Tree Magic

Tree Magic To watch a video of Harriet introducing Tree Magic go to facebook pg HarriSpri Rainbow s magic hands can shape trees at her will but her gift is dangerous and has fatal consequences From England to

  • Title: Tree Magic
  • Author: Harriet Springbett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To watch a video of Harriet introducing Tree Magic, go to facebook pg HarriSpri Rainbow s magic hands can shape trees at her will, but her gift is dangerous and has fatal consequences.From England to France, through secrets, fears and parallel worlds, Rainbow s journey to understand her powers takes her beyond everything she s ever known.To find the t To watch a video of Harriet introducing Tree Magic, go to facebook pg HarriSpri Rainbow s magic hands can shape trees at her will, but her gift is dangerous and has fatal consequences.From England to France, through secrets, fears and parallel worlds, Rainbow s journey to understand her powers takes her beyond everything she s ever known.To find the truth, she must also find herself.

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    1. Actual rating 3.5 stars.When Rainbow discovers she can bend trees to her will the course of her life seems forever changed. But when one of her experiments to shape a tree branch results in disaster she is literally rifted in two. Her original self, Rainbow, carries on with her life in denial of the pain of her past and determined to control her gift. Her other self, Mary, denies herself an exploration of her gift and lives divorced from everything that previously made her, her. But the two part [...]

    2. This was a wonderful and strange book about a girl with a magical connection to trees and a complex relationship with herself. Rainbow's character is deeply nuanced, and the author did an incredible job of honoring that. Without getting into spoilers, we see so many phases of her life: each one adds to Rainbow's intricacy, rather than diluting her believability. The magic in this book is subtle, used more as a tool to explore these characters' complicated relationships and see this young woman c [...]

    3. Tree Magic by Harriett Springbett is a wonderfully different book. The main character is Rainbow, a 13 year old girl who has a special connection with trees. I found book a little bit slow to begin with, but it did pick up, and when it did the pace was steady and enjoyable throughout. That said, the start did pull me in. It was truly the title, and the image it automatically conjures up, that had me requesting the book straight away. Tree Magic is the perfect title for the book, given what it's [...]

    4. [3.5]This book started off great. There was Rainbow who was left to her own devices, her discovering her powers, a tree house, lots of tree discussions and a cat. But after the “incident”, that I won’t go into much because I don’t want to spoil it, Rainbow was split into two, literally.The BloggoShe was now divided into Mary and Rainbow. While Rainbow continued on with using her powers, Mary had abandoned the gift. And as the story progressed it was apparent that Rainbow was more childis [...]

    5. Just going to start this review with a great big WOW. Because that was the one word I kept repeating after finishing this unique novel just moments ago. I was hooked from the start. To be fair, I love YA and I love a troubled teen and a coming of age story, so this book was always going to appeal to me. I was initially drawn in by the front cover and title. Through third person narration, we follow the unconventional life of teenager Rainbow. Rainbow is a wonderfully drawn character, perfectly r [...]

    6. Tree Magic had been hovering on my TBR for some time before picking it up but I’ve finally read it and thought it was wondrous. Filled with magical realism, this story is a real treasure and I felt like I had been on a real journey with Rainbow by the end of it.Rainbow has a secret power, she can communicate with trees and exercise control over them, helping them to grow and heal. After a devastating accident where her power spirals out of control, Rainbow’s world changes and so does this bo [...]

    7. I'm not particularly in love with the book but I don't hate it either. It's a book that I had fun reading but nothing really stood out for me. I expected this book to be more "fantasy" than it was. It read more like a coming of age story with a few elements of fantasy. Again, I didn't hate it but I won't regard this as the best book I've ever read. I did love how the two story lines merged and I really liked how the book ended. In the beginning I favoured Rainbow more than Mary but by the end it [...]

    8. This novel captured my attention much more deeply than I had anticipated due to a picturesque writing and intelligent plot. The settings were vividly detailed and at times you can almost feel the trees under your fingertips as if Rainbow is guiding your hand.I thought the author created some beautiful characters that were complex and magical in this wonderfully imaginative story. There was something graceful and poetic about Rainbow’s connection to the trees; in some ways it reminded me a bit [...]

    9. I’ve been anticipating this read for months, ever since I was lucky enough to be sent an eARC of Tree Magic by Harriet Springbett, the author. It was very different from my usual YA reads, but I found the storyline intriguing and it was a book I enjoyed immensely.I really loved the alternating POVs in this story, and it shows the alternate paths that Rainbow takes. The idea that one small, seemingly insignificant event shaped the two girls in entirely different ways was just so heart-warming, [...]

    10. It took me a little while to get into this book but I'm glad I stayed with it. Rainbow has a magical power to shape and heal trees. While she first embraces this gift, an accident causes her rethink everything.There was such a real difference between the two sides of Rainbow's character that at times I found it difficult to reconcile her as the same person. I never would have expected the shocking revelation at the end of the book, and although I was happy with how Rainbow's situation ended, I w [...]

