A Woman of Egypt

A Woman of Egypt This is an autobiography by Jehan Sadat widow of Anwar el Sadat tracing her early life in Cairo where she had a middle class Egyptian upbringing to when she was and fell in love with a divorced

  • Title: A Woman of Egypt
  • Author: Jehan Sadat
  • ISBN: 9780743237086
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an autobiography by Jehan Sadat, widow of Anwar el Sadat, tracing her early life in Cairo where she had a middle class Egyptian upbringing, to when she was 17 and fell in love with a divorced revolutionary She recounts how she and Anwar Sedat overcame her parents objections to their marriage and how she was soon the wife of a rising political leader who was an inThis is an autobiography by Jehan Sadat, widow of Anwar el Sadat, tracing her early life in Cairo where she had a middle class Egyptian upbringing, to when she was 17 and fell in love with a divorced revolutionary She recounts how she and Anwar Sedat overcame her parents objections to their marriage and how she was soon the wife of a rising political leader who was an intimate of President Nasser When the President died unexpectedly, Anwar Sedat succeeded him Thus Jehan Sedat began her life as wife of a political leader and tells of how she was the first wife of a Muslim leader to have her picture in a newspaper, to travel alone outside her own country and to take up public causes Her courageous achievements in a world dominated by men and strict cultural traditions included reforming the divorce laws, setting up co operatives for peasant women, nursing wounded veterans from Egypt s wars with Israel and supporting her husband who was under continuous attack Her story concludes with the events surrounding her husband s assassination by right wing fundamentalists.

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    One thought on “A Woman of Egypt”

    1. I learned so much about Egypt, the difficulties Egypt has endured, the limitations Arab women have been under, the Muslim religion, and the author's husband Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt for 11 years until his assassination in 1981. But, even more amazing are the many things Jehan did to help Egyptian women (and women everywhere)--all the volunteer work for the less fortunate she had undertaken, the key work she had done in reforming Egypt's civil rights laws, which granted Egyptian women a va [...]

    2. 8/10. Jehan Sadat is an incredible woman. I learned a lot about Egypt and the Middle East that I didn't know- especially during this time period. I was able to see Islam through a more personal lens than I have in the past, which was enlightening (at least, for an Egyptian Sunni don't know how much enlightening I could take of some other sorts). It was a great commentary on marriage. How marriages differ in different cultures, and how they don't. The way that these two peoples differences really [...]

    3. This was an amazing book by a fabulous and inspiring woman. Having been born in 1988, I have to admit I didn't know much about Anwar el-Sadat & his family besides that he used to be the Egyptian (is that right?) president, but I like reading biographies of strong women and his widow definitely seemed like one. I wasn't disappointed. Reading about her life, her love for her husband and country and her dedication to the well-being of people in general made me adore her and want to live up to h [...]

    4. This was a fascinating book about the first lady of Egypt in the 70's & early 80's, until her husband, Anwar Sadat, was assassinated by his own army officers. Jehan Sadat is an articulate, educated & interesting woman who experienced turbulent times in Egypt and the Middle East first hand, including the Arab Israeli wars and the peace efforts of Jimmy Carter, Sadat & the president at the time of Israel. Really terrific history book. I'll have to finish it some time. another book I ow [...]

    5. One of my favorite biographies. I read this for book club the same month "Desert Storm" war started. It is a great description of the Arab-Israeli conflict from an Arab perspective. It is also an amazing story of her husband Anwar Sedat. He was an amazing man who did a daring and dangerous thing by wanting peace with Israel. Hes was there "for such a time as this"A wonderful book about the people/history of the Egyptian people and the Israeli and Arabic conflict. Loved it. What a WOMAN!!!

    6. This was was wonderful to read. Mrs. Anwar Sadat tells the story of her meeting and marrying her husband Anwar Sadat. There is much here to be gleaned about culture, politics, romance, devotion to husband and country. I especially took note of her observance of two great people from the Old Testament who were both descendants of Abraham but who would and did go on in their lives to separate the entire world. The culmination of that separation is at hand in our world today. Fascinating woman who [...]

