Reservation Blues

Reservation Blues First Warner Books Printing September th printing paperback

  • Title: Reservation Blues
  • Author: Sherman Alexie
  • ISBN: 9780446672351
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • First Warner Books Printing, September 1996 8th printing, paperback.

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    1. Reservation Blues, Sherman Alexie Reservation Blues is a 1995 novel by American writer Sherman Alexie (Spokane-Coeur d'Alene). The novel follows the story of the rise and fall of a rock and blues band of Spokane Indians from the Spokane Reservation. In 1995, Thomas Builds-The-Fire, Junior Polatkin, and Victor Joseph, who also appear in Sherman Alexie's short story collection The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, meet American blues musician Robert Johnson. He sold his soul to the devil [...]

    2. “They dreamed of fishing salmon but woke up as adults to shop at the Trading Post and stand in line for U.S.D.A. commodity food instead. They savagely opened cans of commodities and wept over the rancid meat.”I was first introduced to these characters when I saw the movie Smoke Signals, which was originally a book (that I didn’t read). I liked the movie, in part because I think the actor Adam Beach is yummy. In this book, Thomas is given an enchanted guitar and forms a band with Victor and [...]

    3. I don't know what I was expecting when I picked this up. I had read some of Alexie's short fiction anthologies and enjoyed them. Upon moving to Seattle and finding out that he was a local, I picked this up at a used book store, figuring I'd give it a read. I did not expect Thomas-builds-the-fire to get under my skin and change my life. Yet somehow he did.I grew up a stone's throw from the Southern Ute and Navajo reservations. I had friends from both tribes through most of my public school years. [...]

    4. یک کتاب بسیار عالی! میگن رعالیسم جادوییه، ولی خب من که نمیدونم ینی چی.داستان درمورد یه عده سرخپوسته که بند موسیقی میزنن. اما شیوه بیان و اتفاقایی که میفته واقن نظیر نداره. مثلن یه صحنه داریم که‌گیتاره با طرف یهو دیالوگ میگه. و ازین قبیل بامزه بازی ها. که خب مثال نمیزنم دیگه ازشو [...]

    5. ازون کتابایی که کلی نوستالژی و کنایه‌های ناب رو زنده می‌کنن. خیلی کتاب زنده‌ای بود و نویسنده اطلاعات فوق‌العاده‌ای در زمینه فرهنگ عامه و سرخ‌پوستا و موسیقی و هنر داشت.

    6. This is some very American magical realism, what with its mash-up of the Robert Johnson crossroads legend with life on a Spokane Indian reservation and rock star ambitions. Perhaps even more American than apple pie?!??As a concept, I love American magical realism (see also: Swamplandia!, which coincidentally is about people who like to pretend they're Indian). The execution of the book I really, really liked too. Reservation Blues is full of nightmares and alcoholism, but also, funny digs at whi [...]

    7. If reading Sherman Alexie’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven is like running alongside a longhouse with 24 windows, getting 24 glimpses or mental snapshots of life inside, Reservation Blues is like being invited in and offered a can of Pepsi, a hot piece of fry bread and a place to crash. You are there for the awkward silences and shy smiles, the pettiness and jealousy of a small community, the loyalty and tradition, the despair and depression. In Fistfight, you’re buoyed by the [...]

    8. Fantastic. Another homerun for Sherman Alexie. The author lifts W.E.B. Dubois' color veil briefly for us to see into the complexities of life on an Indian reservation. The effects of placing the people native to the land that is now The United States of America in what were in effect concentration camps with invisible physical fences, but psychological barriers to keep them out of the way of "civilization" are still taking a toll on them today. Having Robert Johnson suddenly appear on a reservat [...]

    9. As my friend Karen said yesterday, Sherman Alexie has the ability to make you laugh and cry in the same sentence. I love how he touches on the irony of a situation that drives it deep into the loneliest part of your being instead of just staying cliched and clever on the surface.I love how Alexie weaves between various stories seamlessly and how the mythology and the reality of Native Americans blurs hazily together. Somehow this makes the reality starker and the mythology even more wistful. I a [...]

    10. I actually found this book along with many others in a trash pile on my way to work. I remember hearing a story of his once on NPR called, "What You Pawn I Redeem," which nearly brought me to tears by the end. Seriously, I actually sat in my car waiting for the story to finish. Pathetic? Yes. But it was a very dramatic reading. Anyway, I read the book, which was about a group of Indians on a reservation in Washington (I think most of his writing revolves around similar characters) who end up sta [...]

    11. Sherman Alexie is one of the few writers who has managed to survive the late '80s/early '90s vogue for all things Native American, a cultural wave that incorporated any number of now mostly forgotten Indian writers, and the Oscar given to that melodramatic piece of shit Dances With Wolves. And there's a reason he's survived-- he writes with a sort of Murakami sense of archetypes freely floating around, traditional stories colliding with rock musicians and corporate brands, and it's all tempered [...]

    12. I am very disappointed as I write this review. At first, I was disappointed in myself because I could not, did not, will not finish this book. I wanted to, believe me. Oh, there was internal struggle. I mean, I need to read this; it's this month's pick for the book club I'm in. I need to be able to discuss this. Plus, I loved--loved--Alexie's Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. It's on my "guaranteed you'll love it too" list, for crying out loud. Speaking of which, Alexie's other YA nov [...]

    13. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I heard about Sherman Alexie for years before I finally picked up one of his books. Unfortunately, that book was "Flight," a short little tale that bored me in the telling and left me unimpressed. Surely, I thought, this is not the kind of writing that gave Alexie his literary stature?I picked up "Reservation Blues" because a few of my students were reading it for an English class, and I liked the idea of being able to discuss it in our adviser meetings. From [...]

