Blaze Find em hot Leave em wet That s the student motto here at Fire Academy Too bad Lacey Nelson thinks I m the devil incarnate She acts tough but I know innocence when I see it I could set her world abla

  • Title: Blaze
  • Author: Teagan Kade Sennah Tate
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Find em hot Leave em wet That s the student motto here at Fire Academy Too bad Lacey Nelson thinks I m the devil incarnate She acts tough, but I know innocence when I see it I could set her world ablaze with a single finger, be the first inside her hot house If I could get close enough She s the only girl in this year s class Every guy in here wants a piece of thFind em hot Leave em wet That s the student motto here at Fire Academy Too bad Lacey Nelson thinks I m the devil incarnate She acts tough, but I know innocence when I see it I could set her world ablaze with a single finger, be the first inside her hot house If I could get close enough She s the only girl in this year s class Every guy in here wants a piece of the action But there s a reason they call me the Dream Machine She ll slide down my pole and discover why What she needs is a distraction ten throbbing inches of it And I m going to give it to her Even if I have to burn this place to the ground Blaze is a full length bad boy romance with a happily ever after and no cheating Includes bonus books and exclusive content for a limited time.

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      275 Teagan Kade Sennah Tate
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    One thought on “Blaze”

    1. 3.5 starsThe story was a quick read with a interesting set up. Lacey is the only female in this class of firemen. She wants to be the best of the bet. She is focused and ready to go. However, there are obstacles in here way. She has to wade her way through a bunch of immature idiots. The first one she meets is Payton. He come off as a immature jerk, but you quickly realize there is more to him. What is originally a forced partnership, quickly escalates into a hot romance. Good story with charact [...]

    2. Payton was hot, well atleast how he is described. At first he was an arrogant jerk, but Lacey put him in his place repeatedly. Finally she gives into their attraction after he tones down his come-on, knowing that she is special and not one of the easy girls. It had its sad moment, the part with Hernandez, the loyalty moments, and suspense. And of course our HEA.

    3. Blaze by Teagan Kade a hot and fiery five-star read. I have read a few Teagan Kade novels in my time, and I am sure I will read many, many more. Once again, she has done what it says on the tin, given us a really good read that is hot and fiery in the best way as its set in Pemberton Fire Academy or as its sometimes known the ‘Hot House’ a place filled with hot trainee fire fighters. (I am planning research on the real places as I type). The writing is great, the people are planned out and h [...]

    4. Quick and smokey read by Teagan. Lacey is out to prove she can do it and she is the only female recruit at the Fire Academy. Payton has his eyes on her right off the mark as well as other parts of his anatomy! He's not at all shy and greats her in the dorm bare naked. Lots of laugh out loud moments and a happy ending. The ride in between is a bit bumpy and of course there's some strife with fellow recruits.

    5. Scaling4 Star Kindle Unlimited ReadTeagan Kade continues to burn up my Kindle. I'm devouring these saucy reads as fast as I can download them to my kindle.

    6. BLAZE IS SMOKIN' HOT!!!Title: BlazeAuthor: Teagan KadeDesignation: Full-Length Standalone Bad Boy Firefighter Romance, NO CliffhangerReading Platform: Kindle EditionMy Rating: Five Devilishly Delicious Stars*****Oh my! I loved, loved, loved Blaze! This is my first time reading Teagan Kade, but it certainly won't be my last! Blaze is an exciting, action-packed, fast-paced, fun-filled, well-crafted standalone contemporary bad boy firefighter romance filled to the brim with heart-wrenching drama, a [...]

    7. Caution: the need for cold showers ahead!! 🔥🔥Holy smokes, this book is on fire! This sizzling story follows the class of Pemberton Fire Academy as they learn the ins and outs of firefighting; on and off of the training grounds. Competition is fierce and not everyone can hack it as we learn first hand that tge old adage is true: "if you cant stand the heat, stay outta the kitchen."Lacey was the female protagonist and I loved her fiesty, take-no-crap ways. She is the lone woman in the class [...]

    8. Teagan Kade does it again with another scorcher read that will set you heart ablaze and melt you. Payton is the insufferable cocky jock that likes to run his dirty mouth when he wants someone and that someone is the only female in the academy, Lacey, and he has his sights on her. Lacey doesn't let him fluster her, she gives as good as she gets and stands up to all the men there, proving she belongs earning respect amongst them. Payton doesn't back down even when she puts him in his place which m [...]

