Dragon's First Christmas

Dragon s First Christmas This book can be read as a standalone Virgil didn t mean to sneeze and burn down the Christmas tree But it was hot and bright and pretty His parents Rose and Henry are exasperated Raising a baby d

  • Title: Dragon's First Christmas
  • Author: Emily Martha Sorensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book can be read as a standalone Virgil didn t mean to sneeze and burn down the Christmas tree But it was hot, and bright, and pretty His parents, Rose and Henry, are exasperated Raising a baby dragon is hard enough now they have to worry about their safety Can they solve this problem in time for Christmas A 14,000 word G rated new adult fantasy.

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    1. I enjoyed this amusing and practical novella which makes adopting a baby dragon seem almost normal. Think of a zookeeper bringing home a wild animal cub and set it in 1920s New York. Rose and her husband Henry have hatched a dragon from a museum's clutch of supposedly fossil eggs, and wish to raise the youngster as their child. With Christmas approaching, the dragonlet burns down the Christmas tree. Clearly they'll all have to make changes for safety. Enjoy. This is third in a well-written serie [...]

    2. While I did read this as a standalone (not having read the previous books in the series), it did take me a few pages to catch onto a few things. Like I thought there was some confusing "head hopping" going on in the first bit, only to figure out that the dragon was telepathic and literally putting his thoughts in the main character's head. I think if I'd started from the beginning, that would've been less disconcerting, so I'd suggest reading them in order rather than hopping in at the third lik [...]

    3. Dragon's First Christmas by Emily Martha Sorensen is the third book in her Dragon Eggs series about Rose and her new family. The book is told in third-person with Rose as the main character. It is well-written and a fun fantasy story about life with a baby dragon to raise.Recommended to fans of the series, those who enjoy sweet fantasy stories and adorable baby dragons!

    4. I got this from the author in exchange for a honest review. I enjoyed reading it. I like the authors imagination and am a fan of this authors writing. It had a good story to it. I look forward to the next book by this author.

    5. Book ReviewTitle: Dragon's First ChristmasAuthor: Emily Martha SorensenGenre: FantasyRating: *****Review: The opening chapter to Dragon's First Christmas was great, we see Virgil lighting Rose and Henry's Christmas tree on fire. Virgil is Deinonychus antirrhopus baby dragon who hatched out of an egg at a museum who now lives with Henry and Rose. Despite this being a very short story I found myself really enjoying the story. Rose and Henry are struggle to cope with raising a baby dragon for the s [...]

    6. I was given this book to review a little while ago and it got to the pile up of to read books I have. I decided I best read it. It was an enjoyable little read as most of Emily's books are. She has a vivid imagination and I enjoy her books alot. Looking forward to reading more. They are more for children, but its nice once in awhile to have a light hearted book to read.

    7. The title of this particular short story holds so much promise and different suggestions as to what it could possibly be about that it is hard to guess, especially if you hadn't read any of the other books. And so it was with some joy that I was happy to find that it was one of those ever-present Christmas stories that showcase troubles being overcome by the victorious family unit even when its members may be abnormal from each other as well as stress-inducing. Unfortunately since I haven't read [...]

    8. Dragon's First Christmas is an adorable story of a newborn Dragon hatched in present day. You think the trials of having a toddler in the house for their first Christmas is trying, how about a young dragon?! How do you keep him from getting into the Christmas tree? Where does he sleep and play? What does he eat? Does he spit fire yet?This writer has a different style of writing due to the nature of the story, but it does not take long to get used to it. A great, lighthearted story for any age. A [...]

    9. A Quick and Cute Christmas tale For all ages. This story has a sweet premise and parallels a new parent with a first child Christmas. Togetherness, love and family are woven through for a nice read.

    10. A cute story. The baby dragon's parents are human. I enjoyed "watching" Rose as she tries to dragon proof their apartment.

    11. Loved it! I haven't been a young adult in a long time but I so enjoyed this book. What an exceptional idea!

    12. This is a cute story about an ancient dragon egg that science has managed to hatch. The baby dragon, Virgil, is being raised by human "parents". Little Virgil sleeps in a non-operative oven to insure that the little sparks he snorts in his sleep don't damage the apartment building the family lives in. One night, Virgil escapes from his bed and burns down the Christmas tree. He's thrilled at the beauty of it, but it's the start of all kinds of problems for his parents. I enjoyed reading about Vir [...]

    13. Book number 3 in the Dragon Eggs series. You will need to read them in order to completely understand the story.These books aren't long so if you're looking for a story to read your children or just a quick light read for yourself without any adult themes this is for you.In this book the baby dragon Virgil has gotten bigger and his human adoptive parents have moved in together after having been married the day he was born.It's an amusing tale of two newly weds trying to get to know each other an [...]

    14. What sweet little book. This is the 3rd book in the series. These books are short but lovely. If you have not read book one and 2 go get them all. They written with love and have so much warmth you can feel it.This is Virgil’s first Christmas and he starts it off with a bright and warm tree. As new parents Rose and Henry are having their own problems. Newly married and a newborn in 1920, this is also the height of women trying to set out on their own but Henry is so old fashioned sometimes it [...]

    15. Rose and Henry are learning the hard way that taking care of a growing baby dragon is not easy. Little Virgil is cute but feisty. And VERY DAMANDING! I love seeing how Virgil is growing and changing. As Rose and Henry reach out to anybody who can help them, it is Rose's mom who has the easy answers. I love this series, but I wish Rose and Henry would stop acting like brats and learn to work together. The Christmas spirit might just be what this little family needs. I loved how we got to see a gl [...]