    7. I read this about the same time I read Leah Rabin's biography about her husband. The lessons learned about two men who sacrificed their lives to seek peace in the Middle East continue to resonate. Jehan Sadat's book is partially her biography and partially her husband's, Anwar Sadat. I found this fascinating because it provides a history of how she and her husband rose to prominence and offers insights on the culture of Egypt. I enjoyed this thoroughly.

    8. Loved it, loved it, loved it. This was not an "easy read" as it was heavily involved in culture, religion and politics. But it was fascinating and thought-provoking. This book is Jehan Sadat's autobiography. She is the widow of Anwar Sadat, the former President of Egypt assassinated at the hands of his own Army in October 1981. It gives such insight into the religious and political struggle in the Arab lands.

    9. Jehan Sadat was a strong and faithful woman who, as the first lady of Egypt, worked tirelessly to lift women from oppression through education, empowerment, community programs, and law reform. Her detailed descriptions of Egypt brought me back to the special time we lived there. In addition to her own autobiography, she weaves in history of the Middle East and explains the tenants of Islam. This is a book I would love to have on my personal library bookshelf. A woman I look up to!

    10. So far it's been interesting to read about this book written in 87 and to compare it to today and what is happening in the Middle East.I really enjoyed this book. I loved learning more about Islam and understanding her perspective on the peace treaty her husband made with Israel. I truly recommend this book to everyone.

    11. I love this book! Once again, I read this novel a few years after returning from Egypt. Ironically, when we flew home from Cairo, Jehan Sadat was on the plane in first class - no wonder security was tight. But, I really enjoyed her book and the role she has played provide Egyptian Women more rights and respect.

    12. Very readable and inspiring story of Jehan Sedat, wife of former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. Interesting look into women's issues and one woman's work to help others rise above current circumstances.

    13. This was an amazing look into the life of a moderate Muslim woman who spent her life (with her husband) pushing for peace and women's rights in Egypt. It helps to shed light on where the Islamic fundamental extremists came from and how moderate Muslims have opposed them.

    14. I gained a lot of respect for Jahan Sadat. She was a devout Moslim and a wonderful leader for the women in her country. I will never forget her husband's bravery when he went to Israel for the first time -- waht a marvelous example of a peacemaker.

    15. I really enjoyed this book. I learned so much about the Egypt of the 50s, through the 70s, as well as the wonderful Sadat family.

    16. Absolutely fascinating! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn different perspectives about the middle east.

    17. An informative, albeit biased, look at the history and culture of Egypt, this book is an easy start to modern middle-eastern happenings. Jehan Sadat is an amazing woman married to an important man.

    18. I really liked this book. Very interesting to see the US from a different perspective and Egypt's first lady's view of events during Sadat's presidency.

    19. I have learnt so much about Egypt, culture, women and men in Egypt. Romance, politics, culture and religion all together. Great reading!!

    20. This is mostly a biography of her husban, Anwar Sadat. It is a great book. I laways love hearing the perspective of the wife or close family member. I see Egypt in a new light.

    21. I gained tremendous respect for Jehan Sadat and thought the book provided insight to Egypt, the Sadat's relationship with each and an Arab's perspective to what was happening at that time.

    22. I found this woman truly inspiring! It took me awhile to read it (non fiction), but it was well worth the time.

    23. I love biographies. It was fascinating. It made me want to be stronger, not afraid of the dark and able to function well in stressful situations.

    24. Just started this one this evening. I have heard very good things about this book so am anxious to find out for myself.

    25. Autobiography of Anwar Sadat's widow. I enjoyed it both as a personal story and because I learned alot about Egypt.

    26. A fascinating story about a time and place I know little about. A brave intelligent woman. Very inspiring.

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