In Perfect Light”

    1. When I read this book, I had already read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and Last Night I Sang to the Monster, so I knew how he could play with emotions, but I was not prepared for the pain this caused. Now here there are three things this book did right:1-Mister, his character was adorable, so nice, kind, forgivable, and I just want to cuddle him, and so will you.2-The representation of transgender characters was brilliant, as well as the underlying theme of the U.S.-M [...]

    2. No me conmovió ni un poquito.Tiene un montón de POVs que tardan mucho en conectar y el relato es muuuy pausado.

    3. OJO: Este libro es un poco dificil de leer por su estilo narrativo, pero una vez que ubicas las voces narrativas, se vuelve adictivo y desgarrador.¿PARA QUÉ LEER EN EL TIEMPO DE LA LUZ?1. Por que es un libro que muestra lo cruel de la vida, donde los traumas y rencores de la infancia pueden influir en nuestro comportamiento de adultos. 2. Te muestra perfectamente los matices del destino entre sombríos y luces cegadoras. 3. Los temas referentes a la prostitución infantil, los trasvestis, el a [...]

    4. Unputdownable, the structure of this novel makes it somehow easier to digest. The theme: Nowhere Man is the product of an insensitive atmosphere. Yeah, sometimes a tad "Lifetime"y, this novel tells about two souls living in the borderland I call home: each one is full-fleshed and fully-realised. It is clear that the author invested an infintesimal amount of time figuring out who they are and what they want. The depictions of violence, not altogether something fictional in El Paso/Juarez, and the [...]

    5. In my top of most heartbreaking of works that managed to still build my faith in what can be humane within the inhumanity.

    6. I fell in love with Benjamin Alire Saenz's writing when I was reading Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Not after. During. What I did after was look for more books from Mr Saenz. Unfortunately, Kinokuniya only carried another title, Last Night I Sang to the Monster. I had to buy other books through .I love technology.In Perfect Light arrived a little worse for wear, with dented and creased edges, brownish discoloration of the pages, and a black marker mark at the bottom. [...]

    7. I cried sad tears. I cried happy tears.I swear, one day, Benjamin Alire Saenz will be the death of me. Going into this, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Benjamin Alire Saenz is my favorite author. I've read most of his novels, short stories, and poetry. I keep coming back to his writing looking for heartfelt stories with realistic characters going through real-life issues, and he always delivers. Another important factor about his stories is that they always revolve around Mexican-American [...]

    8. I talked about this book in my Hispanic Heritage Reads wrap-up video.I stayed up past my bedtime to read the last 50% of this book and I'm pretty sure there were tears for most of that time. This was not an easy book to read for me and part of the reason I just sat down and finished it off was because prolonging it was making me "dread" the reading experience. I kept thinking, "oh no! Sad things are going to happen!" I know, weird. And still I gave it five stars because this is a beautifully wri [...]

    9. Uhm.SoIS BOOK DESTROYED ME. I really don't quite know how to articulate what beautiful a story this is.It's been a long time since a book has had such an emotional impact on me. So I thought I'd at least try to type some words about this wonderful, wonderful book. "In Perfect Light" tells the story of Andrés Segovia, a young man burdened by the memories of his past, trapped inbetween remembering and forgetting, and Grace Delgado, a therapist, who has lost a husband, is struggling to love a son [...]

    10. // Trigger warnings in this book: rape, abuse, pedophilia, depression, loss //2.5It pains me to give a book by Benjamin Alire Sáenz this rating but here I am anyway. Sáenz said this was his best book and I understand why.But I couldn't get past how the transitions were rough and that there were too many things happenings with no real 'focal' point. & while I enjoyed the ending that had me at the edge of my seat at work (literally) and blinking away tears, it was too rushed and scattered to [...]

    11. Masterful. Sáenz weaves together a heart-breakingly touching human quilt of loss, love, and how deeply we want to stay connected. I'm so very grateful to have discovered this writer - his voice is one that is so needed.

    12. ¿Cómo es que los libros de Alire Sáenz a pesar de ser tan similares y predecibles terminan afectándome de la misma manera? Simplemente no lo sé, pero es fácil encariñarse con los personajes que hay en esta novela porque a pesar de estar rotos y desorientados logran conservar una pizca de esperanza que los anima a seguir e intentarlo una y otra vez. Otra de las cosas que agradezco de esta novela es que los personajes sean mexicanos (o no) y no se avergüencen de México ni se enorgullezcan [...]

