Virgin Earth

Virgin Earth As England descends into civil war John Tradescant the Younger gardener to King Charles I finds his loyalties in question his status an ever growing danger to his family Fearing royal defeat and d

  • Title: Virgin Earth
  • Author: Philippa Gregory
  • ISBN: 9780002257596
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As England descends into civil war, John Tradescant the Younger, gardener to King Charles I, finds his loyalties in question, his status an ever growing danger to his family Fearing royal defeat and determined to avoid serving the rebels, John escapes to the royalist colony of Virginia, a land bursting with fertility that stirs his passion for botany Only the native AmerAs England descends into civil war, John Tradescant the Younger, gardener to King Charles I, finds his loyalties in question, his status an ever growing danger to his family Fearing royal defeat and determined to avoid serving the rebels, John escapes to the royalist colony of Virginia, a land bursting with fertility that stirs his passion for botany Only the native American peoples understand the forest, and John is drawn to their way of life just as they come into fatal conflict with the colonial settlers Torn between his loyalty to his country and family and his love for a Powhatan girl who embodies the freedom he seeks, John has to find himself before he is prepared to choose his direction in the virgin land.In this enthralling, freestanding sequel to Earthly Joys, Gregory combines a wealth of gardening knowledge with a haunting love story that spans two continents and two cultures, making Virgin Earth a tour de force of revolutionary politics and passionate characters.

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    One thought on “Virgin Earth”

    1. Both of these books, Earthly Joys and Virgin Earth, about the Tradescant family in 17th century England were absolute page turners for me. I learned a great deal about English history of which I was unaware, and Gregory filled in many unknowns for me through exellent story-telling. I'm a true Gregory fan (amongst thousands of others, to be sure!)

    2. Really informative about England 1638 onwards, Charles I (what a self absorbed monarch he was), the English civil war, about Virgina US and, of course, about the Tradescant gardens. It's a real shame that the Tradescants were swindled out of their three generation's heritage by Elias Ashmole and their original Rarities museum is now know as Ashmoleum Museum at Oxford. 3.75★

    3. This is the sequel to Earthly Joys, and I must say I liked it much better. John Tradescant (the main character from Earthly Joys) has died and his son, John has taken over the family business of gardening for the king. He travels to the New World three times to bring back rare plants to England. I was disappointed with the way he treated his wife Hester. She is so good and patient with him, and he just takes him for granted. I was also disappointed with his affair with Suckahanna, a Powhatan wom [...]

    4. I liked The Other Boleyn girl, so I thought this would be a good, fast read. The first 1/3rd was mildly interesting. I was hoping the character development would continue, but it abruptly stopped when she started focusing several chapters on the Royalists vs. Parliamentarians. It didn't really seem pertinent to the main storyif there was a main story. Gregory could have removed the entire middle of the book and saved readers from a 650+ page book that ended up being a waste of time (in my opinio [...]

    5. Having read "Earthly Joys", I took this one with me on a 14 hour plane ride thinking I would really enjoy it. Not so much. The characters made me mad, there was way less gardening and way more war, and it just wasn't what I expected it to be. Furthermore, the ending was terrible. Had I been at home, I might have thrown the book against the wall. Not wanting to get thrown off the plane, I had to force myself not to.

    6. I am a historical fiction fan. I have read some of Philippa Gregory's bestsellers, and I've liked them, but not loved them. Books like The Other Boleyn Girl are what I call "pop historical fiction," and while they can be enjoyable, historical fiction purists typically find them disappointing. That's why I was surprised to enjoy Virgin Earth as much as I did. I didn't just like this book, I loved it!Gregory's research about England and colonial America during the reign of King Charles I laid a fi [...]

    7. If you enjoy Phillipa Gregory's historic fictions, you will enjoy this one. This is technically a sequel to her book Earthly Joys, but I never read Earthly Joys and I don't think you miss anything - they are described as 'free standing.' The book takes place during the early to mid 1600's during a period of civil war in England. A royal gardener, John Tradscant, sets off to the royal colony in Virginia in an attempt to escape not only war-torn England but also to escape some tragedy in his perso [...]

    8. Sequel to Earthly Joys.Living in the time of civil war when the goals are so confused is reflected in Tradescant the Younger's life. In 1633, Tradescant acquired Scarlet Runner Beans sent from Virginia, and started growing them at Oatlands as an ornamental plant for their flowers.His own travels to America began with Charles I sending him in 1637 "to gather all rarities of flowers, plants, and shells." He made two more trips to the Virginian colony in 1642 and 1654. Around these three trips the [...]

    9. I enjoyed this sequel to Earthly Joys by Philippa Gregory more than its prequel, mostly, I think, because I identified with John Tradescant II better than John Tradescant I in seeing both sides of everything, making it hard to make a decision and stick with it. I also enjoyed learning about the Powhatan people and their ways and reminding myself of the cruelty of America's first immigrants.I wish John Tradescant II had learned to show more affection to Hester. Perhaps their similar characters ma [...]