    16. Virgil is a dragon with human parents who are trying to raise him in an apartment in NYC in 1920. Rose and Henry are college students raising Virgil. They are learning as they go. So far they've learn Virgil is fascinated by the Christmas tree and that does not go well. He is also eating a lot and they need to find out why and where can they put him to sleep.What an imaginative, creative, interesting story! I loved it. It was fun to hear Virgil's thoughts and how he communicates. I liked Rose an [...]

    17. Although it says that this book is standalone able, I was very confused at some points. Sure, all my questions were answered at some point, but it was still not as much fun as it might have been if I understood more. Other than that, this book was a little boring, which I hadn't been expecting. I've read Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy by this author and liked that much more. I have to say, this book only gets a two star rating in my eyes.(I enjoyed that Virgil is a bad listener.)

    18. Very cute story. The baby dragon captured my heart and the concept of being a parent to a baby dragon is totally intriguing.I definitely want to read the other books in this series.Sex - noneViolence - noneLanguage - noneReligion - none

    19. What an adorable and pleasant read! Ms. Sorensen has done it again – she has provided another short read that is full of innocence, yet full of intrigue.Even though this is the third book in the Dragon Eggs series, it can be read as a standalone. Each character in this quick read is likable, the plot flows well from one scene to the next, and the writing is impeccable. I honestly cannot find anything ‘wrong’ or any ‘issues’ in this read.Virgil, the dragon, is my favorite character in a [...]

    20. I enjoyed this novella about Rose, Henry, and Virgil. I have not read any other books in the series, but there was enough detail that I didn't feel too lost. I do think this book would play better for preteens. Rose and Henry are trying to raise a dragon. As you might imagine, raising said dragon in an apartment is not going well. They have had to disassemble the oven to give Virgil a safe place to sleep, safe for the apartment that is, and are trying to give him a real Christmas complete with t [...]

    21. Rearing children is a challenge; more so if the infant is of a previously extinct species that doesn't come with a training manual. Set in 1920, Rose, as a woman wanting an education, was fighting numerous challenges even before the dragon egg adopted her as his mother. But now she is married and, although her husband graciously "lets" her remain in college, he has certain expectations of which "chores"--such as darning his socks--should be in her realm of responsibility. And Virgil is crawling [...]

    22. "I hope the next dragon to hatch will be as lucky, Rose thought. I hope he or she will be as cherished."How can one be a paleontologist, a wife and a mother to the first dragon born in millennia? Rose was beginning to wonder as Virgil played the Christmas Tree game until it barely survived, ate them out of house and home, scared the landlord that he slept in the oven because it had become the safest place for him to be. And then there was Henry, almost as demanding. But was Virgil better off tha [...]

    23. A fun read that gets you hooked into the fantastic sweet story!The third book of the series, Dragon's First Christmas was fun to read. Henry and Rose are raising their baby which just happens to be a dragon (Virgil) who communitcates with his "father" and "mother" telepathically and reacts just like a human baby with tantrums etc. This series gets you hooked from the first book to this one leaving you with another ending just begging for number 4 in the series. As new "parents" they suffer the p [...]

    24. Dragon's First by Emily Martha Sorensen. 4 StarsThis is the 3rd book of the series and I would recommend reading the first 2 to really get the gist of how cute and funny the whole series is.Virgil is too cute in here, lol. And man is the little guy impatient especially when he's hungry. Poor Rose and Harry have their hands full when he starts snorting, it usually leads to fire. Oh and I don't know which was funnier, him burning down the Christmas tree or when they get stuck at her parents house [...]

    25. 2.5 stars. This short story is the third book in the Dragon Eggs series. It can be read as a standalone, but it will be confusing for new readers as to why two humans are raising a baby dragon. While it is a nice little side story to the series, the characters seem flat and not very interesting in this story. Rose seems very discontent with Henry and their "roles" in their marriage. And this overshadows what could be a cute story. I don't recommend this book if you haven't read the earlier books [...]

    26. Waiting with baited breath for the next installment.Virgil is growing, Henry is learning, Rose is learning.These small bites paint a wonderful picture of the trials of raising a member of an extinct species. An extinct species who's survival depends on how committed his parents are and how long their patience lasts.Emily Martha Sorensen gives us a time and place that is painted so that we can be there for the story, not lost in a tangent or a color.I want more. I'll just have to be patient knowi [...]

    27. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book and it was awesome loved this little dragon and he loved the Christmas tree it was so pretty and bright. Virgil had to sneezed he did not mean to but then fire came out and the tree just went up in flames and he was so sorry sad and did not know what to do he apologized to his parents but felt so bad for this big problems he had so what are Virgil Rose and Henry what are they to do to protect his wife and himself and there dragon they l [...]

    28. Received an ARC from the author. A delightful story of baby dragon Virgil's first Christmas. Virgil is a 2 month old dragon living with his human parents Rose and Henry. Being a dragon, Virgil sometimes chars things, namely the family Christmas tree, so he sleeps in the disconnected oven so as not to get into mischief. Rose and Henry as all new parents are not sure what to do. They talk to several experts without any solutions. It's not until Christmas Eve at Rose's parents house that they reali [...]

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