Avalon: The Return of King Arthur

Avalon The Return of King Arthur It has been foretold In the hour of Britain s greatest need King Arthur will return to rescue his people In Portugal the reprobate King Edward the Ninth has died by his own hand In England the Brit

  • Title: Avalon: The Return of King Arthur
  • Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
  • ISBN: 9780380802975
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • It has been foretold In the hour of Britain s greatest need, King Arthur will return to rescue his people.In Portugal, the reprobate King Edward the Ninth has died by his own hand.In England, the British monarchy teeters on the edge of total destruction.And in the Scottish Highlands, a mystical emissary named Mr Embries better known as Merlin informs a young captain thaIt has been foretold In the hour of Britain s greatest need, King Arthur will return to rescue his people.In Portugal, the reprobate King Edward the Ninth has died by his own hand.In England, the British monarchy teeters on the edge of total destruction.And in the Scottish Highlands, a mystical emissary named Mr Embries better known as Merlin informs a young captain that he is next in line to the throne For James Arthur Stuart is not the commoner he has always believed himself to be he is Arthur, the legendary King of Summer, reborn But the road to England s salvation is dangerous, with powerful enemies waiting in ambush For Arthur is not the only one who has returned from the mists of legend And Merlin s magic is not the only sorcery that has survived the centuries.AVALON A rousing postscript to Lawhead s bardic Pendragon Cycle Playing off snappy contemporary derring do against the powerful shining glimpses of the historical Arthur he created, Lawhead pulls off a genuinely moving parable of good and evil Publishers Weekly

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    One thought on “Avalon: The Return of King Arthur”

    1. Oddly enough this book reminded me of the Pelican Brief. There's all these political twists and turns that I didn't expect from a book about King Arthur coming back. This isn't about modern folk fighting demons or going to the otherworld or anything like that. There's some mysticism in the book, but for the most part it's a very modern story that finds its ends through very modern means. Not all the characters are developed as much as I'd liked. The love interest gets shafted in the beginning an [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book. It's an interesting take on the Arthur story set during the present day. Although the author does seem to view Britain through rose tinted glasses.

    3. Here and also on my blog Ladybug Dots also the English version.Português:Este livro surpreendeu-me de várias maneiras. Comecei a ler porque o meu namorado disse que não se lembrava bem da história, mas que tinha gostado muito na altura em que leu. Fiquei curiosa pelo título. Não li nenhum dos anteriores, nem senti necessidade, não sei se para quem leu os outros faz muita diferença. Um dia acabei um outro livro, e retirei este da estante.O livro não é nada daquilo que eu estava à esper [...]

    4. An astonishingly ambitious novel which beautifully blends the past with the present. Master storyteller Stephen R. Lawhead‘s AVALON captures the magic and mystery surrounding the Arthurian Legends in a thoroughly modern, classy contemporary way. Breathtakingly epic and exciting this outstanding, new futuristic fantasy is so refreshingly original as like nothing you will have encountered before… Set within the twenty-first Century a shocking revelation arises, when King Edward the ninth dies [...]

    5. This book would have earned more stars if it hadn't been so frustratingly anticlimactic. It took me a while to get into it, as it's been a long time since I've read any fantasy and the language tends to be a little more verbose than most. Once I got into it, tho, I was intrigued by the premise. Unfortunately, it didn't really fulfill on it's potential. It's every little kid's dream at some point to grow up and become a King or Queen, but the lead character's awe and discomfort with the sudden ch [...]

    6. Awesome book! Here are a few quotes:p.139-140 "I set the keeping of Christ about thee;I send the guarding of the Great Light with thee,to possess thee, to protect thee,From death, from danger, from loss.Let the circling of the Three encompass thee in the battle to come.In the day of strife, let Michael militant be thy strong protector.In the twistings of the fight, let Blessed Jesu stand between theeand the hate of the enemy.I set a cloak of Bright Angels around thee,To guard thee from the back, [...]

    7. This is the story of the return of Arthur after the death of King Edward, who supposedly commits suicide. It begins with a man named James Arthur Stewart who is working to retain his inheritance, Blair Morven. All looks bleak until he meets Enbries (alias Merlin) whose tale is too strange to believe. James is to be the next king of England! He who cannot even retain his inheritance? Enbries totes out the proof - birth certificate, parents, marriage certificate, and all paperwork pertaining to hi [...]

