Sing Down The Moon

Sing Down The Moon When Bright Morning takes her sheep to pasture she gazes across the beautiful valley that is the home of her Navaho tribe and sees Spanish slavers riding straight toward her

  • Title: Sing Down The Moon
  • Author: Scott O'Dell Gaydos
  • ISBN: 9780440406730
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Bright Morning takes her sheep to pasture, she gazes across the beautiful valley that is the home of her Navaho tribe and sees Spanish slavers riding straight toward her.

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    One thought on “Sing Down The Moon”

    1. When I was a child, Scott O'Dell's Island of the Blue Dolphins was one of my favorite books. I loved reading about Karana's survival skills and her fierce determination in the face of terrifying odds. I was hoping that Sing Down the Moon would provide the same level of interest. The story itself covers a turbulent and tragic period in the history of the Navaho people. America is no longer only their domain; the Spaniards and White men (or Long Knives) have come to stay. The Spaniards prey on Nav [...]

    2. Read this book in the car to my children as we were traveling through New Mexico to Arizona from our home in Pennsylvania. I love it when I can match a book to a travel destination and this was one of those books. As I was reading, I didn't think my kids really cared, however, once saw mesas and pinon trees my kids' interest perked up. However, when we stopped in Fort Sumner for gas, my kids got so excited because we had just read about Bright Morning and her people being marched there. My son e [...]

    3. It is 1863 and fourteen-year-old Bright Morning is a Navaho girl living with her father, mother, and older sister Lapana in a village in the Canyon de Chelly, surrounded by mesas in what is now northeastern Arizona. Her brother had been killed by lightning. Her friends are White Deer and Running Bird, and she is sweet on the young warrior Tall Boy. One spring day, Bright Morning and Running Bird take their sheep to pasture on the mesa. Bright Morning’s black dog barks, and that is when she see [...]

    4. In this book it talks about how a lot of people lead the Navaho's to a forest called bosque redondo where they were captured and were forced to eat flower and nothing else.What I think about this book is that it's a really intresting and adventurous book to read about.I recommend this book to people who like to read and learn about the old days and history and how people would live and survive back then.

    5. This book was VERY boring, it may be because I hate the historical fiction genre. To me there was really no point to the story, its just my option. I would have to say that the way the book was written was not bad, I just didn't like the story in general.

    6. I really enjoyed reading this book because it was about the Navajo tribe ,The Long Knives , and Apaches that they got in a conflict ,had to escape for a better life. There are more interesting things about this book but if you want to know you have to read and find out. I gave this book a 5/5 because it entertained me and it had lots of details also because it seems like the story happened in real life (maybe it did).

    7. In this book it tells how bright morning and running bird get taken to a place with all of their tribes there. Then bright morning escape with tall boy. Then they get taken to a city and then they have to go alone. bright morning and tall boy get married. Then they have a baby and live there life alone in the cliff. I would recommend this book to people who want to know about the history back then . I would rate this book a 3.

    8. My 3rd grade teacher had us read this book, which is kinda odd since I saw that some people shelved this as "Young Adult," so I didn't understand or care about much of it. Now, I am pretty positive I would appreciate this book MUCH more, and I hope that I can get around to rereading it with new eyes:)

    9. I never got around to reading this as a child even though my family has had this book on our bookshelf for as long as I can remember. Even though it’s a children’s book, I’m glad to have read it now as an adult, because I can more fully appreciate it. This is a powerful story that is based on a real historical event, and I would recommend it to children and adults alike.

    10. Nice short story about Native American life. Good for young readers. Found tall boy to be a bit annoying at times. The book description was a bit deceiving but other than that an interesting book to read when you need something short and simple

    11. “Singing Down the Moon” According to Scott O’Dell’s “Singing Down the Moon’, the Navaho Native Americans endured many long years of suffrage from the United States and the “Ute’s” Native Americans. The Navahos tried to protect themselves by creating treaties with the U.S, but they ran into trouble because “most of them were broken, some by the whites, some by the Indians”. (O’Dell.122). By 1863, things took a turn for the worst for the Navahos because the U.S. became sava [...]

    12. Follows a young Navajo girl just before and during The Long Walk. A good story, nicely told and with characters well drawn, although the beginning bit seemed too disjointed from the second half.

    13. The theme of Sing Down the Moon by Scott O’Dell is about the hardships Navaho Indians had to face when Colonel Kit Carson and his troops drove them to Fort Sumner. This historical fiction novel is based on many true stories from 1863-1865, when the ‘Long Knives’ or the Spaniards drove the entire Navaho population out of their homes. During the cold season, many died and lost loved ones. One day Bright Morning and her friend Running Bird went out on to the mesa of Canyon de Chelly and graze [...]

