City of the Dead

City of the Dead Could the road to the afterlife be a two way street Derek Stone just turned fourteen He s lived in the heart of New Orleans with his dad and older brother Ronny his whole life He s a little overweig

  • Title: City of the Dead
  • Author: Tony Abbott
  • ISBN: 9780545034296
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Could the road to the afterlife be a two way street Derek Stone just turned fourteen He s lived in the heart of New Orleans with his dad and older brother, Ronny, his whole life He s a little overweight He can t hear well out of his left ear Oh, and he s on the run from the dead Derek never imagined that the dead could be anything but dead But there s no denying it.Could the road to the afterlife be a two way street Derek Stone just turned fourteen He s lived in the heart of New Orleans with his dad and older brother, Ronny, his whole life He s a little overweight He can t hear well out of his left ear Oh, and he s on the run from the dead Derek never imagined that the dead could be anything but dead But there s no denying it They re back and they re after him He just doesn t know why And he doesn t have long to figure it out.

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    One thought on “City of the Dead”

    1. I am a little annoyed. I was drawn into reading it, and interested enough to keep reading to find out what was going on. However, it is one of those books where there is no satisfying conclusion and you must read the next book(s) to find out how it ends. Sigh. Great for book sales, I'm sure, but I can't stand when a story reaches a climax and then abruptly ends. It is a very short book. This is a creepy, dark story about a kid who survives a terrible train crash that killed his brother and fathe [...]

    2. The city of dead is about a boy named Derek Stone who was in a train crash with his brother and father. When he wakes up he find out that he died in the crash but is now alive but as a ghost. He can see and hear the dead and they say their coming for him but he doesn't know why. This is as great mystery book for young adults who like action and suspense. The city of the dead is a great book because the author Tony Abbot uses many descriptive details making you feel as if your really in the book. [...]

    3. I liked this book because of the mystery on how the dead were coming back to life and that it wasn't the same way that is used in the zombie books and showsOTWhen I started reading this book I thought it was just going to be about zombies and not have an actual story behind it. When I found out that two trains crashed on the exact same bridge, the exact same way I didn't think anything was wrong with that until Derek started doing research on why his brother was acting weird. It turns out that i [...]

    4. I am currently reading the book The Haunting of Derek Stone Book One by Tony Abbott. I really like this because it is exciting and suspenseful. The book starts out with a train crash that kills both his father and brother. After the crash Derek has many scary dreams and hears voices so it kept my attention. When I have seen a scary movie I have had bad dreams so I understand how Derek must have felt. After the crash Derek's life changed because his uncle had to move into his house to care for hi [...]

    5. so, i'm a book slut. i like EVERYTHING on some small leveleven things i don't really like, i enjoy in some way. you know how they say sex is like pizza, even when it's bad it's still pretty good? yeah that's generally how i am about booksexcept for this one's kind of awfulabbott starts a bunch of really really interesting story threads and just as the climax of the story should arrivee end. i was listening to the book on cd and i got to the end and literally yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK?" in my car, w [...]

    6. For a juvenile book, I think this would be pretty intense - explicit description of a train wreck and ensuing carnage, voices out of nowhere, being chased by a 'dead' criminal and rushing to an old cemetery. For myself, I loved it! Reminds me of those old mystery books I used to read as a child - though not quite so graphic in that the adventure that follows is a really cool one.This one left the reader on a huge cliffhanger. Luckily I already have the next book and plan to start it tonight :)

    7. Has a great hook and attracts readers ,but is missing more adjectives and clever word choice so that readers will end up gaped.:)

    8. The Haunting Of Derek Stone City of the DeadI have read great books and I have read terrible books but when I read this book I am not sure if it was great or terrible. But this book is one of the most confusedly written books I have ever read. I mean I am not sure if it was me but I just could not stay on the words. The paragraphs were way off course when it comes to explaining, and it was so fastpaced This book really was not that good. I do not like to be a credit but I will go over the reason [...]

    9. I thoroughly enjoyed this short read (or in my case listen). I would recommend this book to readers who have read and liked Artemis Fowl or the Last Apprentice books. The boy is 14, lives in New Orleans, and is "special" in some way. As a Book: I love and miss New Orleans as I don't get to visit as much as I used to. This book conjured back up memories of Louisiana and all its swampy and rich historical glory. The author is fantastic. I loved the phrases he used. Imaginative and dark, would be t [...]

    10. Derek Stone, a chubby 14 year old that is hard of hearing in one ear from New Orleans, is in a train accident with his brother and father. Derek survives, but his brother and father are pronounced dead, they even had a funeral. Several days later, Ronny, his brother, appears out of nowhere and is alive! However, Ronny isn't exactly himself. Meanwhile, there are others that appear to be alive, but aren't acting as themselves. Derek realizes that they are dead. A transfer has happened. Derek does [...]

    11. The first volume in new paperback series by Tony Abbott. It’s a slight book and being the first in a series, spends most of the pages establishing the setting, characters, and mysterious threads to follow. 14-year-old Derek Stone, his older brother Ronny, and his dad are on a train ride home to New Orleans. When the train is part way across a bridge, some supports collapse, causing the train cars to rip apart and Derek sees his father and brother fall into the black water below. Derek lands on [...]

    12. The first in another series by Tony Abbott (which is my 7yr old's favorite author). Derek Stone was on a train ride home with his father and brother when the bridge broke and their train car plummeted into a ravine. Derek survived but there has been no sign of his father and brother and they are presumed dead. Derek had some head trauma and is now hearing things in his left ear, the one that has been damaged most of his life. It sounds like whispering or voices but there is never anyone there. W [...]