    10. I loved the perspectives in this story. John Transcendant takes you from a waring England to the settlers in Virgina and even over to the side of the natives as he tries to find a place in the world where he fits. My favorite part of the book was his time with Suckhanna and the Powhatan. Just the descriptions of this big clumsy man over dressed in the heat trying to make his way through the forest while Suckhanna moved gracefully like a deer made the experience a worth while read. The joys of ga [...]

    11. A strong 3.5 stars. Reason why I didn't give it a 4 was because as much as this book was filled with heavy thematic elements against the backdrop of a civil war, it lost focus about three quarters through. And like its fickle minded protagonist (REALLY FICKLE MINDED), I found difficult to sympathise with him and his actions. Nonetheless, Gregory manages to piece together all important characters during the tumultuous period into one well written masterpiece. And while I appreciate the different [...]

    12. I feel like 1 star is maybe even too much for this book. I was incredibly annoyed by the ending, or lack thereof.I also didn't like the main character I found him very selfish and arrogant, I guess you could say in the end he gets what he deserved. I am only disapointed that this means there is nothing for his daughter to take care of, although likely she'll be married off again and never be given the chance. In that case I feel sorry for Hester who married for love when he married for convenien [...]

    13. This book landed in my lap at a time when I was kick-starting my desire for pleasure reading after a long dry spell of non-fiction. A little long winded and I didn't have a great sense of satisfaction in the end, but the journey was somewhat pleasant and at times thought provoking.The story took place in England, the new American settlements, back in England, back to America, over multiple wars, took on slavery, polygamy, democratic uprisings, etc, etc. But the redeeming factor for me is horticu [...]

    14. Absolutely enjoyed this book! As usual, Philippa Gregory did not disappoint me; I have also been inspired to look into this era of English history and will enjoy reading more about Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, and Charles II. This book is meticulously researched and written so well, I could almost smell the flowers and see the tulips. What an amazing author. I will make sure I get a full list of her books and read them all.

    15. This novel, particularly when coupled with 'Earthly Joys' opened my eyes to this whole period of History. Compelling, historically fascinating and utterly brilliant: this book is a real page turner!

    16. Once again a historial gem. I enjoyed the mix of English and Virginian history. Loved the characters and become very attached to Hester and John.

    17. Another great historical fiction piece. I am a sucker for a book that teaches me something and entertains me at the same time.

    18. I quite enjoyed Earthly Joys, being from a male perspective (Gregory's characters are usually female) and with so much about the gardening trade and history of the time, it was a refreshing and interesting change. I expected to like this sequel equally (or maybe even more, for the main character surely goes off to Virginia; exciting!) Nope. It was dull as dishwater. I was hopeful in the first third. Disappointed in the second third. Bored as hell in the third third. The dealings of Charles I and [...]

    19. It took me some time to pick this book up and commit to finishing it. The 600+ pages was a bit intimidating, but I'm very glad I was "forced" into reading this waiting for a few other books to come in. The second novel to Earthy Joys starts with John Tradescant the II traveling to Virginia as the Gardner to King Charles the I. While on official business for the King, John is also trying to escape the excruciating paid of losing the love of his life Jane who died from the sweat. The new found wor [...]

    20. It was a hard read, took me ages to get through it, but as a landscaper who had just returned from England, this was very enjoyable. Love historical novels, was so amazing how little has changed in politics in over 200 years. Was not happy to learn - even in a novel - about the shortcomings of the Royal Stuarts who are supposedly in my bloodline somewhere. The richness of the plant descriptions and their dedication to their craft rang quite true for me.

    21. I wanted to like this book so much more than I did. The parts in America were boring. The parts in England were interesting, but sounded like a textbook, with one character explaining history to another. I'm glad I read it and I did enjoy it. I was hoping for something more though. 

    22. I read this some time ago and obviously liked it then, as I read the prequel and tried to read this one again. It's kind of tough for me when I don't like the protagonist and I found a lot of the things that he did and said unlikely, so I couldn't finish it the second time.

    23. Once again, just a joy to read. The continuation of of the Tradescant family legacy was beautifully written, but a different feel to this one. The author did a wonderful job at changing the voice between the book about the father and the book about the son, and reflecting the changing times.

    24. Great readI don't usually read historical novels, but loved the facts behind this story. All characters were portrayed extremely well. Politics and prejudice make for interesting reading.

    25. Gregory writes well but Virgin Earth was not as interesting as the Tudor series. Focused more on Cromwell times - 1600's. Interesting insight to the times however. Enjoyed it.

    26. I enjoyed the first half of the book but the last half dragged. Not much about the Tradescants and more about English history. The ending was terrible and very abrupt.

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