    14. The whole story is kinda simple. 4 people trying to make a band and then they fail. That’s it. But the whole story is not just this. Thousands of other stories are told between the lines. Stories that are filled with magic. Stories that have happened in the 19th century and stories that have happened yesterday.I could feel the magic everywhere. I could feel the weight behind each word. I could feel the disappointment, the despair, the joy and the laughter. I could hear the music they played. T [...]

    15. Reservation Blues begins with the tortured soul of a musician, and his guitar. The blues musician, a reanimated form of the late Robert Johnson, hands his enchanted instrument to Thomas Builds the Fire. This guitar possesses skill, precision and soul, no matter who its owner is. Johnson had given his soul to the Devil in order to acquire these powers. When was given this guitar, he too felt the music radiating with its strings. This power, (note, this satanic power) compelled Thomas to create a [...]

    16. This is one of those books I didn't want to end. I've been reading it off and on for a while now and I liked picking it up and having a read whenever I felt like escaping for a bit. Any book that starts out with Robert Johnson mysteriously appearing at the Spokane Indian Reservation decades after his death and handing off his enchanted guitar with its devil-dealed skills ready to transfer to its next caretaker is all right with me. I was easily charmed with the dialogue and the subtle humor of a [...]

    17. Thomas-Builds-a-Fire is one of the greatest characters in 20th century literature. Period. What a fantastic novel. Stronger than Alexie’s debut collection, RESERVATION BLUES explores similar territory with an even greater scope as he takes his compelling, hilarious, and tragic characters (Thomas-Builds-a-Fire, Victor, and Junior) off of the reservation while also bringing outsiders onto it. The result is a convincing portrayal of the complex status his characters find themselves in: eroded con [...]

    18. I'm both drunk off the spiritual energy that absolutely oozes from the pages of this book, and at the same time, stone cold sober in the reality check it so effectively gives. Somewhere between the two, this book left me deeply emotional.The plot is about a reservation rock band and their brief career under the influence of a magical (enchanted? possessed?) guitar, given to main character Thomas Builds-The-Fire, by none other than blues legend Robert Johnson. However, thestoryis about much more [...]

    19. The Indian Wars Today (2012)Alexie, Sherman (1995). Reservation Blues. New York: Warner Books. 306 pages.I confess immediately that I am a huge fan of Sherman Alexie and I think this book is an artistic masterpiece. I acknowledge that most of my friends do not share my opinion. Okay, that's out of the way. Each chapter opens with lyrics from a song. The first is from Alexie’s imaginary (as far as I know) song, Reservation Blues: “Dancing all alone, feeling nothing good, It’s been so long s [...]

    20. مثل خواب می‌مونست خوندن و پیش بردنش. یک جور لفت دادن از عمد می‌طلبید درواقع تا لذت رویا رسوخ کنه به تمام جون و دلت. شرمن الکسی جزو تاپ‌ترین نویسنده‌های محبوب زندگی فعلیِ منه که امید رو بهم برمی‌گردونه، همیشه راه درست پیش رفتن ر‌و نشون داده از لا به لای ماجراهای کارکترهاش. یک [...]

    21. This is my second Sheman Alexie book (first was, of course, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian). I love the subject matter and writing style, so this was an easy buy for me. That said, it’s been some time since I’ve read the former, so I didn’t have much in terms of expectations. I might have expected a bit more humor, but otherwise it wasn’t off in any way.I think the book surfaces a lot of issues concerning Native Americans (and American culture) that I liked more than the [...]

    22. There's magic in this book. Not the shimmering fairy dust of Disney, not the creeping shadows of Poe, but a magic of a different sort. An older magic, and a sadder one, probably because it's all true. I picked up Reservation Blues from the library because it was being displayed as a prominent book in Banned Book week. I'd read and listened to (even published at GBF) Sherman Alexie's work, but had never heard of this one. When I read the premise, that of famous blues musician Robert Johnson (who [...]

    23. از طنز تلخ کتاب های شرمن الکسی، فقط تلخی ش را داشت. آن هم یک تلخی بی مزه و کشدار! پر از آه و ناله بود داستان فقط. که چقدر سرخ پوست ها بدبخت اند و به ما ظلم شده و از این صحیت که خوب البته درست است و در کتاب های دیگرش هم بود ولی نه به این صورت. بد بختی در این کتاب موج می زد. اصلا داستان یک [...]

    24. Sweet, sad, and satirical portrayal of life on a Spokane Indian reservation and attempts by a group of young men to break free by forming a blues-rock group. Good balance of a vivid and dramatic story interwoven with myths, legend, dreams, and whimsy. Elucidates the paradox of the white society seeming to value Indians for their spirituality and respect for nature while holding negative and inaccurate stereotypes. Alexie is sympathetic to whole cast of characters he populates this book with and [...]

    25. This story meanders a lot, which takes away from its effectiveness, IMO. That said, it's still a heart-tugging work that really digs into the pain of life on the reservation without presenting any easy solutions.

    26. Thomas Builds-the-Fire is a young man with a talent for telling stories and writing poems and song lyrics, living on a Spokane reservation. One day he sees a black man on the road, carrying a guitar. It turns out to be the famed guitar player, Robert Johnson. Johnson's hands are severely scarred and burned, and he's looking for a woman who is supposed to heal him. Thomas tells him about Big Mom, and Johnson believes she is the one he seeks, so Thomas drives him to the edge of the mountain where [...]

    27. Sherman Alexie is such a talent. When I was in primary school, I watched Smoke Signals and even though I wasn't old enough to appreciate the messages that were subtler than the fact that Victor was a bully and Thomas was a nerd, that film still retains a fast hold on my memory twenty years later. A couple of years ago, I read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. I enjoyed that one, although it leaned heavily towards the young adult genre. With two such disparate and long-separated ex [...]

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