I Live Here

I Live Here I Live Here is a paper documentary an intimate journey to humanitarian crises in four corners of the world war in Chechnya ethnic cleansing in Burma globalization in Mexico and AIDS in Malawi THE B

  • Title: I Live Here
  • Author: Mia Kirshner J.B. MacKinnon Paul Shoebridge Michael Simons
  • ISBN: 9780375424786
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I Live Here is a paper documentary an intimate journey to humanitarian crises in four corners of the world war in Chechnya, ethnic cleansing in Burma, globalization in Mexico, and AIDS in Malawi THE BOOK I Live Here is a visually stunning narrative told through journals, stories, images, and graphic novellas in which the lives of refugees and displaced people becomeI Live Here is a paper documentary an intimate journey to humanitarian crises in four corners of the world war in Chechnya, ethnic cleansing in Burma, globalization in Mexico, and AIDS in Malawi THE BOOK I Live Here is a visually stunning narrative told through journals, stories, images, and graphic novellas in which the lives of refugees and displaced people become at once personal and global Bearing witness to stories that are too often overlooked, it is a raw and intimate journey to crises in four corners of the world war in Chechnya, ethnic cleansing in Burma, globalization in Mexico, and AIDS in Malawi The voices we encounter are those of displaced women and children, in their own words or in stories told in text and images by noted writers and artists The stories unfold in an avalanche An orphan goes to jail for stealing leftovers A teenage girl falls in love in a city of disappeared women A child soldier escapes his army only to be saved by the people he was taught to kill Mia Kirshner s journals guide us through a unique paper documentary brought vividly to life in collaboration with J.B MacKinnon, Paul Shoebridge, and Michael Simons, with featured works by Joe Sacco, Ann Marie MacDonald, Phoebe Gloeckner, Chris Abani, Karen Connelly, Kamel Khelif, and many others THE JOURNEYS IngushetiaThe border of the Russian republic of Ingushetia is not even fifty miles from Grozny, the capital city of Chechnya Today, some 15,000 Chechen refugees live in Ingushetia Mia Kirshner and Joe Sacco traveled here together, returning with first person accounts, video, photographs, and other materials gathered in Nazran and Moscow The chapter includes journals by Mia Kirshner, the story of a young refugee as told by J.B MacKinnon, the story of a young piano virtuoso as told by Ann Marie Macdonald, and a graphic novella of Chechen refugees by Joe Sacco.BurmaEthnic cleansing by the Burmese military has displaced an estimated 500,000 to 1 million people over 100,000 live in refugee camps along the Thailand Burma border Burma is also believed to be home to child soldiers than any other country in the world Mia Kirshner and Michael Simons took separate trips to the region this chapter is based on their interviews, photos, and video, as well as writing by sex workers and Karen refugees It includes journals by Mia Kirshner, as well as work by Chris Abani, Karen Connelly, J.B Mackinnon, and a graphic novella by Kamel Kh lif.Ju rez Ciudad Ju rez is a large industrial border city in Mexico across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas Since 1993, young women, many of them employees of Ju rez s than three hundred maquiladoras, or global trade zone factories, have been disappearing from the streets Mia Kirshner and Phoebe Gloeckner made independent journeys to this region this book is informed by the stories and images they brought home It includes journals, a story of one of the victims by Lauren Kirshner, and a graphic novella by Phoebe Gloeckner MalawiMalawi is one of the world s poorest countries, and has an AIDS rate close to twenty percent The disease touches every aspect of daily life in the African nation, introducing immense chaos, particularly in the case of orphan children Mia Kirshner and J.B MacKinnon made the trip to Malawi and returned with interviews, photographs, writing, and artworks This book includes journals, a children s story by J.B MacKinnon with art by Julie Morstad, and the stories and artwork of boys in a local prison.

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      403 Mia Kirshner J.B. MacKinnon Paul Shoebridge Michael Simons
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    One thought on “I Live Here”

    1. Four 80-page ultra-glossy booklets in a cardboard foldout absolutely reeking of well-intentionedness and boundless compassion detail fragments from the lives of - refugees from Chechnya now living in squalor in Ingushetia- boy soldiers and sex workers in Burma- murdered women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico- Aids sufferers in MalawiYes, happy days are here again. Or not. This is a whole world of sorrow refracccccccted through journals, poems, short stories, graphic novelettes, scrapbooks, grafitttti, c [...]