    9. Lacey is entering the elite fire academy. It has always been her dream to become a firefighter like her dad who died on 9/11 and her grandfather. She is determined to graduate top of the class. She is the only women in her class and the men in the class are acting like drunken frat boys when she arrives. When she leaves her room to get more of her things, she runs into her neighbor Payton who is totally naked and tries to put the moves on her. Annoyed with his cockiness and attitude, she storms [...]

    10. Well! What a ride that was! Teagan Kade took pure passion added in emotional mayhem and suspenseful twists and turns to keep us on our toes giving us an actual "Blazing" Hot read to satisfy all the senses!Lacey, Payton and the rest of class ( well most of them anyway) are an absolute treat to read about! You can feel the bond they all form, the connection between the arrogant but somehow makes it work Payton and Lacey is one that can tell right away is going to be good! Captain Jennings is one o [...]

    11. Lacey Nelson is the only woman to enroll in the fire academy, but this chick is not afraid, and is here to kick some bums. Her father was a firefighter who lost his life in 9-11, and her Mom hates the idea of her daughter doing anything dangerous, but she is going to give all she got.I loved Lacey she was a spitfire that didn't back down from all the guys, or the heat. Payton Cox is trying to prove to his Dad that he's got what it takes to become a firefighter and not be a failure. He is so full [...]

    12. Lacy and Payton meet at fire school under very unusual circumstances. (You need to read the book just to see how they met.) Payton is a jerk and Lacey can't tolerate him.When the captain of the fire school make them partners, they start to realize first impressions can be misleading. Lacey and Payton eventually start helping each other. Lacey realizes there is more to Payton than just an ex-jock trying to get laid. Payton finally realizes Lacey is totally different from the girls he's known in t [...]

    13. Lacey Nelson is excited to be a student at the Pemberton Fire Academy until her hot neighbor Payton introduces himself naked. The arrogant jerk thinks he's God's gift to women and the icing on the cake? Getting partnered up with Payton. Payton Cox was on a football scholarship at Brown University until his life became FUBAR so he decided to become a fire fighter. When Payton meets firecracker Lacey, he knows he has to have her but fellow student Ryan wants her too. Lacey and Payton go a date a [...]

    14. I absolutely loved the latest from Teagan Kade! When Lacey shows up Pemberton Fire Academy her goal is to be at the top when she makes it through, knowing it will be a testosterone ocean she is swimming in. What she never counted on was meeting that would change everything wearing nothing and throwing out the cheesiest pick-up lines. Payton is at Pemberton trying to prove that he is more than just a football player who screwed up. I loved the dynamic between Payton and Lacey, there are off the c [...]

    15. Another great story from Teagan Kade.Lacey is the only female at the elite fire Academy. A homecoming queen who wants to be so much more than what her mother and others Twenty her to be.Payton, a former college football star who was disgraced, and has bucked husband family business to become a firefighter and help others.The way Payton and Lacey meet will have you smiling and maybe laughing.Teagan again gives readers a strong female characters with conviction who wants to do something beyond wha [...]

    16. This book was merely okay. There was a ton of sex, which is always interesting in a story with the title and premise, but there was very little in the way of maturity and growth. The epilogues were absolutely necessary and the reason for a 3 star instead of a 2 star rating from me. I liked that they each helped one another with their weaknesses and that their relationship wasn't just physical, it just got a little overshadowed by all the hormonal posturing of 21 year old males. I actually though [...]

    17. This is another heartfelt story that sets the reader’s heart a blaze. Lacey is an alpha female thrust into a world dominated by alpha men to become a firefighter because she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps. She is working to be the top of her class but is concerned about where her tuition money will come from. Payton is the cocky, ex-football player with a trust fund expelled from his Ivy League university under the guise of a misunderstanding. From the onset Lacey and Payton seem [...]

    18. In my opinion Blaze was a great read. In my opinion the characters are intriguing. A lot of times I hate alpha males in this case Payton started off very badly, the more I read the more I came to like him. Payton is arrogant with a sweet side, he takes no crap and has his partners back.I loved Lacey from the start she is smart, strong and does things even when her mom doesn't want her to. When Payton and Lacey get together it's explosive and hot. Roxie Noir wrote suspenseful page turner. This is [...]

    19. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Oh phewght my fire Payton. This is one hot sexy story. Pemberton Fire Academy has a whole lot of new recruits. Now the fun begins. When only female recruit Lacey Nelson joins the Academy, she doesn't expect her new partner to be as hot as he is. So outgoing, sexy, cheeky and sooo revealing!!! Payton Cox loves to shock and now his next door room mate will be a challenge. Lacey thinks he is so full of himself even though he is sex on legs. [...]

