Not Always Happy: An Unusual Parenting Journey

Not Always Happy An Unusual Parenting Journey While most people meet their child for the first time in a delivery room some parents have to meet their child in the reception area of an administrative building Not Always Happy is a humorous and s

  • Title: Not Always Happy: An Unusual Parenting Journey
  • Author: Kari Wagner-Peck
  • ISBN: 9781942094371
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • While most people meet their child for the first time in a delivery room, some parents have to meet their child in the reception area of an administrative building.Not Always Happy is a humorous and sharp chronicle about adopting and raising a son with Down syndrome from the Maine foster care system The author quickly learns that life is best lived by expecting the unplanWhile most people meet their child for the first time in a delivery room, some parents have to meet their child in the reception area of an administrative building.Not Always Happy is a humorous and sharp chronicle about adopting and raising a son with Down syndrome from the Maine foster care system The author quickly learns that life is best lived by expecting the unplanned when she makes the decision to become a parent in her late forties As her unconventional family moves along in this life, she and her husband are less aware they are raising an atypical child or an adopted child They are raising their child, and their family struggles with the same universal themes that any family goes through.Parents who have children with Down syndrome and other disabilities represent fifteen percent of all children between the ages of three to seventeen.Wagner Peck provides an access point to start the debate about adopting a child with special needs along with her decision to homeschool.One of only a few books in the marketplace specifically addressing adopting from the foster care system.Kari Wagner Peck, MSW, is a writer, blogger, and a freelance development consultant while she homeschools her son She also has experience in arts management including development, event planning, and public speaking Her writing has been featured in the Huffington Post, the New York Times Motherlode blog, the Sydney Morning Herald, Yahoo Parenting, Parents Magazine s, and Empowering Parents Kari Wagner Peck currently resides in Portland, Maine.

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      212 Kari Wagner-Peck
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    One thought on “Not Always Happy: An Unusual Parenting Journey”

    1. Kari Wagner-Peck has written a beautiful book that was a joy to read. She captures the whole gamut of being a parent : joy, fear, pride and the constant second guessing and doubt. In the space of two pages I cried then was laughing out loud. It is a rare book that can do that. Her tireless fight with the school system is inspiring and her solution is even more inspiring . She is the new Erma Bombeck , reminding us to keep our sense of humor no matter what !

    2. Not Always Happy is a quirky coming-of-parent-age story, full of wit, honesty, and a good dose of motherly whoop-ass. The book chronicles Kari’s crash course in parenting a newly adopted special-needs son, navigating not-so-inclusive schools and the general chaos and miracles of everyday life. Anxiety, indignation, and humor are Kari’s constant companions as she learns to cope with how the world sees her son. While reading the book, I felt a little stressed myself—a telltale sign I was bei [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading Not Always Happy. This memoir will make you laugh and cry. Kari Wagner-Peck has a wonderful voice. Her humor and conversational writing style will leave you wanting more. Kari and her husband Ward manage to successfully navigate a complex adoption process to create their family. It turns out, the patience they needed to get thru the initial process was practice for dealing with underfunded schools, who time and again prove to have a hard time providing approp [...]

    4. Informative, insightful and funny!This book tells an emotional story of adopting a child with special needs and the journey into the struggles of his schooling. Kari Wagner-Peck writes about her amazing advocacy with a down-to-earth humor that makes it a pleasure to read.

    5. As Steven Pinker says inThe better angels of our nature , reading can help us understand the perspectives of others. Disability and illness memoirs are often fascinating, especially when they make us look at our own behavior. The behavior of other people toward her (adopted) son, who has Down Syndrome, has certainly caused Kari Wagner-Peck plenty of anguish: they often assume he is too slow to pick up on slights, that he doesn't mind being hugged without permission, and that he is always cheerfu [...]

    6. This was a very relatable book, but instead of Kari's son, Thorin, having Auditory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder. He had Down Syndrome. I found it very relatable in the sense of how it take him a little bit longer for him to process the question a well as him being poked at about his presence. This was definitely a treat to start my 2018 with finishing up this book. I seriously appreciate finding this book when I did. 155% recommend this book to whomever wants to read this boo [...]

    7. Do yourself a favor, buy this book! My husband got it for me as I've been unable to finish a book lately and he thought this one looked good. This is what I texted my husband during reading it " I'm only on page 8 and I'm literally crying with laughter!" And a few minutes later, " End of page 15 - I'm now crying from love." As I read along I couldn't wait to find out what happened next, I felt like I was sitting at her kitchen table and living these experiences with her family. One minute I want [...]

    8. What We ALL Need to KnowIt is astounding to me that we have come only so far in eliminating the stigma that seems to continue to perpetuate toward people with disabilities. It is due to lack of education – it’s ignorance. If you are unaware, you draw conclusions and if that is still in the realm of acceptable – well, you don’t change perspective or take the initiative to do so. In this book: Not Always Happy by Kari Wagner-Peck, we learn, through personal experience just exactly what lif [...]

    9. Parenting is hard and there will always be successes and struggles. This book details some of the highs and lows that this family went through, predominantly with the adoption process and schooling. I was particularly inspired by the author’s story of advocacy in the school system. We do indeed need to find a way to challenge every child, regardless of ability level, and not limit or restrict them. Unfortunately, schools are often stretched too thin and underfunded to implement enough programs [...]

    10. I read the book! I started it at a friend's house, that evening of the book launch at Longfellow's in Portland, but I realized I needed sleep. So I finally sat down with your book a few nights ago, and read it all at once. Yes! So much yes! I'm so grateful for our early years, my boy and I, when we had his father and a farmstead setting and a solid LifeWays/Waldorf community. Then during the following seven years, my boy and I were meeting parents and children through Maine Down Syndrome Network [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book and admire the author's writing talent and advocacy on behalf of her son. At times I wanted to shake her, however, to make her see that she needed to stop pressuring everyone around her, including Thorin. As I read about their rocky start at homeschooling I thought about a woman who brings her son with Down syndrome into the library every day. They sit at the same table and she helps him read and count. When he tires of that and wants to move, she patiently follows behind him [...]

    12. Kari Wagner-Peck has shared with us her gift of fierce love and advocacy for her beautiful son, Thorin. And she's done it with brilliant humor and boldness, which made her book a delight to read! As the parent of a child who was bullied in grade school, I understand the utter frustration and fury that comes from dealing with a school system in denial about their shortcomings. Bravo to the Pecks for rescuing their son from a flawed public school system and embracing "Unschooling." Can't wait to r [...]

    13. I loved this book - I burst out laughing at the first paragraph and the author's writing style drew me in and kept me engaged. As a speech pathologist, I found it interesting and difficult to read about their experiences with speech therapists. But I have also dealt with the frustrations of the education system and I greatly admired their fight to change the system for their son. It was also an excellent reminder to focus on the child, not on the diagnosis.

    14. This is a great book. It opened my eyes as well as my heart. The humor, willingness and fierce love in these pages is so inspiring. I hope there will be a sequel.

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