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Last Seen They are the perfect family But perfection is fragile Cal Hudson knows the world can be an ugly place As a reporter for a big Chicago newspaper Cal has journeyed into society s darkest corners to exp

  • Title: Last Seen
  • Author: Rick Mofina
  • ISBN: 9780778310990
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • They are the perfect family But perfection is fragile.Cal Hudson knows the world can be an ugly place As a reporter for a big Chicago newspaper, Cal has journeyed into society s darkest corners to expose the vilest crimes But the world he and his devoted wife, Faith, share with their son is much nicer They have made sure of it, creating a tranquil haven in suburban RivThey are the perfect family But perfection is fragile.Cal Hudson knows the world can be an ugly place As a reporter for a big Chicago newspaper, Cal has journeyed into society s darkest corners to expose the vilest crimes But the world he and his devoted wife, Faith, share with their son is much nicer They have made sure of it, creating a tranquil haven in suburban River Ridge to protect the person most precious to them.Until the unthinkable happens, and nine year old Gage vanishes.In a split second at a local carnival, the Hudsons storybook world begins unraveling A frantic search starts to uncover splinters in their carefully crafted facade, revealing buried secrets that cast just as much suspicion on Cal and Faith as any ill meaning stranger, and proving that the line between love and violence can disappear as suddenly as a child on a chaotic midway.

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    1. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States -- that's roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child "stranger abduction" cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.This is probably a parent's worst nightmare "if" they didn't have anything to do with the child's disappearance.Cal Hudson is a crime reporter. He's covered lots of stories, but never ever thought th [...]

    2. Wow, at over 500 + pages this book is more of a tome. Yet, the best part about reading a book or tome from Mr. Mofina is that the time flies when you are reading. Right away the story started out good. There is the intense moment when Faith and Cal's son, Gage goes disappearing through the Chamber of Horror amusement attraction. This is where the story gets its first twist. All of the characters are engaging as well as hold important parts in this story. The FBI actually acted like FBI. They wer [...]

    3. Last Seen by Rick Mofina – Book ReviewLast Seen by Rick Mofina (Harlequin, 2018, 544 pages, $9.99/7.99) opens with every parent’s nightmare. Cal and Faith Holden, their once fresh marriage beginning to falter on the shoals of his work as a journalist and hers as a publicist losing interest in him, have decided to attend the local carnival with their sensitive son, Cage. They enter The Chambers of Horror, a run of the mill fright house with ghosts, ghouls, killers, screams, lights, and gore. [...]

    4. Every parent's worst nightmareI have been a big fan of Rick Mofina for a few years. I really like his style of writing - clear, concise, current.In River Ridge, Illinois outside of Chicago Cal and Faith Hudson take their excited nine year-old son Gage to the carnival, where he wants to go through the The Chambers of Dread: America’s Biggest Traveling World of Horrors! His friends have dared each other to go to this attraction and, though nervous, Gage is excited too.While Gage and his parents [...]

    5. Last Seen by Rick Mofina is a highly recommended police procedural where everyone character and motives are in question and there is no clear suspect.Cal and Faith Hudson have taken their nine-year-old son, Gage, to the carnival where Gage is determined to go through The Chambers of Dread. Gage and his friends have all dared each other to go through the horror house, so he is excited. As the family goes through the horror house, they get separated at the end and all exit individually - but Gage [...]

    6. This is a spoiler-free reviewRead on In The SheetsAs a long time reader and fan of Rick Mofina's I was beyond excited to get my hands on this arc of Last Seen, his latest stand alone crime thriller that goes on sale Feb 27th.Anyone who knows Rick Mofina's work is familiar with the usual 3 or 4 book series that follows a crime reporter working to solve various cases they become entangled with. In this new stand alone, a crime reporter's family becomes the case instead. Last Seen follows Chicago [...]

    7. I received this book through the First Reads Program in exchange for an honest review.Cal Hudson, an investigative reporter, and his wife Faith, who works in PR, are taking their son to a travelling carnival that has set up near their home. Nine year old Gage is excited because his parents are taking him to see The Chambers of Dread. His friends have all dared each other to see who will be the bravest and walk through this horror attraction first. All three enter but only Cal and Faith emerge a [...]

    8. OK this is a good read with another of Rick Mofina's spectacular endings but I don't think it rates as one of his better stories. I didn't quite get the feeling that something sinister was about to happen that I usually get when reading a Mofina book. Perhaps it's just that I couldn't make myself like the MCs, Cal and Faith, at all and in fact the only characters that I really liked were Gage and the supposedly unlikeable Tibor Malko who I thought was a superb detective even if he had a bit of t [...]

    9. I got it yesterday and finished it late at night. It was that good. But then again, all Rick Mofina's books are engaging and highly entertaining.Last Seen is a mix of psychological thriller and whodunit mystery novel. When the son of two suburbia parents goes missing, all hell breaks loose, and fingers start to point in every direction including theirs. But could the parents be guilty of abducting their own child? Maybe both together? Or only one of them? If not, then who?I found the character o [...]

    10. Faith and Cal Hudson take their nine year old son to the carnival featuring a frightening house of horrors. Gage is determined to see the scary house but when Faith and Cal leave, Gage does not exit with them. He cannot be found. The police and FBI are called and before long, the lives of Faith and Cal are ripped apart and lies begin to emerge.An exciting tale, Last Seen leaves readers guessing. Where could Gage be? Is he still alive? It was difficult to put this book down because it was such a [...]

    11. I'm not typically a big fan of suspense novels with a strong police presence or novels that follow a detective but this book was a nice mixture of following the FBI throughout the case as well as the potential suspects. I wasn't particularly fond of any of the characters but that was okay because throughout the book Mofina has you questioning everyone's innocence. What I think I enjoyed most about Last Seen was that although it wasn't a short novel, it still didn't feel drawn out. Many times whi [...]

    12. Last Seen was written with just the right amount of twist and turns to keep the pages turning! Your child disappears and as parents you are suspected of being involved. Your lives are turned inside out and all your secrets are revealed. As the days pass, time is running out. Very good novel. I received my copy free from .

    13. wow this was a great mystery . these two had a lot of secrets there child goes missing at a carnival in the chamber of dread and they are the ones the police are looking at . they are very upset it broke my heart the parents are always the one they look at . there marriage is not good so it just keeps getting worse. loved it

    14. This is an imaginative thriller written by someone who clearly knows about investigative and police procedures. It is filled with all sorts of twists and turns that move quickly and that had me engrossed from the get go until the final page. A great read that I wholeheartedly recommend! I won a copy of this book in a giveaway for this honest review.

    15. I loved this book! A real page turner, very exciting. I could definitely see this book made into an action movie.

    16. Taut family thriller about a missing boy. A little melodramatic at times, but a solid suspense thriller. Easy to read, fast-paced and keeps you guessing.

    17. This was a really good book!!!! Totally on your toes the whole time thinking it was this person or this person!!!! Totally loved reading it!!

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