Incoming What happens when what you need could cost you everything you ve ever wanted What Dmitri Greenman wants is out out of debt out of his rundown farmhouse and out of Red Deer Colorado Salvation beckon

  • Title: Incoming
  • Author: A.E. Wasp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens when what you need could cost you everything you ve ever wanted What Dmitri Greenman wants is out out of debt, out of his rundown farmhouse, and out of Red Deer, Colorado Salvation beckons in the form of a job opportunity in California.What newly discharged army veteran Troy Johnson wants is simply to lay down lay down his weapon, lay down some roots, andWhat happens when what you need could cost you everything you ve ever wanted What Dmitri Greenman wants is out out of debt, out of his rundown farmhouse, and out of Red Deer, Colorado Salvation beckons in the form of a job opportunity in California.What newly discharged army veteran Troy Johnson wants is simply to lay down lay down his weapon, lay down some roots, and lay down the memories that haunt him Red Deer sounds like the perfect place to do it.Sparks fly when their paths cross one hot Fourth of July weekend, and suddenly they find that what they need is each other.But the memories Troy is running from are hot on his heels and, whether Troy wants it or not, Dmitri is determined to save him from the demons he hadn t even realized he was fighting.

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    One thought on “Incoming”

    1. Not going to make a lot of sense, here. I didn’t really enjoy the book at first. It was OK, but not more.Dmitri is a vet, in the "animal" sense and is quite introvert, even though he has quite a lovely family, nice colleagues and a great best friend. Troy is quite the contrary : he doesn’t mind socializing and helping his friends. And he is a vet, in the military sense. But being in the army made him wary of his past. Add that he’s scared to come out. So, after his release from the army, h [...]

    2. Clunky writing and a myriad of editing issues bogged down an otherwise low key, somewhat angsty story about a military vet dealing with PTSD and a veterinarian content with his life in Colorado. Extra star for Sweetie, the service dog.

    3. Two hot vets!Well, one veteran and one veterinarian, anyway. I liked a lot of this story. Troy's character was great, as a returning veteran and rather typical in his denial of having PTSD. After all, he never even got shot, he just lost some friends that way. Dmitri was a character that was harder to like. He wasn't a practicing Veterinarian but worked in a research lab, trying to develop cures for cancer in dogs and other animals. He's very introverted, socially inept and quite self-centered a [...]

    4. Niggling errors stop this from having a higher ratingOne thing which irritates and is relatively easy to check, is that you're referring to your character by the right name.Unfortunately, there are quite a few such errors in this, along with typos and the wrong tense being used in a sentence, and that is what stops me giving it a higher rating.This is a real shame as there are a lot of great things going for this book. The main characters aren't perfect by a long stretch and they have real world [...]

    5. There were parts of this book I really liked. I liked the characters for the most part. I would've rated this higher but for one reason. Dimitri is really closed off, and he knows this about himself. However, there is no explanation why. 😟There is usually a reason, or multiple reasons someone is that cynical. Sometimes it's shitty families, relationships, or both. He has a great family, and there is very little to nothing said about his past relationships. They are mentioned with little to no [...]

    6. “I feel so manly.”“Oh, you're all man, baby.”I loved the fact that the relationship between the main characters in “Incoming” was not over-dramatic, the protagonists of course as any other couple had various obstacles that they had to overcome and there was conflict, but they handled it together, without the usual over the top drama we see in romance.I think there was a nice chemistry between Troy and Dmitri, I really liked Dmitri’s introverted personality, the way he tried to help [...]

    7. A.E. Wasp is another new author for me, and honestly I don't often read stories that have a military background with one of the characters. But I was glad I decided to try this because I really, really enjoyed reading about Dmitri and Troy, as well as their friends and family. Troy is looking for a fresh start after being discharged from the army, and looking forward to starting school and trying to start a new life and put the past behind him. Dmitri, on the other hand, is trying to find a way [...]

    8. 1.5 starsI feel really bad that I just couldn't in good conscience, give this a higher rating. The trope here was a very important one and should have been an emotional journey that we took with Troy and Dmitri. Unfortunately, Dmitri was a complete jerkface. I just could not find myself liking him at all and was hoping to see Troy dumping him and finding someone who wasn't a selfish, immature, asshole. But, the biggest reason for the low rating is the complete an total lack of editing. I can eas [...]

