Leon's Story

Leon s Story Leon s Story is a powerful wonderful thing Nikki GiovanniI remember that as a young boy I used to look in the mirror and I would curse my color my blackness But in those days they didn t call you bl

  • Title: Leon's Story
  • Author: Leon Walter Tillage Susan L. Roth
  • ISBN: 9780374443306
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leon s Story is a powerful, wonderful thing Nikki GiovanniI remember that as a young boy I used to look in the mirror and I would curse my color, my blackness But in those days they didn t call you black They didnt say minority They called us colored or nigger Leon Tillage grew up the son of a sharecropper in a small town in North Carolina Told in vignet Leon s Story is a powerful, wonderful thing Nikki GiovanniI remember that as a young boy I used to look in the mirror and I would curse my color, my blackness But in those days they didn t call you black They didnt say minority They called us colored or nigger Leon Tillage grew up the son of a sharecropper in a small town in North Carolina Told in vignettes, this is his story about walking four miles to the school for black children, and watching a school bus full of white children go past It s about his being forced to sit in the balcony at the movie theater, hiding all night when the Klansmen came riding, and worse Much worse.But it is also the story of a strong family and the love that bound them together And, finally, it s about working to change an oppressive existence by joining the civil rights movement Edited from recorded interviews conducted by Susan L Roth, Leon s story will stay with readers long after they have finished his powerful account.Leon s Story is the winner of the 1998 Boston Globe Horn Book Award for Nonfiction.

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    1. I found this at Goodwill for a dollar the other day. Loving non-fiction and personal stories and seeing this kid's cute, smiling face I had to get it. And I'm glad I did because I'm going to hang onto it for when Julia's older. I think all kids should read this, black, white, every race. I do have to say that I think Roth did a disservice to this story. I'm not big into art but I can appreciate certain forms. But her collage art in this text makes the book seem tacky. And the story and author ar [...]

    2. When Matt and I moved together from second grade to third, I decided that if I was going to ask my class to record their reading, I should do it too. And I should do it in a thorough enough way that I would feel comfortable sharing it as a model of reading records and what you can learn from them with my class.I began recording my reading in earnest that year. I have ever since. It is fun to look back at the summary and consider a “reading year.” I sort by genre – adult and children’s. T [...]

    3. A simple, plain spoken, and honest story. The book was transcribed from a recording of the author, Leon Tillage, telling his story. Sad enough to make you cry but optimistic enough to make you smile. A man with a true heart for the importance of sharing his story so it's not forgotten and so we each can learn from it. He has an amazing outlook and spirit. I would recommend for a wide rangeupper elementary to adults. I will have my 10 year old read this for sure.

    4. I liked this book because it very instructive, but it assume it is for teenagers and adults because the story is sad.

    5. *This was a really sad, moving story. I really encourage others to read it!1. This was the story of Leon Tillage's life. He lived through racial segregation and the Jim Crow laws. He speaks of the hard times he and his family went through and how terrible the white men and women treated the people of color. But the amazing thing about Leon was he never once lost his optimism for life. He even attended a Martin Luther King speech in Raleigh, NC, and marched in protests to end segregation. He also [...]

    6. Leon Tillage grew up in the 1940s and 1950s in rural North Carolina, outside Raleigh. At the time the book was written, he worked as a custodian for a school in Baltimore. Every year, he gave a presentation to the 7th graders on what life was life was like for him and his family living in the Jim Crow south. To write the book, Leon recorded his talks on to a tape recorder and the publisher transcribed them, resulting in a first-person narrative biography. I listened to the audio book, and while [...]

    7. I think this book should be read by a bigger audience. Not only does this book tells us about what African Americans had gone through, but it also show us about racism and prejudice. There are parts that show us the truth nature of human. Which is when we prejudice someone who is not like us just because of skin color, different nationality, you feel superior, etc. There are times when you are scare of that person and you subconsciously hide your fear by bullying or hitting. I agree with Leon wh [...]

    8. Throughout this story Leon tillage tells the story of his life, and dealing with problems with society, and the color of his skin. From the time he was young he was stereotyped because of his race, he was not allowed to ride the bus full of white students to school, he was forced to walk 5 miles to school each day both ways. He was also faced with other racial and segregation problems. He was forced to sit on the balcony at the theater because he was not allowed to sit with the whites. Leon had [...]

    9. I really liked the book. I think it’s one of those where you don’t really come across. All of the things that happened in this amazing but sad book was sadly true, Mr. Leon Walter Tillage (who is no longer with us sadly) went through all of these events. For example in the chapter titled “Klansmen” he talked how Black Americans had no voice and what the klansmen did to blacks back then and how they were beaten, killed, chased and so forth. One major conflict was during the chapters “Fi [...]

    10. Leon's Story is a very short, easily digestible 3rd grade text (F/P T level) that's able to efficiently explain the simple facts of being Black in the American South during Jim Crow. Just to be warned, before giving this book to 8 yearolds, Tillage uses the 'N' word at least twice. I don't believe in censoring books, but think about whether or not that's a conversation you'd want to have with your students and/or children.Any time the African-American perspective is explored by young students, I [...]

    11. This story is about a black custodian named Leon who reminisces about his childhood and how difficult it was. He was a kid who grew up in a Jim Crow town, he also grew up getting mentally and physically abused by white teenagers. He also talks about how his dad was killed due to white teenagers seeking to have fun. He also explains the entirety of how sharecropping and segregation. I think that this story was good for any readers who are looking for a good quick read. I liked this book because i [...]

    12. I like How Leon’s Story is an autobiography about Leon Walter Tillage. I like how it shows all the nightmares of racism. It also tells you about his life, and how hard it was being an African-American. I liked his book mostly because it made me feel like there is no point of this. it made want to go back in time and try to change that. Because never judge someone just because of their skin color. This Book made me think of it like you never judge a book by its cover, so you should never judge [...]