    8. This was a very good political thriller, with plenty of suspense! However, to me, it is not up to the standard of the rest of the Pendragon Cycle. There are still plenty of thrilling heroics, and "Arthur" himself leaves nothing to be desired. You almost get the feel that the book is leading up to something much bigger.I was also disappointed to find a lot of foul language in this book. Granted, only those whom we know to be evil use said language. Still, the author is clearly a follower of Chris [...]

    9. A very listless, disappointing end to an otherwise spectacular and memorable series of books. While setting this final installment in modern times was somewhat daring, the characters just never came to life for me and connected in any meaningful way. It also felt that Lawhead was editorializing through his characters, rather than letting the narrative do it in a more organic way. His obvious adoration of monarchical rule became tedious after awhile. The final quarter of the book was especially d [...]

    10. I purchased the first book of the Pendragon Cycle, TALIESIN, back in 1990. That was about 28 years ago. Nice to finally finish the entire series, which at the time I thought ended with ARTHUR. What a surprise to discover the saga had three more books. Stephen Lawhead is a great story teller and an exceptional writer. Thank you for giving us AVALON: The Return of King Arthur. It was a most satisfactory ending to a wonderful saga. Looking forward to your next series, In the Region of the Summer St [...]

    11. This book, Stephen Lawhead's Avalon, was actually given to me for free, which is the reason I promised to review it. I'm not quite sure that this review will do any good. Because frankly, it was awful.I haven't read any of Lawhead's other books, so this might have been a bad introduction. Avalon is a stand-alone, and the basic idea is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, because it is set in a slightly futuristic Britain in which the last remains of the monarchy are about to be abolished, when the main [...]

    12. Ah I forgot how much I liked Stephen R. Lawhead's writing. The political side of it all was so deep and believable and the plot, story, characters were great.Lawhead must really have researched political stuff a lot, that side of things is so well done and believable. There are so many plots within plots, and twists and turns to the story. The story constantly keeps the pressure on and there is heightening tension the whole way through making it very page turning. There were also a number of fun [...]

    13. the conclusion to the Pendragon cycle of novels Lawhead wrote, this book finishes the story of "the once and future king" following is the publisher's note again, this book requires imagination in order for you to become involved in it, but it's a great, great read "It has been fortold: In the hour of Britain's greatest need, King Arthur will return to rescue his people.In Portugal, the reprobate British King Edward the Ninth has died by his own hand.In England, a dark scenario conceived by the [...]

    14. With the Royal Wedding hoopla this week it was interesting seeing what might become of a monarch-less England, per this book. The PM is intent on dissolving the monarchy, and has taken several steps to do soturning the castles, jewels, etc. to the public domain, and limiting the monarch's "power" even more than it already is. In a few weeks a referendum will dissolve the monarchy completely, likely landing the PM as the first President of the UK, and setting him down in history as the greatest r [...]

    15. Amazing. When the British monarch personally falls apart, and Parliament is working hard to eliminate the monarchy altogether, only a few feel the void. James Arthur Stuart would be just as happy to see it go, but he's currently embroiled in a fight to keep the house that hadn't been properly deeded when it was left to him. He's been so wrapped up in that fight and so uncertain of his future that he's ignored the girl he's always expected to marry, and she's moved on. A mysterious figure approac [...]

    16. What would you do if, one day you are scraping to get by, and then find out by some wizened, eccentric elderly man, that you are actually entitled to be King of Britain? But that is exactly what happens to James. Of course, no one would find it easy to believe this sudden entitlement is his, but, when he finds himself looking at a time past, when King Arthur reigned-and now he is supposedly Arthur a new perspective takes form and James finds himself fighting for his KingshipAn interesting and co [...]

    17. So, oddly I rather enjoyed this book, but objectively speaking it was not very good. In any fantasy story suspension of disbelief is necessary, but this book just took it one step too far. As if the British would ever consider doing away with their royals in the first place. As if the whole nation would fall in love with a King because of his vague references to Avalon, Taliesin, and True Sovereignty. More likely he would be a laughingstock. Lawhead was writing about the world he wanted to see. [...]

