Iubirea nu e de ajuns

Iubirea nu e de ajuns Dup zeci de ani de cercet ri clinice dedicate cogni iilor automate negative care sub ntind anxietatea depresia ori tulbur rile de alimenta ie p rintele psihoterapiei cognitive atac un nou domeniu ce

  • Title: Iubirea nu e de ajuns
  • Author: Aaron T. Beck Ioana Pricop
  • ISBN: 9789737076731
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dup zeci de ani de cercet ri clinice dedicate cogni iilor automate negative care sub ntind anxietatea, depresia ori tulbur rile de alimenta ie, p rintele psihoterapiei cognitive atac un nou domeniu cel al rela iilor de cuplu Psihiatrul i psihoterapeutul Aaron T Beck demonstreaz ntr un stil limpede i conving tor c ne n elegerile conjugale se datoreaz aproape nDup zeci de ani de cercet ri clinice dedicate cogni iilor automate negative care sub ntind anxietatea, depresia ori tulbur rile de alimenta ie, p rintele psihoterapiei cognitive atac un nou domeniu cel al rela iilor de cuplu Psihiatrul i psihoterapeutul Aaron T Beck demonstreaz ntr un stil limpede i conving tor c ne n elegerile conjugale se datoreaz aproape ntotdeauna unor a tept ri nerealiste sau unor proiec ii exagerate, rupte de realitate n aceast carte, la fel de util pentru consilierii maritali, ca i pentru parteneri, Beck arat n ce fel lipsa de comunicare i nefericirea pot fi comb tute apel nd la tehnicile accesibile ale terapiei cognitive, precum re ncadrarea, dialogul interior, umorul sau respingerea mecanismelor disfunc ionale, precum personalizarea, g ndirea n alb i negru ori catastrofarea De i iubirea este o for puternic , ea n sine nu asigur substan a unei rela ii Calit ile personale speciale sunt esen iale pentru o rela ie fericit dedicare, sensibilitate, generozitate, loialitate, responsabilitate, ncredere Partenerii trebuie s coopereze, s accepte compromisuri, s ia i s respecte deciziile mpreun Trebuie s fie flexibili, receptivi i iert tori, s i tolereze reciproc gre elile, imperfec iunile i ciud eniile Cultivarea n timp a acestor virtu i duce la dezvoltarea i maturizarea c sniciei Aaron T BeckC nd va fi scris istoria complet a psihiatriei, m a tept ca numele lui Aaron T Beck s i g seasc locul al turi de marii pionieri Freud, Kraepelin, Beluler i Jung To i au contribuit enorm la aducerea suferin ei psihologice dintr o zon complet ntunecat ntr una de penumbr Martin E P SeligmanAaron T Beck n 1921 , considerat fondatorul psihoterapiei cognitive, este profesor emerit al Departamentului de Psihiatrie al Universit ii din Pennsylvania Interesat n special de domeniul depresiei i anxiet ii, este coautor al volumului Puterea integratoare a psihoterapiei cognitive Editura Trei, 2011.

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      344 Aaron T. Beck Ioana Pricop
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    One thought on “Iubirea nu e de ajuns”

    1. This book came up on hoopla as a new release. I was excited because I love Beck, so much, and love to read anything he writes. I will never forget sitting in class while a professor told us about Beck's CBT work on schizophrenia happening right down the hall from where we sat. It was unthinkable at the time that CBT could help with such a serious condition as schizophrenia. And from all of the evidence pouring in, it looked (and still does) like CBT might work as well as meds for some people. Kn [...]

    2. Relationships change after you have been together for a long time. The excitement during the early stage of infatuation often serves as a standard by which couples judge the later stages of their marriage. The hurts, quarrels, and petty frustrations stand in stark contrast to the euphoria of the courtship period. Many people can't relinquish their early image of what marriage should be like—which promotes later disillusionment with their spouse and the relationship itself.Once infatuation wear [...]

    3. One of the main challenges in marriage are the unwritten rules/expectations that each spouse has for the other – everything from how to give and receive love, to how much time one is allowed with friends, to the proper way to raise children, to how much time to spend with the in-laws on vacation, to any other number of things. Expectations that are never voiced allowed create havoc in a relationship precisely because they go unspoken. Furthermore, they lead to criticisms about the other person [...]

    4. I am giving this book 5 stars because it contains, what I feel is, crucial information on how to deal with a very common issue in relationships. I do feel that this 400 page book would have been much better as a 200 page book. However, since Chapter #1 – The Power Of Negative Thinking and Chapter #13 – Changing Your Own Distortions are so vital and crucial for a healthy relationship it gets 5 stars.

    5. If you're into Cognitive Therapy, and if you want to use it to treat couples, this is a good book to read. Aaron Beck founded CBT, and while I disagree with the fundamental worldview on which it rests, some of its techniques are useful in treating clients. It's an enjoyable read for someone with an interest in the mental health field, but if you're someone struggling with a troubled marriage, I would encourage you to check out John Gottman instead.

