Smoulder Fated for love or fated to fight Dragon shifter Rafael Hart one of three elite Dragonsworn guards will not accept failure He must protect the royal family from any and all threats including their a

  • Title: Smoulder
  • Author: Cecilia Lane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fated for love or fated to fight Dragon shifter Rafael Hart, one of three elite Dragonsworn guards, will not accept failure He must protect the royal family from any and all threats, including their ancient enemy dragon slayers When one infiltrates their lair, it s his job to destroy the threat even if her scent is as enticing as her lush curves Lola Moreau hails fFated for love or fated to fight Dragon shifter Rafael Hart, one of three elite Dragonsworn guards, will not accept failure He must protect the royal family from any and all threats, including their ancient enemy dragon slayers When one infiltrates their lair, it s his job to destroy the threat even if her scent is as enticing as her lush curves Lola Moreau hails from a line of dragon slayers, but her quiet life producing weapons for the cause is thrown into disarray with the threat of an arranged marriage Seeking to prove her new weapons are too valuable to discontinue her work, Lola sneaks into dragon territory to test them Her mission goes spectacularly wrong when she s captured by an irresistible foe Despite her upbringing, Lola can t help warming to the sexy dragon who keeps her close The heat between them is undeniable and makes her question everything she thinks she knows about shifters When an old threat returns to wreak havoc, Rafe must determine if Lola is behind the latest attacks And if she can be trusted, which way will she turn when she s caught between the man she s grown to love and the family that wants to destroy him

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      248 Cecilia Lane
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    One thought on “Smoulder”

    1. I am a dragon FangirlI made a mistake and read the third book in this series first, but immediately went and got number one and two. Short, fun, sexy reads with some danger and lots of heart. I am really glad I found the series.

    2. Title:  Smoulder   Series: Dragonsworn #1Release Date: #AlreadyReleasedAuthor: Cecilia LaneReviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Serial: Standalone, No Cliffhanger  Genre:#PRN #DragonShifters #Slayers#5Stars☆☆☆☆☆••••••••••••••     Wow this was different and I loved it. The book catches you from the first page, to the end taking you on the ride of your life. Oh Yes "DragShifterrific".     Lola Moreau is a Human Dragon Slayer she wishes. If she wasn't [...]

    3. Rafe has finally fulfilled his life's destiny, he has become a dragonsworn. His duty to protect the royal baby. Lola has spent her whole life knowing how evil dragon shifters are, they will name, destroy and kill anything in their way, all she wants is to protect other humans from the dragon abominations. When her brothers won't let her fight, she sneaks out to kill a dragon on her own, but when the dragon she tries to kill saves her life, she may have to rethink what she's been taught her whole [...]

    4. DragonswornThis is a good read and an entertaining series opener. Rafe is a Dragon shifter and the leader of a team of Dragon guards assigned to protect the heir. When a woman breaks into the tower where the royal family lives, Rafe corners her near an upper floor balcony. He the watches as she leaps into space. Lola Moreau is a slayer, indoctrinated from birth. Her only hope of avoiding an unwanted marriage is to prove her worth by testing scale penetrating bullets she's developed. To do that, [...]

    5. I have read quite a lot of shifter books, dragons especially and I have to say this one is up there with the top, an emotional rollercoaster of guilt, betrayal, love and Drama. Rafe and Lola story was a great series starter, with introducing the characters, the story setting and explaining a little bit of the story to come. I absolutely enjoyed the hell out of this book, seriously couldn't but it down and only took me a little while to read it. from page one to the end I was plagued with questio [...]

    6. Rafe is a dragon shifter who just received the highest honor of protecting the heir. Lola is from a family of dragon slayers and she wants to prove her worth by testing her weapons on an actual dragon. She and Rafe are thrown together but fight their attraction because they are supposed to be sworn enemies. They grow closer and starting seeing different sides of their enemy. When things eventually come to a head they have to figure out who's side they're on. This was short, sexy and fun. Though [...]

    7. This is the first time I've read this author. The cover drew me in, and the idea of dragon/slayer romance. But from the start I was not clear on the ages of the main characters. Lola seems young, and her storming the tower is a bit…unbelievable. I was hoping for a more kickass Buffy the Slayer type, but Lola has no training at all. She's just stuck in an environment where women aren't valued for anything but marriage. I’m disappointed that it didn't go the way I thought. The world seemed a b [...]

    8. I love shifter stories especially dragon shifters. “Smoulder” is an exciting fun story. Rafe is a dragon shifter who is in charge of protecting the heir. Lola is a dragon slayer who is trying to prove her worth to her family by killing a dragon. She has been brought up to believe that dragon shifters are evil monsters that must be destroyed. When Lola infiltrates the dragon shifters headquarters she is apprehended . When she tries to escape, Rafe saves her from a deadly fall. Instead of exec [...]

    9. Surprised This was a very nice read. No cliffhangers :-) for me that is huge. The story is about not accepting other species or even knowing much about them. Then finding out you were wrong. If you want a quick read, this is your book. As an avid reader it is worth the purchase.

    10. Burning fireLove can be found in different ways, when you are taught to hate something or someone you have never met or seen it is hard, but when you finally realize there is nothing but love there for you it's like coming home.

    11. Great start to seriesI love dragon shifter stories and this is no exception.Raf and Lola are true mates with a lot or obstacles to overcome, can a dragon slayer change her ways and mate with a dragon?This story takes you through all the dangers that they face

    12. A lot of world building info not there. From the three chapters I read, the story just didn't work for me. I quit reading. I'm glad I paid 99 cents for it.

    13. This book was fantastic. A sexy dragon sworn to protect the next heir but then meets his fated mate. Nothing goes right at the start then a kidnapping whatever next. I would recommend this book.