    13. Reviewed by Angie Fisher for TeensReadTooFourteen-year-old Derek Stone isn't a daydreamer. He prefers reality, the concrete stuff. So when he and his dad and brother are aboard a train that crashes into a deep, deadly ravine, Derek understands he is the sole survivor.Or is he?Derek's world is literally turned upside down after the wreck. Everything he thought he knew to be true begins to unravel, and he is unraveling with it.When he finds an old newspaper article about a train crash that happene [...]

    14. SLJ review:Grade 5–8—Fourteen-year-old Derek survives a horrific train wreck, but his father and older brother Ronny are killed. When Ronny shows up a month after his death, with no explanation, their uncle, who is taking care of Derek and the estate, accepts him immediately. But it's soon apparent to Derek that Ronny is not who he seems to be. Investigating the fact that there was a similar disaster 70 years ago at the same place involving a train full of murderers and thieves introduces De [...]

    15. Derek is 14, a little over weight and can't hear too well out of his left ear. He lives in New Orleans with his father and brother. Derek's mother left 10 years ago and it hasn't really bothered him.Derek is someone who doesn't believe in the strange or unusual. As he says, "Up is up. Down is down." and it always has been.But, after him, his father and brother are in a train accident, he to rethink about "Up is up. Down is down." because his world isn't like that anymore. Strange things are happ [...]

    16. I love when an author finds a way to make reading interesting for young boys. You don't often see books that will pull them in, but this one should do the trick. It's a fantastic book for the junior fiction crowd. Just because the protagonist is a boy, though, does not mean that girls won't enjoy this, as well. Set in Louisiana, we meet Derek Stone who goes through an extremely traumatic train accident in the first chapter. He begins to hear voices and comes to find that the dead are somehow, we [...]

    17. Derek Stone is a teenage boy who was thought to be dead in a train crash. His father and brother were also on the train and they died. Or did they? All the people on the train were said dead. The thing is that soon Derek's brother comes walking home one day, while Derek is with his uncle. His brother is acting strange, like if he never knew Derek or anyone. Suddenly, Derek is hearing noises in his ear. How is this all happening? The dead from the train wreckage are coming back. And they are look [...]

    18. The book City of the Dead is a horror and mystery type of book. I honestly did not really think that the book was all that interesting. The story line of the book was cheesy because the zombies could talk and the story line just didn't make that much sense. On the other hand, I didn't really care that much for any of the characters. I thought that it was just kind of bland. One thing that I did like about the book however, was that it still did have a lot of mystery in it. Such as when he was tr [...]

    19. City of the Dead was a whimsical audiobook I tried because I needed something for the car that was only a couple hours long. What I found was that this book was messed up creeptastic. At the beginning of the book, Derek, his brother Ronny and father are in a terrible train accident, leaving Derek as the only one left in his family. He lives with his uncle and then miraculously Ronny shows back up, but he seems off and acts strange. Derek must figure out what is going on. City of the Dead had a g [...]

    20. It was okay. I feel like it shouldn't be a short book by itself, but instead it should be part of a larger book. It is written for young readers so they probably need to have it broken up. I think maybe I would have enjoyed this when I was younger, but it didn't particualrly hold my interest. I finished because it is about 140 pages and I read it in about an hour/hour and a half or so. I didn't mind the main character that much, it's just that the elements of the story seemed pretty cliched and [...]

    21. I LOVED this book. Derek Stones life starts out normal he was just coming back from a train convention with is brother and his dad when the bridge collapsed! Derek's brother gets pulled out of the car by a dead man who died seventy years before in the first crash. Derek's life is never the same after the crash. I think Derek was the most interesting character because he cant hear out of one of his ears but the ear he can hear out of he hears the dead moaning and groaning. Hes a bit chubby and hi [...]

    22. What to say I'm waffling on getting the next book. There were things I really liked. I thought it was one of the best written train wrecks I've ever read. Kudos, Tony. I think Derek is well developed, especially since he has a past he can't remember.I do want to know about the zombies, but I'm amazed that nobody else is noticing the zombies. When Derek is saved by his dad on the trolley, there needed to be a bit more outcry.I also like the fact that there was a train wreck decades earlier and we [...]

    23. Derek Stone just turned fourteen and lives in New Orleans with his dad and older brother. Derek is involved in a horrific train accident which leaves his father and brother missing and presumed dead. Until one day when his older brother Ronny shows up at the front door. Ronny has not returned unscathed, in fact it turns out he's a zombie. Plus Derek can now see and hear dead people and they're after him.This is a fun, solid middle grade book. I've recommended it to kids looking for a scare, who [...]

    24. 4.0 stars. Grades 4-6. First off, this is not great literature. Secondly, it should be a big hit among middle schoolers. I would recommend this book to reluctant readers, boys, sci-fi lovers, zombie/supernatural lovers, action-adventure lovers, anyone who wants a fast-paced, exciting read. Derek Stone is 14-years-old, the sole survivor of a truly horrible train wreck which is eerily similar to another wreck in 1938. Both his brother and father are killed in the same wreck. Derek and his uncle ho [...]

    25. Derek is a boy that lives in New Orleans. One day his brother, dad, and he were taking a train back home. Then the worst possible thing happened, they were in an accident. The whole train fell off the train and both his brother and dad died. Now he has to stay with his uncle.The bodies were'nt found. Three weeks later his brother showed up at his house. He was supposed to be dead!!!! Truth is his body was taken over by a different soul. Now the undead are after him and he is on the run. He dosen [...]

    26. Our PTA gave the school a huge pile of books to update our classroom libraries. I selected three books in this series because the series sounded like a horror series.I avoided reading the series, though, because I was afraid it would turn into another paranormal thriller/romance. I was wrong! (Thank God!)Instead, this book is the beginning of an intriguing mystery which ends with some questions answered and some questions hanging. It kept me reading, despite the tower of essays I needed to grade [...]

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