    6. I truely believe that if I had not read this book, my marraige would have failed. I broke the cycle of disfunctional living by following the advice in this book and others. I highly recommend it for anyone about to get married.

    7. I read this in preparation for CBT with couples, which I have yet to truly encounter. I found it fascinated and learned a lot about relationships overall and how easy it is to misconstrue and misinterpret those little things, making them in to big things.

    8. This book is amazing,it is a psychological book that tells the truth about relationship and helps you sort out why your relationship has problems awesome book

    9. I really like self-help books. This book is great in helping to overcome marriages little problems which we all have. It is helping me to see what I can do to become a better communicator.

    10. A relationship manual for couples. It addresses many of the common problems in relationships and offers suggestions for improvement of those relationships.

    11. good book for couples having problems - gets a little technical at times but if you skip the chapters that don't apply it can be helpful

    12. Its a very good self help book for couples who seriously want to work on their relationships to resolve conflicts and strengthen the marital bond.The author emphasizes that one has to work on three basic pillars of the marriage - commitment, loyalty and trust. Love and intimacy are always the by-product of mutual understanding, sensitivity, empathy, commitment, loyalty and trust. When you consider you and your spouse as a team working for the same goals, much of the hostility wanes out. What I l [...]

    13. Plublished in 1988, the examples in this book are slightly outdated and do not account for technology's influence on relationships. With this in mind I think there are lessons on this book that can help everyone in all walks of life and in any type of relationship because it focuses on cognitive therapy. "Learning to recognize your automatic thoughts is a skill that can be mastered. Though proficiency requires practice and persistence acquiring this skill, you can get a grasp of the inner workin [...]

    14. 3.5 stars. Being a therapist trained in CBT, this book was redundant to me. However, I think from a non-therapist view this could help someone change their own thinking about their relationship and give them the ability to problem solve prior to seeking couples or individual therapy. It is well written and the concepts are easy to grasp from the narration and examples given. I think it could’ve been written more concisely and was too wordy and lengthy at times.

    15. Good but too agedThis book was recently republished but its contents strongly belong to the decade it was written. It has many lessons, but also the strong feel of the 70's asymmetrically divided power in marriage. I'm a big fan of ATB but I didn't like his therapeutic interventions in this book. Much of those felt like he was telling his clients what to do, and not the guided learning typical of CBT.

    16. Wow, this almost put me off relationships :)) they are a difficult and complex issue once the initial infatuation wears out, and a lot of soul-searching, negotiations, changes and compromises are sometimes required to make it work. This is a very good and thorough book that helps people navigate the occasionally turbid waters of a relationship - any close relationship, in fact, although the book talks about married couples.

    17. After nearly five years together, my girlfriend left a few months ago. When I looked back at the relationship honestly, I noticed a troubling pattern - my actions, reactions, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors either either caused or significantly worsened most of our problems (often both). That's not to say that my ex didn't play her part, just that I saw clearly my own failures and realized I wasn't very good at being a good partner, and was often the source of my own unhappiness. In order to h [...]

    18. Good for professionals, and I would recommend it for clients, and despite being published in 1988, this has held up through the test of time.This boom details how to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to improve marital relationships. It is for the layperson, and filled with quizzes and step by step directions for how to target and change thoughts and behaviors.At close to 400 pages, I did find parts of the book repetitive and did think it could be a bit shorter, though I am coming at it from a pr [...]

    19. A year ago, an ex with whom I has was about to end recommended me this book. On that occasion I did not read it . we finished .I read it today and I did not really like it.The books that bring "cooking recipes" I do not like.Books that bring so many examples that you lose the thread of what is being said, I do not like.I think that before applying what comes in the book you have to define:- What do you expect from life? Maybe you want to be alone.- Who are you really? Many of your relationship p [...]

    20. My family is very familiar with Cognitive Behavior Therapy or rather my husband has had CBT therapy and I have had DBT training and our child has had a mixture of both because of us. This book made alot of sense to us. We have a strong marriage but we can always use more tools and neither of us ever thought to go back to our training to help resolve conflicts. It certainly will be used more in the future! I did listen to this as an audiobook and was able to follow along because of my familiarity [...]

    21. Qué es lo que tratamos de decir y qué es lo que nuestra pareja entiende? Mucho más complejo de lo que creemos. La comunicación defectuosa es una de las principales causas de ruptura. Si se detecta a tiempo y se habla más para describir lo que damos a entender tanto con el lenguaje hablado y actitudes se puede llegar a una relación de pareja más armoniosa. Me ha ayudado en lo personal para concientizar las fallas en transmitir el mensaje que deseo hacia mi pareja y a su vez a hacer el ejer [...]

    22. The content is a little heavy. I felt like I was in a therapy session (which makes sense because the author is a psychiatrist). I did enjoy this book though because it helped me to better understand what our brain is doing when trying to resolve conflicts in a relationship. He also offers several suggestions on how to overcome those conflicts and misunderstandings. He provides several case studies to back up his suggestions.

    23. Despite the rather corny title, I hold out some hope that the author may have some feasible tips for communication. This is basically about overcoming problems faced by many (most?) couples.

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