    14. A HA! This was the book that so haunted me from middle school! After I had described the plot, some friends suggested it might have been , but it wasn't. It was this! The scene that is still so vivid in my mind was when the two girls are abducted by slavers. Shudder shudder shudder! I hated this story. Was it against the law to have us middle schoolers read something funny or uplifting? What is wrong with the people who create the required-reading lists for middle schools? Are they all tortured [...]

    15. This is a gem of a story, especially to introduce children to the sufferings as well as the lifestyles of the Navaho people. I love that the narrative was through Bright Morning. Her daily tasks, the spirituality of her tribe, and the decision making amongst the elder men.Then there are the horrors the Navaho faced from 'the long knives' (loved that O'Dell used the terminology used by the Navaho in describing white men/calvary soldiers) as well as the Spaniard slave traders. None of this was wri [...]

    16. The book I just read is Sing Down the Moon. This book is so sad because their tribe goes through a lot. They tribe had been so strong for fighting for what is theirs , like they fight for their village and for their food and their place. I recommend this book to my whole class because they would feel bad for the things that happen to people and that they should be grateful for what they have.

    17. Wow I am surprised, I actually like it a lot! I just started reading and all the sudden I didn't want to put it down! It was a quick and easy historical fiction read that taught me a lot about some of the past Native American culture and the hardships they went through.

    18. Sarah is reading this for her class so I told her I'd read along with her. I have a feeling she'll need someone to cry with after this one

    19. This was a quick read. I didn't realize it was historical fiction until the end. It was very interesting to read about the history of the Navajo indians. I enjoyed it.

    20. It was an interesting book if you like to read about slavery and how Native Americans were treated. I would recommend this book to people who want to know more about American history.

    21. My Review:This book is dry. Not quite dry enough to be dusty and windblown and hope-destroying. Not atmospherically dry. Just dry. Like a lecture in a sleepy monotone, dressed up like a narrative. However. It is full of nice short sentences, simple vocabulary, and straightforward events. So it's a perfect read, by ability level, for my batch of anti-reading middle schoolers, as long as I heavily doctor their reading experience with videos, maps, interactives and other articles. It's a good intro [...]

    22. So I picked this book up, you know, Scott O'dell I loved Island of the Blue Dolphins in fourth grade, why not? (view spoiler)[(Actually re-read that book, no idea what I was thinking, it was depressing beyond belief, I mean she literally goes back to the island for her brother who dies like two seconds later AND THEN stays on the god-forsaken island for like twenty years ALONE talking to ANIMALS, like DIE ALREADY! But I digress.) (hide spoiler)] OMG, I just- it makes no sense. It doesn't make an [...]

    23. A nice, quick children's story that can most definitely be enjoyed by older folks as well! Written by Scott O'Dell of Island of the Blue Dolphins fame, this book chronicles two years of the life of a young Navaho woman in the Canyon de Chelly. The story begins with the breaking of spring, as the reader comes to learn a little about the tribe's traditions and myths through the eyes of Bright Morning, the main character. Soon, she and a friend are enslaved by white settlers and sold in a neighbori [...]

    24. Fourteen-year-old Bright Morning and her best friend are grazing their sheep on a beautiful spring morning when two strange men suddenly appear. The men are Spanish slavers who have come to the Navaho country to steal girls and sell them to families in town, and they quickly take Bright Morning and her friend captive! Bright Morning is determined to escape and find her way back home to her family. But the times are changing, and soon her beloved home won't be the same. In fact, the entire Navaho [...]

    25. While the plot was interesting to me, this book was written so horribly I can't fathom giving it more than 2 stars. Apparently Scott O'Dell refuses to acknowledge the existence of commas. I found myself re-reading sentences three times because his lack of punctuation made it so very difficult to determine what he intended to say. If this book were written clearly, I think it would be a fantastic book for middle-level readers. However I would not want my students reading this book for fear that t [...]

    26. Why is it that the books that always are aimed at a younger audience are the ones that make me realize how terrible humans are the most?This was a heart wrenching look at another march that hurt the native population, but is really overshadowed by the Trail of Tears. I feel the beginning with the kidnapping part was kind of pointless, but it did add to the 'people suck'. It was also a good look at how people are able to survive these things.

    27. This is a decent look at some of what the Navajo people experienced at the time, but I have to agree with other reviewers that this is a book about a young Navajo girl written by an adult white male and it shows. It is a good book, but could have been a truly great book if either written by a native woman, or at least some real in depth first hand research had been done. I enjoyed it, but it didn't really draw me in like it could have.

    28. 3.5 stars. It was a bit simplistic and covered a huge span of time without a lot of signals to the reader (kids) that THAT much time has passed. One minute she's married the next she's 5 months from giving birth and the next she has had the baby. The kids were interested in what happened but it was lacking a bit for me, and I have read my fair share of kids' books. I need to look up kids chapter books written by actual natives instead of another white man.

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