    20. There were a lot of typos and mistakes, which is always annoying. The most glaring mistake is stating that Nelson’s father, a firefighter who died on 9/11, had no life insurance so she grew up in near poverty. If the author had done her homework correctly she would know that there were two funds set up following 9/11 that would have taken care of the Nelson Family. Billions were given via the Congressionally-enacted Victims Compensation Fund and surviving family members of the fallen first res [...]

    21. I have to say that this book was given a good name. They was a big blaze burning between Payton and Lacey from the first time that they meant. At first I thought that Payton was a huge idiot and I could not figure out why he was the main character in the book. Once the book continued you could see that Payton had a depth to him that he kept inside. That he just acted cocky on the outside to hide the hurt he felt on the inside. Lacey was trying to live up the hero her dad was. Once the book got u [...]

    22. Erhmigawd! Blaze is hawt!!! Payton and Lacey enroll at the fire academy, both against the wishes of parents but for different reasons. Payton is a cocky player and Lacey is a hardworking, good girl. Of course opposites attractThis story is fantastic! Not all about the romance/sex between the two main characters, although there are some really steamy moments. The plot explores the weaknesses of each character and how they compliment each other. We see the characters grow throughout the time at th [...]

    23. The sparks will fly with the emotions steamy in Teagan Kade's "Blaze"! Lacey and Payton are enrolled in the fire academy and meet under a bit of naked circumstances. Two people wanting to get through the fire academy, they get more than they bargained for while trying to complete the course. With both of them wanting to be a firefighter and aware of each other, the flames will lick the edges of a hot romance. Add in intrigue and suspense, and the the flames will be fanning until the last page. T [...]

    24. >>>>I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Review Copy of this book<<<< Payton Cox was on his last leg after disappointing his father and enrolling in the Pemberton Fire Academy to be a firefighter. His trust fund nor his previous experience as a football player could change his reputation as a player. Lacey Nelson enrolled in the fire academy to peruse a profession her father was. She is feisty and determined not to be the weakest link in her group of male figures. Payton an [...]

    25. Blaze takes place at a school training firefighters so that in itself is a bit different than most other romances. Payton and Lacey have a spark (no pun intended) from the moment they meet, both going against their family's wishes by choosing firefighting as a career. There are an assortment of good supporting characters, one of whom, naturally, enjoys fire just a little too much. There are lots of hot sex scenes, some dramatic tense moments, action, and suspense. The epilogue is especially plea [...]

    26. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.I think this is my favorite book by this author. It's hard because I love all her books but this one was truly great! First of all, Lacey is a badass!! Love how strong and independent she is!! Such a great heroine who isn't in need of rescuing. Payton, while an arrogant jerk at first, really became the charming and passionate man I believe he was all along. This is the first book I've read based in a firefighter academy, which I really [...]

    27. FABULOUS! That is not enough to express how good this book is. I loved the characters Payton and Lacey. They have such hot chemistry that it burned my iPad. Lol, They are so well developed and I loved how cocky but caring Payton was. He is all alpha male that you say to yourself dang I want one. Lacey is very confident and makes a great female lead that you wish you were her or had half her confidence. The story is extremely well written and the flow to the story is exceptional. Once you start y [...]

    28. Lacey’s dream is to be a Fire Fighter just like her Dad was, and when she is the only female in a class of alpha’s at the academy, she has her work cut out for her. Payton is determined to have Lacey, and they have an instant attraction. I loved the banter, which made this a fun read. This story is full of suspense, emotion, with twists, and is a passionate, sexy, and powerful storyline. Teagan has written an amazing story, which had me hooked and intrigued from the very beginning. I highly [...]

    29. Teagan Kade's book just keep getting better and better. This book is hands down my favorite. I know, I know, I say that about every book of hers, but it's the honest truth. Lacey and Payton are the ultimate couple. They are both driven to succeed, and both are quite taken by the other. This is a sweet romance that had me sucked in from the very first page. I loved how it had a bit of suspense in it, and how the book ended. It was nice to see that a man didn't feel threatened to have a girl be a [...]

    30. Lacey has been determined to follow in her father's footsteps as long as she can remember. Payton made a mistake in college and is now determined to do something good for the world. Instant attraction blooms, but Payton isn't the only one watching Lacey. Will they be able to make it through academy? Will Payton and Lacey be able to overcome their enemy?This was definitely a steamy read! Loved how Payton owned up to his mistakes and that he wanted to be better than he was. I thought that Lacey wa [...]

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