    18. I'm sorry to disagree with almost every other reviewer, but I thought that this book was a load of old tosh.The return of Arthur , should have been a magnificent and sweepingly epic tale. But this story detailed a political free for all that didn't excite in any way. I found it tedious and repetitive. The prime minister, the villain of the story, had absolutely no redeeming features, so he came over as a poorly described caricature . Some parts of the story were laughable and completely unbeliev [...]

    19. Stephen R Lawhead is one of my top five favorite authors of all time. I fell in love with his books as a teen and never looked back. Avalon is an interesting entry in the Pendragon cycle. I love Taliesin and Merlin, this entry in the series fast-forwards to modern Scotland. The monarchy is in trouble, and about to be disbanded all the royal family either dead or having signed abdications, when a man from Scotland makes a startling claim to the throne. Captain James Arthur Stuart will become the [...]

    20. Excellent story about King Arthur returning to the world after the power and dignity of the monarchy has been stripped away by bureaucracy. James Arthur Stuart is a normal man, unaware of his legacy, until after King Edward IX dies of a gunshot wound. Because he has not been brought up as royalty, he is comfortable with the people -- and his integrity is ultimately recognized and honored. However, Moira (Morgan, Morgan Le Fay, etc.) is working with the Evil Bureaucrats who would remove James fro [...]

    21. I love books about King Arthur, don't know why, I just do. I like the premise of this version, King Arthur in modern day, sounds interesting. It was okay, the plot could have been developed deeper, and too much time was spent on political topics of England. Come to think of it, the characters weren't developed that great either. I always have my two Grandsons in mind when I read books of this genre, I don't know if this book has what it takes to hold the attention of a 11 year old boy. Maybe I s [...]

    22. Since my son is named Lancelot, I suppose it is no surprise that I am interested in Arthurian literature. This novel is a complex blend of modern political intrigue and mythology. Britain has a power mad P.M. who wants to dissolve the monarchy and be elected president. Recent kings have been ---questionable. It sound like Britain is going to vote out the monarchy---until M. Embries appears to throw a wrench into that plan. There is some rather purple prose, but I found the unaware prince, his fr [...]

    23. This was a reread. It wasn't quite as brilliant as I remember, but it's still a fun story about King Arthur's return in Britain's hour of need. It's a little more dated than it was in 2000, and in large part, much worse things have happened than are displayed in this novel as being 'Britain's hour of greatest need', so some suspension of disbelief will be required. In spite of that, Lawhead's fairly clever about modernizing Arthurian characters, and such familiar characters struggling with moder [...]

    24. I usually love Stephen Lawhead's books and the series that this particular book concludes is one of my favorite series but he really failed on this one. This is the story of King Arthur coming back to power but in the present day. I didn't feel like he developed the character well and you did not see enough of his "knights". Some of the passages were just hokey. I was so excited when I heard of this sixth book and when I was done I just felt he could have done so much better. It was rushed and n [...]

    25. Okay so, when I was reading this, I didn't know that it was the 6th installment of the series. But, honestly it's okay. You can read this out of order (at least this book) and it still makes sense. This was the first book I read by Lawhead and I fell in love with his writing and retelling of the King Arthur story. Not only do I love King Arthur in general, but the way he tells it gives it a whole new light. He did such an amazing job, I really want to go back and read the first 5 books and reall [...]

    26. Its an interesting concept. Take the Arthrian mythology Lawhead created in his Pendragon Cycle series and put them into a modern setting. It suceedsmewhat. Its an interesting enough story but after 5 books you can see every plot twist coming and that makes it not very surprising. Theres no real explanation as to how these characters, all dead, are now here in modern times. Just as well, it would have probably sounded goofy if he had tried. If anything, this book makes you long for a normal Arthu [...]

    27. this story lacked a lot of the adventure and mystical aspects one would expect to find in a story about King Arthur. Despite this i didn't find myself to be disappointed with the story. Over all it was pretty level, as in it didn't really have a single climactic event, but it was wonderfully written. i had no problem bringing myself to read it. This is apparently the last book in Lawhead's series of Pendragon books. I didn't know that when i picked it up. I look forward to going back and reading [...]

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