    9. I was given a copy of this book from the Author through the DBML program in exchange for a fair and honest review. However, that copy was so riddled with errors that I got it from as a freebie thinking that it would be better edited and proofread. Tonight, seeing on a note that it was a newly edited and proofread book, I double checked in my account to make sure that I did, indeed have the newest version. sadly, I do and it is still riddled with every type of error imaginable.Beyond all of the [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this! It's humorous without being "wacky", serious without being melodramatic, weighty without being preachy. The characters felt real, like actual human beings. They reacted like actual human beings. Troy and Dmitri were sweethearts. I really liked both of them. I liked Angel, though it was a little confusing and she seems to have magical transportation powers because she managed to help both of them get ready for their first date and no one was late. I liked the little we saw [...]

    11. Troy and Dmitri were so sweet, flawed and realistic characters and it was so satisfying watching them find their HEA. Good story, baaaad editing. Between the characters' names being interchanged and the continuity issues (was Leo shot or beaten to death?), the (good) story was drowned out a bit. Not sure if this was a first book but it read a little like one.

    12. I enjoyed this a lot. It was a well written story about two very different guys who fall for each other. Their relationship though is complicated by Troy's pretty severe PTSD. I liked the way the situation was handled and I liked that the author had him seek out real help not "healed by the magic of love". I also enjoyed their friends and the little community they live in.

    13. I enjoyed this story. I liked the chemistry between Troy and Dimitri. The problem I had was lack of proofreading. There were a lot of grammatical errors. The errors didn't take away from the plot but they were kind of annoying.

    14. I love veterans stories, how they struggle to get their civil life back on track again is usually very interesting, endearing and heartwarming. Troy`s story was like this and I really enjoyed that part.Dmitri on the other hand, a "vet" as well but as in veterinarian was a rather difficult character.From time to time he definitely ruined my reading pleasure, being such a stupid idiot or a self-centered asshole that it became quite difficult for me to read on.The story how those 2 found their HEA [...]

    15. I was given a copy of this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review.Set up by a mutual friend, Dmitri and Troy begin a friendship.Troy, out of the service for 3 months is suffering PTSD. Dmitri really doesn't have a lot of social skills.I enjoyed this story. PTSD was there and was foremost for some of the story but not all of it. I liked that Troy got help in the end and started to work through.After the nightmare section, I though Dmitri was a bit of a douchebag. He seemed sel [...]

    16. 3.5* I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.I enjoyed this story. It kind of deserved more stars but the copy I got was quite full of wrong grammar, misspelled words and character names wrong. It did distract from the story but hopefully before the release I hope some of this gets sorted.I thought the MCs were strong and had a good connection. The supporting characters didn't detract from the book they actually helped with the story telling. I'm glad not everything went smoo [...]

    17. Troy is new in town, fresh out of the Marines. He's going through some things and figuring out where he wants to be and what he wants to do. Until he can figure it out, he gets a job as a bartender a pretty close knit bar. His boss is great and understanding of his situation and I was glad that he had someone like him to care about him. Angel, a chick he works with, plays matchmaker with her best friend Dimitri, that was cute how she played them both to get them to meet and I thought that they h [...]

    18. 4.5I really enjoyed this book. Dmitri and Troy had hot chemistry since before they were introduced. As much as they hit it off and found a companionable relationship, they needed to work on their self esteem if the relationship was to work.Troy a veteran just months out of the army and has not processed why he feels the way he does. Meeting a hot guy only temporarily band aid the problem.Dmitri has so much issues with trust and believing with other people and his self that he is almost friendles [...]

    19. If you read this book you MUST also read A Christmas Outing by the same author. It is a novella - sequel to Incoming and tells of the anticipated HEA. If you like love stories and veterans and M/M, this story will provide everything that you are looking for. Troy is a recently discharged Army veteran who has relocated to Reed Deer, Colorado to attend college away from his very conservative family. Troy loves the Colorado mountains but even though he anticipates school and has a job, he is feelin [...]

