The Duchess: The Untold Story

The Duchess The Untold Story None

  • Title: The Duchess: The Untold Story
  • Author: Penny Junor
  • ISBN: 9780062471123
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
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      116 Penny Junor
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    One thought on “The Duchess: The Untold Story”

    1. Okay, when reviewing a biography, do you review the subject or the author? In Penny Junor's new biography, "The Duchess: The Untold Story", the subject, Camilla Parker Bowles, is certainly not widely liked, mainly for her perceived and actual interference in the marriage of Charles and Diana. Does the reader dislike the book because s/he dislikes Camilla? Certainly plenty of reviewers have given the book bad reviews because they loathe the book's subject. OR, should the reviewer keep an open min [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book as it gave me insight into a woman I know very little about but who is extremely influential in the nation. For me the book fell into three parts; the early years of Camilla's life and her relationship with Prince Charles in those days, next the whole Diana and Prince Charles disastrous marriage and Camilla's role in its disintegration or not and finally the story now and the many charities that Camilla supports and how she supports them. I found that I got rather bogg [...]

    3. 3.5 starsJust from picking up the book you can tell what you are in for. Penny Junor the author, is captured in a photo on the back of the book with Prince Charles smiling and charmed by him. So it was no shock that in my second time reading Junor that her opinions where going to dominate the book, based on who she likes. In writing that, it is still a fascinating read. I learnt Camilla is an admit book lover, a great mother and a patron for many wonderful charities. The beginning half of the bo [...]

    4. Explosive biography! There is nothing explosive about this book. It was ok but too much repeating stories of other "royal" books. If you are a Camilla fan then this book is for you but for Diana's fans not so much. All in one not much we didn't know before!!

    5. I think it best to wait for a writer who is not so enamored of her subject: Camilla Duchess of Cornwall. And not only that Junor admitted she has a "soft spot" for Prince Charles and has derided the late Princess Diana in just about every royal book she has written (since 1998). This book is a lot like the 1998 book Charles Victim or Villain in that she blames Diana for it all and praises Charles and Camilla to the skies. She also is known to have socialized with the Prince of Wales and his wife [...]

    6. I didn't really have much of an opinion of Camilla Parker Bowles before this novel, but I guess if I had to commit to a viewpoint it would have been largely negative. this book completely brought me around as it tells the inside story of CPB and the Prince of Wales, and is very sympathetic to her and their relationship. It's hard to imagine being inside their world, but as far as these things go she seems like a pretty good person in a rough situation who has made the best of it, and really a fa [...]

    7. This is a review about the book and in no way my opinion or feelings towards its subject Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, simply because the author forgot that this was supposed to be a book or a story rather about Camilla and not Prince Charles or even a platform to spew venomous hatred that Penny Junor carries towards Late Princes Diana.Right from the start of the book, it's apparent that Junor had set out with the agenda of trying to rehabilitate the image of the Prince and the Duchess. sadl [...]

    8. This book is such an interesting surprise. It was so good and I enjoyed every page including the preface and introduction, you don't want to skip that. I found that the book had a ton of research done on it and the information was not the usual stuff that is published. It was about so much more than I was expecting. It was about all the royals, not just Camilla. I do wish my copy had pictures ,that would have been cool. The book is going to appeal to everyone who is interested in the Royal famil [...]

    9. Interesting book that provides some insight into that most peculiar family, the Windsors, and the difficulty others face in dealing with them - even when loved by one of them. Such an odd, odd bunch, truly. Penny Junor writes well, but she moves from 'I'm telling the hard truth' mode to near-sycophancy in very short order. I guess it's also tricky to be a royal commentator and biographer, too. Not sorry I read it, though.

    10. There is a lot of re-telling of old stories about Charles, Diana the Queen etc. There a couple of chapters just describing the work of the charities that Camilla supports. Its an easy read, but I don't really feel that I know anything new about Camilla.

    11. I enjoyed reading this.Very well researched. It was so nice to read Camilla's story and get to see the other side of the story. There's always two sides and this book puts everything in place for us. I can see I'll to read more of Penny Junior's Royal Family books.

    12. I learned a lot about Camilla and Charles that seems to have been ignored by the media of the time. An interesting read.

    13. An impressive lady, amazing the things she has gone through for the love of her life. A great read.

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