    13. Leon Tillage was born in 1936 in the South and as such had seen many injustices throughout his life. Leon's Story, told in his voice, recounts some of the inequality, hatred, and prejudice brought upon him and his family and friends. Although this story tells a horrible story, there are some other books that will affect the reader more deeply. A quick, short read that will hopefully spur young readers to acquaint themselves with troubling times in our country.

    14. I wanted to rate this book lower until I read the afterword that explained that it was written directly from Leon's transcripts. To explain, I was put off by the "stuff" and "things like that" until it was explained that this was a conversational piece. Although I question the validity of many of the anecdotes since they are so repetitive and shock-worthy, I appreciate the premise of the work and the fact that it is aimed toward a young audience who needs to read about such experiences.

    15. I absolutely loved the book. I think honestly the book can make racism abolished if enough people read it. One major conflict is that black people didn’t have equal rights and they were called the n word. The turning point is when the racism got to it’s worst point. Then it all got better at end. The only thing that I didn’t like is that the book has the n word in it, uncensored. Otherwise this is the best nonfiction book I read so far.

    16. This book is absolutely wonderful. Many life lessons and morals and just touching stories.

    17. I really like this book. It fellows Leon through life. I think kids cameras it, but it says thinks like the n word,so maybe 8th graders and higher should read this.

    18. Leon’s storyBy leon Walter TillageLeon grew up in a small town in North Carolina in a sharecrop family and most people he knew was black. He had to walk four miles to get to school for black children, and watching a school bus full of white children go past. Leon loves the movies, his dad always used it a way for him to work etc, but when he arrived at the movies they always had to sit at balcony and have poor vision of the screen. He used too look at a mirror and shame himself for his blackne [...]

    19. Leon's Story by Leon Walter Tillage is an autobiography about Leon's life in the 1940's when racism was a huge problem. His family were African American sharecropper's in North Carolina. He explains the horrible things he, his friends, and his family had to go through. While going through tough times, Leon watched his dad die by being run over by drunk whites while his dad and mom were walking back home with things for Leon's birthday. Leon watched day by day bad things happen to black people, a [...]

    20. Summary: Leon's story is written by, and all about a boy named Leon who grew up as a sharecropper with his family. Throughout the book you experience a lot of normal milestones that come with growing up for Leon, however in a completely different, and horrifying fashion. He grew up in a small town in North Carolina. It is a story about walking to school that only had black children, and meanwhile watching a bus full of white bullies drive past. It is also about African American's battles with th [...]

    21. "Everyday when i look in the mirror, i would curse my skin color, my blackness." Leon hated his sking color because of what evverybody does to him, because he's African America. Leon grew up in an enviornment and time period where people were racist to African Americans.Leon and his family went through it all together. Leon was like every other slave poor and scared. Leon had to face racism everyday in his life. This book reveals the horrifying truth about racism and how many people dealt with i [...]

    22. "Leon's story" is an autobiographical account of Leon Walter Tillage, a young boy growing up in 1940s North Carolina, Fuquay-Varina to be exact, in a sharecropper family. The story is broken down into sections in which Tillage goes into details about different areas of his life such as his details about family, his fifteenth birthday and even civil rights marches he participated in.I give this book four stars because of Tillage's gentle approach to racism. He provides room for the reader to see [...]

    23. This was a truly amazing book that describes real lives and real people who went through the same pain or even worse during the 1900's. It was a sad time period because many people were discriminated and killed because they were colored or different colored from white people. It's not fair for those people because they haven;t even done anything to hurt the society. For example, this book is a perfect demonstration for what this is about. This book talks about a boy named Leon Tillage. He is the [...]

    24. Leon's Story was a touching story about an African American boy (Leon) who grew up in the 30's. Leon belonged to a poor, sharecropping family that worked day in and day out to survive. On top of this, this was the prime decade in which African American's had zero rights. With perseverance, determination, and hard work, Leon managed to survive and grow into a successful working man. This story taught me that no matter what comes my way, as long as I work hard, I can achieve anything I set my mind [...]

    25. This novel is about Leon and his life experiences in North Carolina during the 1940’s. Leon grew up in the south when segregation was a big issue. Presented almost like a journal, Leon takes us on a vivid experience. He brings us into his family and shows us the hardships his family faced each and every day. While a very solemn topic, the presentation is easy to read and shows how Leon endured this hard time.The major theme in this book focuses on the segregation in the south. An underlying th [...]

    26. Looking for a book that's about slavery? An autobiography on someone who actually experienced? Well, this book is different from other books about slavery in the south during the 1800's. For starters, it's actually an autobiography unlike many other slave stories, that are based on facts.Leon's Storyis about a small boy, Leon Walter Tillage, and yes, you guessed it, his story. It's all about his adventures as an African, such as his adventures as a black kid. Although it's a pretty short book, t [...]

    27. In his memoir, Leon’s Story, Leon Tillage describes the terror and fear he experienced in his childhood just from the color of his skin. Leon describes how the white kids would terrorize them on their walk home from school. When the “white kids’ school bus” drove by and stopped by Leon the white kids would start throwing “stones” at them trying to walk home (Tillage 56). This shows a daily horror experienced by Leon just because he didn’t have the same color of skin. This terror wa [...]

    28. This is the first book I read in my senior year. Yes, it is short, but it has a strong message. It talks about the racism that blacks had to deal with. It is written through a young boys perspective and it's just sad. He had to go through walking miles to get to school while the whites could take a bus, having a bottle of urine thrown at him, being chased by dogs, and ultimately, facing the death of his father. He had to face being lonely at such a young age because his father was killed by whit [...]

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