    11. Tree Magic is Rainbow’s story. Rainbow is a troubled teenager with a slightly unconventional family life, who is different to her peers and doesn’t quite fit in; who then discovers her hands can communicate with trees. I connected with Rainbow from the start and was intrigued by the journey (or journeys) her life takes following the discovery of her gift.There were two words that kept coming to my mind as I was reading this book, one was emotion and the other was unexpected. This book is ful [...]

    12. This is the story of an isolated child who misuses her talents to cause harm. The ensuing accident propels Rainbow out of childhood and into her teenage years. As she seeks her place in the world, we feel the impact of that trauma and watch Rainbow shape her adult self.Springbett uses the analogy of a tree to show how the girl is the mother of the woman and treats us to a broad exploration of the life of sapling as it matures. In this deceptively gentle novel, we see two kinds of adolescent – [...]

    13. Engaging Original Debut NovelNeglected Rainbow is thirteen and thirsty for attention. She discovers she has magic hands and can shape trees. But what does that mean? And what do you do when your natural gift is a source of scorn, confusion and pain? Harriet Springbett asks deep questions and answers them with eloquent language and an observant eye. She has created fascinating characters that live inside you. This is an original and complex story that kept me engaged. Highly recommended for both [...]

    14. This is a very well-written and well-constructed book, complex and subtle and much deeper than the central premise (girl endowed with the gift of 'tree magic') suggests. It's the story of a girl growing up and coming to terms with her past, the consequences of her own actions and the place she wants to occupy in the world. There's a richness of detail and character, along with some plot surprises that make for an engrossing read. I received an advance review copy in exchange for an honest review [...]

    15. I was totally absorbed by this book. Beautifully written, brilliantly plotted, unpredictable and engaging. Fascinating and complex characters and settings, vividly described. I love the way the book's structure and imagery is shaped by trees, and the sensations evoked when Rainbow touches a tree are just gorgeous. In places I was reminded of The Night Rainbow.

    16. I received Tree Magic through NetGalley for an honest review!Growing up can be hard for anyone, but it is especially hard for 13 year old Rainbow. Ever since she was young, she has had an interest and love for trees. Rainbow's mum would regularly venture out into the forest to hug the trees that resided there. It would give her a sense of calm.As Rainbow soon discovers, her love for trees turns into something truly magical. She finds out that she has the ability to make trees grow and can shape [...]

    17. Tree Magic is a really hard book to review objectively, as it strikes me as the kind of the story that people will either love or hate. The blurb for it is a little deceptive, and so please don't approach this novel expecting a fantasy story. It's magical realism at its most vague, with Rainbow's "power" being real yet ill-defined. It's probably better to consider Tree Magic as more a contemporary coming of age tale with occasional fantasy elements.However, Tree Magic was a fascinating experimen [...]

    18. This is a strange book. Interesting but strange. As an adult reading this book, parts of it played against my knowledge of what is and isn't. It challenged the things that I know. We learn a story about a girl named Amrita Devi from India. We talk about life and death and perhaps not really dying. We meet a girl named Rainbow, and we learn about who she is and things she believes. We see about a man named Fraser and when he interacted with Rainbow, it made me shudder and feel like something slim [...]

    19. As a graduate of the Puffin Club I love children's and Young Adult literature.I enjoyed this book so much I read it in one sitting. It's an excellent story about teenagers growing up in complex and dysfunctional families. Rainbow, daughter of a hippy mother, has a magic relationship with trees. Because she is young, it goes wrong. There is a fatal accident and her life is literally broken into two. She becomes two different girls in parallel lives – Rainbow and Mary. Each starts a new life in [...]

    20. Tree…mendous!I just loved this book. The author, Harriet Springbett, writes in a lively and engaging manner and the storyline is a captivating and an unusual one.The main character Rainbow, is a young teenager, living in a dysfunctional family. She is finding her way in life and travels down a confusing and twisting path. The transformation into adulthood can sometimes be a painful one. Rainbow discovers that she has an affinity with trees and can heal or stretch their limbs. The writing is cr [...]

    21. If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be 'emotive'. The magical elements - her ability to manipulate trees - is more of a vehicle, establishing the conflicts and underlying 'problems'. Being something so unusual, it is easy to commiserate with the problems and situations that develop and quickly captures our sympathies as we ride the super-slow roller coaster of growing pains.It is a coming-of-age novel that young pre/new teens will be able to relate to, liberally peppered with po [...]

    22. Rainbow can shape trees using her hands, but her stepfather is very much against anything spiritual or psychic. When a tragic accident occurs, the choices that she makes determine the course of her life. Can she live the way she has chosen to? With tree magic, parallel universes and romance, this story is a fascinating tale.

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