    2. Celebrity philanthropic efforts often center around a few photo opportunities showcased to further a career. These usually well-meaning events generally turn a fleeting spotlight on the truly needy, such as the numerous Africa plights, conquered Tibet, or the disaster relief du jour. With I Live Here, Mia Kirshner (The L Word) shines an unwavering, informative light on important and troubling non-U.S.-centric issues in a truthful and often disturbing manner. She elevates celebrity philanthropic [...]

    3. I won't give much here in the way of summary because Rick's review is pretty comprehensive, but I want to add my voice to his in expressing my appreciation for this collection. I think of myself as someone who keeps up to date on current events, but too often international tragedies are reduced to statistics - how much damage, how many missing, how many infected, how many dead. The concept behind Kirshner's project is that a person's story is worth more than a volume of statistics in expressing [...]

    4. This is really beautifully written & designed and incredibly moving, but I'm really unsure how I feel about it. The manufacturing of emotion with no clear outlet beyond a book bothers me--just reading this book and becoming more aware doesn't actually change anything, it just makes the intended audience sit around thinking that the third world is just so terrible but somehow our awareness will magically make it better, while it also doesn't really make us feel at all implicated in the condit [...]

    5. Moving, a look inside the lives of individuals who truly know what it means to suffer. It was hard to give it back to the library because I never felt truly "finished" with it. The stories are raw, a gut punch that makes one feel more compassionate and more capable of extending a warm hand of support and caring.

    6. I admit, I was prejudiced, as Mia Kirshner plays who is possibly the single most annoying character in television history on the L Word. So I was pleasantly surprised and moved by this intense collection of stories, photographs, and artwork. Set up as 4 separate short books, reading more like a journal, she collected the words and stories of absolute devastation - war torn areas, genocide, AIDS, poverty, rape, and murder. It's very creatively done, very moving, extremely depressing interpretatio [...]

    7. There are lots of interesting and heartbreaking stories in this four book collection. Each book focuses on a different part of the world where terrible things happen. The books feature short fiction, comics (including a great one by Joe Sacco), artwork and Mia Kirshner's journals. The problem is that Kirshner is a terrible writer. She strives desperately for her work to be Important Writing, but it comes off really cliche and self-centered. I felt bad to be rolling my eyes given the serious subj [...]

    8. I pass death with the dyingand birth with the new-wash'd babe, and am not contain'd between my hat and boots, And peruse manifold objects,no two alike and every one good,The earth good and the stars good,and their adjuncts all good.I am not an earth nor an adjunct of an earth,I am the mate and companion of people, all just as immortal and fathomless as myself,(They do not know how immortal, but I know.)- Whitman "song of myself"

    9. The only reason I picked up this book was because I knew Jenny (Mia Kirshner) from the L Word wrote it. I had no idea on what it was about. But I'm glad I let my foolish fandomness introduce me to this great and underrated book. For those of you who don't know about it, it's four mini books in one book. Each of the four books have stories from four different places in the world. The stories are not limited to text only though. There are a lot of graphics and different forms of artwork. The way t [...]

    10. I have to admit, it took me quite some time to finish this book. However, I am glad that I picked it back up again. I had a hard time making it through the first mini book, as it was mostly a graphic novel (which just isn't typically something I read). When I got to the second mini book though, I loved it! The third was also great. The fourth was more enjoyable than the first, but not as good as the middle two.I admire Mia for her efforts in traveling the world and putting this publication toget [...]

    11. I just read an article about this book in a magazine, and it sounds pretty interesting. The author is an actress who took a seven-year hiatus to travel to the most desolate parts of the world and document how refugees and victims of war or injustice live there. Apparently, the author's parents were refugees themselves, and she grew up in Canada watching "how lonely and underrepresented a person without a country could feel." While I don't think it's about the country, I do agree that there are m [...]

    12. You may already recognize the authors’ names: Kirshner is an actress, appearing in The L Word and Black Dahlia. MacKinnon is an award winning author. Shoebridge and Simons are creative directors who worked with Adbusters Magazine. Together, their world experiences and creative talents merge together in I Live Here, a funky collection of journals that explore the life of refugees. Travelling to Ingushetia, Burma, Ciudad Juarez, and Malawi, they capture the life of those displaced by war, famine [...]