    13. It's not often that a book makes me so moved that I had to restrain the tears. This is one such example.Benjamin Alire Saenz is known for his poetry and children's books and this book utilizes both aspects. The story enters around Andres Segovia, a young man who ends up killing someone because of his rage. The book hauntingly uncovers all the reasons for this rage, starting with the car accident that killed his parents when he was eleven years old. We hear Andres' childhood through his lawyer an [...]

    14. This follows the story of multiple characters and how their lives intertwine each others. First is Andre who went through a lot in his young years and it been harboring inside and release through this rage. Then Grace a women who's trying to help Andre, but also is dealing with her own family struggles. Then we have a hint of Mister, Grace's son, and his journey to adopting a child. And some other threads of characters making this story rich and complex. Saenz has beautiful writing, very poetic [...]

    15. Saenz makes me cry. He is a poet, who writes about beauty and truth and love. His characters are broken and fragile and beautiful of spirit. He writes of heartbreak, healing and hope, always leaving us with hope fluttering fragilely in the final pages of his novels. He takes us on a journey of suffering and rendition, which we know will end in light.In this story, though, Saenz is a painter; he concentrates on light and shadow, and his characters notice things and people and their changing appea [...]

    16. An exquisite book, beautifully crafted. I was riveted from beginning to end. The author writes in lyrical prose, so that even the subjects of child abuse, prostitution and murder cannot destroy the poignant beauty of his writing. He is an artist with words; painting scenes with a brush of light and colour. His exploration of the variations of desert light throughout the story reflect the changes of emotion in the characters. Even the slide from first to third person point of view and from past t [...]

    17. This is the saddest book I've ever read. Half of me wants to stab it with a stick and hold it ten feet away from me and then set it on fire. The other half wants to read it all over again and never let go of these broken people. I sobbed. I'm angry and sad. I'm so sad that the horrible things in this book happen in real life. Everything just broke my heart. There's so much pain in this story, but so much light, too. Sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad :(

    18. It's very hard for me to review this book because I had a hard time wanting to read this book, but when I was reading it I really enjoyed it. I definitely did not see the ending coming, and while it tied up some loose strings I'm left with so many questions. This book can only be described as having a cruel and beautiful ending.

    19. 5/5This was my third novel by Saenz, and though I've never read any of his poetry, some blocks of text felt like I was reading a poem. And that's definitely not a bad thing. There's no flowery descriptions but words are repeated and even the amount of syllables in a sentence feel planned out. This writing style effortlessly flows together.The content of this book, though, was very difficult to read.There are a few characters the book follows around but it mainly center around Andres Segovia. Thi [...]

    20. i wish i had never rated another book 5 stars before this one. sure, those books were worthy but i have never loved a book like i love this one. for so many reasons. i don’t know what to say that i haven’t already said about ben’s work. he has certain themes that are a common thread throughout his writing like rain and pain and tragedy and love so deep and pure that it surpasses importance of labels such as ‘romantic’ or ‘platonic’ or ‘familial’ and stories that find each other [...]

    21. after reading ari and dante discover the secrets of the universe, i began a crazed manhunt to read everything else sáenz (or as 2 friends and i like to call him, papa tamales) had to offer and boy, i was not disappointed put it short, in perfect light is a novel on the tragedy of circumstance. andrés segovia seems to be a mixture of capote's perry smith and mccraney's chiron – a gifted boy dealt with all the worst cards the world has to offer. his story is carried by sáenz's poetic voice an [...]

    22. This book is so difficult yet exquisite at the same time. It surrounds topics such as sexual abuse, pedophilia, and rape, but BAS managed to build such beautiful stories around these characters. While the writing is very poetic and romantic, there is still loneliness and sorrow underneath every word of the story. If I have not read three books from BAS, this one would definitely a five-star read. The repetitive plot and characters start getting bored to me over time.

    23. Hands down one of the best books I have ever read. It floored me. I just could not put this book down because of the way it made my heart fit to bursting every time I read it. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, the author's extremely poetic prose really touched me. I cried my eyes out and I would not have wanted it any other way.

    24. By far my new favorite author.Heart breaking and beautiful.I always fall in love with his characters and will be thinking about Vincent for a really long time.

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