    14. Dragon vs slayerWhen a sexy dragon shifter and a dragon slayer get together sparks will fly. If you're looking for good fast read, this book is for you.

    15. Just couldn't get into this one. It was short, and thought I might just blow through it, but instead was flat bored and am leaving it as DNF.

    16. Good BookI love reading about dragons and this book was perfect. The storyline drew me in with the first page. I will b3 reading all of this series.

    17. I voluntarily read this advanced readers copy. I didn’t realize before starting this book that it is a spinoff of Fated Hearts Club Series. I really enjoyed that some of the characters are from the other series. The author pulled me into this and refused to let me leave it until the story ended. I enjoyed the plot and the interactions between the characters. I only hope there will be more stories in this series as I enjoy the author’s writing.

    18. Rafe entered the room to a gathering of people. He and two others would be Dragonsworn to the new King and his Consort, a guardian and protector to them and to their child, Cassandra. They would teach and guide Cassandra until she reached adulthood and could protect herself as they would have taught her.Lola was in her father’s lab, working on weapons for killing dragons. Her brothers came in, roughhousing, and almost knocked her test tubes over. They told her soon she would be married off and [...]

    19. You really can't predict who will be your mate when you are a dragon shifter. Lola is from a family of dragon slayers and is determined to prove herself worthy of being one. She sneaks out to go test her weapons and ends up captured by the dragons. Rafael is a dragon shifter who protects the royal child and is shocked to find the intruder is his mate. He has to balance the safety of the dragons with his desire to protect his mate. I liked the story a lot. Lola has been told all kinds of horror s [...]

    20. Seriously I hope there's a book two.Two very different people will clash together to change their way of life forever in a way they never thought would happen.Lola may have grown up in a compound where women are basically treated like dirt. Making their weapons is a small gift not to be put in the kitchens. Only to have a husband soon and have some kids to replace those that are getting to old to fight. She doesn't want that life. She wants more in life and doesn't realize the adventure she will [...]

    21. Learning the truth of the other sideIn a world where there are Dragon Shifters, there are also Dragon Hunters. The Hunters still believe that Dragons are bad and the lowest of lows, who kill and capture their pray. Lola is from a family of dragon hunters. Only in their culture women are only good for cooking and cleaning and breeding more hunters. She use to work in the lab with her dad and still does even though he’s gone. Her brothers are threatening to marry her off. She wants to prove hers [...]

    22. Right from the first page of this book it grabs your attention and keeps it tothe last page.Lola is working on something that she hopes will kill dragons that here brothers can use in there workas dragon slayers. This group are very behind the time with the way they think .One night Lola left the compound to try to kill a dragon to get some respect Things did not go as plan she was court before she could do any harm.This is where Rafe comes in to the story. The King Dragon makes it is responsibl [...]

    23. ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book and my opinions are honest!This is a great read!This book was a good example of brainwashingLola grew up believing that dragons were monsters.No exceptions to the rule.If you see a dragon, you should fear for your lifeDragon slayers existed to protect humans from dragons.Rafael is the new appointed Dragonsworn.His job was to protect the daughter of the regent Lucas + Penelope.Lola infiltrated the Dragon's stronghold to see if she could discover the [...]

    24. Rafael is a dragon shifter and one of the three elite dragonsworn guards. His job is to protect the little princess and her family from All threats and Dragonslayers are a threat. Lola us a dragonslayer or its more like she was born into their group. She makes their weapons but when an arranged marriage is being forced on her she must prove how important she is. Her first mission she goes on goes really bad and now she is caught. In more then one way lolCan a warrior dragon and the daughter of a [...]

    25. I loved it, such a sweet story that made me smile and even brought tears to my eyes and if a story can make you smile laugh or cry it is definitely well worth the read. Rafael is one of the three elite dragons trusted with the life of the royal baby. Lola is from a long line of slayers and she wants to train with the men but being a female she is seen as worthless and her brothers think she is only any use of being married off to produce more slayers. Lola rebels and takes matters into her own h [...]

    26. Delightful story of Rafe & Lola. Rafe is a dragon shifter, a guardian of the Royal family's princess. Lola is a human raised in a community of dragon haters, people who train to be dragon slayers. Being female, Lola has little say about her life. So when the men decide to arrange a marriage for her, she runs away into dragon land. Under Rafe's protection, she learns about the kindness of the dragon people. She finds that everything she was taught about them is untrue. Love shifter stories an [...]

    27. What an amazingly delicious read! This book made me feel like I was being transported into another world filled with chaos, racial tension and amazing love and forgiveness.This book is about a small Dragon clan and the Dragon slayer's who intend on wiping them all out, including Lola who gets involved trying to slay one of the dragonsworn guardsmen to the King, Consort and their child. I can't be a SPOILER. so you'll have to get the book and read this amazing story for yourself! I would recommen [...]

    28. "I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book." This book falls back to the storyline in Burning for the Dragon of the Fated Hearts Club series. The De Reges gave birth to their daughter and now they are choosing their Dragonsworn to protect her life. Rafe is charged to be the keeper of a Slayer that gets into the Dragons Tower and well everything gets turned upside down in his world as the slayer is a woman, one to his liking and well you really need to read because I do not like [...]

    29. Smoulder- Cecilia LaneRafael has been given a great honor with protecting the Royal family. He takes his duty very seriously and vows to protect them to the death. When he catches Lola, he is immediately enthralled. She hasn’t had the best past and she only wants to prove her worth to her slayer family. They get to know one another and soon find that they are willing to make things work. Through all the odds, they overcome it all and are mated. Rafael gets the surprise of a lifetime. Excellent [...]

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