    20. A wonderful story about two very likable guys, who are flawed and so very human. I enjoyed their journey that went from dating to developing a real relationship and thinking about crafting a future together. Their relationship had substance and the sex was awesome! The writer created a community of interesting characters, each enhances the story and enables the author to give additional layers and feel to this story. i found the dialogue in the story just absolutely entertaining and engaging. I [...]

    21. I Love this SeriesThere are a number of reasons why I gave this book 5-Stars. It's romantic, funny, emotional, messy and realistic. I could name several other things this book is, but the most blaring reason for my readying is that all the books I've read I this series have dealt with REAL issues faced by the men and women who have ever served in the armed forces, especially those like me with PTSD. Sure the story isn't about real people, but the way that the author creates such believable chara [...]

    22. A.E. Wasp is a new to me author. When I read the blurb, I was immediately interested and wanted to learn more. I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed reading Troy and Dmitri's story. Troy is struggling to adjust to civilian life after the military. Dmitri is trying to keep his head afloat and really isn't much of a people person and would rather not deal with people at all.Their story is sweet and heartwarming. There are some typos and grammatical errors but it didn't detract from the [...]

    23. This book had a good solid plot but it needed a little structure. I liked both MC's especially Troy, it breaks my heart what the veterans go through and how they feel when they come back from war. Seeing Troy go through what he did after his fight with Dmitri had me in tears. As much as this book focuses on Troy and his issues Dmitri had a few of his own to work through. The author did a really good job at making me feel the characters emotions and with a little more structure this would have be [...]

    24. I read the Christmas Outing first I liked it so much I found this book which was first with the same characters. Characters I fell I love with! Both short stories you can't put down once you start reading them. I want to read more about Dmitri & Troy. This story just was not long enough! Please write more!

    25. This is going to be a hard review to write, because I truly loved the story. I gave this story an official 3 stars, but there's a lot of good and bad, so that rating is merely an average. Let me start with the positive.Troy and Dmitri were two wonderful, flawed, complex characters with such a realistic growth arch that I actually cried during their dark moment. For me, that is a sign of great writing, when I get emotionally invested in two characters and their outcome. Troy is a vet who's been o [...]

    26. A Tear Jerker, Be WarnedOff the top I want to say that this could be a ☆☆☆☆/☆ Star book except that I swear my 10 year old nephew has a better grasp of proper grammar and proof reading than this Author does. I spent way to much time trying to mentally untwist the mixed use of tenses, pronouns, & names to make the sentences understandable than I did actually spent enjoying the book. Never fear, I highlighted all the errors in pink as its the closest thing to a red pen Kindle offers. [...]

    27. Working at loveThis was a well crafted and enjoyable romance, following not just the highs but also the lows, and doing it on so well.Dimitri and Troy are attracted to each other, but each are bad at relationships in their own way and afraid to make a move. Nudged together by a friend over a convenient misunderstanding that both are vets, the two find that they match well together.The first half of the book is easy and flows well both for the relationship and the reading. Dimitri and Troy are ju [...]

    28. * free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *I LOVED the story. The writing style is great, the story is believable and it is easy to forget it is not real. The plot is interesting and I got sucked into Red Deer's world right from the start. The pace is fast and I was quite surprised how fast I read it. After reading blurb I just HAD to read it, butthis book was not what I had expected. It was better.I expected some "easy" romance story, a vet with some pr [...]

    29. Story not bad BUT spoiled by so many typsetting errors, non-sensical sentences and words being mixed up (eg allude being used when ellude appeared to be the word needed). If it wasn't a problem with the typsetting then I suggest that Ms Wasp finds a half decent editor/proofreader or no matter how good the story should be then people are no going to pay out good money to buy her books.OK - after getting that out of my system, the story itself is quite good with plenty of angst along the way. Troy [...]

    30. Dmitri and Troy are fighting different battles. Dmitri - keep his head above water with debt and a couple other issues. Troy - adjusting to civilian life after 6 years in the military and suffering from PTSD. They meet through a mutual friend and it sparks a flame neither man thought could be lit.The story itself is good and I really like the portrayal of Troy and his adjustment to finally admitting to his PTSD. Dmitri was kind of a selfish jerk and at one point I really didn't like him but then [...]

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