Murphy Murphy adoption specialist social worker is the man who helped Kingsley and Morgan get their babies he didn t know they were going to be friends with the guy he went home with for a one nighter on t

  • Title: Murphy
  • Author: Jenny Wood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Murphy adoption specialist social worker, is the man who helped Kingsley and Morgan get their babies, he didn t know they were going to be friends with the guy he went home with for a one nighter on the night of his birthday and then promptly kicked out Cut to, Michael Cruz is a whole lot of broody, sexy, lonely sheriff in Madison, and after a bout of family drama, he piMurphy adoption specialist social worker, is the man who helped Kingsley and Morgan get their babies, he didn t know they were going to be friends with the guy he went home with for a one nighter on the night of his birthday and then promptly kicked out Cut to, Michael Cruz is a whole lot of broody, sexy, lonely sheriff in Madison, and after a bout of family drama, he picks up a random man who was decent enough to share his table at a crowded restaurant with him He didn t know that man was going to be his little brother s check in, after getting into a little bit of trouble Family drama, homophobic step parents, and a man convinced he doesn t want a relationship will Murphy s caring attitude and willingness to be there for Cruz and his little brother be enough to change his mind m m romance with a filthy mouthed sheriff and a HEA and no cheating.

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    One thought on “Murphy”

    1. **3.5 Stars**Murphy and Cruz first meet on Murphy's birthday and share a night together. Cruz, unceremoniously, kicks Murphy out of his bed. He's an asshole. You understand his reasonshe's got a lot going on. But, he's still an asshole. I loved Murphy. He's a social worker who after having a terrible childhood himself, is dedicated to helping other children find homes where they are loved. It really took me a long time to warm up to Cruz. I just didn't understand why he treated Murphy the way he [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsI read my first Jenny Wood story back in January and have since knocked back 16 of her stories. The reason I bring this random fact up is because I just need to say that over the course of the year, and with the release of every subsequent book, Jenny's writing quality has improved by leaps and bounds, to the point that I feel it's really important to acknowledge these improvements and congratulate her on not only keeping at it (when it's clear writing is something she loves), but for a [...]

    3. *** Jenny Wood's writing is fabulous, and her Kennedy Ink series has been amazing ! Murphy, new to town, is a social worker and much more. He's an advocate with fostering, adoption and probation. He assisted Kingsley and Morgan with their twins, who will be born soon.A one night stand, something Murphy has never done, has him with Michael on Murphy's lonely birthday. What a hot sexy night until he's asked to leave. Michael is "Cruz", a County Sheriff. So, they get off to a rocky start, Michael's [...]

    4. I'm in love!Murphy was so complex, I cried for him and laughed my ass offa time or two with his antics. He wasn't afraid to be himself and I loved that.Cruz seemed like a jerk, but once you understood what made him tickyou kinda got why he was the way he was. I couldn't imagine living with that family, but he was a great big brotherI would've loved to have met that stepdad of his and gave him a punch to the gut.A chance meeting, a hot one night stand and a very dirty mouthed sheriffghwhat's not [...]

    5. Ta seria jest niczym potajemne oglądanie powtórek na dobre i na złe. żenujące, ale każdy ma jakieś słabości ;) Ale matko jedyna, te okładki są coraz straszniejsze, a zawartość nie powala na nogi, choć zła nie jest. pewnie jak wyjdzie następna z trzystu kolejnych części to też przeczytam ;)

    6. This series just keeps getting better every time. Well written with kick ass characters. I can not wait to see who is the next couple.

    7. enny Wood tells a pretty good story. Certainly well enough to look past editing issues that still plague her novels. I’m not gonna lie, it’s distracting as heck when wrong words are used, in sentences with wrong tense, her novels are crying out for a jolly good edit, and I can’t believe that at this stage they are still as rough as they are. The only consolation is these latest works are significantly better put together than when she first started posting her novels.In saying that even wi [...]

    8. I have read all of the Kennedy Ink series, and I love all the characters. So, as a lover of the characters that Jenny Wood as created in this world I can say that Murphy is probably one of my favorites. Behind Kingsley and Cameron. While Jenny Wood still has a few editing problems in her stories, you can really tell that her editing is getting better, and I think that is amazing. It just goes to show that a author's writing can evolve with practice and experience. As a writer myself, I know I st [...]

    9. I gave this a 3.5. It was nice to read about Murphy and Cruz and the rest of the gang from Madison. Murphy had a tough childhood his mother was a drug addict and fell sick with Alzheimer's at a young age. He has never had a stable home life and because of this he has a hard time in relationships. He attaches himself too early to his last few boyfriends and they didn't like it and left. When he goes out to celebrate his birthday he ends up sharing a table with Cruz. Cruz finds out its Murphy's bi [...]

    10. I absolutely loved this - Murphy and Cruz's tale was sweet, sexy, snarky and full of romance. Whilst it is a standalone with enough backstory to follow if it's your first book, having the other Kennedy Ink characters weaved in let's you get completely immersed in the KI world. Great instalment and can't wait for the next one.

    11. Murphy (Kennedy Ink.)It was fine. I appreciate the idea behind the story but the story itself felt a little weak though. A little flat across the board. Grammar and punctuation being all over the place didn't help any.I just couldn't get into it like I wanted to.I'll keep on reading 📖

    12. FantasticI loved Murphy and Cruz. Murphy was adorable and sweet. Cruz was sexy and broody with just enough sweet mixed in. A great sweet and sexy read with just enough drama to make it perfect. Another great couple for this crazy group of friends and family. Cant wait for the next one.

    13. I love these guys I love all of the Kennedy clan. This last book was a little confusing in the beginning. Like how is Murphy’s birthday in October but he slept with Cruz a month before the twins were born and they they were born in April. Just a little confusing. But I loved it.

    14. Sweet read again, like all books in the series!!One error that got my attention: on his birthday Murphy goes to the restaurant in an Uber but when he and Cruz leave, he has his car. Didn’t stop me from enjoying the story, though! Up to the next one I’m guessing Gannon???

    15. Loved this book. A great addition to the series. The story of Murphy (who we meet in bk 6.5 Perfect) and Cruz. Was a great read. I did cry, not only for Mateo's loss but for the torment that Cruz went thru with his stepfather. Highly recommend this book and the other books in the series.

    16. Another good one.Cruz and Murphy are a perfect couple. The premise is sound and the storyline flows nicely. Their passion is strong and the spicy scenes are very well done.

    17. Good additionThis is a good series with bad editing. I will continue to read it because I love the characters, but I also contunue be frustrated with the lack of proofreading.

    18. Story goodAs usual, the story and characters were good. The editing sucks. At the start Murphy gets a ride to the restaurant. His car later drives itself there, major goof.

    19. SweetThe story was more than I expected, it was so sweet and at times sad. There were a few typos that you'll have to overlook if your a grammer nazi.

    20. Did not like this one as much as the others in the series, but it wasn't bad. The book could have used better editing though.

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