    13. Finished the first booklet 'Ingushetia,' which focuses on first hand accounts of the displaced Chechen people finding refuge in the Russian Republic of Ingushetia. Immensely powerful and interestingThe other 3 books were just as gripping and intriguing as the first. The collection offers a unique way to convey first hand experiences of the people of these areas and the challenges they face; Chechnya(war), Burma(ethnic cleansing), Mexico(globalization) and Malawi(AIDS). Through the stories, lette [...]

    14. A very thought provoking book about the aftermath of a decision to commit suicide. Meg is already dead as the story begins, written from the perspective of her best friend, Cody. The online suicide support groups ( encouraging those thinking about it) are both horrifying and fascinating, for anyone who has even thought about the right to make their own decision, the book raises some interesting questions, and highlights the pain of those left behind in a sensitive and thoughtful way. Not my usua [...]

    15. This doesn't seem like the kind of piece that should be rated, so I'll refrain from that.I think this is an important look at refugees in different areas, the problems they are facing and how they ended up there. It gives a look at some of the reasons why people are displaced and how these things effect their lives. The use of multimedia and art really adds to the overall impact of the pieces. This is a mixture of fiction and truth that nonetheless feels very real.

    16. This was both a good read and a hard one. Human nature is a terrible, horrifying thing, and these stories were raw and not held back one bit. I struggled with the second one so much that i almost didn't finish it. But i did. And i'm glad.This left me sad, and enraged, and helpless. I want to erase it, but at the same time feel guilty about it because i know i shouldn't. Mostly this left me with the odd, powerful desire to just hug Mia.

    17. An amazing introduction to four different cultures. Written from an almost scrapbook perspective, it tells tales from those people in those areas. Please read this book. I was given it by my professors for her class since it was one of our texts for the class. You can get it almost anywhere for pretty cheap ($20).

    18. I really enjoyed this "presentation," I guess it could be called. Having pictures drew me and also made the situations feel all the more real. I really liked the more personal accounts that were given. I agree with the author that this helps the reader feel more part of the problem or easier to imagine being in the person's shoes.

    19. This book is an interactive art piece masquerading as digestible non-fiction. I loved it. I loved the idea, the presentation, and the collaborative nature of the work involved in collecting the stories and making them available. Mia Kirshner clearly devoted untold amounts of energy to this project and it shows on every page of the four individual pieces.

    20. A beautifully constructed graphic journal. It was extremely well-done. Kudos to Kirshner. It was also very sad and almost horrifying in some places. I guess that should be expected from four travelogues to war-torn/poverty-stricken countries.

    21. Read in grade 10 after I fell in love with Mia Kirshner. This was a compiled book of graphic novels, poems, images, etc. I fell in love with one of the graphic novels that told the tale of a boy who's father died and he had to buy a coffin for him. Made me tear up. I need to purchase this!

    22. Not something to pick up to understand these conflicts and regions in detail, but excellent for a glimpse into the affected lives. The majority of the illustrations and artwork were beautiful, yet haunting. A unique and well-crafter collection.

    23. It took me over two years to read this, in large part because it is just incredibly depressing. It makes me feel guilty to have any comforts in my life at all. Makes me wish I could do more to help other people, but I really don't know what.

    24. very original. it touches your heart without you even realizing it. it brings to light the horrid conditions that some people in this world live in and forces us to consider how fortunate we are. i would recommend this book to anyone

    25. The package is well designed and the variety and range of story telling and visuals is impressive. I couldn't read through - the stories are brutal. I found I picked it up read it a bit at a time. A powerful piece of work but not easy.

    26. This book is incredibly moving. Its a light read in the heaviest sense. Its fairly brief in length but the content is literally overflowing into the packaging. It taught me so much that I totally ignored about the world. People need help, and so few people are aware of it.

    27. While this is a lot more artsy-fartsy than what I'm general interested in, I thoroughly enjoyed its compilation.

    28. Very intense, not for the weak of heart. This is a collection of 4 graphic novels portraying the refugee experience.

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